Sunday, May 29, 2011

When life gives you leather...

....make leather earrings!
A couple months ago, I made earrings from some leather cord my nephew gave me. I love those earrings.  They're just simple but way awesome because of the texture and the fact that they're leather.  A friend bought a new leather saddlebag for his Harley, cut some pieces off and gave it to whoever wanted it.  FREE LEATHER?!?! HECK YES!!! Well, as you can see, that's what I did with the leather. I kept the feather-like earrings for myself (they kinda look more like pine cones) and gave the earrings on the right to my niece and sister. I actually wanna make a pair of the lil black knot earrings for myself.  They're simple and I always LOVE simplicity!! Plus the leather earrings are SO light!! LOVE EM!! I've still got more leather left, I'm just trying to think of what I want to make with them.  

p.s. This is from Mother's day..... I'm several weeks behind on my Sunday outfit pics:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress!! It's such the perfect dress!! No wrinkles and falls oh so perfectly!! Plus I love the design.  As for my Mom, she made her entire outfit the week before Mother's Day.  Everything she's wearing [excluding the shoes, of course], she made.  That's where I learned it from.  Thank you, Mom. 

Saturday, May 28, 2011


For my English class, we're to write an essay on a "problem-solution" topic.  

Me: "The problem-solution topic I'd like to write about is handicap accessibility.  Most people don't realize the inaccessibility that is presented to those with handicaps until it affects them personally or to a loved one."
About 12 years ago, my father lost his eye sight.  It's been a learning experience through the years.  I've gained a lot of insight.  I've noticed things that I would never have noticed if this disability never affected my family.  I've personally had to learn a lot in how to deal with my Dad and how others perceive/react to him.  I thought I knew it all. 
Several weeks ago, my friend CC wanted to experience a day without sight.  I thought that would be a huge learning experience for her and those who were new to this "experience".  Things that have become second nature to me were a whole new challenge/opportunity to our friends.  Something CC mentioned to me that has touched my heart since was, "I never knew how motherly and patient you could be.  You really know how to take care of me".  It's something I've had to work on over the last 12 years.  
As I was studying for my essay, I called TheBaker and he gave me more insight.  He said that I could do all the research that I want, but until I experience blindness for myself then I won't really know how it affects me personally.  
I've got the next 2 weeks to continue studying for my essay. I think part of that will include a day without sight. Experience is the best teacher, right? 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Adios procrastination!

In the last week, I've come to realize how precious time is, how much I need it and how much I tend to waste it.  
Last Sunday, I was called as my ward's Relief Society President. I felt extremely blessed & humbled.  I'm trying not to feel overwhelmed [which I haven't been, yet] but I do feel a sense of urgency.  
I feel like I have to be conscious of my time and spend it wisely.  I'm still learning to balance it wisely between what I need to do and what I want to do. I didn't do too great at that this week and my homework suffered a bit because of it.  
I like having a planner that I can write EVERYTHING in because it's a lot more organized than using my phone.  It helps me internalize it mentally and physically when I write it down.  Funny, it reminds me much like my mission. 
I've started wearing my watch again.  It helps me try to spend my time more wisely and be better aware of how fast time flies by.  
You were right Mr. Parr, "Time is of the essence!"

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Friends make chocolate cake so much better...and vice versa!

Last night, I went to Extraordinary Desserts with my dear friend Kepeann.  
Chocolate cake [namely, The Vikingpictured above] makes a friendship so much sweeter :)

I'm so grateful for "comfortable" friends.
Those are the friends that know you.  
Friends that know the back story without explanation. 
They "get" your sense of humor (or sometimes even the lack of.)
They're the ones that you can be your true self, let your guard down and be vulnerable with.
You can laugh, cry and be brutally honest with.
Sometimes, it's even perfectly okay to sit in silence and not feel awkward or the necessity to speak.
And in the end, they still love you...sometimes even MORE!
My life is enriched by "comfortable" friends.

My cup runneth over ♥

Sunday, May 22, 2011

21 ALREADY?!?!

Today he turns 21 years old!!! 
But since he's in Fiji right now, he turned 21 yesterday. 
I love this kid so much! I can't wait to see him in 83 days!! 

What I LOVE LOVE LOVE about my Simi Sim Sim:
*He has a heart of gold.  He is genuine & kind beyond measure.
*TONS & TONS of energy!! This kid can go non stop!!
*He's a terrific example to all those around him, even myself.
*The kid can dance!
*It's SOOOOOOOOO fun to tease him! (watch the vein in his neck, it makes it worth it!)
*He's a natural musician! He can play the piano, guitar & ukulele. As well as write his own songs.
*He always sings me my favorite song (Rusty Ol' Steam Pipes)
*Amazing singing voice!
*He's a dare devil and extremely fearless!
*He has a testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
*I love the way he's so patient & tender with his little sister.
*He's an AWESOME brother, WONDERFUL son and COOL nephew!

I couldn't have asked for a better nephew & friend.  At times he's like my little brother and I'm so grateful for the relationship we share. I look forward to his return home from his LDS mission.  He's surely grown into an amazing man! I can't wait! I'm so excited to feel his embrace and hear all of his stories. I'm so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who has blessed him & watched over him these last 2 years.   I'm thankful for the front row seat I have to his life, he's going to be pretty amazing! Well...he already is.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A goal not written down is merely a dream....

Growing up, I heard many stories from my Mom about Church College of Hawaii, now Brigham Young University - Hawaii.  I also heard many marvelous stories of my Father's Labor mission.  Part of his mission was to help construct the Polynesian Cultural Center.  I always enjoyed my parents' many stories and because of this, I have always wanted to attend BYU-H and work at the PCC. 

I can see myself taking a picture here like my Dad did while on his mission and my Mom with her parents, who served as dorm parents for CCH.

To honor my Dad, I look forward to working there and learning more about my rich Polynesian cultures.

I can't wait til this is me in about 3 years!!!

One day, soon enough, I will have something very similar! Oh yes, it will be mine!

Stick to your task till it sticks to you;
Beginners are many, but enders are few.
Honor, power, place, and praise
Will always come to the one who stays.

Stick to your task till it stick to you;
Bend at it, sweat at it, smile at it too;
For out of the bend and the sweat and the smile
Will come life's victories, after awhile.

Thor/Montana/ that order.

THOR: OH I LOVED IT!!!! We saw it in 3-D, wasn't quite necessary, but it was the only showing at that hour.  Man, Thor is HOT HOT HOT!!!! Those muscles, that voice...HOOOOOOOOT, SO HOT!!!  I can't wait til Captain America comes out!! OH MAN!! It just gets better!

MONTANA:  I loved spending time with him. I forget how much I like him when we haven't seen each other for a while.  It was so nice, I had a WONDERFUL time at the movies!

CLONING:  I've chosen to write my controversial paper on in FOR Cloning.  Oh yeah, that's gonna go over real well with my Mormon BYU-I instructor.  This topic came from a debate thread I had in a previous assignment. I had to choose to play 'devil's advocate' for a topic, and Cloning seemed like the least controversial, at the time.  With all the research I had to do for it, it became a topic that really sparked my interest!  Cloning isn't such a crazy idea, as most people would believe. There are SOME benefits to it.  I don't necessarily have to believe in the topic 100%, I just have to prove my point on paper (at least 2-3 pages), with good grammar and within MLA format....all by 10:55p PST. :]

TODAY: Homework, homework & more homework.

TOMORROW: Good things, several good things

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Nite means.....

I'll be seeing Montana tonight. 
We're going to see:
in 3-D...I'm pretty stoked!!

Ok, now back to homework....lots and lots and lots of homework! 


I love doing my homework in the middle of the night. I enjoy the silence of a still house.  There's no commotion at all, it's so lovely.  Pandora makes doing homework much more tolerable and very enjoyable.  When I have to be deep in thought, I usually listen to the Keiko Matsui, Chris Botti or Dave Koz stations. Red Vines & a glass of ice water also help me along. I've got about 10 assignments due by 10:55pm Saturday night.  I'm hoping to get a bulk of it done well before Saturday! One step at a time to BYU-Hawaii! :) 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Other than that....

*My poor body, it's just so weak and not working properly. UGH... oh well, it could be worse, right?

*I hung out with TheBaker last night.  He's so cool to kick it with.  He came over and we talked for a couple hours on the couch, listening to Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin & Nat King Cole.  I like hangin' out with TheBaker.  I learn so much from him and he's so kind & patient.  I like that we can just have a friendship without the complication of feelings getting in the way.

*I had more of my AWESOME soup for breakfast. Seriously, I love the stuff!  

*Class is tonight...I always love seeing my fellow peers. I have the best times with them!

Problem: Solved!

Happy Thursday...hope you enjoy this!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011



I made Peruvian bean & chicken soup from scratch.  It tastes MAGNIFICENTLY DIVINE!!! There is no way I could even try to be humble about this dish! I feel like this just thinking of how delicious it tastes!!     
I'm SO EXCITED to have my family taste it tonight and for Mama McK to try it tomorrow!!  

Who loves to cook?? I DO, I DO!!!

One word: STOKED!!!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You gotta spend some time, Love....

*LOVE this song. 

*Hung out with a new friend last night.  "TheBaker" is such a KIND guy.  We hung out last Wednesday and then hung out listening to some ol' jazz music, like Nat King Cole.  I'm not necessarily attracted to him, but there is a beauty about his face when he speaks.  I like watching the way his facial muscles twist and turn when he talks.  It's so easy to talk to him, it's different than most other guys.  I don't feel judged or criticized, ever.  I thought I would have been intimidated by what he's accomplished and him, in general...but, far from it.  I thoroughly enjoy conversing with him.  

*I got to talk to Mama McK a lil this morning.  She is always such a blessing to my life.  I love her so dearly.  I am grateful for her wisdom and counsel today.  It will definitely come in handy in the next few weeks.  

*I have a greater appreciation for Motherhood.  I went over to my friend Reed's house last night, so that she would be able to take her husband to an early morning medical appointment.  They have 4 kids under the age of 5.  I slept well last night, but was still a lil tired this morning.  After I took the older 3 to school all I wanted to do was take a nap.  WHO. WAS. I. KIDDING.???  Mom's don't take naps...and if they do, they're not the best naps.  Then it came time for lunch.  A separate meal for myself? Of course not.  Geez Ehu, get the hang of this?! No wonder why parents are encouraged to make healthy meals for their kids, because their Mac&Cheese with PB&J sandwiches and milk will also become your meal as well. What is this thing called, "Time" that you speak of???  

*I feel so blessed to know that my Heavenly Father knows what I need, when I need it and how I need it.  I have had a great deal of peace and serenity to my mind and heart, these last few days.  I couldn't be anymore grateful for it.  In a time when I should feel overwhelmed and stressed, I feel at ease in knowing that all will be well.  All will be well. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Open wide....

MAN......I've gotta go see the Dr. tonight.  I'm not feeling any worse than what I was feeling on Saturday.  Actually I'm feeling a lot better.  WAY BETTER.  But, I know something's up with my throat/tonsils so it would be wise to check it out.  Ibuprofen has been my VERY best friend these last few days.  
I really don't like going to the Dr's.  I ALWAYS get so nervous. Ugh.....

So in the mean while, enjoy this piece by Edgar Mueller.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Two words... describe today:


Saturday, May 14, 2011

I forgot how much I miss having a grown up job....

Man, I've been down & out for the last 48 hours.  
I miss having health insurance.  A LOT.  
I also miss eating & swallowing. A LOT.  
Hello to Urgent Care tomorrow if this terrible swelling starts to impede on my breathing.  

Oh health insurance, I miss you SO MUCH

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


OH MAN!! I'm not gonna lie (or even try to be humble about it) tonight's dinner & dessert are probably my BEST creations EVER!!! 

I made like a  Tortilla soup, but I made it with Pork Chorizo & Pinto beans.  It's been simmering in the Crock pot all day and it smells so warm & welcoming.  I love it when a house smells like that! I stewed some fresh tomatoes--I LOVE peeling them!  Added some chopped onions, green bell peppers & corn.  As I've been tasting it through the day, it just gets better and better!! I thickened the tomato broth with a roux and set the Crock pot at warm.  I'm seriously so excited to eat it and to have my family partake of it's goodness as well!! 

I chopped up some Cilantro and I can't wait to top my soup with it!! I love the fresh aroma of Cilantro!!  It reminds me of how blessed I am to live in San Diego and grow up around the Mexican culture.  

For dessert, I made a Strawberry Mango cobbler!!! Oh man, right now as I type this the house smells HEAVENLY!!! My mouth has been watering all day!!  I SERIOUSLY can't wait til dinner tonight!!!

Thank you Mama McK for making the best foods for me to recreate and tweek a bit!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I'm making a Chorizo Soup for dinner tomorrow.  I'm pretty excited to make it! I've got the pinto beans soaking, I'll cook up the Chorizo tomorrow and stew the tomatoes then, too. I hope it turns out GREAT!!  And I wanna make some corn bread because I'm cravin' some honey butter!!  (My inspiration for this meal: Mama McK's lunch today!)
I'd also like to try making some Peruvian beans soon! I found a recipe that looks soooo good!!
And as usual, I spent the afternoon with Mama McK.  I love my Tuesdays with her.  I learn so much from her.  I love learning her recipes.  That's how she'll continue to be with me once her mission ends and she heads back to Idaho with Papa McK. Oh I will miss them so dearly.  If only I could make fresh bread like she does!  I would love to cook and bake like she does.  She's like Wonder Woman when it comes to the kitchen!! Martha Stewart ain't got nothin' on her! One day I'm gonna cook just like Mama McK!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Birthday Dress.

I woke up in the middle of the night, so I decided to finish watching "The Secret Life of Bees".  Something I didn't quite notice the first time I watched it were the dresses.  Most of the women in the movie wear dresses/skirts the whole time.

It fed into my need for wearing dresses and skirts.  I have no idea where this desire to wear dresses & skirts more often has come from?!  But I like it.  They also wore very lovely brooch pinned to their dresses. LOVED it!!

Then it made me think of my birthday dress.  Since my birthday will be on a Sunday this year, I want to make a church appropriate dress....styled after the 50's.  I want to make this:
Isn't it just so snazzy!?  I love it!! It's actually a cocktail dress from the 1950's.  [So in essence I'm making a cocktail dress for church ;) ] I already have the shoes and necklace that I want to wear with it.  I'm trying to think of the color and fabric I'd like to go with.  I'm thinking Seersucker, because I love the way it feels.  I like textured fabrics, like last year's birthday dress that I made: 
It adds a lil bit of fun for me to enjoy while wearing it.  I just like those lil touches that I know about.  Something my Mom use to point out to me after she made me something to wear.   Hmm...maybe I'll go with the fabrics found here and here.  I want something nice & classy but nothing ostentatious.   
I can't wait to make this cocktail dress!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I owe a lot to my Mom.  She's helped me become who I am today.

I'm grateful she sang around the house, helped me learn the importance of singing at church and allowed me take Violin lessons in elementary school.  My love for music, singing and playing the piano have come because of it.  

I'm grateful she knew that playing outside was nice but that learning how to cook was more important.   I learned how to cook many great and wonderful meals.  I love cooking for those that I love, just like her.

I'm grateful she made our home a clean environment for all of us to enjoy.  It taught me the blessing of having a clean home and the value of organization. 

I'm grateful she made the Gospel a priority in her life.  She helped instill that in me so that I would be physically and spiritually prepared to enter the temple and serve a mission.  I couldn't have learned a better lesson about the temple without her and my father's example to fulfill their temple service every Saturday while I was growing up.  

I'm grateful she challenged me to be creative.  She taught me how to sew, allowed me to use her SLR Canon camera when I was 9 to take photographs of my Barbies, and the early stages of art through the many coloring books she bought for me.  

I'm grateful for her love of plants and nature.  I appreciate the sweet aroma of a Gardenia, the splendor of a Plumeria and the taste of vegetables from my own garden.  

I'm grateful she's put up with my short temper, idiosyncrasies, stubbornness and blunt sarcasm.  I hope she didn't REALLY mean it when she said, "One day you're going to have a kid just like you!".  Maybe then I'll truly understand EVERYTHING that she's done for me.  I hope that I'll be able to thank her personally, from one Mother to another.  

♥Happy Mother's Day, Mom♥  

(A GREAT Mother's Day post to check out! I LOVED it!!)

Saturday, May 7, 2011



I'm SOOOO DAMN PISSED!!! LIVID!! IRRATE!!  I just want to punch, kick or scream right now!!!  

I thought I could study up til the last minute and try to get the EXAM & Self-Assessment survey in at the last minute.  It all has to be in by 11:55pm Mountain Standard time (One hour ahead of California).  I looked at the clock on the computer: 10:49pm (So I had about 5 minutes).  I know I didn't leave myself with a lot of time, but I would do my best to get it in.  When I hit 'start', it was already blacked out--meaning, I passed the time.  But how?!?!? 

I looked at my phone: 10:55pm. 
I looked back at the submission window: This is now closed - Due: Saturday, May 07, 2011 10:55PM

I wanted to kick the damn screen!!!  I still do.  
Right now, I LOATHE myself. A LOT.  

S.C.R.E.W.E.D    M-Y-S-E-L-F   O.V.E.R!!!!

Basically I wasted my Saturday night studying for......NOTHING.   A BIG FAT 0%


(The worst part is that I kept studying when I wanted to stop because I currently loathe the subject of this class: Family Foundation/Family Proclamation.  A VERY hard subject when my concept and beliefs of "family" are barely holding on by a thread.)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Free Friday!

Today I woke up and wanted to wear a skirt.  Particularly a green pencil skirt.  I don't own one.  I would need to make it.  I want to make one this weekend. I've had the sewing bug lately!

I think handwritten letters are so wonderful.  Especially when they're received in the mail.  I got the coolest mail yesterday.  Alllllllll the way from Egypt from a dear ol' friend.  She read my blog post about my birthday party idea and sent me a pattern for papel picado, as well as a store to check out for folk Mexican art & Dia de los Muertos materials.  I can't wait to check out that store! I'm grateful for my friend Ana.  We met in the oddest of ways.  I will post that story for her birthday in a couple months.  But I'm thankful to have a friend like her.  

Oh, and I want one of EVERYTHING from here....  LOVE IT!!

p.s. It's about 5:55pm on a Friday evening.  I've got about 6 homework assignments that I need to complete before tomorrow night 11:pm.  My whole family is out on the town...and I'm home.  Working on homework. On a Friday night.  I feel a lil laaaaame.  I need to finish my homework quickly and call up a friend or something SOON!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Debate Essay pt. 2

The other side of this homework assignment is to debate with a classmate's debate thread (online).  That's usually fine and all, but the only ones I have to choose from so far are: 
  • Against Cloning.
  • In opposition to illegal immigration.
  • In favor of parental notification and consent when a minor wants to get an abortion.  
Do you see my predicament??!?

      I'd have to be:
  1. For Cloning: OF COURSE I'm not for cloning because I don't think we should try to mess around trying to be God.  WTH!?!?  I CANNOT debate that!
  2. In favor of illegal immigration: How the heck would I justify any reason to be for something illegal?! But I just can't debate it because I feel like I would be turning my back on close friends [& their families] who did that themselves. I don't agree with it, but I just don't feel comfortable debating that.
  3. In opposition of parental notification and consent when a minor wants to get an abortion: Really?!? Geez, I can't even think of how I'd try to oppose such a debate! That would make it sound like I'm 'pro-choice'.  I think there are very specific reasons for abortion, but I do not condone it as means of birth control.  
I have until tonight to pick a topic to debate or until my other SEVERAL classmates start posting their topics!!! I'm REALLY striving hard to maintain my 100% grade point in my classes this semester.  IF someone doesn't post soon, I WILL have to choose from one of the above topics.  URGGGG!!!  

You're just doing it for the grade,'s just an assignment.  

***update... I ended up going with the "For Cloning".  As mentioned above, I HAD to pick a topic to debate.  I don't believe in it, but for the sake of argument that's what I'll be going with.  So far I think it's in the bag!***

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Debate Essay.

I'm not one to debate or argue.  There's not many things I feel passionate about to debate it in an essay for my English class. Especially when the assignment is to be a "friendly debate".  FRIENDLY!?! Geez, why debate at that point! So here's what I came up with:

Against beauty pageants:

 I oppose beauty pageants and the damage they do to females.   They masquerade as ‘scholarship programs’ while women parade around in revealing ball gowns and skimpy bikinis.   Beauty pageants are a hindrance towards the empowerment of women.  Most of the women who compete in a beauty pageant have been doing so since they were very young girls.  These young girls have been robbed of their childhood and forced by pushy “Stage Moms” to win large monetary prizes.  Young girls shouldn’t have to start their lives out by being judged of their physical appearance in order to gain glamour and prizes.  Some of them have even been exploited by their gowns/outfits and stage performances.  Why are we allowing our children to grow up in such a manner, most especially young girls?  After puberty, girls have a higher rate in developing depression than boys do.  Since girls reach puberty before boys do, they are susceptible to develop it at an earlier age.  Besides the emotional damage that can come, it also gives young girls the false sense that all they have to do in life is flash a pretty smile and the world will shower them with large amount of money and prizes. 

It was an assignment, that's all it first.  I didn't really care much about the topic, but I had to pick something 'friendly' and 'debatable'.  I don't feel extremely passionate about the topic, but I'll have to since I'll need to back up the reasoning behind it.


I wish I liked to debate....or felt passionate about such a topic.... GRR!


Isn't it pretty?!?! And it just screams "BEACH!!!". I want it, I want it SOOOOOOOOO BAD!!! And I love the basket, the bell, the pink seat and of course the color!!!  It's so perfect!! 

Or even this one:

They're both so pretty!! I want/need a bike!! It's the perfect season to own one!! Plus with these sky high gas prices, it wouldn't be such a bad idea!! 

Dear Birthday Santa....please bring me one

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday & Homework & See You Laters

I don't know where these came from or how they ended up in my kitchen....but thank you to whoever found these and brought these babies home!! Love 'em!!  

Pretzel Crisps + = GOOD Homework moments!!

As always, I spent some time with Mama McK today.  I found out that they'll be going home in less than 2 months.  I can't believe that.  I feel like I'm going to lose another dear this year has been full of 'good-byes' or 'see you laters'.  I'm tired of that.  I never grew up with that and I learned to adapt to that more often while on my mission.  I don't like having so many miles & states between me and my closest friends.  Church and Institute will not be the same.  I feel like I'm losing a friend and a family member altogether.  It hurts my heart to think of her and Elder McK leaving.  Siiiiiiiiiiigh!!!! 

I want the next few months to go by FAST because I can't wait til my missionary nephew comes home from Fiji...but then I'm bummed to say 'see you later' to my other nephew who'll be leaving on his mission. I want those same months to go by so my friend Mr. Red comes home because I miss talking with him...but then I don't want to see the McK's leave.  

Can't have it both ways, kiddo.  

Food for thought....

Since I woke up this morning I've been thinking about men & age.  

Specifically, Montana and Cubby came to mind.  Montana is 30 but acts and seems SO MUCH OLDER.  I feel like we don't relate sometimes.  I then started to think of Cubby.  He's 22 years old but doesn't seem like it.  I asked him once if my age ever bothered him [I'm 30], he said I don't act like my age or older than him in any way.  He asked me likewise and I told him that I didn't notice an age gap at all.  Cubby then said it's like we meet in the middle. I liked that. So I came to the conclusion that what I needed to date were younger, yet mature men.  Ok, I could do that.

Tonight, I got a bit bored/overwhelmed with my essay homework, so I laid back on my bed and did some pondering.  I started to wonder, 'Why do people get married?'  Some get married because it's the next step in life...others because they want to start a family....a few, to have sex....there were several different reasons.  I started to really think about why I would even consider such a thing.  Then something started to make sense... some get married because they want to be with that person for a long time.  A very VERY long time.  They don't want to have to say 'good night' at the end of the night or wait to see them the next day.  

In the midst of all this pondering,  I texted FishLips.  I just wanted to know how old he felt.  Texting led to a phone call.  A phone call led to some really good advice to consider.  I told him of my 'men & age' woes.  He suggested that maybe I just need to find someone that I can relate to. I never quite thought of it that way.  I think that was always just an afterthought, after my list of my "ideal" man.  Then he shared something else with me. He told me how his Mom, upon returning home from a date, would ask if he missed his date after he got home.  To miss someone.... Hmm.  More food for thought.  It made me think back to what I was pondering earlier..."some get married because they want to be with that person for a long time".  

So IF I ever come across that bridge of dating & marriage, THEN I'll need to keep in mind that I should look for someone who I can relate to as well as someone I long to be with.  

Just something to ponder about on a Monday night.....

Monday, May 2, 2011


I finally got a pic of my Sunday outfit... (or at least part of it)!!

I know you can't see the bottom, but I LOVE this top!! I love how colorful it is!! The sleeves are a lil above my elbows and I love the frilly neckline.   I usually wear this top with a white peasant/boho [knee length] skirt. 

 Last Sunday: 
I totally scored this green dress for free!! I love it because of how rich the green is!! The V-neck is low so I always wear it with this lace camisole. The sleeves come down to about my elbows, but has an elastic hem.  It has an empire waist and falls to my knees.  I love it!

Maybe next week I'll score a full length picture?! One can only hope....

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