Saturday, April 16, 2016


Tonight, I am so grateful for my sweetheart.  I love the way he is always so tender with me, especially when I fall ill. 
I don't know what happened this afternoon, but man, I had the worse stomach cramps. It wasn't like the usual stomach ache, there was such a bad throbbing pain. I started to go over my day and think of what I could have eaten.   Ugh, it was definitely an evening I'd rather forget.  It was rough. No one likes to see their lunch in reverse. I hate throwing up, which always makes me HOPE I don't get morning sickness.
I'm just so grateful for the tender way he takes care of me. He's just so attentive. Although I was asleep on and off for the past 5 hours, he would check on me and see if I needed anything. 
I'm grateful for the wonderful man that he is. For the past month, as we've been praying together before bed each night, I've felt a much closer bond with him. I've truly loved it. I love the way we pray for each other and express our gratitude for our blessings, most especially for the blessing of each other. He is my heart and my better 2/3rds.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Time has just been blowing on by! I can't believe I've been in my current job position for about 2.5 weeks! I friggin love it! I love the chill vibe of the department. I love that I can breathe and feel like an adult. I'm no longer treated as if I'm a teenager at my first job. I love that people are serious about getting their work done, not out of fear and resentment but because they understand that it's their responsibility. I LOVE that I can listen to music all day long, with my headphones in. Seriously, I friggin LOVE it!!! As much as I miss my friends from upstairs, I would not go back to my last position if I was even offered a raise. Nope, no thank you, zilch, zero, nada! I don't have to deal with angry debtors calling or just angry people in general. Plus, I don't feel like I drag myself out of work at the end of the day. I still feel human. I don't come home anymore venting about someone I didn't like or how someone's incompetence just killed my vibe. I enjoy my colleagues and my immediate supervisor. Everyone's upbeat and genuinely really happy to be there! I am happy!! I feel like this weight has been taken of my shoulders and I actually enjoy going to work now! Plus, with my schedule starting 30 minutes later, I miss a huge chunk of traffic! It's assume!! I'm so happy and I couldn't be any more grateful for this position!
Life is good!
(I'm pretty sure this is what I look like walking into & out of work)

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