Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vacation....from life!

Wouldn't that be nice to take a vacation from life? No really, think about it... to get away from it ALL and not have to worry about those things that weigh your mind, spirit and heart? That would be nice to pack away your belongings and just to get away--far, far, far away. Where would I go, if given the chance? I would fly to far away Tahiti. I imagine myself laying in the sun and feeling it's peaceful heat. I would lay on a white, sandy beach and listen to the waves break on the coarse Tahitian sand. I can just see the clear blue water and all the colorful fishes swimming amongst the coral reef. The gentle trade winds would carry the delicate aroma of Tiare flowers, while keeping me cool in the warm summer heat. Off in the distance would be a ripped, golden skin Tahitian Adonis sauntering towards me, ready to shower me in various gifts of Tahitian black pearl jewelry....

Wow--I need to stop or else I might be calling in sick tomorrow and bookin' a one way flight to Tahiti!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Migraine Monday.

One Upper: An annoying person who responds to hearing someone else’s experience or problem by immediately telling a similar story about themselves with a much more fantastic (or terrible) outcome.
I have the unfortunate circumstance of working with a 'One Upper' ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. I really cannot stand it anymore. Turtle's a nice guy, but since he shares the same office as Mamacita and I, we try not to talk around him or else we get his 2 cents and then some. Most days I can tolerate it, but today-maybe it's because we've had the last 3 days off-I can't bear it anymore!
If he's not 'one upping', then his mouth is going on and on and on and on about who knows what?! Sometimes Mamacita and I think he needs 24/7 attention. We try to ignore him, but that doesn't work. It'll be quiet while we're working then he'll start talking to himself in awe of some picture on his monitor...til one of us asks, "Are you talking to us?" To which he'll say, "Naw, but you gotta check out this [picture] (blah blah blah)" ...and then before we know it, we're hearing some random story about how he caught the biggest fish between his friends....BLAH BLAH BLAH!!
Today I've had it. I can't stand hearing his random stories which are distracting and have NOTHING to do with work. I'm too busy to hear about his gun stories, fish stories, boat stories, cowboy boot stories, hunting stories....stories I have ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST IN!!! Maybe his stories wouldn't be so bad if every other word wasn't foul language. I can only be nice, nod my head and smile for so long before I just HAVE to tell him to SHUT UP!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday night ramblings...

*After 3 full days off, I don't want to go to work tomorrow...even if I do get to see Atticus. I feel like I've been on vacation. Speaking of which, I need a vacation. And I need to go visit my uncle who hasn't been doing so well. Plus I need some Pie. Hmm...Utah?

*I had the GREATEST Sunday nap today! Oh I LOVED it so!

*I got to see some great friends today. I seriously love the Cates family! And it was nice to see their brother in law Stanton (and the side of Rubi's face). I feel like my real life/blogging friends really do exist off of blogspot. It was nice.

*Last night's hangout/date/'whatever the heck it's called' with Morgan was fun. I enjoyed his company and the conversation was very pleasant. We had a lot to talk about and thankfully the conversation never died. We ended up watching "Sherlock Holmes" which was PERFECTLY fine with me, I wasn't too excited to watch "Avatar", yet. We'll see. Anywhoo....Morgan is truly an exceptional gentleman. Seriously, 'Chivalry' is his middle name, I forgot how WONDERFUL that is. was a lil awkward when his Mom came up to me in church today. She greeted me with the BIGGEST hug and kiss EVER (I think it was bigger than when my Mom greeted me at the airport after my mission). Morgan's Mom was so thrilled to hear about last night, I think she could seriously start planning a wedding. I'm sure she means well...

*I was looking at my cousin's photos of their Disneyland trip on Christmas. I'M SO JEALOUS!!! I WANT TO GO TO DISNEYLAND!! Seriously, since my birthday I cannot stop thinking of how and when I'll get back! What the heck, I feel like this is crazy talk...but seriously, SO MUCH FUN!! AAHHHHHH!!!!

*I'll be going on 'hold' with the Temple for a month. This Meniere's crap is really kicking my trash. The break will be good, I'm looking foward to it. I think on one of my weekend's off I'm gonna try to make it up to Utah. My uncle hasn't been doing well and the doctors aren't giving him very long. It'll be nice to see him and all my cousins. I miss them, they're like my family away from home. I can't wait.

I've been reading & watching everything I can on it because once I open that box, I'll be going to town baby!! FINALLY my scrapbooks are gonna look AWESOME!!! Will I leave the house? Probably just for scrapping supplies, but that's about it!!

*We got to talk to my missionary nephew on Christmas eve (Actually Christmas day in Fiji). Oh man, it was fantastic!! He sounded so stoked to be out doing the Lord's work. He was in the hospital for 5 days due to an intestine infection--NO BUENO!! He was excited to be out tracting the last couple of days. He'll be transfered to the capital (Suva) so he can be closer to medical care and the mission home. He's sad for the transfer but you could hardly tell in his voice. He's such a spectacular missionary! I love and miss him so much!! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thinking, thinking, thinking....

So Atticus... Still a really nice, intelligent and handsome guy, but... I think I may not be feeling 'it' anymore. I got to know him a lot more this past Saturday evening, but what I found out, I'm not really a fan of. I don't know.............we'll see. Thank goodness I still have Mr.NY to make work so much more worthwhile.
And I'll be going out with a friend this Saturday. He's EXTREMELY nice, like 'caring' nice. The funny part is, is that I use to have a crush on him when I was 10 years old. Morgan's a little bit older than me but we're just hanging out and going to the movies. We're gonna see "Avatar", wasn't planning on ever watchng I'll just hope for the best.
I'm stoked for tomorrow night! My missionary nephew will be calling home from Fiji. He's been in the hospital for a lower intestine infection, so it'll be really good to hear his voice and feel his spirit. I love my nephews all so much....and my niece too. She and I will be going to see Disney's Christmas Carol tonight. Sometimes I forget how AWESOME they are until I see them around non-relatives. They're funny, well mannered and well rounded kids. They're not shy and can actually have conversations with adults. I have been blessed beyond measure to have them in my life. I love being their aunt.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Crazy Christmas parties!

Gotta say, my work parties get pretty CRAAAAZY! I had a great time with some great friends! Got to hang with Atticus (center pic-left side) for a while and I LOVED it. I've missed that feeling of being so close to man and smelling his aroma. So fun ;) Danced a bit...enjoyed my Shirleys...and made some wonderful memories. Here's to Knox party 2009!

Friday, December 18, 2009

5 for Friday.

1. Sometimes 'Ignorance is Bliss". Sometimes. I've started to learn more about my Meniere's Disease. I know for sure that I would NEVER wish this upon my worst enemy. I feel like I have to be hopeful. I'm scared it could get worse then the constant 'whooshing' & 'ringing' in my ears. I've started to get dizzy and my balance is thrown off easily. I just found out that this 'disease' is commonly known for falling. It scares me, a lot. It's already happen before and luckily I was home. I don't know what my future looks like with this disease. I've got an MRI scheduled in a couple weeks and I hope and pray that relief is in the near future. Starting next month, I'll be on a break from the temple. I love the temple, but I need my health to be better. I'll miss the sisters, all of whom I love dearly. It's sometimes hard for me to function in the temple. With my current position, I need to be able to hear clearly--not my strongest asset right now. Plus, sometimes I've felt so dizzy where I feel like I'm about to fall/faint. We'll see how it works out.

2. I got to see Atticus today. Just for a little bit. He looked so dang cute. I REALLY hope he goes to the Christmas work party tomorrow.

3. Can I just say, there is something fascinating about dry cleaning. Weird, I know. But that's the truth. I was so excited to get my dry cleaning back tonight for my work Christmas party tomorrow evening. Picking up my dress from the dry cleaners made me feel like I was going to an important, fancy grown up party (still weird, I know...just stick with me on this.) When the dry cleaning lady brought my dress to the front, there was a line of women behind me. My [birthday] dress looked so spectacular! I felt so proud that such a beautiful garment was mine! I walked out of the dry cleaners so elated and excited to wear my special dress! I LOVE the way I feel and look in this dress! I can't wait to put it on!

4. I was so irritated at work today. My work partner and I were in charge of the office potluck. We put up a sign up sheet last Thursday--the day before payday. 5 out of 30 people signed up. It was really disappointing! About 10 brought food...yet those who typically don't bring ANYTHING were the first to grab a plate of food! I was so mad!! 10 minutes into the potluck most of the food was gone and I even brought something! I was livid! I took back my 'White Elephant' gift, stormed out of the office and left for lunch!! I'm done with office potlucks! Office potlucks = free lunch for everyone else.

5. Tomorrow night is my work Christmas party at the Gaslamp Marriot! I'm so stoked!! I can't wait!! I get to hang out with one of my dearest friends, PajamaPants. He ALWAYS makes any situation BETTER and A LOT more FUN!! I seriously hope Atticus goes. He hasn't been feeling well, but he's already told a friend about it so he doesn't want to back out. I'm so dang excited, I cannot wait!! And then there's the after party at Altitude Sky Lounge. OH BABY, ALWAYS SUCH FUN TIMES!!! I can't wait!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thursday Eve!

I would LOVELOVELOVE some deep pink roses♥

Today was a wonderful day! I got to see and hang with Atticus for a while today. I really enjoy talking to him. I got to know him a little more and that was nice. I like looking at his face. I love his eyes! I love his manly smell, everything manly about him is so euphoric.

Gosh, I REALLY like Atticus. Does he like me as well? I mean, most signs point to "possibly!". I just want a definite answer. I'm at the scary point of 'sink or swim', I've gotta do something about it or just forget it. My best friends say that I need to make it known to him a lil more that I'm digging him, in order to find out his answer.(I get so shy around him, who knows what he thinks I'm thinking) We'll see...
Today was such a GRRREAT day and tomorrow's Thursday,it most certainly will be a fantastic day!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Frosty says...

Man! If only I did Christmas cards this year, this would have TOTALLY been my Christmas pic!
I love pinatas...they give candy and double as a fashion accessory. LOVE IT!
(I feel like my head's stuck in a big Hostess SnoBall...I can't stop laughing at this pic!)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Good Morning Mr. Finch

"I was running late for work..."

Today was a dang fantastic day! I've been happy all day...I've been looking forward to going to work today since I left work on Friday. CRAZY--I know!

This morning, when I walked into my office [late], Atticus was there. He was waiting in my office at my desk. I was SOOOOOOOO nervous!! He's so cute! And his eyes....they seem to penetrate down to my very soul! They're this piercing crystal blue--so intense! His eyes are extremely alluring. I couldn't bring myself to speak to him. I get so weak in the knees and tongue tied. I feel so intimidated by him. He's older and taller than me and for crying out loud, he's a lawyer! Working for an attorney service for the past year, I started to have the desire to date a lawyer. I figured they were intelligent, sharp & quick witted-I wanted that! I feel as though Heavenly Father has blessed me with my desire and now I have no idea what to do with it?!

Anywhooo, so I clammed up and pretty much kept to myself. STUPID, I KNOW!! He later left to court and we ended up emailing back and forth for the rest of the day...which was nice. I just get so dang nervous when I'm around a guy I dig. Ugh...thank goodness I get another chance tomorrow. *sigh*

"And I thought, be still my heart. This could be a brand new start..." (Postal Service)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Greater blessings and more happiness..."

Tender Mercy #3: Last night in my email to my missionary nephew, I told him that once he gets back from his mission he will think about his mission every day of his life. I remember hearing those same words and thinking that was totally insane! "Everyday? Really? Nah, I'll be too busy living life!". Oh how I was so wrong! That couldn't have been any more real or true had it hit me in the face! Every day something comes up in my day which will remind me of my mission. I love those little moments of nostalgia.
Tonight the sister missionaries from my ward came over. It was a very pleasant visit! I really enjoyed getting to know them and getting to talk about missions.I'm glad they came over, they brought a wonderful warm spirit to our home. I'm so glad I served a mission. I'm grateful I served in the New Jersey Cherry Hill LDS Mission.
I love ALL of the memories I came home with. I miss everyone I met there. The sister missionaries mentioned how they were caught in the rain the other day and had the biggest smiles on their faces as they walked home. I remember that happening to me once, that was such a FUN experience! I would do just about anything to be walking in that same rainstorm with 'Sister C', without any umbrellas while trying to keep our Book of Mormons dry. I loved it!
I thought about all my old companions tonight and how I learned something from all of them. Some of them I enjoyed more than others, but I know there was a reason I was with all of them. I'm grateful to be close friends with some of them today. I wouldn't change ANYTHING about my mission. I am eternally grateful I had the opportunity to serve my Heavenly Father and the people of New Jersey. As trite as it sounds, I would do it again in a heartbeat! Sign me up!


Today I received my 4th calling at church.

I remember thinking back during the summer how I wanted to transfer back to my family ward so I could get a break from my 2 callings in my YSA ward.

I transfered back....but didn't do so well on the "take a break" part.

But it's okay. I wanted this fourth calling. I didn't feel like I was being used for something more useful. Of course it's good to be the ward organist, and I like having my Relief Society pianist calling. However, I felt like the pianist calling was a scapegoat out of Primary. It is but it isn't. I wasn't use to the Primary's volume level in a ward, but I also needed to be in RS to help support a less active friend who's coming back to church. When I went in for my tithing settlement this past Tuesday, I was extended the calling of 12/13 year old Sunday School teacher. FINALLY! Another call to teach! I missed teaching, so I'm stoked for this new calling. I can't wait!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thanks Google.

Me likey....A LOT.

Friday, December 11, 2009

It's Aloha Friday!

It's raining today and I probably look like a wet dog. Didn't quite do my hair, it's just in a ponytail. I haven't done my laundry, so it's a wonder my clothes even match.

But today, I'm happy.

I got to hang with Atticus for a little bit today. It's like a lil ray of sunshine on this very grey day.

I like his eyes. They're so intense. They're crystal clear blue. I was so nervous. I couldn't even form a sentence. I was so quiet. I usually become introverted when I'm nervous around a guy. I like when he speaks to people, he focuses in on them as though they're the most important person in the world. Gosh he was so cute all bundled up. I just wanted to hug him. I can't wait to see him next week.

Happy Friday? Yes, yes it is.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hi Thursday, I love you.

"December Nights"...SO MUCH FUN!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Calgon, take me away!

  • I've been wanting and trying to blog my 'tender mercies' but a lot has been on my mind.
  • I'm tired of the stress and negativity of work. I'm tired of people thinking that all 'new hires' should hit the ground running and know EXACTLY how to do their job. I feel bad for one of the new hires here at work.
  • I'm tired of feeling alone at the temple. Why can't there be any cool, calm & collective YSA guys on my shift? I really miss my friend Berkeley.
  • I'm tired of people asking me for rides. Gas is expensive people!! I have my own time schedule, so I don't like others being on my schedule, or vice versa. Just cause I'm driving south doesn't mean that I'm obligated to give you a ride, nor do I have to answer you as to why I won't be giving you a ride.
  • I'm tired of so many (pretty much, ALL) of my co-workers using the Lord's name in vain & cussing up a storm. Really people? Is your vocabulary that poor that you need expletives to enhance it? Do yourself a favor, buy a dictionary & thesaurus.
  • I'm tired of people thinking they can 'jokingly' hit/slap/pinch me--really, that's the worse. I've always gotten that because I'm taller than most of my friends. A lot of 'girly girls' like to hit, I LOATHE that so much. I've started to hit/slap/pinch them back. Golden rule, people! Plus having this whole "Meniere's Syndrome", being hit/pushed while I'm walking really throws me off and makes me dizzy.
  • Calgon, take me away!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

SNL Weekend Update...minus the SNL part.

Friday night I went to "December Nights" at Balboa Park. OH SO MUCH FUN!!! I had TONS of fun with my 5 dear friends. With the amount of fun we had, we consumed double the amount in food!!
What we ate:
-Hungarian Sausages w/ sauerkraut
-Puerto Rican Empanadas (pastillos)
-Lebanese Baklava
-Irish stew
-Indian stew
-Filipino Lumpia
-Czech/Slovenia Sausages w/ sauerkraut

It was ALLLLLLL SO DELICIOUS!! We also watched some Chinese, Peruvian & Polish dancers. Such a wonderful international evening!!

Saturday's Temple day wasn't the best one. I really needed my friend Berkeley. Oh well, I guess there's always next week.

Sunday...well, it was definitely better than Saturday. I love the First Presidency's Christmas Devotionals! I love Pres. Monson. I love to hear him speak, I always feel the Spirit and have a greater desire to be a better person. I also love to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, especially when they sing, "Silent Night".

Can't wait to go to work tomorrow! (WOW! NEVER THOUGHT I'D EVER SAY THAT IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!) Thank goodness for Atticus :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pssst, it's Thursday! :)

I finally got the results back from my hearing test regarding the 'whooshing' in my ear. I've been diagnosed with "Meniere's Disease". I'm glad to finally have a solution as to what's going on with my ear & hearing. It's a lil scary because the solutions aren't 100% and there's a possibility that it could get worse (ie: a lot more dizziness & hearing loss). I'm scheduled to have an MRI to look at my skull to see if anything else is going on, which also makes me a lil more nervous. I'm not too excited to lay still in a coffin like structure...UGH. Oh well, if this will improve my health then I've gotta do it.

I like my job. I've been enjoying it A LOT more lately. "Atticus" makes it a lot more tolerable and he brings a smile to my face during the day. Oh it's so nice to have, someone to look forward to when it comes to work. :) I can't wait til the Christmas party!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

No 'Plain Janes' here!

Tender Mercy #2

I'd like to thank my friend Jane for this great idea of "Tender Mercies" blogs. They've been such a joy to read and has really made me think about my own 'tender mercies'. So to start of the series of 'Tender Mercies' blogs, I'd like to dedicate the first one to my friend Jane.
I've known her for several years. I've ALWAYS admired her on so many levels. She's brilliant, kind, optimistic, funny, spiritual & sings really well! I've always wondered how she's still on the market when she's quite the catch!

I've looked (and still look) up to her because she was a temple ordinance worker. I never knew how a YSA could be an ordinance worker, I figured they must have to be PERFECT to be in such a position, to live worthy of a temple recommend EVERY day was a lil mind blowing. Really, it blew my mind to know a non-elderly temple worker. Plus she was the Gospel Essentials teacher for our YSA ward. Jane's a phenomenal teacher! Every class she's ever taught makes me want to be a better person--just being around her has the same effect.

After getting my temple recommend renewed last year, I was soon called to be a temple ordinance worker as well as a Gospel Essentials teacher. "ARE YOU KIDDIN' ME?? YOU WANT ME?!?". "Becoming Jane" was soon more than just a film title. I was beyond myself! I couldn't believe it. I looked up to Jane in those positions and couldn't understand how I was to handle those responsibilities. She would help me out whenever I taught, she gave me the feedback I would need to better my teaching skills. Singing with her in ward choir was always a delight. She was positive and uplifting while learning such difficult songs.

I am truly grateful that Heavenly Father has blessed me with a friend like Jane. Although we no longer attend the same ward or live in the same state, I miss her dearly and still look up to her.

Thank you Jane for living your life in such a way that would inspire others to become better people, for being my friend and a magnificent example to me to follow.
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