Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Feeling vulnerable.

So I was talking to my good friend, Reed. She has amazing insight and it's fun to talk "girl talk" with her. I've come to the realization that I need to start curbing the sarcasm a bit when talking to guys. It can be funny, but too much sarcasm can come off as being 'bitter'. I'm not trying to be bitter, but it can most definitely be interpreted as such.

I use sarcasm sometimes to tell people how I feel. Most times I use it as a sense of humor. Other times I use it as a defense mechanism. Not so much a "defense" mode, but just as a way not to feel vulnerable. Who likes to feel vulnerable? Not me. But, sometimes being open and vulnerable can be a good thing--if you trust the other person. This is something that I've gotta work on, letting people in. Yes I'm guarded, because I don't want to get hurt. But I think I need to allow myself to loosen up and let the guard down a little. It just may be worth it, soon....

Shuai ge!

Ok, lemme see if I can get this done in two minutes or less.....

Life is good.

I love going to church!

I'm the ward organist again. I LOVE sitting on the stand :)

I got to hang with my two teenage nephews all weekend. So fun and funny!!!

I got to hang with Berkeley this past Saturday. SO MUCH FUN!!! I'll have to post pics soon. I love him dearly...such good times!!

My family just got back from Hawaii. It was starting to get too quiet, but I did love the silence.

My birthday is in 11 days. Not sure of what I want to do...but I feel the pressure to make it a memorable birthday since it's my "DirtyThirty"! If all else fails then I can always go get my "e." tattoo at my friend's shop.

I got early birthday gifts from my family (from Hawaii) and my awesome missionary nephew in Fiji!!

Have I mentioned how much I thoroughly ENJOY church!! :) Seriously, I have a smile the whole time....it's WONDERFUL!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Friday Nite Fun!

Last Friday night, some friends had a movie night. We watched "Date Night", but honestly, I couldn't quite focus on the movie. There were a lot of funny scenes, but I can't remember most of the story line. I was a lil......distracted. It was a VERY fun night and I had a MARVELOUS time laughing and being sarcastic with "Camp" [See below, far left]. Camp is a pretty awesome guy, very intriguing!! WAAAAAAY fun to talk with and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way we're both sarcastic and cynical. I think this is going to be a very lovely friendship....
Thanks for the fun night Laos!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yep, just like the camp....

There's this guy I've been checkin' out from my YSA ward.
He's HOT as can be, but man....one thing I cannot get over is his laugh.
It's loud and VERY DISTINCT!!! To describe it, I would say that it sounds like he's hyperventilating.
Just goes to show that everyone has their flaws, even the hot ones.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Today, my nephew Elder L has been out on his mission for exactly a year!! A YEAR!!! With one more year to go. I'm so proud of him. I miss him terribly!! I remember crying so much last year when he left because it felt like I was losing a younger brother and son (we're close in age and I remember all of his milestones since birth). I know that he brings an amazing spirit to Fiji. He's outgoing, talkative, highly energetic and friendly. He's warm, funny and can be very nurturing. I can't wait to see him in year when he comes home as a man, when it was only yesterday that he left as a boy.
Tomorrow is my nephew Bubba's birthday. He'll be the big 18! He's really grown in this last year, both physically and emotionally/mentally. He's always had a soft spot in my heart since the day he was suppose to come home from the hospital. I remember the day we went to go pick him up from the hospital, but he wasn't released due to some (non serious) health complications. I remember my Mom and I crying and not fully understanding why this precious little baby boy couldn't come home with us. I was so bummed. I just wanted my lil baby nephew to come home to us and his 2 year old brother. After he was cleared, I remember feeling so joyful. Finally he was ours to hold and squeeze and cuddle with all we wanted. I remember his chest and how big and firm it was for a baby. He was always a big solid boy. A lot of times people would assume that he and his older brother were twins. Bubba's name, "Kealoha-pauole" translated from Hawaiian means, "Love never ending". He's certainly lived up to his name. It's hard to pinpoint the one thing I love most about Bubba. There's so many things I love about him. Maybe I'll do a list of the 18 things I love about him:

1. I'm glad he's 6'3....he can reach for all the stuff that I can't reach!! (which seems to be a lot these days).

2. He's naturally strong. Such a blessing because he can lift A LOT (ie: he can carry three 5 gallon water jugs with EASE!)

3. Whenever I fall asleep with my glasses on and can't find them in the morning, all I have to do is walk up to him, squinty eyed, and he searches for my glasses without being asked.

4. His patience/tolerance level is high. One can never tell if he's annoyed. It takes A LOT to bug him.

5. He's FUNNY!! I always can count on him for a good laugh. I love asking him to do his "Nacho Libre" impression!

6. As an artist who knows color palettes, I always turn to him if for a last minute fashion decision. He's really good at helping me choose my jewelry & shoes!

7. As his older brother is away, he's been a tremendous blessing to his Mom. If I have a son, someday, I hope he can be a wonderful son like Bubba!

8. He knows a lot of about music, from MANY different genres. We always like to quiz each other on bands and songs.

9. Speaking of music, for the last couple of months he's been teaching himself the piano. He's getting really good at it. I think that he may even become better than me!

10. He's really good at all the sports I've watched him play. I think he's a natural and confident competitor. Sometimes his confidence turns into cockiness, but it's Mr. "Love Never Ending", so it's hard to stay mad at him! As for his competitive side, everything because a game or a race....like who can put their seatbelt on the fastest!

11. I always enjoy hangin' with Bub because we don't need to talk all the time to have a good time. Sometimes we can sit in silence and there's no awkwardness or need to speak.

12. He doesn't get mad at me when I suddenly covet his t-shirts...and never give it back. Speaking of which, I've been enjoying his new light blue V neck shirt :)

13. He's chill. He's not one for drama. He's cool, calm & collective.

14. He listens. Whenever I start to freak out about some feminine thing, he just sits back and listens. And he knows how to respond!

15. Even though I gave him the nickname "Bubba" years ago, he doesn't get mad anymore when I call him "Bubbie". Which I only do if I REALLY want him to do something for me.

16. He was such a cute little boy!! He had such stringy blonde hair. He had dimples which were high on his cheeks, right below his eyes. Such the cutest thing!!!

17. He never seems to stay mad at anyone or hold a grudge. He has a very forgiving heart.

18. He may be big, but he's a very gentle giant. Most people assume that "big guys" are mean and rough, but Bubba is a teddy bear. He's very kind and caring.

He's been such a tremendous blessing to our family. I could not even imagine our family without him. I'm so blessed to have him in my life and to be an eternal family with him. He makes me laugh and has a loving spirit. Thank you Heavenly Father for blessing us with Bubba ♥.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Quickie!

I'm at my cousin's house baking a cake to make my Aunt Moana's Trifle! So deliciously YUMMY!!! We're having a friend & his family over for dinner tonight. Preston served his mission in San Diego, several years ago. Fun fun!
Bubba (my nephew) and I went to the YSA FHE (Young single adult - Family home evening) last night. Heard a great lesson on Missionary Work which really made me reminisce about my mission. Gosh, I loved it!! I wish I could do it all over again. Tristan, who taught the lesson, referenced Elder Rasband's General Conference talk from April. I know I was sent to New Jersey for a reason. I'm grateful for it because I LOVE everyone I met from day 1 of my mission to the very end of it! I know that I wouldn't have had the same mission had I served in Tonga than in New Jersey. Heavenly Father knew that I needed New Jersey more. In an email I just sent my nephew, Elder L, I told him that he will forever think of his mission every day of his life! How very very true that is!!
Other than that, I'm really grateful to be back in the YSA ward (church congregation). Although a lot of my friends have moved and gotten married, I'm still grateful to meet new people. Especially some of the hot guys there!! :) I'm getting a lot more out of church and look forward to the activities. I've missed that feeling! Although, attending the YSA ward again really makes me miss Elder L. He's been on his mission for a year now. I miss him terribly!!! I can't wait for him to come home in ONE YEAR!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! But then I'll be sad again because Bubba will be leaving for his mission then :( Oh my poor heart can only handle so much!!!

Alrighty, well I better get home and get started on this DELICIOUS Trifle!!!

**p.s. After posting this--I just received a text message from my mission president. I texted him on Sunday for his birthday. P.Daw was the best! Like I said, an RM will always think of their mission....

Friday, August 6, 2010

Randi meet Friday.....

Hi Randi, it's been a while....

-Tomorrow is the start of this weekend's US Open Sandcastle Competitions in Imperial Beach!! I'm so stoked!! I can't wait!

-I'm so glad that my nephew, Elder L will be home in a year!!! A YEAR!!!! THANK GOODNESS!! I miss him so much!! I cannot wait to see the adult he's grown up to be!!

-Bubba, my second nephew will be celebrating his 18th birthday tomorrow. I still remember when he was born!! Has that much time really flown by???

-So I haven't seen my BFF for about 2 weeks. Seriously, I'm bummed that it's been that long. Sure we text, but to actually talk in person is waaaaay better. :( I'm going to try hard not to be too bummed. Ugh...I hate it when life gets too busy!

-Ok, that's all I really have on my mind. Thank goodness it's Friday.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In LOVE with a Viking♥

Meet Viking:


Chocolate crème brûlée and milk chocolate whipped cream are hidden between chocolate cake layers and smothered with fresh caramel. Crushed chocolate almond pralines surround this dark and dense torte. An absolute necessity for chocolate lovers!

Last night was my very good friend, Neffie's lil birthday shindig. As much as I love this friend...I love this chocolate cake just as much :) I told her that I felt like it was my birthday too, because this was definitely a gift from the Chocolate gods. God bless "Extraordinary Desserts"!!

Hmm...what else....

So I moved back to my ol' YSA ward. I'm really stoked to be back! There's a lot of new friends to be made and several HOT guys to be dealt with ;) I do miss my ol' friends who've gone off and gotten married...but I'm glad I still keep in touch with them!

Berkeley moved back from Utah. I'm so glad, I've missed him.

I got to see my friend PajamaPants the other day. He makes me laugh. I always have the best times with him. He's been on my mind a lot, lately. The other night I woke up from a nightmare that he died. I was tremendously sad. I started crying, I would never be able to bear such a loss. PajamaPants and I met while on our mission to Jersey and we've been friends ever since. It also helps that we live in the same city. He's the best guy listener in the world!!!! I know I can go to him with anything and he always makes it better. I trust him immensely and love him dearly. I'm so grateful for him and his friendship.

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