Sunday, May 3, 2020

What. A. Day.!!!

We were going to treat ourselves to breakfast out (drive-thru, of course), this morning.  It was about 30 minutes before breakfast was going to end, so we rushed out to our truck.  As we approached our truck, we noticed an ambulance and fire truck wanting to get through the gate.  Since we forgot our masks inside, Levi ran back as I was courteous enough to hit the remote to let them in.  Just as they pulled in, they decided to park right behind our truck.  For about 30 minutes.

Adios breakfast trip.

I knew I had quite a lot of homework to get done today, so I jumped on it as early as possible. However, for the past day, our freezer hasn't been staying closed.  I know we have a lot of food in there, but I was growing more concerned since it started to seem like the food wasn't staying as frozen as one would hope.  For the next 3 hours, I was completely worried and checking on the freezer and fridge.  At one point it sounded like it just died; it was dead quiet.  The fridge didn't seem as cold anymore.  Levi called the property manager, left a voicemail.  I called the owner, and he said he'd reach out to the PM and have a repairman here on Monday.

Oh man, I was hustling hard trying to figure out what to do with our food.  I posted on our church Facebook group for my congregation and I couldn't be more grateful for those friends who reached out to help, my sister for offering my nephew's mini-fridge and my ol' friend who I go to with ALL my car questions (cars = fridges, right??)  answer my questions.  Thankfully, after Levi pulled the fridge out and dusted stuff on the back and plugged it back in, it started to work again and get cool.

Couple hours later, it's not super cold again. UGH. We cannot lose the food in there.  :( Guess we'll just hope and pray until Monday!  Oy vey!

Sunday, April 26, 2020

One week down, thirteen more to go!

So week 1 is done and over with.  
Did it go by faster than I expected? Not really.  
Were there a lot more assignments than I expected? Somewhat. 
Did I get tired of all the introductions I had to write and reply to? YES.
One the awesome perks of this past week was helping out my old Pathway missionaries, Elder & Sister Z.  They asked me and "Mrs. Reeves" to teach their new incoming students.  I was assigned the religion class; Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel.  Man, oh man, I was nervous!!! Then again, I'm always nervous. I was nervous because these were students who I had never met in my life, but also they were brand spanking new, which would probably mean that they weren't going to talk much.  The upside to this teaching opportunity was that a majority of these students were from Hawai'i!  It was pretty fun to observe Mrs. Reeves' class during the first hour and then I taught for the second hour.  
I'd like to say that the Spirit was strong.  Several students, men included, were crying and tearing up.  I hope they were able to learn something in the class.  At the very least, I hope they knew of my love of the Savior.  

Happy Birthday Mom!

April 25: Today's my Mom's birthday.  I'm glad I got to talk to her today.  I'm always glad when I can share with her details of a project I'm working on.  She got my pictures of the granny squares I crocheted!  I know I'll never have my Mom's talent of crocheting, but at least it's not completely lost on me.
I miss her.  I wish I could visit her more often, or that she lived a little closer to the west coast.  I know she doesn't have many more birthdays ahead of her, I truly wish she did, but her health isn't the greatest.  As selfish as this sounds, I hope she makes it past my birthday.  I don't want to lost both parents by the time I turn 40. 
I was thinking of my Mom today.  You know, she talks a lot... not necessarily a bad thing, but it's a good thing for her because I don't feel like she comes across many strangers.  At least,  they're not strangers after my Mom's talked with them for a while.  She makes friends easily, she talks to everyone.  I don't think I'm much like her, in that regard, but maybe my husband would say otherwise.  She's very social and I know at this time in the world, it's hard for her not to be social with everyone she's coming across these days. 
A friend checked in on me and wanted to know how I felt about my Mom, her health and her near future.  I told this friend that I've gotten everything I could have ever wanted from my parents.  I know they love me.  I've learned all that I could have, I think.  I know a good amount of my Mom's recipes and if all else fails, as my Mom's always says, "Just make any kine!"
I know I shouldn't be eulogizing her already, I'm just aware that there's not a whole lot of birthdays left on her horizon, as much as I would wish.  Sometimes, I think it's so unfair that I was born so late in life for my parents; they had me in their mid-40's.  I would have loved to have known them at a younger age. 
I'm thankful for all my Mom has taught me, both in word and deed.  I can only hope that I'm the daughter she would have envisioned, the person she hoped that I would have become.  I also hope that she knows how much I love her, after all the grief, all the smartass comments, and grey hairs I gave her.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020


 Why do ye adorn yourselves with that which hath no life, 
and yet suffer the hungry, and the needy, and the naked, and the sick and the afflicted to pass by you, and notice them not?
Mormon 8:39

“We believe those things which all must believe to gain an eternal inheritance in the kingdom of God. Obviously the Articles of Faith are a basic statement of the beginnings of our beliefs. 
When we have mastered what is in them, we will be in a position to go forward in the University of the Universe, 
studying and believing until we believe and know all things.”
-Elder Bruce R. McConkie

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Monday; The First Day!

I checked out my classes for this semester.  I'll only be taking 3 classes at first and then in 6 weeks, I'll have 4.   I like the block system of BYU-Idaho! I'm hopeful for what's to come! I'm glad the format all looks familiar from Pathway, so it's not a huge leap.  I still can't believe it! I'm actually a BYU-Idaho student!  My dream is slowly coming together and I couldn't be more grateful!!!  I always wanted a Bachelor's Degree so in a few years, I'll finally accomplish this lifelong dream.  I'm sorry it's taken this long, but better late than never, right?! 

Monday, April 20, 2020

First Day of School!

Today's the first day of school!  My first day at a UNIVERSITY! Of course, it's online but still, this is pretty major for me.  
I'm feeling excitement for what's to come, a bit of anxiousness to do well and not get overwhelmed, happiness to achieve this educational opportunity and hopefulness of getting along with my peers and learning from them.
Seriously, I'm so excited!!!

Friendship and Grief.

About an hour ago, my best friend texted me.  I completely missed her text from Saturday.  I had A LOT going on, on Saturday, between some serious family stuff, setting up a virtual meeting for the women at church and talking with a long distant aunt.  I saw a text from her come in that afternoon, after we had texted earlier that morning. I didn't get a chance to read it and had completely forgotten all about it.
The text an hour ago delivered the outcome of Saturday's missed text; the devastating news of her Dad's passing.
I wanted to be as gentle and kind to her, as she was for me when my own Dad passed about 3 years ago.  There's no way I could ever be as tender as her; she is the epitome of empathy.  I think I'm the friend you come to when you want a good laugh, a pleasant distraction. Of course I wasn't cracking any jokes, but I just wanted to distract her away from the bottomless pit of grief she was feeling in that very moment. How do you console the most empathetic person you know?  Do as they do?  Say what you would want to have said to you, if roles were reversed?
I. Don't. Exactly. Know.
This made me think of how I need to more compassionate.  We could all improve on that, right?  I just hope that maybe, just maybe, she felt some compassion or understanding from me.  If anything, I'd like her to know that I understand some of the emotions she may be experiencing right now and in the days and weeks ahead.  Maybe my compassion just comes in the form of suggesting lotion-infused tissue and eye masks to help with the puffy eyes that comes with grieving...or the recommendation of sleep and food as they can help someone feel a little more human when you feel like a robot going through the motions because your mind, body and heart seem disconnected and stunned beyond belief.
My friend, my dear sweet friend of my heart...please know how much I love you and would gladly and resolutely shoulder this pain with you if it meant that your heart could feel a little less heavy as you navigate through this new normal.  I love you.
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