Monday, October 28, 2013


I just about lost it today.

I seriously cannot stand my co-worker who talks over everyone and anyone! I think it is EXTREMELY rude!!  It's one of my biggest pet peeves!!! It's just so effin frustrating when you're trying to say something, and she'll just start talking over you like you weren't even saying anything at all!!  
Today I had it and I desperately wanted to say something to her but I didn't want to look like a douche in front of the general manager---who she also talks over!  GRRRR!!!!!!  I tried to get louder, but it just didn't matter, she continued talking louder and faster!  
I doubt that she's aware of this awful habit, but because of my position, I can't exactly say anything to her.  I just want to pour salt in my eyes than hear her voice for one more second today. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Liz!

Today is my best friend, Liz'a birthday.  
I was so lucky and blessed to live across from her for 30 years of our lives.  
I miss it.  It was like my home away from home, but yet, I could still see my home.  I miss being able to kick it with her all the time, and borrow each others movies, or go to Wal Mart together all the time.  

However, I'm grateful that we've had such a bond that even though we may not have seen each other for weeks or months, our friendship picks up right where it left off.  
I'm glad that I'll get to spend tonight with her and our other kinda/sorta best friend, Eidde.  He moved in next door when we were 9 and he was 5.  We took him in because, well because he wouldn't go away.  He'd follow us every where! He was kinda fun at first, but we thought he was too much of a baby.  Things haven't really changed much.... he still follows us around, and he's still a spoiled brat, but we love him too.  He completes our circle of friendship.  
I loved my childhood! It was everything I could have dreamt of, and more!  I owe it all to Liz............and Eidde, I guess. :) 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Yes, please!

 I wonder if I could walk down the aisle holding this? Everyone loves the smell of warm, fresh bread!


Friday, October 18, 2013

Cousin Lela & Fam!

I really like this picture of some of my Australian/New Zealand relatives.  My seester, nephew, niece and I were lucky to spend the day with them, at Disneyland. My cousin Lela is to my left, in the black & white, while her daughter Anna is on my right and her son Timothy is next to my seester, on the end.  
It's always been a lil confusing that Lela's my cousin because of the age gap but it was so nice spending time with her family.  She and I had the opportunity to talk about a lot of my Dad's relatives back in the south Pacific.  She pulled out her iPad and showed me pics of her siblings, my cousins.  Out of 12 of her siblings, I've only met 3 of them.  It's been so wonderful getting to know more about them and most especially learn a little more about my paternal grandfather, Simione.  He died in 1963 and I never met my grandma Salote who passed in 1997.  She told me that Simione wasn't very tall, but very patient, kind and gentle and had a head full of white hair.  As for grandma Salote, she had a very strong personality and if you didn't listen, you'd get in a lot of trouble.  Have I mentioned that I was named after her? :) She lived to be 104 years old and didn't need any glasses or aid for her old age.  Such a feisty woman and I look forward to meeting her, and grandpa Simione, someday.
It's been such a beautiful blessing to know more and more about my Dad's family.  I hope to meet more of them someday soon!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow!

Dude, tomorrow I'm going to Disneyland with my sister, Kalanster & Novee! I am friggin' stoked!!!  

Seriously, I LOOOOOOVE Disneyland!!!  We'll be meeting with more of my family that's in from Australia! I'm so dang elated!!  The only thing that would make it PERFECT would be if Levi was coming with us. He makes everything so much more fun!  Oh well....a Disneyland trip for later.

I'm just hoping that we do both parks (Disneyland & California Adventure) because I LOVE LOVE LOVE CarsLand!!!  I could ride Mater's Junkyard Jamboree about 100 times because it's just that fun!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! Just thinking about it all is making me SUPER EXCITED!!!  I hope we stay for the fireworks show, that's my favorite. Such sweet, sweet memories. ♥

Ok ok... I need to get back to work, or else someone's not going to Disneyland tomorrow.
Kid at heart!

Monday, October 14, 2013

A lil love realization.

How I know that my sweetheart loves me more than words can express....

-He didn't mention how many creme wafers & chocolates I consumed this weekend. (Damn "Shark Week")

-Nor did he mention how much TP I went through, in one day. 

-He tolerates my dang weeping, because someone can be SO emotional during that one special week.

-He forgives me for the absent minded things I say without thinking first. 

-He'll still be surprised when his Christmas gift arrives.

Man, I am luckier than I ever dreamed possible.  

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Friggin' Facebook....

....sucked me in AGAIN!!! 

Why can't people communicate by OTHER means?!?  

What happened to regular ol' email? Or better yet---A PHONE!! 

I like hearing the inflection in a voice, the emotion behind a good story or just even a VOICE! 

GRRR....Stupid Facebook.  

Friday, October 11, 2013

Work, Church & Driving.

My epiphany for today--
Driving to work, is just like driving to church.  Never cut off or flip off anyone during your last 1/2 mile.  They might be turning into the same parking lot as you. this morning. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


-Sometimes, my sarcasm doesn't have a place here in the office.  It's a little too "tongue-in-cheek", I guess.....  it makes me laugh anyways.

-I need to get some brick wallpaper to put up behind me, at my desk.  

-I think I should try working on my poker face, for work.  I think that even though I may not be verbally sarcastic--it comes out through  my face.  My boss kinda busted me on that, yesterday. It wasn't anything big, but he caught my face after something he said.  I just forget that what I'm thinking always comes out through my face.  I can't hide it---it's a blessing and a curse. 

My super cool Panda eye mask from Hermanita!
-I really miss Balboa Park.  I think I need to spend some time there.  It's one of many gems of beautiful San Diego.

-I kinda miss Facebook, but it was such a time waster.  I kinda miss seeing how far away friends are doing--but I'm pretty sure the same ol' stuff is being posted anyways.  I look forward to thinning out my Fb friends list, soon.

-I just went to buy some food for lunch/snack.... Naked Juice (Blue Machine), Blueberry Danish & Vanilla Oreos.  Yep, Shark Week is here. Dangit.

-I LOVE how my nephew & niece are SO into Halloween, this year! I think their holiday spirit is just so much fun!!

 -So far, this is how spirited I've been about the Halloween season:
I've NEVER had this cereal in all of my 33 years of life.  Oh man, I was missing out BIG TIME!!! I seriously LOVE this stuff!!!  Man, I was deprived as a child.....  I feel so much more American, now that I've finally had this cereal!! I promise to give my kids the option of this cereal, around Halloween!

-Ok, I gotta get back to work.... the managers meeting just let out. Peace!

Monday, October 7, 2013


-Dude, today is a very rough morning. Dangit, I meant rough Monday!  I wanted to stay in bed for another 3 hours.  I went to bed early and everything, but man, I was NOT ready for today!

-The first email I read this morning, was a blog comment, from my brother.  It was straight outta left field.  I thought one of my cousins was tryin to play a trick on me or something.  It's really unexpected.  It's nice, just quite a surprise.

-I finally got around to deactivating my Facebook today.  I just got to the point that I was tired of all the same ol' posts from friends.  I'm tired of certain people on my friend's list.  It was more of a for the time being, it's deactivated.  Whether it's for 1 week, 1 month or 1 year, we'll see.  Besides, I have a phone, people can call or text if they REALLY want something.  

-I had a salad with my lunch today and man, it was oh so delicious!!  It was just a simple iceberg, cucumber & tomato salad, but it was just so GOOD!! Man, I need to start eating more salads if I'm this happy about fresh veggies.

-Dude, it's 4pm......this day is just flying by, considering I started this blog at 9:30ish AM!  Wowzers!

-And now it's 4:39pm........ok, I think that's all I have to blog about today.  Man, I'm so ready for bed. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

First anniversary... first date, pt. 1.

This past Thursday, October 3, marked our one year anniversary (of dating).  I can't believe it's already been a year.  Part of me wants to type some sort of sappy, lovey dovey blog... but I've been thinking a lot about our first date.  
Our first date was on Sunday, September 30, 2013.  I wanted to keep it simple and just grab some frozen yogurt in Coronado. I was going to have a busy day at church, and Levi's exact words were, "You've had a long day, I want to feed you."  I couldn't help but think, "Wow! This man wants to take care of my needs???" He was already SO different from the other guys I went on dates with, earlier that summer.  He not only wanted to see to my needs, but he actually had suggestions!  
When I got home late from church, I was EXTREMELY NERVOUS!!! I tried asking him if he was nervous, but with his happy-go-lucky attitude and chipper voice, he replied that he wasn't.  I wanted him to be a LITTLE nervous, so I could feel justified in my extreme nervousness!!!  I don't know how else to describe my nervousness, except to say that I even thought about cancelling our date because I had never been this nervous for a first date! Even after he pulled up, to pick me up, I was still thinking about "rescheduling" because I was nervous out of my mind!!
"Would he like me?" "Would there be enough chemistry to gave a good conversation?" "Would he think I was cute?" So many questions filled my mind!! 
As I walked up to him and his car, he was waiting outside of it, ready to greet me and open my door.  I didn't know how to act!  He looked so dashing and beyond cute!!!  I remember getting inside his car and thinking of how clean it was!  He got in and we headed off to Buca di Beppo, in downtown San Diego.  As he drove, I think he was wearing his sunglasses, which made him look super hot!! And made me even MORE nervous because I couldn't see his eyes. As he drove, I'd look over at him while we talked, and his arms were so manly--thick with the right amount of hair.  I just wanted to touch him, and feel his arms.  {I'm a touchy feely person, but I also like to touch those I'm communicating with}.  When we got downtown, it took a bit to find the restaurant and parking.  What really struck me about Levi was that he was SO patient in the crazy downtown traffic, one-way streets and lack of parking.  He was unlike any man I'd ever been on a date with!  We finally found an Ace Parking lot that was close enough and parked.  As we started to walk towards the restaurant, our hands brushed up against each others.  I would apologize and he made no big deal of it.  Just as we were going to cross the street, he grabbed my hand and held it.  For a split second, it startled me but then it just felt so sweet and comfortable, but most of all safe.  I felt so safe holding his hand and it was such a reassuring comfort  especially walking downtown.   As we rounded the corner, we surprisingly found ourselves right in front of Buca di Beppo!  We walked in, and our host showed us to our table.  We were then asked, "Are you two celebrating anything tonight?"

Several things came to mind....

{to be continued}

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The October 2, 2013 Blog

-I couldn't sleep last night with stuff on my mind.  3 hours should kinda be sufficient for today.  

-I think tomorrow's a very good day to buy myself pink roses. I always see them when I go to Costco, but I never buy them.  Tomorrow's the day.

-My cousin Lela, whom I haven't seen since I was 7, is coming from Australia with her daughter and grandsons.  They'll be meeting up with her son & his gf that were here a few weeks ago.  They'll all be going to Disneyland, and I'm looking forward seeing all of them!   I just wish the rest of Lela's sons were coming with her.  I haven't seen them since I was a teenager.  

-My niece is spending the day in the office, with my sister and I.  She's growing up so quickly!  She's already planning her 13th birthday party, that won't be here for another 6 months.  

-I don't really have much more to blog about.  I'm still thinking of deactivating my Facebook, this month.  I'm just tired of nosy "friends" who like to gossip and spread vicious stories.  It's even more annoying that some of these "friends" are those from my church congregation.  

-Since I signed up for my birthday certificate at Benihana, I've been receiving email notifications for all their specials.  It makes me want to go there, more and more and more!!!  All of their foods look so dang good!!!  It's been a while since I've been there, so I'm anxious to eat there again!! 

-Ok, so maybe the 3 hours of sleep aren't going to hold me over today.  I think I see a diet Coke in my near future, especially if I'm to go to dinner with a friend tonight. MUST. WAKE. UP.!!! 

-I'm kinda stoked that this month kick starts the holiday season.  I can't wait to break out our panda costumes again!! Seriously, my favorite Halloween costume EVER!!!  
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