Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Fave 5

1. Sleep
2. Ridding my life of a pessimistic friend who's too much drama and offers unwanted advice over and over and...(ie: the ex)
3. The "War of the Roses" radio spot, every morning at 8:10am
4. The Altitude Sky Lounge at the Marriott....FANTASTIC views!! [and Shirley Temples :) ]
5. The new hair color...thank goodness!!

Pop Quiz, Hotshot!

The Good: Last Thursday, Mr. NY told me that I should come by his desk and see the picture of the men in his family. I did just that yesterday. He seemed pretty excited to show me the photo and started listing off all the names, ages and positions of his Father, 3 older brothers and 4 nephews. For the life of me, I was trying DESPERATELY to remember, at least, his brothers' names. I was distracted by the fact that he wasn't in the photo and standing so close to him made me so nervous, as well. I was trying to look for facial similiaries between Mr.NY and his brothers. Don't get me wrong, they're all very handsome men, and maybe I'm biased, but Mr.NY's definitely the best lookin' one out of the bunch.

The Bad: My Tinnitus is back...and worse than before. DANGIT!!

The Ugly: I ran over a cat tonight. (Sorry Stephanie...I even told Khany that you would be upset about that--so don't read the rest of this.). I couldn't slam on my brakes fast enough [Didn't want to mess up the tires/brakes for just that purpose anyways] and MAN! can I just say how gross it is running over a cat. [Had it been a dog, I would have stopped---1. It's bigger and can mess up my car. 2. It's not a cat] I felt it under the tire of my car as I ran over it with 2 of my tires. SICK SICK SICK!! Now I need to go wash my car. STUPID CAT!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It'll be here before you know it....

I like this cake. A lot!
I want it for my birthday....that's at least 3 months away.
I want to do something AWESOME for my birthday. I'm planning on going to Disneyland on my bday with my friend JoJo. It'll be a Friday and then I've got the whoooooole weekend!! WHOOO HOOO!! I wanna do something, SOMETHING exciting. Not exactly sure, but I want dancing to be involved. I was talking with my friend Eidde today and I like Universal (great music, fun atmosphere) but I'm not too sure... I'm afraid that because it's in Hillcrest, it might deter people from coming. It's cool cause it's like a club & lounge in one. Ugh...good thing I've still got 3 months to plan something. All I know is that I want friends to be laughing, dancing and having a great time....


I bleached streaks into my hair today and got a sunburn.

I obviously OD'd on both. Oh hair!! Not even having it curly is really helping it out. Usually if something goes wrong with my hair, I can just gel it and make it curly. Problem solved!

Not this time. Oh man!! And I have to see Mr.NY tomorrow at work. I need a headband. A really thick one!! DANGIT!!

My hair isn't TERRIBLE...but it's just overly highlighted with blonde streaks. PLUS, I messed up and did it right on my hairline... the front. NUMBER ONE NO-NO!! UGH!!

Headband here I come....until I can buy a box of dye.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

For Jane:

(Whom I miss dearly! MOVE BACK!!)

Mr.NY: My HOT co-worker that I’ve known since last July. I first met him when I walked into the office for my interview. He instantly helped me out and has been uber nice to me ever since. He’s gorgeous, inside and out…but unfortunately is not a member of the church. He graduated from UCONN with a degree in English/Creative Writing (TOTALLY LOVE IT!!). He has beautiful blue eyes, super perfect soft skin and a SWEET New York accent. Why this man is single, I have no idea...but he is BEAUTIFUL with a very kind heart.

Pythagoras: I’m not sure if I ever pointed him out to you at the Temple, but we have the same Temple shift. Talked to him once at the Temple (actually twice) and it totally bombed. He seems extremely shy, which makes the awkwardness enjoyable. I call him Pythagoras since he’s studying Math at UCSD. Yes, just like Katie’s sister….his ex. Why I dig him…The blue eyes are totally mesmerizing, obviously a member & an RM, and he’s pretty to look at every Saturday.

Berkeley: The son of one of the sister‘s on my Temple shift. I met him about 3 weeks ago and LOVED every second of it. He kept me laughing and it was so refreshing! He still has a personality even though we’re in the Temple…he’s not fake. I like that, a lot. He studied law at Berkeley, hence the name. I haven’t really gotten much of a chance to talk to him lately, but when I do it’s always such a comic relief.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thursday, I love you so!

((**it's a long one...))
Before we went to the Padres game, JoJo, Khany, Mr.NY and I went to the House of Blues to grab a bite to eat. Due to bad service, we left and had no where to go until Mr. NY thought of The Local. Off we went...Cool lil dive to eat at. Once we got there and couldn't really find a table, he totally took control of the sitiuation until he made sure we had drinks on our table. He made sure that we were all situated...I LOVED that. He didn't know my two friends but he made sure that we were all take care of---he's such the perfect gentleman! (So to anyone who ever says that guys from NY are [fill in the blank with something negative] you have yet to meet Mr.NY!!) Sitting next to him gave me the opportunity to lean into him everytime we spoke. I loved the way he smelled. He smelled like a "MAN". I don't know how to really describe it, but it was perfect to me.

He and I didn't really eat since we were both full from our work lunch. That was fine with me since it gave us more of an opportunity to talk. I had no problem at all staring at his gorgeous face and listening to his sweet New York accented voice. Once we were done, we headed towards Petco Park. We parked in a parking garage next to the Park and walked over. The garage was pretty warm and I could smell him even more. Quite the turn-on!. Hello pheromones!!
Once we got to the Park, I couldn't wait to see my friends' faces as we walked in. Mr.NY is an extremely handsome man...I was going to relish in their reaction for days!! Once we got to our seats (JoJo and Khany sat together in the row behind Mr.NY & I) and sat down, I got my friends' seal of approval. [OF COURSE!!]. Sitting next to him and missing about half of the game gave us more time to talk. I was in NY heaven!! It was so much fun. I loved having so many close friends near by too! He even caught my girlfriends and I talking about him. Eh, it didn't bother me much and it was kind of fun being caught too. I'm sure he knew what was going on :)

After the Padres' win, we started back to the car. It was barely even 9:30pm. I seriously did not want the evening to end...especially that early too! Thank goodness Khany stepped in and said her and JoJo were gonna go party and did not want to wait in the long garage line. So off we went to find some place to hang out. We ended up at Marriott's Altitude SkyLounge. Mr.NY got himself a drink while we went to secure some seats. Once he came back, we went to get drinks for ourselves. I got in line behind a guy who actually let me go in front of him. With my Shirley Temple in hand, I let JoJo & Khany get theirs. The guy started to talk to me and wanted to get me a different drink. I declined several times, in which he started to flirt and hold the small of my back....all the while trying to coax me into getting a 'Dirty Shirley' instead. As soon we got our drinks, I bid Nick farewell and walked away. Once we got back to our seats we started to discuss what happened and Mr.NY instantly perked up, asked me what Nick looked like and with such seriousness said, "Let me know if he comes over here. I'll take care of it. Was he bothering you?" In that very moment I knew that he was definitely a MAN! (Quick sidenote: The night before, Khany and I were talking about what we'd want in a potential spouse. I told her that I would want a man that I could feel physically safe with, since that's what I grew up around--having a Dad & 2 older brothers.) I LOVED LOVED LOVED the way he made sure that I felt comfortable and protected. He didn't say it in such a way to make himself look puffed up and chauvinistic---NOT AT ALL. That's just one of the many times he's made sure I've felt safe...Offering to walk me to my car, not wanting me to stay alone in the office at night. Mr.NY is such a great man. As if I didn't like him enough, this made me fall more head over heels. Through the course of the evening we talked about a lot of different topics. We learned more about each others' families and lil things, here and there. Around 1:30 we finally left Altitude. During the elevator rides (22 floors) I held on to his arm. I just grabbed on to it and he didn't tease me or make any comments...he continued talking to the other guys in the elevator. Once we hit the Lobby, I tripped over his feet, accidentally pushed him back and stumbled out of the elevator. He tried to grab me but luckily I was able to find my footing. (Maybe my Shirley was a lil dirty after all???) But for some reason, I wasn't embarrassed at all. Sure we all laughed (my friends more than him) but I wasn't as embarrassed as I normally would have been. As we were walking the 4 blocks back to my car I held on to his arm, sometimes even holding his hand. He didn't seem to mind at all. I was in heaven the whole time!! Since we were about 50 feet in front of the girls, we turned the last corner and there happend to be a lil nook I decided we could hide in. I stepped into it and pulled him in as well.... I like little small corners, they make for intimate quarters. :)

Once we got back to my car, we tried to exit the garage. After paying $15, the Mr.Roboto arm wouldn't go up or accept our parking ticket. He told me to reverse and go back to the lil payment machine. As soon as I pulled in front of it, he jumped out and pulled out his wallet. He already had his credit card out and paying for it by the time I walked up with my purse. He reassured me to not worry and he'd take care of it. I didn't want him paying an additional $20 just to get another ticket. He then told me to get back in the car and pull back up to Mr. Roboto. I did...and then he jumped out and tried to lift the arm. I told him I'd just push the Call button. He walked around the Mr. Roboto machine and tried every button and slot on there. Finally I decided to just push the 'call' button....all of a sudden the arm went up and we were on our way. We drove back to work and dropped off Khany & JoJo. Off we went to his apartment. We talked more about his family and the bad idea it was to stay out until 2am...with work in a matter of hours. I loved his sleepy eyes, his groggy NY voice and the way he smelled. It was just perfect, really it was.

It was such a wonderful evening and I couldn't have been more happier with myself for inviting him along. I got to know him a lot more and I loved every moment with him. He's such an easy guy to talk to and he makes the best expressions with his face. Other than my Dad & brothers, I have NEVER felt as safe and secure with any other man in my whole life. I didn't have to worry about ANYTHING. I truly loved and enjoyed that feeling with Mr. NY. What a spectacular night!!

Maybe this will suffice for now....


Friday, May 22, 2009


Wow!! WOW!! WHAT A FUN/TERRIFIC/AMAZING/EXCITING/WONDERFUL night!!! I had a B.L.A.S.T!!! I LOVED every single second. It was nice being out with a guy again. I LOVED the feeling of being cared for. I NEVER had to worry about anything--I seriously loved that. OH MAN!! FUN FUN FUN!! It's almost 3am, I've gotta get some rest.... I'll post more later ;)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yes, no, maybe so....

I still can't believe I asked him. I feel nervous to even look at him today. But I've gotta get over that since I'll be sitting NEXT TO HIM for at least 3 HOURS tomorrow night! EEK!! I'm excited, but at the same time I don't want my hopes to get sky high IN CASE he flakes. He doesn't seem like the type....but ya never know. I'm nervous! Thankfully I'll have 2 close friends there, amongst other friends and my nephew Simi w/ his date. I feel like the math club girl who got a date with the quarterback (I suddenly feel like watching "She's All That"). Dang, I'm nervous. NERVOUS!! I just hope we all have fun tomorrow night and that I get to know him better. I think that would be cool. MAN....AAAHHHHH!!! WOW!
p.s. I just found out that my dear friend Nefi and her cute lil boy, Joey will be there... I'm so stoked! I don't know which cutie I'm more excited to see, Mr.NY or Joey :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I did it! I asked!

I had an extra ticket to the Padres (baseball) game for this Thursday. I figured I'd ask someone to go.
I felt a lil guilty after Sunday's fireside for not doing my fair share of dating.
I asked someone today!
I'm surprised he said yes!
I'll be going to the Padres game with Mr. NY!! AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
I can't wait!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Yesterday at the Temple, I was trying to help a patron locate her belongings. I had her follow me down a back stairwell that I wasn’t all too familiar with. I’d never gone down there before and quickly found out that it led to the Cafeteria and the offices of the Temple Presidency. As the patron and I were walking thru the offices, I noticed that Pythagoras was headed towards me. After I passed him, I started to wonder if I had really seen what I seen?!
Did he REALLY wave or motion something towards me?? Really?! Nah, it couldn’t have been! No way!”
I led the patron to where she needed to go, turned around and headed back. But what do I see…Pythagoras, coming back again!
“Noooooooooo, dang it. More awkwardness. Whatevers, I’ll just look at the ground as I pass and it’ll be okay”.
At the last moment as I was passing him, I looked up to see him smiling, waving and saying ‘Hello’.
I was stunned--strike that… SHOCKED at what just happened. I’m sure it was obvious in the way I waved back, confused. I was beside myself! I couldn’t wait to tell someone! ANYONE!! Audrey! My Aunt!…SOMEONE! I mean, really? Did that REALLY just happen? I told my Aunt (who also works at the Temple w/ me and knows of my last incident with Pythagoras) and she was just as astonished! I was elated, shocked and confused all at once. I didn’t understand the change in him. I mean, after my last AWKWARD encounter with him I pretty much wrote him off. I was done looking stupid trying to approach him. To be honest, I’m still stunned and baffled… Wow. WOW!?
p.s. I actually seen him tonight at a fireside, well, him and Berkeley (YAAAY!! Such a funny, cool guy!)... I liked Pythagoras' red tie tonight....amongst other things ;)

WOW! Really?!

Trippy Temple day.
MAJORLY trippy!
(more tomorrow, I'm too tired right now)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Just a day late....

I love my Mom.


She taught me everything I need to know...

From sewing and singing... and studying...

To loving and spending.

I KNOW I am truly blessed to have her as my Mom ..

I'm grateful my Mom knew what was best for me growing up (and still does to this day). I'm grateful she allowed me to take grade school Violin lessons, so that one day I would be able to teach myself to play the piano and organ. I'm grateful her love of music and singing around the house blessed me to share that same love and develop my own voice. I'm grateful she made me sit down and learn to sew a simple straight stitch, so that I might be able to sew my own skirts, shorts and dresses today . I'm grateful she let me 'use' her Canon camera to take pictures of Barbie's wedding, so that I might develop a love of photography and art. I'm grateful for those times that she had me stay in from playing outside so that I might learn how to cook. Most of all, I'm grateful she raised me to love and appreciate the Gospel so that I would be able to attend early morning seminary, receive my Young Women's medalion, serve a full-time mission and now serve as a Temple ordinance worker (just like her!).

I don't know where I'd be with out my Mom. Heaven knows I've done my part in turning her hair grey, adding a wrinkle or two to her face and contributing to many of her tears. I hope Heaven also knows that I am eternally and sincerely thankful to have her as my Mom and dearest friend.

Friday, May 8, 2009


If I don't write it down now, it'll never get done:

-Find a
Snuggie for my sister in law's (SIL) Mother's Day gift (It's a cheesy joke)
-Wrap Michelle's bday gift and pack it with the rest of my stuff.
-Take a change of clothes & shoes for the Temple after work.
-Put the stew in the crock pot for tomorrow's (tonight's) dinner.
-Confirm with Kristen for the Temple tonight.
-Confirm with everyone else for Universal for Saturday night.
-Review the Sacrament hymns for this Sunday and email the confirmation.
-START studying my Gospel Principle's lesson----AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!
-Find my camera battery charger!
-Tranfer money over to my other account for my bills.
-Wash Ms. Ruby Red
-Make sure I take Mamacita's bday card to work so everyone can start signing it.
-Ask SIL about Gerber daisy prices for Mamacita's bday on Tuesday.
-Ask Zig to about Tuesday's lunch for Mamacita
-Decide what kind of cake to get for Mamacita's bday.
-WRITE thank you notes for Sis.Duncan & Sis. Larsen regarding Stake choir.
-Wash yellow top/shirt for Saturday night


Thursday, May 7, 2009

How does it happen?

You think of one thing you need to do...

...then another thing comes to mind....

......then 2 more things come to mind.......

...and before you know it, you've created your own 'HoneyDo' list with no end in sight.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Is anyone else like that?

(Forewarning: a possible TMI post)

When I arrived home tonight, I just couldn't wait to strip off my [underwire] bra, necklace, rings and jeans. I just wanted to jump into a loose t-shirt and wrap a lavalava (sarong) on. I couldn't get out of my jeans and jewelry fast enough. I dislike having to wear a bra at home (if I know I'm going to be home for the night) And even worse, my G's were those net-like mesh type. UGH! I was seriously irritated and just wanted to be comfortable. Once I finally changed I started to wonder if other people are like that antsy to get into more comfortable clothing once they arrive home from their day.

Hmm.... I wonder..?

Monday, May 4, 2009


What a FUN weekend! Got caught up on sleep, went shopping with my sister, went to the Temple (Berkeley wasn't there, but Pythagoras was)—had a wonderful shift with my Aunt as her Asst. coordinator in Intiatories--, did a lil dancing with some friends [met this CUTE blonde/blue eyed guy, "Mr. Consulate", who speaks Spanish and Tongan! LOVE IT!! I feel like a “Puma”], attended church w/ some GREAT talks & lessons, had some MUY DELICIOSO Mexican food and had the best Sunday nap EVER!! It was just a fantastic weekend and I'm glad I'm having more FUN weekends. Usually, my weekends are low key and I just kick it at home after I get back from the Temple. I was kinda worried that I was getting boring. AAHHHHH!!!!! Sad, but true.

I’m looking forward to this week…. Tomorrow night my friend Kelly is having a farewell party and I HOPEHOPEHOPE to see "Mr.Consulate". Wednesday I get to hang out with my friend Jen who’s ready to give birth… Volleyball’s on Thursday with this guy named Andrew that I met yesterday –cute, but not my type… and Friday my friend Lili’s going thru the Temple so Kelly and I are going to it with a birthday party right after it. OH MAN!! And then Saturday night a bunch of friends and I are going DAAAANCING at Universal for their Anniversary party. I’m so EXCITED!! I love this week already!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Insert Blog Name [here]

I want a new blog name.

I like 'Oh Just Ehu' BUT...I want something more exciting!!

I don't have any good ideas.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Fave 5!

1. Peanut Butter Moo'd Jamba Juice Smoothie: I'm not the biggest fan of Peanut Butter (I didn't grow up on the stuff) but Jamba Juice turns me into one! It's the ONLY smoothie I ever get from there. Thank you JJ for making me fall in love with Peanut Butter.

2. My co-workers: We may not get along all the time, but I'm glad I work with them. So many different people from different backgrounds and walks of life. I'm glad to have met each and every one of them. They've all taught me something. Sometimes, it even feels like a family. We definitely put the FUN in DYSFUNCTIONAL. No doubt!

3. Ms. Ruby Red: OH SO MUCH FUN to drive!! I LOVE having a sunroof!!! I'm totally lovin' the color!! (my answer might be different after my first ticket). I'm so truly grateful to have a car again. I'll miss FoxyRoxy (my late Kia Sportage) and all the fun memories...but I know there's MANY more memories to be made with Ms. Ruby Red.

4. Cacique bras: THE BEST!! Totally puts 'the girls' right where they need to be!! 'Locked & Loaded' as Stacy & Clinton would say.

5.Bob Marley & The Wailers: I could listen to it for hours on end. But then I'd probably want to light some incense and dim the lights. SO UBER RELAXING!! Just the perfect way to end the work week.
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