Monday, March 30, 2009

Mellow Monday.

For some reason this morning, I was NOT looking forward to work. I felt a lil nervous/anxious about going to work... as though it was my first day there. I have no idea why. Well, I sorta do...
There's this guy at work that likes to take off his shoes at his desk. He also likes to walk around the office w/o his shoes on. Well, there's this girl at work that likes to take his shoe, especially when he walks around the office w/o them on. On Thursday, I hid one of his shoes and he couldn't find it for about 20 minutes. He also needed to use the restroom during that time. Well, I had a friend give it back to him since he wasn't able to find it.
When I got back from lunch on Friday, I noticed that he took his shoes off again. He walked away from his desk and noticed that "Jeans" wasn't at her desk, in the next cubicle over. I took his shoe and ditched it off under her desk. 10 minutes later he came up behind me and sternly told me that he didn't like me taking his shoe and wanted me to give it to him. I honestly told him that I didn't have it. He became more infuriated and ran his mouth a lil more. I told him where he could find it, apologized and off he went. Then I received an email from Jeans saying: "Please don't hide "Knox Jr's" shoes under my desk. He just came over here and yelled at me". Knox Jr. also yelled at my accomplice. I felt terrible. I would never have wanted Jeans to get yelled at. I called her and apologized and she was livid. I was able to smooth things over, but I just felt wretched! I suddenly felt like the least liked person in the whole building.
I wasn't anxious to get to work this morning, like I usually am. In fact, I showed up late. The day turned out better than I imagined. Both Jeans & Knox Jr. spoke to me and I'm glad. I'm happy today went well. Maybe that's how I should start showing up to work, expecting the worse? Eh, who knows...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spectacular Saturday!

Yesterday, I was blessed with the privilege of attending the Temple marriage of my dear friend Nashelli and her Luis. It was such a beautiful occasion. I've only ever been to one other Temple wedding and that was special as well. There are no words to truly describe the feelings that are felt during a sealing cermony. I am grateful to have been a witness to their sealing yesterday. It has been wonderful watching Luis, her then non-member boyfriend accept the Gospel and grow in it. Nashelli has been my Visiting Teaching partner for a year and it's been so easy doing VT with her by my side. I have truly enjoyed doing VT because of her. I will miss Nashelli and Luis in my sunday school class and around the ward. I'm grateful that they will still live in the area though. It was a great day and a fun evening reception! The food was "delicioso"--TJ style tacos, Mexican rice, some sort of corn/jalapeno dish and some red cabbage salad....with RED VELVET WEDDING CAKE!! AWESOME!! The music rocked and I loved dancing the night away! It was so much fun hangin' out and dancing with friends and family...all there to celebrate Nashelli and Luis. Felicidades!

Friday, March 27, 2009


My new form of birth control:My family and I went there tonight for my niece's birthday. OH MAN!!! My ovaries started to wince. It was totally CHAOTIC!! Accepting a call in Primary would be a walk in the park, compared to this.
Be GRATEFUL you do not work there.

Can I just say....

I CANNOT stand to hear someone chewing their gum with their mouth open!!
You're not a freakin' horse or cow---so SHUT IT!!
If I've given you gum, I don't want to hear it or see it!
(And don't pass your wrapper back to me, I'm not your parent. I think you're old enough to find your own means of throwing it away.)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Not too terrible" Thursday

-I didn't talk to that attorney today. I didn't have to and he never called. PHEW!!! I just hope that is ALL OVER with!!

-I had a couple run ins with Mr.NY today. Seriously, he is the nicest guy I have EVER worked with!! I had a stack of forms that needed to be returned to another side of the office. From my office door I was looking at who I could hand them off to, since I was the only one in my department answering the phones. As I was surveying over the drivers, he came out of no where and snatched them from me saying, "Where do they go? I'll take them." JUST LIKE THAT?! I was dumbfounded. I didn't know what to say or do. Afterwards he came over to talk to me about helping me out with some daily mailing of serves. Why is this man single?! Why hasn't any woman tried to take this man off the market!??! HELLO?! Wow....

-I got to speak about the Temple tonight at Relief Society's Enrichment night. I teared up...(typical) I was just so overcome by the spirit. I truly love the temple. I love the peace and solace I can find there.

-We did a 'heart attack' to an 18 y/o girl who hasn't been doing so well. To explain what a 'heart attack' is.....basically you write a short message on a paper heart cut out and "attack" that person's door with it--it's just a small way to let that person know they're loved and being thought of. Well, about 10 of us went to this girl's front door and were plastering hearts all over her front porch. 2 minutes into it, her father opened the door and said "AH-HA!!" We all paniced and started running towards our cars.....except for me.
I turned around and followed the first girl I could see. Let me remind you that it was DARK and I could NOT see, for the life of me, where I was running to!!! I was just anticipating a hole, that I was eventually roll my ankle into and then I'd be down for the count, with a mouth full of grass!!! We made it off the grass and I was still running after Katie....all the way back to her car!! I thought about jumping in it but all of my stuff was in my friend Kristen's car---5 houses in the OTHER direction!! By this point, everyone had gotten into the right cars and were getting ready to drive off! I, on the other hand, had to do the walk of shame up the block back to Kristen's car. I was trying to play it off as though I just happened to be taking an evening stroll. Yeah right! I would have ran, but seriously it was pitch black!! I did NOT need to fall and rip my pants! Once I got into Kristen's car, we had the biggest laugh of our lives and then I noticed that I still had a paper heart clutched in my fist! Oh man, good times! I'm so glad I went tonight!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Whoa is me!" Wednesday

Man, I am EXHAUSTED!! I could go to sleep this very second and wake up on Friday. I'm mentally spent! There's 3 of us in the Dispatch dept. at work. When one of us is absent, it really takes a toll. It's like hobbling around with crutches, okay for a while but tiring in the end. Apparently on Friday, I didn't send a client's filing to court, so it never got filed. I KNOW I printed it out and handed it off to get taken care of. Well I spoke to a very irrate client today (I'm really glad he didn't cuss me out....yet) and now I'll have to sign a legal Declaration stating, to the judge and court, that the client's filing was never done due to my lack of responsibility. I'm so mad. I know printed it out and handed it over to Mamacita to finish so I could leave for lunch. Apparently, nothing happened with it and it's NO where to be found. Sucks to be me tomorrow when I really have to tell the client that nothing was found down at court.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Today has got to be the best day ever!!
Okay, maybe not the BEST day EVER, but amongst my top 3!!
I drove to work today so I could pick up my brother from the airport, after work. He ended up missing his plane in Hawaii so I wouldn't need to. I decided to stay afterwards anyways so I could clear the clutter from my desk. You know who else also stays that late...Mr.NY. I asked him if he needed a ride home, he said, "No, I don't need a ride home (which totally made my heart sink!) but if you feel inclined to give me one, I won't turn it down" [HECK YES I FELT INCLINED!!!]. Man, I was a lil nervous but stoked to have one on one time with him. When we left he put on his baseball cap and MAN! he looked HOTTER than HOT!! I love a man in a baseball cap!! And then when they add sunglasses....OH DOCTOR!! It was cute the way he'd also turn around to check the lane I was merging into. He had us take the "scenic route so we could look at the sun setting". I felt stiff as I was driving and I was trying desperately to look relaxed, but I don't know....I was a lil nervous!! He was even courteous enough to ask if he could have an open drink in the car. Who even does that?? After I dropped him off, he asked me if I'd be okay finding my way to the freeway. If I wouldn't be, he said I could call him and he'd help me out and even if I was still lost he'd Google Map me a way home. MY FREAKIN' GOODNESS!! He's so freakin' nice and GORGEOUS!! I love work!
Tonight I received an email inviting me to sing with my Stake choir. I'm so tremendously elated!! You have no idea!! I have always wanted to sing with my Stake choir since I was a child. My Mom sang with them for a couple years as an Alto. I was so proud of my Mom that she was talented enough to sing with them. There have been some wonderful singers in the Stake choir, so I knew that you had to have a GREAT set of pipes.
Growing up, I disliked the fact that there were hardly any members from my family ward in the Stake choir. It seemed like a particular ward made up the majority of the choir and I didn't think that was very fair. After singing with my own YSA ward choir, I started to notice that all of them but me sang with the Stake choir. I started to resent the Stake choir and Stake Conferences, as well as my own ward choir. So I stopped attending choir. But then I started to miss singing. I have always loved to sing! Going to church just to sing the hymns pulled me out of inactivity, once upon a time. I figured that even though I wasn't good enough to sing with the Stake choir, that wouldn't stop me from singing. It's finally paid off. I've finally been invited to sing with Chula Vista Stake choir and I couldn't be any happier!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

R is for Random.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this version of this song!!! I could listen to it a million times over! I love Adele! I love when her voice gets a lil raspy! Oh I love this song so much!!

What else...I bought Twilight on Saturday. Oh man, I love Edward!! And I still like that guy from the Temple who looks EXACTLY like Jacob Black. I swear, EVERYtime I see him the words "Team Jacob" shoot across my mind!!

Apparently it must say "Desperately Single" on my forehead or something? At my 'Dilemma' last week, my friend told me that she was going to bring along a friend for me so I wouldn't have to show up to the dinner by myself--amongst friends with their dates. I'm kinda thankful she didn't, it's been a while since I was set up for a blind date. Then today, I get an email from another friend wanting to set me up on a blind date with her co-worker. I think I've hit that stage in life when your married friends want to hook you up with all their other single friends. I thought that only happened to adults. When did I become an "Adult"? AAAHHH?!

I'm kinda disappointed in myself today. I totally missed a golden opportunity to share the gospel. My co-worker and I got on the topic of 'missions'. I mentioned to him that my soon-to-be 19 y/o nephew was going on a mission. He shook his head in disbelief, wondering "how [we] do it?" I kinda shugged it off saying, "We just do". Then I really started to think of what I really wanted to say. I really wanted to tell him this, "We go on missions because when we believe in something that's true and brings so much happiness, we can't help but want to tell it to the world! To share it with everyone!" That's what I wanted to tell him, but I missed my chance. My window of opportunity was gone. In the times I pray for opportunities to share the Gospel, it was been specifically to "recognize opportunities to share the Gospel". I think that is where I fail sometimes. *sigh* Oh well, there were be other 'chances for work all around just now, opportunities right in our way' soon enough.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just what I needed ♥

I'm so glad I was able to go to the Temple today. I love the blessing of being amongst friends and loved ones, while serving in the House of the Lord. I have grown to love the other women I work with. They come from different walks of life. I love the diversity. We each bring something a lil different to our shift. I love them all dearly and look forward to seeing them each week.
Today I found out that 2 sisters will be leaving the shift. They were down here on missions and will be going home to Utah with their husbands. My heart hurts because I love and respect these wonderful sister missionaries. As I walked arm in arm with Sister Moon, she nervously asked me how she was going to adjust to post-mission life. My heart goes out to her, it's not an easy transition. I will miss seeing and hugging Sister Moon and Sister Cahoon every Saturday. I don't know how to explain the closeness I share with these sisters I see once a week. I couldn't tell you how many kids each of them has or even when their birthday is. But I can tell you that they are warm and kind hearted and you would be ever so lucky to have met them.
I will tremendously miss them and look forward to seeing them again, whether it's in this life or the next. I am grateful for the blessing of a Temple calling that brings into my life, dear lifelong friends who I will forever carry in my heart.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sometimes I forget.... count my blessings. Sometimes I get too caught up with all the unnecessaries and get overwhelmed. "Sometimes" happened earlier today.

I'm thankful to my Bishop who left a comment on my Facebook page saying "C U in the SD Temple tomorrow". Who knew how big off an impact that would be. It reminded me that I need to look over the molehill/mountains. Maybe he didn't think that'd make a difference for me, but it did. It reminded me that I can't show up to the Temple tomorrow with a sour attitude. I also appreciate my nephew Sim for saying 'Good night' to me. I thought he was upset with me for something done earlier in the week. I'm grateful for the opportunity to give and receive forgiveness.

Have you ever heard the example of 'if everyone were to throw their trials and tribulations into a big pot, you would want to pick out your own.'. Meaning, you may think that your challenges are difficult, but someone else might be worse off....thus making your trials and tribulations seem more like blessings. Usually, if we look for them, they can be true blessings. Maybe not in the very second--but in time, blessings can be drawn from trials.


Dude, I'm so drained after today! I'm just done with everything and anything!! No not in 'completion' done, more like a "stop bothering me, get out of my face or I'm going to punch you" done.
I'm done with:
-co-workers who think they're your supervisor
-supervisors who take [above mentioned] co-workers out for LOOOOOONG lunches, and then get mad when my lunch happens to run a lil over.
-feeling suffocated by incessant phone calls, emails and texts from certain friends wanting to talk and not really allowing me the time to call back.
-incessant texts LATE at night
-my laundry
-trying to buy that freakin' car from my brother's friend
-Mormon haters
-trying to talk to Pythagoras or Mr. NY, for that matter
-being single
-my sore, scratchy throat
-not going to the gym because I can't find my gym pass and am to lazy to go down to get another one
-not getting enough sleep.
-being nice
-not speaking my mind, which is really the blunt, brutal truth.
-all of the freakin' June weddings that are going on--PICK ANOTHER MONTH!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I present to you....


My St. Patty's Day shirt.
I bought it at Old Navy tonight for $1.98 (SCORE!). I just can't help but think this is TOTALLY random and sarcastic--to wear a green Christmas shirt for St. Patrick's Day. Oh man, I'm so excited! I'll probably end up being pinched for other reasons ;)

Sunday, March 15, 2009


The Good:
Yesterday during my Temple shift I was able to be a patron in Intiatories. WOW!! It's been a while since I've been to the Temple (besides my weekly shift). It felt SO good!! It inspired me to stay after my shift to do more Temple work. I was able to do more Intiatories and go through an Endowment session. WOW!! SIMPLY AMAZING!! I truly loved working in the Temple yesterday. I want to go again sometime this week!! I LOVED IT!! So in total, I was in the Temple for about 9 hours yesterday. AWESOME!!

The Bad:
Kinda embarrassed myself in front of another Temple HOTTIE. Oh well, I never see it's okay. Maybe he'll forget even I exsist. Sigh.

The Ugly:
I talked to Pythagoras for the LAST time yesterday. UGH!!! I'M DONE!! NEVER AGAIN IN MY LIFE WILL I SPEAK TO HIM!!! Some friends and I are planning on going out to eat after our Temple shift next week. I thought it'd be cool to invite him since he's also YSA (young single adult) and knows some of the girls going. As he was walking by me, I stopped him by saying "HEEEEY!" He looked extremely startled (I didn't shout it!) and annoyed (I guess it's typical when I talk to him). As I was inviting him to go with a group of us, he kept trying to interject. When I was finished inviting him all he said to me was, "That's when I'll be out on Spring Break". THAT WAS FREAKIN IT?!! NOTHING MORE!!! So I pretty much drew my own conclusion and said "Well, I hope you have a great spring break! Enjoy yourself!!" The whole time he looked purely annoyed by me. WTH!?! Then, as if I didn't suffer enough embarrassement, I said to him, "I hope you were okay with my picture tag of you on Facebook" [I tagged him as "The Shy One" on the Mr Happy photo]. He just said "Uh, yeah, that's okay". Since the air was thickly filled with "awkwardness", I wished him well for his spring break and turned to walk away. I'M DONE!! LIKE I SAID, I'M NEVER SPEAKING TO HIM AGAIN!! JUST TOO MUCH AWKWARDNESS!! I'M TIRED OF FEELING LIKE I'M JUST AN ANNOYANCE TO HIM!! UGH!!! DONE!!


I wonder if I would love Thin Mints & Shortbread anyless if they were sold in stores? Well, I know one thing for sure, I'd probably be 500 lbs. heavier if they were.
Thank goodness they're not!
(Samoas aren't that bad either--especially the ice cream!!)
So go out there! Be a true American and support your local Girl Scout Troop!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday 5.

Not necessarily my 5 favorite things...just 5 things that come to mind:

1. Mr.NY: Gosh, he's beautiful and EXTREMELY nice. I had a problem with an office program [AIMS]and asked several co-workers if they've ever encountered the same problem. None of them had, and it had been about 20 minutes since I tried calling our I.T. guy. So, desperate times call for desperate measures, right? I called Mr.NY asking him how extremely busy he was. He said he wasn't all to busy and wanted to know what was up. I told him my situation. He then asked if I wanted to use his computer. (Hmm, not a shabby idea! Sit next to him in his small cubicle...hmm, I like that!) Then he offered to do the data entry that I needed to do in AIMS...WAY TOO NICE since it usually takes me about 3 hours to do. I asked him if he'd be willing to check out my computer. I decided to ask him because:
A. He's HOT!
B. He's helpful and pretty knowledgeable about the in's and out's of the office.
C. He's HOT!
He wasn't able to fix it but that didn't really matter to me. Plus, some of my other co-workers would have just made me feel stupid. So can you REALLY blame me for asking him? We talked a couple more times thru the day and even offered his help when I was trying to lift a box of forms to load a printer.
Dang, I love my job.

2. Joan Rivers: IS SCARY!! I was watching The Apprentice last night...OH MAN!!
SHE. IS. HIDEOUSLY. SCARY!! I couldn't look at her!! It's a wonder she hasn't pulled a 'Michael Jackson' and her nose has fallen off!!! YUCK!

3. Dilemma
: I'm suppose to go out with 2 friends for dinner next week. We were chit-chatting last night and thought that would be nice to do since Nashelli's getting married at the end of the month. Nashelli's fiance gets along with Juliana's boyfriend they'll both be coming along too. I like their fiance & boyfriend...that's not my problem. Do you see where I'm going with this..... I don't want to show up looking like the fifth wheel to a double date. UGH!! I'm not too sure who to ask to come along with, since I'd try to pick a guy friend who knows and gets along with all of them. DANGIT!

4. I am seriously LOVING!:

5. EnGAGed:
DUDE!! A co-worker
got engaged last night! 3 friends have now gotten engaged within the last week!! 3! WHAT THE @#$%^!!! I was tellin' Mamacita that "I have no idea when my number will be called! I must be holding on to ticket #199,841,679 and they're barely calling ticket #4. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

[p.s. As of 12:42 am, March 14, 2009--ANOTHER friend (ol' mission companion) just got engaged! WTH?!]

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ironic = Today +

Funny how I was looking for a photo to go along with this post and this is what I found:I haven't been to work this week until noon today. Right when I walked up to my desk, Mr.NY was right in front of me (on the other side of the glass window). Impulsively, I wanted to wave and smile at him because I was happy to see my co-workers, ESPECIALLY him! I could even feel his eyes on me, but I was too nervous to even look up. My window of opportunity slammed shut 2 seconds after the thought and that was that. I wanted to slap myself for not doing it. HELLO EHU?!! UGH!! Sometimes I wonder about myself...GEEZ! How in the world am I suppose to marry him if I can't bring myself to look at him?!? Sheesh!? (just kiddin'...sorta)

Oh, I love you so!

Found a new blogs I like: here & there

Found new pictures I love:

Like a train wreck...I don't want to look, but I can't turn away: this


"That's a tough one. I would have to say April 25th. Because it's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket".

(I give up on trying to have my blog titles go along with the entry--too much work)
Man, I took a loooooooooong nap today. It felt nice, but when I took the muscle relaxer again tonight, I felt like crawling back into bed. I don't know how I'm gonna do it tomorrow. Thank goodness I'll only be going into work for half the day. I'm worried I'm gonna be drowsy/loopy/sleepy while at work tomorrow. I can just imagine something embarrassing happening in front of Mr.NY. Oh well, it wouldn't be a first time....

I talked to my friend "Dixie" for several hours tonight. I love catching up with close friends. He lived in San Diego up until recently. I miss him living here. I feel like all my close friends have moved, lately. I guess that's the part of 'growing up' I dislike the most..."Relocation"--UGH!!

My Mom's 70th birthday is coming up next month. I want to do something special for it since she's already starting to think about it. I don't know what to do since everything takes time and money---both of which I'm lacking since I work all the time and I'm trying to buy a car. UGH! What to do, what to do? ? She's talking about going out to dinner with several close family friends, but I think a party would be so much more fun!! GRR.....This is hard to decide. I think I'm gonna need to sleep on this one....

Good Night.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My new best friends...

...are named Methocarbamol [muscle relaxer] & Vicodin [pain killer].
[Went to the Dr's today and she thinks it's a slipped rib and the muscles surrounding it are having spasms since it's out of place.]
I forgot how WONDERFUL it is not to be in ANY pain. Plus I love the excuse of "having" to take a nap since I'm quite drowsy.

Oh the joys of medication :) Gotta go, my nap is callin' me.

(p.s. I can't help but think of "Sixteen Candles" when I think about being on muscle relaxers...Man I hope someone else knows that reference.)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Today's list.

"Things I wouldn't wish on my worse enemy"

1. This TREMENDOUSLY HORRIBLE back/side ache that causes a headache, has me literally crying out in pain and doesn't allow me to sleep since I can't even get comfortable sitting, standing or laying down.

(Note to self: Show up to the Temple on time so you don't have to hurry getting dressed and end up messing up your back. I wish I had a cooler story like, "I was zip lining on Catalina Island and fell off at the end". DANGIT! No cool story here.)
thanks CVS!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


(that's the sound I keep making just about every 5 minutes)

The Good:
Went to the Temple. Got to see Pythagoras twice. He's so dang cute. Ann Marie is back to working on our Temple shift. She's so crazy cool, I love her! She's engaged to be married this June. I'm happy for her! I had an interview with a member of the Temple presidency. That was pleasant.

The Bad:
We lose an hour of sleep tonight :( I've got a mean head ache....

The Ugly:
I threw my back out while at the Temple. Oh man, it's even worse now....and I'm thinkin' the 800mg of Ibuprofen is NOT working. I just hope I don't have to teach Sunday School tomorrow. AARRGGG!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Thank You, Stud Muffin!

Stud Muffin
I like winning bets. Especially bets that involve free lunches. Just to add insult to injury today, I thought I'd place the order under "Stud Muffin" so when my co-worker 'Vato' went to pick it up, he'd have to ask for it by name. I don't know which was better, winning a bet & free lunch or the satisfaction of knowing he had to go up to the deli counter and ask for "Stud Muffin".
What a grrreat day!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Californian on Marble Rye, please.

I love when Natalie Dee draws something with me in mind...
Today is Thursday. Tomorrow's pay day. LOVE IT. I won a bet against a co-worker (Quest crew won on America's Best Dance Crew!!) so I get free lunch tomorrow. Who says there's no free lunches?! HA! I love Market Place sandwiches! I went out with my friend 'Dixie' last night for his birthday. That was so fun! And we hung out on the IB (Imperial Beach) pier. FUN FUN!! Summer's right around the corner, as well as baseball season! GO PADRES!! Two friends (seperate couples) got engaged this week. AHHH!! My family's going to Hawaii (Oahu) in June when school gets out. YAAAAAAAY!! I can't wait! My nephew Sim will be on his mission by then--Aww shucks! Oh well... And that's about it.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's still Saturday since I haven't gone to bed yet....

Yesterday: (Friday)
I straightened my hair and wore a buttoned down white shirt to work. I asked Mr.NY if I happened to look "Mormon". He said that he did notice my hair and shirt, but didn't want to assume it was towards our conversation from the other night. He was still afraid I was offended by his comment. I reassured him that I wasn't since I thought I'd tease him with it yesterday. My gosh, he's so freakin' cute!
I went out with Rudy, Mike, Cathy & Neeka for dinner. Cathy moved to Texas today. She'll be missed!! Cathy, Rudy, Mike & I attended Primary together. It's a trip that we're friends after all these years. Wow! It was a fun night. We ate at Fuddruckers (Wow, I'm a new fan of their burgers!!) and ended up at Rudy's house playing RockBand while eating dulces.
Today: (Saturday)
I wasn't in the mood for going to the Temple. I just wanted a day off--to really enjoy the beautiful day that it was! I was thinking of what life would be like to have the WHOLE weekend. I grudgingly got ready and set off to the Temple. I'm glad I went. Two times today, I had such perfect timing!! I was walking up the stairs and just happened to come across an old friend that I haven't seen for almost 10 years!! It was so tremendously wonderful to come across Irene. That alone made me grateful I went to the Temple today. My friend Steven was getting married at the Temple today at 1pm. By the time I was free, it was already 1:15. I thought for sure I had totally missed seeing him. I thought I'd go up to the sealing rooms and wait around til afterwards. Just then, who do I see?! Steven and Jodi!! I was so stoked I could see him and give him a hug!! I'm so grateful for those 2 blessings today. It really helped my day at the Temple.
Tomorrow: (Sunday)
The "Break the Fast" menu for my ward tomorrow is "Hawaiian"!! I'm so excited!! I love cooking, and most especially, I love cooking for others. I'll be making Kalua Pig & Cabbage and Pineapple Upside Down cake. I'd make the rest of the menu--but by the time I get home from church, I'd only have 2 hours to make Macaroni Salad, about 70 Spam Musubis, Rice and Green Salad. Noooooooope, that'd be too much to do!! Anywho, I'm excited for tomorrow! G'nite!
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