Friday, September 9, 2016

Date Night.

I just wanted to remember this evening out with my sweetheart. We went to Filippi's in Santee, had the usual family combo of spaghetti, lasagna & ravioli with a meatball. We talked about the upcoming Fall season and our Fall traditions. We smiled a lot, teased a bit and enjoyed each other's company, immensely. I truly love evenings like this.

Friday, August 26, 2016

A Friday Nite Quickie.

  • Just got home from church after setting up a little more for the ward luau tomorrow night.  I should be downloading music for the luau right now but I'm kickin' back a little, watching Grey's Anatomy. 
  • I started watching Grey's Anatomy about a month ago and I'm on season 6. I actually really enjoy it!  I love all the anatomy lingo but occasionally I get tired of Meredith Grey.  Miranda Bailey is probably my favorite, along with Lexi Grey.  I'm so consumed with GA that I feel like they're my O'Malley.  <3 li="">
  • I'm going to work tomorrow. I LOOOOOOOOVE that I have the option for overtime, which will help with my upcoming birthday!  I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing for the day, but there will be church.  Maybe a brunch?  We'll see.
  • Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy my job?  I really do as weird as that sounds. I really like my department, the people I work with and what I do.  I get to work with numbers all day and calculate all the money judgments my firm sends to court.  I like how mellow my department is which is such a huge blessing. I like that one of the partners feels the need to tease me each day.  She's a riot, that's for sure! :) It's just so nice and laid back at just the right times during the days. Our annual review is coming up next month, I'm interested to see what will be said.  
  • I have more I want to blog about, but I've gotta get this music going.  Until next time....

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Longing for Harrah's!

On August 7th, I booked a night for our anniversary at Harrah's SoCal. It was my gift to Levi since he LOVES lazy rivers. It was such an amazing day there. We loved floating down the lazy river at night.
It was just so relaxing and I loved looking up at the sky with the purple lit hotel. 
The next morning was my favorite. We had about 2.5 hours before check out so we went swimming. We started off in the lazy river but ended up floating around the 21+ over pool. I seriously loved it so much. I was relaxed on a float as Levi floated around me in the water, while holding on to my tube so I wouldn't float away or into people. I loved him so much for doing that. He just let me relax and enjoy myself. We were just two carefree people in love and enjoying life in that moment. 
I love this man with all of my heart and I can't wait to we find ourselves together again at Harrah's!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Divinely Favored.

There's so much I need to blog about, but for now this is on the forefront of my mind & heart...

This man, this single human being, this love of my life makes me so incredibly happy. I look at him and wonder what did I do in my life to be blessed like this!? I will never fully understand why this amazing soul of a person chose me (and continues to choose me) to love for the rest of eternity. 
I am divinely favored, that is for damn sure.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A very good reminder!

I was reading up on the life of Pres. Howard W. Hunter and came across a great point to ponder;

I definitely needed this little reminder today. 👍

Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Last 2 Weeks!

Man, the last 2 weeks have been BUSY.
I didn't even really get to post much about Father's Day.  It was a wonderful time spent with family.  I always love seeing my Dad.  I'll definitely have to post more about my Dad, SOON!
Last week was FULL of training, since my partner was going to be out on vacation this past week.  Wait, did that make sense? 2 weeks ago we trained...5 days of drinking out of a firehose.  Seriously, it was a lot and I think it started to take a toll on both of us.  Thankfully, I totally like my partner and I get the feeling that it's mutual.  She's way chill and funny, which helps since we work closely with each other.  So this past week of work was better than I expected!!! Seriously, I'm so lucky.  I thank my lucky stars and my Heavenly Father that I was able to endure it and come out on top!! The cool part is that my boss let me "spin the wheel".  It's a little incentive for our department and our other offices.  You could spin anywhere from $25 - $100.  I LUCKILY spun and landed on the one $100 spot!  I was stoked!  It was a great way to start a Thursday!
To start this past week, Levi and I were asked to speak in church.  I'm not gonna lie, I was nervous for both of us  We had a week to prepare and this would be Levi's first talk, EVER!  True to form, Levi was calm, funny and informative. Also true to form, I was nervous, emotional (it was on the Priesthood, so I spoke about my Dad) and VERY teary eyed.  I couldn't have been more proud of Levi.  Seriously, so many ward members came up to introduce themselves and compliment us....mostly him and I was perfectly ok with that.  He did an amazing job.
I'm so thankful that life is going to slow down for a little bit, that we can both get into the rhythm of our jobs and figure out having one partial day off together.  Saturdays are definitely different and somewhat lonely.  Saturdays used to be our adventure day.  It's ok though, we've just become more creative with our adventures now.  Until next time....ciao!  

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Bigger Picture.

Stupid pity party. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed that I forget the big picture.
I won't be perfect at my partner's job, but I'll do my best.
My talk will be the best that I can share because it'll be from the heart.
I will look forward to meeting the ward members after church and enjoy a nice little snack. This will help Levi and I make more friends. 
Everything will be accomplished and it'll all be ok. 
Breathe, Ehu...just breathe.
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