Monday, June 30, 2014

Hodad's, Petco Park & Some Bee Pollen!

What a great weekend!
Friday night, we went to "Mormon Night with the Padres".  They were playing the Arizona Diamondbacks.
It was Levi's first baseball game at Petco Park and I wanted him to have a really good time!

We bought some tickets with my ward (congregation), so we ended up in the nosebleed section.  The awesome thing about Petco Park is that there are no bad seats! Every section is pretty awesome!
Since we were there right after work, we ate at Hodad's.  Oh my goooodness!! It was so dang tasty!!

Can you see the awesomeness of his burger?!?! Wowzers! We weren't expecting that!! It was so dang delicious!! Oh man.....I would buy a $5 ticket to the park, just to eat at that Hodad's again.  Plus, it was nice being back at Hodad's, where we had our second date:
I don't remember the food being that delicious on our 2nd date, probably because I was so nervous that night, 20 months ago.  And the Frings (onion rings & fries basket) was AWESOME, Friday night!!!  Man, just thinking about it makes my mouth water!
Anywhooo, the game was pretty good but the Padres lost.  It was nice to go to a baseball game and be with Levi at his first Petco Park game.  I had such a good time with him.  He's so much fun!
On Saturday, we had lunch with my ol' friend Bugs & her husband.  I haven't seen her for about a year and a half so it was nice to finally be able to catch up with her and introduce them to Levi.  We went to the buffet at one of the local casinos and had a grand time! Seriously, it's as if time never came between us. We caught up like dear friends do and it was nice to know that her husband and Levi had a few things in common.  We talked, we laughed, we cracked some crab legs and laughed some more. Such a terrific afternoon! 
On the way home, we all stopped at the local farmers stand to buy some fresh mangoes & avocados.  The man at the stand gave us a few samples of cherries, various honeys and bee pollen.  As we drove away, we wished he would have given us the honey after the bee pollen because the pollen left a funny aftertaste.  A couple minutes down the road, my bottom lip started to tingle, along with the back of my tongue.  I texted Bugs to see if she was having the same reaction.  I started to worry when it was just me.  Levi continued driving and didn't make a big deal about it.  As we got closer to town, I started to lose my voice and I sounded very raspy.  I don't know how this was happening so quickly.  Part of me thought it was the pollen and the other part of me thought it was all the smoke in the casino and the cold night air, the night before.  I didn't want to freak, but it was weird how quickly I was losing my voice and how I couldn't clear my throat/chest.  We stopped at 7/11 and got Slurpees which helped my throat a little.  We drove over to Wal Mart and immediately went over to the medicine aisle.  I was freaking out a little more because I started to lose more of my voice and it was a strain to even speak over a whisper.  Levi is very good at staying calm when I start to lose my cool; this was one of those moments.  I ripped open the box of Benadryl, popped a pill and chugged my Slurpee.  Within 10 minutes, my voice started to return slightly.  We went home, put away our groceries and a half hour later I was out cold!  When I woke up around 9, I was still groggy and very sleepy.  What's in that stuff?!?!  Crazy Benadryl!  I felt a lot better and my voice returned to normal.  I don't know what happened, if it was the pollen or not, but I don't think I'll be doing any pollen sampling anytime soon!  I felt like I was Hitch! (love that movie!)
Wow.....what a weekend!! I always enjoy my time off with my sweetheart.  It makes me ever so grateful to be getting married to this man, so so soon!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The 2:03am Blog...with pictures.

 This is work.
A lil unfocused, sometimes.
This is what I'd like to be eating for lunch tomorrow. Bento & Noodle Company, you and your Dragon Roll taste so good!
It trips me out that there's a double decker carousel/merry-go-round at the local mall! I'm not sure which way is which, nor do I really care. I think this is pretty fascinating.
This was the demolition derby at the Del Mar Fair. I've never been to anything like it before! Seriously so cool! I would love to go again!! Speaking of which, I need to blog about that.
I love his face upon meeting Julia Roberts. I'm sure I would have reacted the same way.
I want this for my birthday! I've wanted a G Shock watch for a while now, so it's nice to find one I actually want. Once August rolls by, I neeeeed to get this. 
I don't know which face I love more?!?! The one on the left is him using chopsticks at our Korean dinner date. Did I blog about that? Dang it! SO much had happened this month and it's flying by!
I'm so super stoked to be going out to lunch with my dear friend Bugs. I haven't seen her in a year and a half! I'm also super stoked to introduce her to Levi! Ok ok and I'm also really, really stoked to be going out for some crab legs & prime rib!! Mmmmm see ya Saturday, Sycuan!
Have I ever mentioned how much I love love LOVE deep pink roses?!? They are seriously one of my most favorite flowers in the entire world!!
Oh my Dad...(that's him under the umbrella)....with some actor/singer named Elvis. I think I need to go visit my Dad sometime this week. I miss seeing him every day.
I want a dog, preferably an English Labrador.....especially when they start off this cute!!! I would name him Mango and he would love me (ie: not get too excited and jump on me)
It's 2:01am and I need to be at work in 6 hours. Good thing I already packed our lunches for "tomorrow". I couldn't sleep so I got out of bed to make us Chef Salads to take to work. It looks so dang delicious!! Can't wait!
Good night!😱

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Google can be your friend, too.

So I've got a lil gripe...little...big...whatever, I've got a gripe.

I'm lucky to live in the city that I do.  I love San Diego and I love sharing anything that I can with friends that want to visit.  I think it's great when friends want to visit and ask for suggestions for places to visit or to dine.  I love it!  I like sharing my favorite spots so that they can enjoy what I love most about this awesome city.

However, as summer approaches, I've had several friends contact me to suggest any hotels that they could stay at.  The problem I have with that, is that I don't have a need to stay in a hotel in my hometown.  I can't really suggest a hotel since I've never stayed at one, here in San Diego.  What need would I have staying at a hotel in the same city that I have a place & a bed to stay in?  It's really quite odd, when you step back and think about it.  Sure, I could suggest parts of town to stay in if you're going to a lot of touristy stops, or parts to stay away from.... but when I'm basically being asked to book a hotel room, that's when I get a lil bugged. 

Ugh....E is for Ehu... not Ehu the Expedia Expert.

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Friday Blog on a Monday Night.

*Let the bough break, let it come down crashing... LOVE. THIS. SONG.!!!

*Dude, this week was rough...when I say week, I mean Monday - Friday.  When I say Monday - Friday, I mean 8am - 5pm.  ROOOOUUUGGHHHHH!!! I couldn't be more grateful for Tina & Mamacita.  Seriously, I don't know what I'd do without these girls at work.  I'm so glad to have an outlet full of laughter!!  It's just so nice to have these two to spend lunch with and be able to let my guard down with.  Ever so grateful.

*Sorry Levi for being a lil emotional at times....especially last night.  I hate when he knows that my period's on the horizon.  Someone tends to be a lil more weepy....or she needs to vent when she has a rough week....and tears happen to come streaming down because she's so frustrated. 

*My sister gave me the recipe to her rice pilaf and I made it tonight for dinner. Oh man, it was so delicious.  It reminded me of home.  It made me think of our old kitchen and the memories in that little humble abode, when I was so soooo lucky to live under the same roof with all of those that I loved most.  Eating the rice made me miss that home so much and miss having all of my nephews in one place. 

*Sometimes, I can't believe how old my nephews are.  How does the time fly so quickly?!? What I would give to turn back the hands of time!  I wish I never took that time for granted or wished to move out on my own so much.  I miss them so much.  I can't even describe it, they're my most favorite friends and pretty much like my younger brothers.  And don't get me started on my niece.... she's a young woman now! My lil Novee is growing too fast! She's almost taller than me and my pride.  Dangit, they're all taller than me now! I feel little.  :'(  I remember the days I could see the tops of their heads.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


This morning, we decided that we'd want a Mexican breakfast.  I thought I'd be a lil adventurous and get a Mexican breakfast plate.  I had mentioned the Carne Asada Chilaquiles before so I thought I'd go with it.  The menu said, Carne Asada w/ rice & beans. Sounded soooo good!
When I opened my plate, there were two fried eggs staring back at me.  In the middle of that whiteness I could see a concentrated blob of yellow. My worst [breakfast] nightmare!
Luckily, Levi likes runny eggs so I could give it to him.  UNFORTUNATELY, the egg was a lot more delicate than I was expecting AND my fork wasn't the best tool to use to scoop it off my carne asada & chilaquiles.  It started to ooze out. 

I wanted to throw up.

In my head, I was screaming, "GET IT OFF!! GET IT OFF!! GET IT OFF!! GET IT OFF!!!!!!".... I don't think it was just in my head.  I think it was physically noticeable that I didn't want ANYTHING to do with this egg.  I just wanted it gone.  I didn't want any trace of it left on my plate, so Levi ended up with some carne & chilaquiles that had egg ooze on it.  Thank you for eating it, sweetheart.

For those who don't really know me, I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE HATE HATE runny eggs.  Everything about it is disgusting, awful, abhorrent and repugnant.  I loathe it with every fiber of my being.  I don't care if someone were to pay me 5 million dollars to eat one runny egg; I WOULD NOT.

I think it stems from one Saturday morning from my childhood.  My Mom made eggs for all of us.  I had a mug of hot cocoa and was told that I couldn't leave the table until I ate all my eggs and drank my cocoa.  Because I was a kid, I ate everything I liked and left the egg til the end.  I had no buffer between my taste buds and that stupid egg.   I had to eat the egg and drink my cocoa.   Worst combination in the world!!  I hated it. I think I cried because it was so disgusting to me.  To this day, I can't drink cocoa with my breakfast, most especially when there's an egg on my plate.

When I was a teenager, my brother offered to make me an egg sandwiches.  Growing up, I loved his egg sandwich.  One day, he offered to make me a sandwich as I was getting my hair done.  I was so stoked!!  He handed it to me, wrapped in a napkin like usual, and I took a big bite. Mmmm delicious!!  I was finish chewing and started to lift the sandwich to my mouth.  As I looked down at my sandwich, I noticed some yellow ooze on my thumb; he mixed up our sandwiches.  I had the runny egg sandwich.  I was grossed out.  I was done.  He apologized and tried to trade sandwiches, but the moment was over, I couldn't do it.  Who knows, the other sandwich could be tainted as well!?! Nope, no egg sandwich for me, that day.

 I just hate runny eggs.  Seriously, it's just the grossest thing on earth and I'd rather have nothing to do with it.  Even if I were offered 10 million dollars, I'd have to take 20 minutes to really think about it! Damn runny eggs! SICK!

#24's my fave!

Enjoy :)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

What the funk?

*I've been having a funky stomach week.  No bueno. 

*We've been watching Parenthood on Netflix lately.  Totally dig this show! I always enjoy movies/shows that display different family dynamics.  There's something so interesting in seeing how families interact and deal with their own challenges and triumphs.

*Chuy was talking to us about Vans carrying some new Star Wars shoes.  I'm not the biggest fan of them, I barely started getting into it, but man oh man... I want these shoes! Oh how I love Vans slip-on shoes!
*The Del Mar Fair (aka: San Diego County Fair) starts this weekend! OH MAN, I'm pretty stoked! I think this is a really great way to start off the summer! I can't wait!! Plus, Levi just makes it a million times more fun! I'm glad he enjoys the Australian Battered Potatoes, but most especially that he's cool with me looking around at all the photo & art exhibits.
*Work has been pretty okay this week. I continue to be grateful for my team.  I enjoy working with Roxy, Chuy & Tina.  I'm so glad that Mamacita works there too! I just wish she was in my department, too.  Although, it's been pretty good this week, man oh man, I can't wait for the weekend!
*Other than that... I hope I kick this stomach funk because I've got a fair to go to this weekend!  Oh's Thursday and my sweetheart got me some Pizza-Hut tonight. Man I love when Thursdays include pizza.....that's the cherry on top of a Thursday!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Sick to my stomach.

I hate throwing up.
I think it's the grossest thing ever.
Everything about it is just gross to me....especially the part about sticking your head in a toilet. SICK.
Last night, I shot up in bed because I felt like I was going to throw up.  Seriously, I shot up like I had a Charley Horse in my leg or something.....but worst.  I ran to the bathroom and waited a few minutes.  Gargled with warm water and rinsed my mouth.  Took some Tums and went back to bed.
All day my stomach has been feeling a lil off.  After dinner tonight, I still feel queasy. Ugh.....
I HOPE I don't end up waking up the same way like last night.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

365 days & 30 minutes ago....

On this day, 365 days & 30 minutes ago, my sweetheart proposed to me.
I'm a lil more sentimental this weekend because I think back to that weekend a year ago and it was all just so magical.  I had one of the best weekends of my life and enjoyed all of it.
I've learned so much in the last year.  I become more grateful for Levi every day.  He teaches me so much.  He has many strengths that help strengthen areas that I'm lacking in.  I'm glad we bring a nice balance to each other's lives. 
I'll always be grateful for this moment, because I look forward to spending the rest of my life with him.  I love him more every day.  I never knew what it meant to love someone with all of my heart until I met Levi.  I can't wait to become his wife because he's truly my best friend.
My cup runneth o'er. ♥
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