Monday, November 24, 2014


Today, we had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time with Levi's family. Sometimes, it still trips me out that I have "in-laws". From the get go, Levi's Dad has always been kind and welcoming to me. I think he's very nice and funny. The only problem I've ever had is that sometimes I can't hear him. He speaks kinda low and my hearing in my left ear isn't great, so sometimes I miss what he's saying. Most times he's cracking a joke, so I just start chucking when he laughs. Other than that, I like him and his {new} wife. I wish we could see more of them because I do enjoy their company. 
So we meet up with Levi's Dad, Sister & her family to go miniature golfing. It was a pleasant way to spend a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. 
That's my father-in-law, Grampy. He was kind enough to pay for our round of miniature golf. I felt like a kid. It was a fun course!
That's my partner in crime. I think he looks pretty dang hot with his sunglasses on, his fresh hair cut and scruffy face. Then again, I think he's HOT all the time! 
So I think he came in first and I.... Well, I was terrible! At one hole it took me 7 tries! It was pathetically sad!! Then I hit my ball so hard, it jumped the sidewalk and got lost in the plants! Luckily, my brother in law, Pedro, found a replacement in those same bushes. Sadly, I came in last! Even Levi's 5 year old niece beat me. Ugh.... Terrible!! Or maybe I didn't want her to be last and "played" terribly? Hmmmm :) 
After mini golf, Kate & Pedro went to ride on the go carts while Levi, Grampy & I went to play for tickets for Kate.

I had a lil wager with my hubby. Whoever had the highest score out of the games could pick where we went to dinner. By the way, his skeeball lane was on the right. I won one game and the rest were games in which he got at least 50 more points than I did! Have I ever mentioned how AWESOME he is at anything & everything!! Seriously, he beat all of us by golfing left handed!! And he's right handed for crying out loud!! It just bites that I'm so dang competitive!!! But I'm glad he doesn't gloat about it, at all! He's much more humble than me!
Moving along.... I liked her reaction when we gave her the tickets! I think she was overwhelmed by the 900+ tickets she just scored!
Kate is such a sweet little girl!
I really like this photo of these two. They're so dang cute! Plus I always love watching Levi with her. He's so caring and attentive. It makes me so excited to make him a father, someday.
All in all, I had a great time with all of them. I look forward to making more memories with them, in the future.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Attitude of Gratitude - Day 23: Church & Hymns.

Man, I couldn't be more grateful to have my new ward building less than a mile away.  
It's such a blessing to have it so close.  Today, as I was sitting in church, I loved listening to the musical piece by a pianist, violinist and flute player (flutest?). It was a beautiful piece dedicated to Veterans Day & Thanksgiving.  It's nice to be in a ward with such beautiful talents.  I almost feel like I'm in a Utah ward. 
The Bishop spoke about Tithes & Fast Offerings. It was a pretty good talk.  
Today, I think I was more thankful to be sitting in the congregation singing the hymns.
I have a deep love of the church hymns.  They made many missionary miles seem shorter as I would hum or sing the hymns.  Sometimes, if I wasn't getting along w/ my missionary companion and I needed an uplifting thought, I would recite the words to my favorite hymn. 
As I was singing the hymns, it made me think of the time I was in my ol' stake choir....something I always wanted to do, growing up.  It was such a beautiful blessing!! I truly loved singing that choir.  
After Sacrament meeting, the older gentleman behind me said that my "singing was wonderful, just as beautiful as you!" sweet!  I'm not gonna lie, sometimes, that's the whole reason I go to church, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to sing.  
As I was walking out of the chapel, I saw an old friend that I use to work at the temple with and was from my ol' Singles ward.  It was nice to see a familiar face, especially since I know like 1 person in the ward.  
I hope that as I attend more, that I make more friends and hopefully get a calling soon enough. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Attitude of Gratitude - Day 17: Talents.

I thank my lucky stars for all my wonderful talents. I know that I have been abundantly blessed with the amazing talents I have. I'm not trying to brag, at all. Tonight, as I was painting some items for a colleague's baby shower, I couldn't help but think of how another colleague just handed me a box of items and basically said, "Work your magic! I trust you! I've seen your skills!" It's way awesome that this colleague thinks I'm just as talented when the whole office knows her as the creative one.
She gave me the colors & theme and I started to go to town. I've got several more pieces, but I love the starfishes! 
I owe a lot of my talent to my Mom! Seriously, I wouldn't be the talented person I am today if I didn't have her challenging "encouragement". She taught me how to sew when I rather have played outside, when I was a kid. My friend & co-worker Tina ran into a bind when she needed some help with her Halloween costume. With her measurements, 1.5 yards of red fabric and black & white paint, I was able to create her costume. Not too shabby for just free handing it!
I guess my colleagues were convinced that I was talented when I came up with the idea for our Halloween decorations: 
I must admit, I loved the lil paper fences and the trees, the best! People thought I bought the fences, but they were just cut out by hand. I don't know where this idea came from, I just drew it up as I saw others decorating their cubes. Everyone loved our decorations and my cube mates really enjoyed it! That made me so glad! I also loved decorating my pumpkin for the office competition :
It was so hard for me to throw it out after Hslloween!! 
I'm glad my talents don't end there! When I became the Relief Society President, a couple years ago, I found myself cooking A LOT! I developed the talent to make soups! Oh how I love that talent and the joy of soups! In the course of one summer, I found myself cooking for a few regional and several ward acrivities! It was hard work, but I LOVED feeding my ward family! I still love to feed people, especially friends and family! I love the genuine gratitude they have when finishing a meal and their "Thank you! That was so good!" that they exhale as their waist band gets tighter!
^Thid was some Tongan food I made on Sunday, it's called Lu Puaka and the Taro root is in the background. Man, it was so good!! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE to cook?!? 
Now that I am married, I've tried to develop my baking skills. This was the first Apple Pie I've ever made:
I've got say, it was perfection!! Seriously, I couldn't have made a more perfect pie! And my husband loved it! That's AWESOMENESS in my book!
So I've gotta say, I'm so truly grateful for the way I can make my little corner of the world a happier, enjoyable and more colorful place to live. I will never cease to thank my God for the way He's blessed my life! My cup runneth o'er!
{Matthew 5:14-16}
"Because I have been given much, I too must give...." 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Like a hand print on my heart...

I'm pretty dang excited for tomorrow! More deets mañana! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Attitude of Gratitude - Day 11: Military.

When I was on my LDS mission in New Jersey, I had the wonderful opportunity of living in Bordentown, which placed me in the North Hanover LDS Ward.  There were four missionaries in the ward and the two Elders who were also assigned to the ward, lived in Wrightstown.  At one time, the ward used to be called the Fort Dix/McGuire Ward, for the Army & Air Force base.
There were a lot of military members, both active and retired, in the ward.  Having grown up in San Diego, I was used to having Navy & Marine servicemen and women around the city. Many of my friends' Dads were in the Navy.
I remember when the war first broke out in 2003.  The following Sunday there were so many men gone from the N. Hanover Ward.  It was a very surreal realty of the war and how close to home it had hit.  It must have been a 15:1 ratio of women to men for the first few weeks after deployment.  Luckily our Bishop, who was also in the military, wasn't called away to war.  Knowing and loving these ward members made me have a greater appreciation for military members and their families.  I remember earnest prayers on behalf of the military and the sacrifices of their families. I had and still have a great appreciation for the military and their families.
A few years back, I became good friends with two YSA military members.
It became real again, as to knowing and caring for those in the military.  I remember more earnest prayers offered up on their behalf and their fellow servicemen and women.  They were my friends, not just strangers in a uniform. It's funny how quickly your perspective can change when it becomes personal.  
I am so truly grateful for all those who sacrifice on my behalf so that I can enjoy the freedoms of this great country.  God bless America and all those brave souls who uphold Freedom and Liberty!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Attitude of Gratitude - Day 7 - 9: Weekends!

Man, can I just say how much I LOVE and LIVE for the weekends.  I love being able to wake up without an alarm clock.  I love spending as much time in my world's most comfortable bed! I love being able to relax in bed with Levi as long as I want.  I love the ease of going out for breakfast and running errands with him.  It's always so nice because I feel like I can reconnect with him and that it's just us against the world....well, you know what I mean.  I think sometimes we get use to just spending the weekend together, that when something scheduled comes up, it throws us off and our freedom feels so compromised.  I love the ease of doing whatever we want, whenever we want.  LOVE IT!
I feel like my blood pressure goes down a gazillion points and there's no traffic in sight--such a wonderful feeling.  It's just nice not having to be anywhere at any certain time.  Man, how I LOVE the weekend!!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Baby dreams.

I took a lil nap this afternoon, and had an odd dream. I'd try to write it in my journal, but typing seemed a lil faster...
I dreamt that I was an IT for a SEAL team.  Our SEAL team was called up to go on a mission, but this was my first mission as an IT. (Don't ask me what SEAL team has an IT??) As I looked at the guys on my team, I obviously did not look like a typical SEAL member.  I went to work, in the evening, thinking it would be a typical IT day. Before going into the office, I found out I was pregnant...three months pregnant. After the announcement came at work that we would be going on a mission the next morning, we were told that we couldn't leave.  It was imperative that we sleep the night there so we could all prepare ourselves for the next day's events.  I looked at the guys and they were all mentally focused and quietly preparing themselves.  I had never been on a mission nor ever expected to go on one!  They SEALs knew that of all the tasks that needed to happen, I needed to be returned safely at the end of the mission.  I didn't know how to prepare myself or be calm about it! I was freaking out and wanting to go see Levi to say good-bye.  I told my commanding officer that I had important news that I wanted and needed to share with my husband, especially since I didn't know if I'd be coming back or not.  He told me that leaving the office would be detrimental to the team and myself.  I started to rethink telling Levi because if something did happen to me, I wouldn't want him to feel the pain of loss of both his wife and his unborn child. I was over the moon about being pregnant and wanted to scream it from the rooftops.  I wanted to share this elation with my sweetheart, but at the same time, the seriousness of the mission would be compromised if I left.  Somehow, I think I was able to get to Levi, who was apparently working at a car dealership, and I remember the exquisite joy we shared over knowing that we were going to be parents!  It was a blissful moment for us as we embraced so tenderly. Levi's face was so beautiful as he received the news, he looked happier than I had ever seen him.
Then that was it....I woke up.  No mission.  No baby.  I wish I could have seen our baby, that would have been nice.  My Dad has had a dream or two of my future baby.  He said that he was holding a lil baby boy with blonde curls.  I remember how happy & emotional my Dad was telling me about his dream about my future baby boy.  It makes me wonder, that's for sure. Someday. :)
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