Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just what I needed.

What a wonderful day it's been!

My nephew, 'Bubba' received his Patriarchal blessing today and invited his parents and I to come along. It was scheduled to be given at the Stake Patriarch's home. I was ecstatic! I couldn't wait to see one of my most favorite sisters from the stake so I could congratulate her on her new calling. Bro. & Sis. Sorensen were just called to be in the new Temple Presidency.
When we walked into their home, Sister Sorensen greeted my sister-in-law & nephew with a handshake. When I seen her I gave her a big warm hug, in turn she said to me, "How is my very best friend from the stake?" I truly felt loved. Sis. Sorensen was at one time my Stake Young Women president. She has always had a very special place in my heart. While in YW I made a promise to her that I would receive my YW Medallion. Man, it was hard...But it was worth it! I don't know why or how this friendship really developed. I guess it was because I always greeted her with a hug and she, with a warm friendly smile. I love Sis. Sorensen. I'm so incredibly happy that I'll get to see her in the Temple on Saturdays. I look forward to the Temple as is, but to have know I have a dear friend there each week makes me extremely excited. She has a way of making people feel important and loved. I hope I can someday be that kind of person for all those I come across.

God be with you til we meet again...

During the past two days, I've learned a lot about my Tongan heritage. I'm proud to have such a strong cultural background. I also learned so much more about my dear Uncle Walter. I will miss him so much on Sundays. My favorite part during his two day funeral, was singing in Tongan. I lovelovelove singing in Tongan. Twice we sang my favorite Tongan song , Na'e 'Afio'i pe 'e Sisu, which reminded me of my dear Aunty Moana who has also since passed. So many wonderful memories of Tongan family members have come to mind. It was so nice to reunite and meet so many friends and relatives.
Even though I know the Gospel plan of Jesus Christ, my eyes are still swollen and puffy. I don't really have any more Tongan Uncles on my father's side (at least those that I knew growing up). It makes me sad. I just feel like Tongan family get-togethers won't be the same anymore. A couple months ago, I found some photos from my 1st birthday party. My Uncle Walter was in the photos and have been in every family party photos since then. Life will be different. Today, I held my Father closer than ever before. I love this Gospel. Families can be together forever.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jay Leno I come!

Look what we received in the mail yesterday:

Red "Delicus" apples...Hot Dog Franks....same difference, I guess?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Monday….

When I woke up this morning, I had no idea it would have panned out this way.

Let’s see….
This past Saturday I met a girl named Gina at the Temple who just moved here from Laie, Hawaii. She was awesome!! I gave her my number and told her let’s hang out sometime! She just finished school at BYU-Hawaii and missed the culture terribly. Since our lil meeting I’ve been seriously contemplating going back to school next Fall. I want to apply at BYU-H again. (“again”…that’s another story for another day). That's all I could think about today, until...
I needed to use a heavy duty stapler. I called Mr. NY at his desk to see if he had one. Indeed he did and offered to bring it over to my desk. I declined his offer only because I wasn’t ready to use it just then. Next thing I know he’s walking over with it…so I met him half way. It was quite a cumbersome task but he helped me out and took care of it all for me. When I got back to my desk, I realized that I had left a page out of the packet and needed his stapler again. I walked over to his desk, apologized for bothering him and he willingly offered to help me out again without being asked. *sigh* Such a gentleman. A hot one at that. Wow, I liked my day thus far, until…
I came home and received the news of my Uncle Walter’s passing (He's on the left and my father's on the right). I’m sad, but I feel even more sad for my Dad. My Uncle Walter was one of his closest cousins that he grew up with back in Tonga. In the last two months, my dad has lost two people that he was extremely close to. It starts to take a wear and tear on a person. As sad as I am about my Uncle’s passing, I’m hopeful for the gospel plan of Jesus Christ. I’m grateful to know that life doesn’t end at death. I’m grateful to know that families can be together forever. My Uncle Walter lived a full and righteous life. He helped everyone. I will miss him immensely. I will miss hugging and kissing him every Sunday I see him at church. The gospel is true and I know I will see him again.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Deja Vu....why, yes please!

Phew...where do I start? Wow, WOW. I talked to Mr. NY today. Wow. Have I mentioned how BEA-U-TI-FUL his eyes are!? Oh man!! They seriously change all the time....sometimes they're a fierce green....or a nice summery hazel and today they were ocean blue. GORGEOUS!!

For the past week I've been wanting to ask him if there are any WaWa's in NY. (Hello! I know it's kind of a lame question... but I was trying to let him know that I've lived out on the east coast as well.) I never knew when the best moment was or how to really approach him since his desk is right next to the office witch. Well he walked into my office and I figured it was either now or never. I turned away from my desk and said, "Hey Mr. NY, I have a question for you."
He looked up from his reading and said, "Yep, what's goin' on?"
"Do y'all have any WaWa's in New York?" (He crinkled up his face in deep thought and stepped closer to me)
"Have we had this conversation before?"
I was surprised, I wasn't expecting that response. My co-worker Mamacita turned around full of curiousity. I told him that we've never talked about WaWa and he double checked with me just in case. Again I reassured him that we hadn't. He shook his head and said that he was sure we had before (trust me, I remember all 5 of our previous verbal exchanges).
"Wow, this is total deja vu! I'm having a deja vu moment of this very conversation of WaWa."
I was stunned. Deja Vu, really? Cause I mean, the only times I have a deja vu moment is because I've DREAMT of it before. So basically is he saying that, in a roundabout way, he's dreamt of me? WOW, I soooooooo hope. That whole moment made my entire day. Gosh work is great sometimes.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


I love listening to our inspired leaders. I love hearing the choir sing! I feel spiritually rejuvenated. Wasn't it all so wonderful?! I loved listening to the Primary children sing, "I Am a Child of God". They sounded so heavenly! I really started to miss living in Utah as well. I seriously want to go to the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional in December! I LOVELOVELOVE seeing Temple Square covered in snow and Christmas lights. It's so pretty. It's my favorite time of year to see the Christus statue as well. (Wow, I can't believe it's been almost 3 years since I last saw Temple Square during the holidays!...That was my date Mark, MOST FUNNIEST first date ever!! )
General Conference has really made me appreciate and value my membership in Gospel. I'm truly grateful to know there's a plan and purpose to this life. I'm glad to have the Gospel in my life. How much easier life is with this knowledge. I am blessed. What a wonderful weekend it's been. I'm sad to have it end...Oh well, time to practice what's been preached.
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