Thursday, March 31, 2011

Short Messy Hair: LOVE IT!!

(I HAD a blog post....went to post it and it disappeared. damnit.)


-Tonight I get to see some of my closest friends!! I LOVE Thursday night Volleyball!! So much fun!! Hopefully, Lincoln's there tonight. I'm stoked!!

-One more week of school....WOW!! Finals are next week. SCARY!! It's been a while since I've had to take Finals. I'm kinda nervous, not gonna lie!

-I started a new blog. I'm pretty excited about it! I love it!!

-I CAN'T wait to see Montana this weekend!! Oh I've missed him!! I talk to him every day, but that's not the same!! I just cant wait to spend the day with him. We're going out to breakfast to a place that I've been wanting to go to for a while--I LOVE LOVE LOVE Breakfast!! And then we'll spend the day at one of his favorite San Diego spots. I can't wait!!

-Today's San Diego forecast: 72 degrees!!! No clouds in the sky and just PERFECT for the beach!!

-I LOVE LOVE LOVE my short, straight hair!! I love that I can now spike it into a faux hawk. I love the confidence that it's brought. Such a blessing!! Yesterday, I was asked if I missed my long curly hair--NOT. AT. ALL.!!! I think I want to keep it this length for a while. Clearly, it hasn't messed up my social life. So to all those who say that men don't like women with short hair--HUGE MISCONCEPTION!!!

-Today, I LOVE life. I love my family. I love my friends. I love

-I can't wait to go to the movies with my sister tomorrow. Last week we saw "Just Go With It". Tomorrow I think we're gonna see "Limitless". I'm pretty stoked! I forgot how much I enjoy watching movies. I think I've become addicted to movie popcorn and diet Coke. Jinkies!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The official March 30, 2011 post.

I've had a lot on my mind lately. But for sake of time and doing my homework SOON.... We're gonna go a lil randi....

-I'm looking forward to this weekend. I know it's General Conference, but I've got something else going on. I guess I'm finally one of those Mormons who thinks it's a "vacation" from church. I'll read it all in the Ensign next month.

-I seriously LOVE Mama McK!! I love our Tuesday Afternoon Chats..... They make my whole week. I can feel her love for me. I couldn't have been more grateful for a mission call!! I'm so grateful to have her in my life.

-I CAN'T wait to see Montana this weekend. He's seriously such a caring guy. He's kind and patient and heaven knows that any man who deals with me NEEDS to have that.

-I've been listening to a lot of different music lately. I've fallen in love with The Script & Tenth Avenue North. Although I can't stop listening to Babyface's "Tonight It's Goin Down" & Lisa Stansfield "Never Gonna Give You Up".

-Basically my new favorite songs are:
Joy Williams - What Can I Do (But Love You)
Tenth Avenue North - By Your Side & Love is Here
One Republic - Secrets
The Script - I'm Yours & Talk You Down
Jaymay - Gray or Blue
Never Shout Never - I Love You 5
Snow Police - Every Car You Chase [mash up]

-I can't stop thinking about "Cubby".....or in other words, Mr. Monday Night. SUCH A DANG CUTIE!!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that he looks Caucasian but he's TOTALLY Mexican!! When he speaks Spanish, it just sounds soooooooooo beautiful rolling off of his tongue. My goodness, he's just HOT!! But I love our conversations. We talk about traveling the world, history, food, culture,'s quite intriguing. He's quite intriguing ;)

-I n e e d t o t a k e a s h o w e r.

-I need some change in my life. Like GOOD change, not the same crummy change that's gone on in my life for the last year or so. I want something GOOD & DIFFERENT.

-My friend Ash just told me that Blue Bunny Ice Cream now makes a "RED VELVET ICE CREAM". I NEED TO FIND THIS HEAVENLY GOODNESS!! ASAP!!

-I need to start on my homework. One more week of

Monday, March 28, 2011


Hung out with my sister. Had fun.
Went to Sephora. Not as fun.
Especially when you're given a 'free sample' from the cashier.
Later to find out that it's for those with 'Oily skin'.
Yo, I was just an innocent bystander.
Not saying anything at all.
Just self conscious of what I looked like.
Not wearing make up.
Wearing a hat.
To cover my hair that I didn't brush.
But needs a trim.
Watched "Just Go With It" [Adam Sandler/Jennifer Aniston].
Now I want to go to Hawaii, even more.

Went to friend's bday BBQ.
Actually had fun.
Made him his favorite cookies.
He loved it.
Made my day.
Especially since I burnt half of them.
Had a nice time.

My niece's birthday.
She's now 10.
Time flies.
Had a GREAT time at church.
New hot guy...["Lincoln"]
Played pro-ball.
Good thing I LOVE baseball.
Til he talked to me about it.
More about that later.
Had fun with the fam.
Sat in the jacuzzi.

BEST sleep of my life!
Last night.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The typical "I should be doing my homework" posts....

-I love listenin to Israel "Iz" Kamakawiwo'ole...especially while I do homework. So relaxing!

-I can't wait to get married so I can take pictures like this:
(just look at their faces!! It's all too hilarious and ridiculously funny!! I LOVE IT!!)

-I guess I'm going to my friend's bday bbq tomorrow.....ugh. I'll be going with my 18 yr old nephew who also happens to be his friend. Well, at least I'm not going stag, right?

-I want to travel the world. I'm tired of saying "...from what I've heard". I want to say, "Yeah, I know, I've been there!". Santorini... Tahiti... Auckland... Dubai...Vienna... Giza... oh the world!

-I'm excited to see Montana next weekend! :) He certainly makes me smile.

-I love reading about Amulek and Alma in the Book of Mormon. I forget how much I love reading the Book of Mormon until I'm actually doing it.

-I don't miss Mr. Red as much anymore. I'm glad.

-I should really get started on my homework....

Thursday, March 24, 2011

You know what's funny??

I was thinking of going a day without my phone...and now it's no longer just a thought.

My phone charger has been on the fritz and my phone died yesterday. Fritz turned into COMPLETELY BUSTED [with no help from me...frustrated, I pulled the last wire out...oops?]

So now, I have no phone. Or voicemails....because I can't remember my passcode for the life of me.

Do I REALLY need a phone? I think I go through this every couple years. I figure most of the people I want to call, I have their numbers memorized...both local & long distant. CRAP...I think I just forgot my best friend's number, no calls to StephyPooh I guess :( Um, thank goodness for Facebook?

Well anyways, I don't know what to tell my carrier. I mean, I've been paying for insurance on my phone the last 2.5 years. I've been wanting a new phone, not necessarily a completely different new phone...just a new version of my phone. I like my phone, it serves it's purpose.

But what I really, REALLY want is:

Eh...we'll see......

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The " one" Season

Today, I got an invite to a friend's party for this weekend.

It's starting...

The " one" season.

I don't have a date to bring....

....or even a glimmer of a date to bring to this shindig.
(Well, I do...but he has to work...and lives TOO far)


Which makes me miss a certain friend even more.

:( :(

Ugh...and the weddings start next month......

Shoot. Me. In. My. Head.!!!

:( :( :(

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


(I really like my mini faux hawk!)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Right now....

I wish I was sitting in a diner.

With a comfortable friend...someone who knows my heart.

Eating pancakes.

Watching the rain.

And not longing for Mr. Red.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Chip Off the Ol' Block....

My dear darling niece....

When she was 6 years old, we were at a birthday party at a Balboa Park. Before I had her eat, I called her over so we could walk down to the restrooms to wash our hands. While we walked she asked me, "Why do you have to be so perfect all the time?". I didn't think she meant that literally, so I asked her what she meant by it. She said, "Why do you always have to have your hands clean and perfect all the time?". Ahhhh, so that's what she have clean hands. I told her it's because I don't like having dirty hands when I'm about to eat. She was okay with that answer. Honestly, it's because I don't like germs, having sticky hands or dirty hands in general.

Fast forward 3 years:
She was going to give me a hug, til she stopped and said, "I can't, I was holding the cat". It started to make me wonder, 'Does she really know me that well? Since I don't like holding the cat, she didn't want to hug me because she held the cat? Wow, she DOES know me!!" Aww, my Girlie, so thoughtful!

While eating lunch outside at Costco, she said, "Uggghh, that's gross". She was looking past me, so I turned around and saw two boys chasing each other. No big deal. I asked her what was wrong. She said, "Those boys were running and one of them touched the trash! UGGHH!! He did it AGAIN, RIGHT NOW!! [I turned around and must have missed it by a few seconds] He touched the trash right where it opens! (with a disgusted face) That's just gross!!!"
I started to think, "Is this my doing? Have I really turned her into a germaphobe?? Like me?!". I got up to get a refill and as I sat back down she said, (with a scrunched up face) "Ugh, now he's sitting on the ground, that's SO dirty!!". I turned around and saw the little boy sitting on the ground--and I rationalized it as just being a boy thing and not being grossed out about I usually would how my niece was currently reacting.

I was telling my sister about our little outing to Costco. She laughed and told me of an incident my niece had at school, with her crush. The other day she noticed that he wore the same jacket to school and wore the sleeves down past his wrists. He happened to sneeze right into his hands and she was grossed out by it.

Right now:
I think I've turned my niece into a germaphobe. Sorry Girlie.....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thoughts on a Thursday....

These words have been going through my mind for the last several days....

(Man, it's tough trying to sort through feelings!)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mane Milestones....

I've been looking at my hair lately and it feels really long. Not as long as it use to be, but longer than what I've become use to, in the last several months......
October 14: Long straight hair.... (about a month before "the big shave")

November 7: Long curly hair.... (about a week before)

November 12: Short straight hair... (2 days before, just thought I'd try something new before it all came off.)

November 15: Buzzed! [my goodness, my head was SO white!!]

December 1: Totally shaved! (I wanted to know the true feeling of having no hair at all.)

January 10: Buzzed....again! (Just thought we'd have some fun and see what a mohawk would look like)

March 3: (I love being able to brush it again! So fun!)

I love looking back and seeing how much my hair has changed over the last 4 months. It's crazy, but it's been so much fun. I actually looooooove the length that it's at, right now. It's just right! I love having straight hair too! So much fun! It feels SO DIFFERENT from my long curly hair that I've been use to for the last decade. Change is good! I'm almost tempted to keep it this short for a while. I feel prettier with out the long curly hair. It does make me think differently, in regards to accessories and make up. Plus, I love having "virgin hair", never using styling products and actually using the 'recommended amount' of a quarter-size amount of shampoo/conditioner.
I. Love. Having. Short. Hair.!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011



Today is my sister, Bec's birthday!
She's one of the most AMAZING people I know....also the most honest!
She's a TERRIFIC mother, a WONDERFUL friend and LOVING sister.
I couldn't have asked for a better sister or friend.
I love her dearly.
Anyone would be so lucky to have her in their life.
I marvel at her exquisite parenting skills and patience.
The way she can be tender and get her point across without raising her voice, she definitely has a peaceful presence.
The world is a better place, because of her.
My life, as well as others, is blessed beyond measure.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Content ♥

It's very seldom when I feel content, happy, blissful and just overall delight.

Had a very lovely evening and an hour of superb conversation.

I know I will miss these conversations immensely in the next several months. More than that, I will miss this friend tremendously.

Have you ever met someone and as you've gotten to know them, they're nothing like what you first thought. I know I had that happened with my best friend StephyPooh, but I feel that way with this friend. When I first came across him, I thought he was just a pretty face and could possibly be a jerk. I'll be the first to say that he is NOT a jerk in the least bit, he's still a pretty face, but there's so much depth to him. I love this friend dearly and the way I've allowed myself to trust him completely. He's more than I could have ever asked for or wanted. I'll forever be grateful to have met him. I'm sad that he'll be gone until mid-summer due to work. I know I'll feel quite sad and lonely, just because I value our friendship, what it's become and how much I absolutely enjoy our conversations. I'll miss him....a lot.

Taking "crazy" to a whole new level.....

Two things....

1. I'm doing Lent this year. I figured since I would be experiencing a Passover dinner on April 19, why not try something else as well. I've always heard about Lent from my Catholic friends, so I figured I'd try it because I think it's good to experience new things. One of the two things that I'm giving up is pizza. I LOOOOOOVE PIZZA. Everyone who knows me, knows I love pizza. The other thing I'm giving up is on a personal level. I'm excited for Lent. Which also means fish on Fridays. I'm cool with fish, I'll just have to remember. This is all new to me. Speaking of fish.....

2. "Jonah TheFish" has his own Facebook account now. I know, I think I'm crazy now. I did it as a joke with a friend, but now I think it's just hilarious. It's funny because "his" friends will even write on his FB wall. So that also goes to show that I'm not the only crazy one around here....


Monday, March 7, 2011

The "Chips Ahoy cannot be breakfast" post.


1. Montana...oh Montana. Such a sweet guy!! I'm amazed when someone actually likes me. I mean, beyond the point of "You're such a cool friend". I just wish he didn't live so far. I know 45 minutes is not far, but it is when you want to see that person, A LOT.

2. I think I'm coming down with a cold.....from Montana. He woke up sick yesterday and I woke up sick today. No bueno. I've got lunch with an old friend today, so I'm TRYING to get feeling better by 1pm.

3. Today is Buddy's first Volleyball game. I'm so excited for him!!! I can't wait to watch it!! He's such a cool kid!! I can't help but love him just as much as he frustrates me.

4. Not too sure why I'm numbering all of these randimonium lines.

5. Hung out with Beemer last night. Really nice guy. Fun times. So we'll see what happens with him. Yes I still like Montana, but Beemer lives so much closer. Hey, I haven't committed myself to either, so I'm just having fun for now.....

6. I saw Hermanita's Mama last night. Oh I miss Hermanita so much, but I love her family!

7. Happy Monday!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The "I did my homework and went on a date" blog post.

I had a wonderful time tonight....ok, ok, a really REALLY great time.

Montana was just as great and wonderful as he has been the last several times we've talked. It was so nice spending time with him in person.

We went to La Bella's and I had the Manicotti and he ordered the Chicken Fettucini Alfredo (I really wanted that but I thought it'd be odd to get the same thing.). He ate fast and was finished before I was even half way finished. He ended up watching me eat. I wasn't necessarily nervous or self conscious...I just kept wondering what was going thru his mind. He was so cute when the check came, I asked him how much it was while I pulled my wallet out. While still holding the bill he said, "I don't remember" and handed it over with his credit card to our server.
I excused myself to the restroom to wash my hands and freshen up my lip gloss. As we were walking out of the restaurant, he stopped me to kick a paper towel from my shoe :-/ The funny thing is that I wasn't embarrassed at all, nor did he make a big deal out of it.
We left and drove over the Coronado Bridge to the Ferry Landing. We talked for a while and it was great getting to know him. He's such a sweet guy. The whole time he kept worrying if I liked him--TOO. CUTE.!!! Usually, I'm the worry wart, so it was nice to see a man doing the worrying this time around.
Montana's such a wonderful man, totally sweet and generous! We talked about going out again, but since he lives about 45 minutes from me, it's a little difficult...especially with his work hours. We talked about going out next weekend, but we'll see since I've got several plans already. I can't wait to see him again, seriously SOOOOOOOOOOOOO SWEET!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The "I should be doing my homework" blog post....

I should be doing my homework.....but I get ADD sometimes.

Plus, I didn't blog yesterday....

I have a date tonight. Kinda excited, kinda nervous.....ya know, my typical "date" feelings.

He's a really nice guy and pretty quick witted (which is a TOTAL plus in my book). We're going to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner--La Bella's. I know I just went there last Saturday with my sister, but I can't help it....the food there is just too good!! I think I'll have the Chicken Fettucini Alfredo. It's so good and it's a definite 'comfort food'. I usually get the Manicotti, but I think I'll change it up tonight. I like La Bella's and have always wanted to go there on a first date. It has a cute, cozy and quaint feel about it. There's something simple and romantic about it. After dinner, we're heading over to the Ferry Landing in Coronado. Oh I love that place! Two of my favorite places in one night....I'm pretty stoked.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I love when my Thursday is...


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday + Free time = This Blog Post

Hello my dear friend Randi......

*I think I actually like girly as that is. I have a love/hate relationship with the color.

*Man, I'm hungry!

*I've had the wonderful blessing of hangin out with Mama McK the last 2 days. She has truly been an enormous gift to my life! She's been like a second mother to me, these last few months. I will be so heartbroken when her and her husband's mission ends in July. That is something we try not to talk about around Institute.

*I'm so stoked for my youngest nephew to start his Volleyball season at school. I can't wait to watch Buddy play some Vball!! I can't wait to support him thru his Vball season. He's such a good kid. I think he has so much potential for greatness. I love him dearly.

*In a matter of months his older brother will be back from his misison. Oh I cannot wait!! It's been so long!!

*Man, I'm not looking forward to the next 19 days to go by :(

*School's going pretty well. Something I learned from Mama McK that the way to get through college is to do all the assignments, which will pass the class. And then pass all the classes I need and that's who I'll graduate from school. When it's broken down like that, it doesn't seem so overwhelming. I've just got to keep in mind that I'm working towards my dream. It's going to take WORK.

*I can't believe it's MARCH already?!?! Where is the time going?!?!
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