Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Tonight, my Uncle Walter passed away. It's my second Uncle to pass away within a month and a half. My Uncle Walter was my Mom's older sister's husband. Although I didn't know him as much as my brothers and cousins, because he lived in Hawaii, he was always so kind to me.
I feel for my Auntie. She just lost her younger brother and now her husband. Now all my maternal Aunts are widows. It makes me wonder when my own Mother will become a widow. This makes me extremely sad. I'm not ready to lose a parent. I know some of my cousins had to go through it at a younger age...but I'm not ready for it. I want both of my parents around when I get married in the temple. I want them to hold at least one of my babies. I'm not ready to go through such an ordeal. I can only hope and pray that Heavenly Father grants me this desire.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I forget how much I love it when I don't get enough of it.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Can I just say...I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! I love being in the temple. I love the feeling of 'goodness' that is so abundant there. I love all my friends that I am blessed to serve with. I love the fact that Heavenly Father loves me so much to bless me with such a BEAUTIFUL temple. I love seeing it...and I love what it stands for. I feel so blessed every time I see it and visit it.

I love to see the temple...

Friday, July 16, 2010


Dude, it's unbelievably hot!! I DO NOT think I was made for the heat-AT ALL!!! I like winters, really I do. I would rather bundle up, drink some HoCho and stay in doors. In the heat, you can only take off so much and go swimming and that's about it....and you're still cranky! NO THANKS!!

Hmm...what else. I finally got to hang out with my best friend Liz. I haven't seen her for a while even though we live right across the street from each other. I started to miss her. Last night I had a nightmare that she died and that brought on a lot of sadness upon waking up. I would miss her too much if such a thing happened. We've been friends practically since birth. I'm so grateful for her friendship and all the memories we've created throughout the years.

Tomorrow's Saturday...I get to go to the San Diego Temple, all day. It's different being back at the temple. I didn't realize how much I would have missed all my friends there, but I really did. I love the sisterhood and camaraderie that's found there. I love those I serve and serve with. It's such a blessing to be there.

Other than that...the job hunt continues. Oh man....wish me luck! Oh yeah, I'll be seeing the "Aston Martin" on Monday. Phew...a lil nervous. Actually VERY nervous. Oh geez...and Mr.NY will also be there. Wow, I can't wait til Monday!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


On my mind.....

About a month ago I was thinking of doing something that could have changed my life. It wasn't a good choice, but it was a choice that I thought about several times. I talked it over with a couple of my closest friends. They knew what I wanted, yet they tried to talk me out of it because they know my heart. Today, I am grateful I never went through with it. It wouldn't have been a smart decision, at all. I would have been happy in the moment but that's all that would have came from it. I'm grateful for good friends who love me enough to know my heart and want the best for me. I am blessed.

I was speaking with my best friend tonight and she put a lot of things into perspective. I'm quickly approaching my 30th birthday (Oooh, man, that's a lil hard to admit) and I think a lot about marriage. I know of the things I want, but I also know of the things I need. As much as I'd love to daydream of a future marriage, I think for now I'm content with thinking of the things I need to do before such a thing happens.....like first turning 30. (OUCH!!)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Dear Randi, it's been a while....

-I love my dear neighbors who leave their WiFi on for all the world to use! Bless their heart! :)

-I watched "Toy Story 3" today, always so good!

-I think I need a job...well, I know I need a job. Having a job soon would be nice!

-Speakin' of jobs, I went by ol' office today. Talked with Mamacita and got to see Mr.NY. He's still as beautiful as ever. Oh my poor heart... he's gorgeous.


I miss my cousins from 2 weeks ago. It was so wonderful seeing all of them in Utah. I miss these two cousins in particular...Kanani & Kema.

As well as my cousin, Kenikeni: He's my favorite Chef ever. He always makes me the best food, especially his hash browns & Chicken Cordon Blue. Oh I love my cousins.

-Other than that....Hmm...I went on a date last Tuesday. It was ok. I wasn't really feeling it. Nice guy, but I don't really see a future with him.

-Alrighty...til next time, adios!
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