Saturday, August 31, 2019

Thoughts on a Saturday afternoon: Sleeping, blogging and studying.

My husband's asleep. 
Last night was my first time being home, alone, overnight.  I've left my husband alone for extended periods of time, like the time my Mom and I went to Hawai'i last year and 3 years ago when I had to stay with my Dad while Mom was in the hospital.
I had big ideas of cleaning our place from top to bottom. I ended up binge watching Friends and eating junk food.  Probably my laziest night, ever. It was mentally relaxing.

Anyways, this is far from what I wanted to post about.

I've been wanting to change my blog name for a while.  So much so that I thought I'd start a new blog over on Word Press.  There's a post. Just one.  It's weird to start anew like that.  Came back to this blog and realized that I could just change the blog address.  Easy peasy......if I could figure out what I wanted to change it to.  We'll see...

Other than that, I need to study our Sunday School lesson more.  T-minus 21 hours.

Friday, August 30, 2019


I received GREAT news today!!  I don't really want to share it just yet, but I'm pretty ecstatic for what this Fall will bring.  I was ready to give up hope and think that things weren't going to come together before the deadline....but it did!!! 

I can't wait for this new (and somewhat familiar) adventure!!! 

Meet Liberty & friends.

I had to do some serious updating to this blog.  Not major, but I did have to replace Lava's name with Liberty's, since Lava passed away last year.  This is Liberty.  Can you see why he has this name?  He's a beautiful red, white and blue.  

He's such a great little fish.  He's surely grown since these photos from the day I got him, August 12, 2018.  He doesn't swim around as much as before.  I think he's getting old.  Makes me sad.  He's the oldest betta in the office.  I hope I have a few more months with him.  I love having a pet fish.  Bettas are just so beautiful.  I've since added 3 neon tetras and 1 snail (there were 2, one died...or was hibernating for a long time and looked dead.).  

So that's Liberty!  I wish I had an even bigger fish tank at home.   It's so enjoyable just watching them swim around....that is, when I have a free minute at work to watch them.  :) 

Monday, March 18, 2019

The 1:08am Post

Since I should be sleeping, this is gonna be a quickie.

Can't believe it's been a year since I last posted.

I definitely need to get to sleep because 7:00am will be here soon enough!

Just wanted to post a quick pic of this handsome man and I from after church today.

We had a great weekend together and I'm glad we get one more weekend before his schedule changes for the next few months.

However, I'm looking forward to having Saturdays to myself again. I LOVE having a whole day to myself, to do as I please. First thing on my list: set up my craft table/desk again. I have a few postcards to send out and I've really missed using my typewriter lately.

Anyways, I need to get some shut-eye. Nofo a!

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