Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Why I love Natalie Dee" in 1000 words or less.

Project Runway

I love love love Project Runway Season 4!! It's so much fun to watch! First off, I love watching this show because, even though it's a reality show, it shows real talent. It inspires me to create and sew more often...even though I don't. I'm fascinated by some of the pieces that are created. I wish I had more talent towards thinking of a design and sewing it-without a pattern! I'm amazed.

Tonight Chris March was Auf'd. Poor Chris!! He looked so sad, yet tried to be happy for Rami. They're both extremely talented! I was soooooo hoping that there'd be a season 3 repeat and all 4 of them would get to go to Fashion Week. However, if you noticed Chris' answer to Heidi's question of "Why do you think you should go to Fashion Week?"-he totally tanked! I think if he had a much better answer, it'd be in the bag for him! I'm happy for Rami, this is something he's wanted since he was 6. I love Jillian's work, but I think Christian is going to go far in this industry. He has the "fierce" drive to really make it!

And I love Tim Gunn. He's like a grandpa, so sweet and watchful.
I can't wait til next season's PR. I hope it's 'FIERCE' sprinkled with a lil of Chris' contagious and grating laughter.

Here's to Project Runway Season 4!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I really wish I knew how to un-center the texts on my blog. Like under the "Captivating Reads" list...I wish that wasn't centered. The title to this blog and the stuff below it as well....Grr!
Ok, Centered problem I wish I knew how to make a s p a c e between the text of the blog and the border.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Starting all over again.

Why’d I start over?

I use to have two other Blogger blogs before:
“Please, pass the pepper”
and “Killed by Cleavage”.
I liked them, didn’t love them. I felt like I was trying to be two different people. The “Pepper” blog was my everyday blog… “Cleavage” was for the girly-girl in me. Plus, as much as I loved the creativity of the “Killed by Cleavage” blog title, I felt like the word “Killed” was a lil negative. It was useless having two blogs when they weren’t even being read. So even though I have two blogs again, one’s an actual blog and the other is a place I can share my photography. I’m really excited about these two blogs. So with that said…may I introduce you to:
“oh just ehu.”
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