Thursday, September 11, 2014


Dude . . . today's my birthday! 
I love today.  I love the love that abundantly showers me from all across the world, from such sweet, thoughtful loved ones.  I like counting my blessings on this special day of mine.

*I'm thankful for my dear sweet love of my life.  Being married to him feels like my birthday and Christmas combined, every day.  He makes my life so much more thrilling, funnier, fuller and special in each and every way.  I will never know how I got so lucky to find someone who loves me so much, patiently understands my quirky tendencies, and celebrates my talents & skills.

*I'm glad to have the relationship that I do with my nephews & niece.  They are such a bright spot in my life.  I have had the beautiful blessing of having a first row seat to their lives.  They are such tenderhearted and funny spirits.   I love them with all of my heart and I'm blessed to feel their love in return.

*Even though I don't see my parents everyday anymore, I'm grateful for all that they've done for me.  They can be the most selfless individuals in my time of need.  There are many things that they have taught me.  I can only hope that they've always tried their best to be my parents.  I know that I've tried my best to be a good daughter to them.  This is what life is about; learning to be our best self.

*I always wanted a sister growing up, I didn't know that I would find one in my sister-in-law, turned ex-sister-in-law, now sister.  She has taught me so very much.  She is a very good parent to her 4 kids because of the way she listens and observes their individual needs and talents.  She has a good heart and has always been the best cheerleader anyone would want in their corner.

*I'm grateful for my friends.  They accept me for me and love me so much.  Heaven knows I'm not perfect, but I always try my very best to be a very good friend.  I'm so lucky that I'll get to celebrate my birthday with a few of my closest oldest friends, this weekend. So excited!!  But seriously, I love them all.  They bring so much laughter to my life.  I love my friends who share their cultures with me and most especially the unity we always have over good food.  I'm grateful to always have a friend I can call up and say, "Hey, wanna go grab some tacos?" and sure enough, either one of us will show up late, but it's the fact that they showed up.  Love my friends!

*I love my home that I have with my husband.  It's cute and quaint and special because I feel like it's a safe haven of peace, love and laughter.  I'm sure it's because of who I share it with. :)

*I love all the blessings that I've received from my Heavenly Father.  I'm thankful for the talents that I have and the opportunity to cultivate new ones and share all of them.  Sometimes, I like to step back and think, "Dude, I just did that with my two hands!"  I love the pure knowledge and testimony that I have that He lives, as does His Son, Jesus Christ.  I'm not the best Mormon, heaven knows I have my downfalls, but I try my best to do good and be good.

*I love my life.  It's comfortable and happy and oh so funny.  Today, I love it 34,000x even more!  Happy birthday ME! :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bday Week!

Dude, I'm a fan of birthday week! 
Tonight, Levi told me that I could pick ANY restaurant that I would like to go to for my birthday.  
I live in America's Finest City and there's just TONS to choose from! Seriously, I can't even narrow it down.  I LOVE pizza & Mexican food the most!  I have no idea.....
I do know that my birthday is gonna be here before I know it! I'm so glad that I was able to have the day off.  I have no idea what I want to do.  I mean, I would LOVE to go get a massage and a mani/pedi, along with getting my eyebrows done.  Plus, I would love to swing by my parents' place and while I'm down there, go to the beach (maybe with my nephew Kalanster).  However, I know I sure as hell will be sleeping in! Man, I cannot wait!

In the meanwhile.... I'll continue deciding where in San Diego I'd like to go for my birthday dinner! So many choices! I love it!  I'm so stoked for my birthday and my birthday weekend!! YESSSSS!!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Birthday Blessings.

A couple weeks ago, my parents told me that they wanted to take me out to eat for my birthday.  They said to choose a restaurant and we could invite a few people.  Yesterday, we went to eat at one of my most favorite sushi restaurants, in Imperial Beach.  When Levi and I showed up, we were a few minutes late, but my parents, sister, nephew, niece, cousin's family & aunt were already there.  I walked in and they started cheering.  I hugged & kissed everyone then walked over to the seat that had a birthday balloon tied to it.  Next to my seat was a huge gift bag and several other birthday bags on top.
 In the middle of the table was a red & white birthday cake.  Needless to say, I felt so special.  The rest of our party showed up and then we ordered some yummy goodness! Man I love me some sushi, tempura shrimp & veggies!
 I was lucky to sit next to my Dad and get to chat with him.  It's always so good to see my Dad.  Time seems to fly by between each visit and it makes me miss him so much.
After we ate, we did the whole birthday cake schpeal and opened gifts.  Whenever it's my birthday and people are singing "Happy Birthday to You", it's always a lil awkward.  I never know what to do. Most times I just stare at the candles and think of my birthday wish.  Sometimes I just wanna sing along.  It's just an awkward moment...
My Mom got me a Red Velvet Cake.  It was really good!  I really love Red Velvet Cake!  I was touched that she remembered my favorite cake.  So delish!    

 Afterwards, I opened my presents.  I got a soy coconut candle.  I can't wait to burn it! It smells like surf wax, I love it!  Makes me miss the beach even more.
 I also received a shell box with a pretty shell pendant. 
I also received a card with some money from my Aunt K. It was so nice of her.  I was just so touched by everyone's kindness and generosity.  
The gift that touched my heart so deeply, was the big gift bag from my parents. Inside the huge bag was a box that had many different things wrapped up in it.  My parents got me (us) "Chinese plates".,,,Asian themed...whatevers, you get the idea. (I hate having to be so PC sometimes!) Anyways, I was, am, still so touched by their gift.  I wanna cry just looking at the plates, saimin bowls, rice bowls, and soup spoons they gave us.  
I feel like it's a little piece of my family here with me.  My Mom & Dad will never know just how touched I was by everything they did for me.  Even as I type this, I'm crying because I just want to embrace my parents dearly and thank them for making me feel so special on Saturday.  This little birthday party was probably the nicest, kindest, most generous, and thoughtful thing they've done for me.  I can't wait to use the plates & bowls.  
I think I'm also quite sentimental over their generosity is because I miss them.  I wish we lived closer to them because sometimes it's hard not seeing them daily, if not weekly.  I will remember this birthday luncheon for a very long time.  Just all of it, every detail that my parents had a hand in, has touched me so much.  I just want to thank them so much.  It was so tremendously thoughtful and I will remember this for a very, very long time.  

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The 1am Post

•Season 5 of Parenthood finally hit Netflix!! I couldn't be happier!! I watched 6 episodes tonight. 

•Work has been so hard lately. Tina, Chuy & I just wanna scream and/or cry sometimes. Today, we received word that Roxy won't be coming back; she resigned. Work just got 10x harder!! I wish her the very best. 

•My birthday's in a week! I'm so stoked!! 

•As I was walking out of work today, the lady ahead of me looked like a walking zombie. I quickly realized that I was walking in a similar fashion.  I feel so drained. The last 3 weeks have been so extremely draining.  I feel like a shell of a person by the time I leave work. Today I almost wanted to cry. It's just such a tremendous work load right now. I would have drowned a long time ago without Tina & Chuy.

•Tonight, I just needed some down time to unwind.  I just wanted to do my own thing and veg out to Parenthood.  I'm so thankful for this past 3 day weekend, it came just in time.

•Time flies by, these days. Today it's been one month since Levi & I got married.  Everyday I learn something new and love him 1000x more than the day before.  

•Man I need to go to sleep! T-minus 5 hours til our alarm goes off. G'nite!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Faux Specs

My contacts are constantly getting dried out by fans, AC & the wind (whole driving). I probably go thru 2 bottles of rewetting drops a month! Ridiculous!!! 
Tonight, I found the best thing ever!!
Some new faux specs!!! Oh I love them so much!! It's made quite a difference already!! I love the fact that they're exactly like my sunglasses!! So awesome!
NO, I'm not trying to be a hipster, in any way, shape or form! They were $5 at Neighborhood Market, and I love the frame AND they were clear just like I need them--PERFECTION!! Perhaps I also miss wearing glasses....but I'll take contacts over glasses any day!  Then again, I'd take perfect 20/20 vision over contacts!! Ahhh, I wish! :)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Blogging in bed....again!

Sometimes, this is the only time I get to blog. Unfortunately, it's when it's dark & I've already taken my contacts out. I really need to get myself some glasses!

•Work has been CRAZY BUSY!! Since Roxy has been out the last 2-3 weeks, we've been swamped! The client calls have been overwhelming at times, especially since Chuy has been busy training.  I couldn't be more grateful for this upcoming 3 day weekend!! I'm not looking forward to our Receptionist being out next week! I already feel like we're short staffed on our team. Plus, my special weekly project comes back and usually I get a week to complete it. However, next week I only get two days, which will unfortunately be the two busiest days for my team.  I think I'm gonna need another 3 day weekend after that!

•My birthday's coming up! Super duper stoked!!! Not gonna hide it at all!! 

•Went to Joe's Crab Shack after work, with Mamacita. So fun!! Delicious appetizers and I totally loved my banana/piña colada smoothie! 

Oh yeah.... And the dessert was scrumptious!! 

•Have I mentioned how glad I am to be working with Mamacita again! We met at our last job 6 years ago. I never thought we'd be working together again!

• As always, I am grateful for this husband of mine that keeps me laughing and fills my heart with unconditional love. A couple days ago, he said that he had a surprise for me, this Friday! Man oh man, I cannot wait!! I love surprises!! Especially his surprises!! 

Man, I love my life!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Daaaaang....time flies!!

•I need to blog more. I keep trying to blog about the wedding, but then I find myself doing something a little more important.

•I'm trying to blog, in bed, in the dark, without my contacts on. I don't know how long this post will be....

•I went out with some of the ladies from work to On The Border, for a happy hour farewell. I'm not gonna lie, I like happy hour! Who doesn't like 1/2 price appetizers?! When we were placing our drink orders, everyone ordered something with alcohol in it. I was the last to order so everyone heard me ask for a strawberry lemonade. A couple ladies laughed and didn't think I was serious. One even looked disgusted that I wasn't drinking. I told them I don't drink, to which two of them laughed and said, "Give it one year and you will be!" She was b!tchy anyways so I could care less about what she thought. I laughed to myself and thought, "Honey, give it 33 years and I still haven't! So take that!!" Some people.... 

•I'm stoked it's a 3.5 day weekend, at the end of this week!!! Hellooooo sleep! Nah, probably the beach!

•It's funny how certain scents can bring you back to a certain place and time. I bought an air freshener, this weekend, that reminds me of my parents' home. It reminds me of a really good time in our lives, a time when we felt like all we had were each other. It made me miss my parents today.

•I find myself thinking of my family a lot, lately. I miss seeing them every day.  I'm always so glad that they're a phone call or at least a 30 min drive away.

•Every day, I learn something new about myself, my husband or how to be a better partner. 

•I need to start attending my new {family} ward. I'm nervous.  It's a whole new ball more Singles Wards. No more quiet Sacrament Meetings--I think that part makes me cry a lil inside.  It'll feel weird not being in the same (dating, schooling, etc.) boat as those in my ward.  It'll be most difficult not having any one to sit by.  I've always had a family member or close friend.  I just wish I had a friend in my new ward. Well technically I do, but he's married now and I think his wife's not cool with the idea of him having a female friend.  I kinda miss having a calling (service position at church).  Anyways, who knows who I could meet. I just wish I wasn't so awkwardly shy. 

•It's past midnight now. I should get some sleep.  I'm excited about lunch tomorrow! I finally made this chicken sandwich filling that tastes so scrumptiously delicious!!!! It has broccoli, grapes, onion flakes, mayo & dried cranberries!!  I also made a bacon, egg & cheese tossed salad! Oh yeaaaah!!

•One day closer to the weekend! YESSSS!!
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