Monday, March 31, 2014

To the rescue!

Today, I'm so thankful for my sweetheart.  I'm thankful that he's the kind, caring man that he is, that he wouldn't leave me stranded at work with a flat tire.  I told him that I would figure out a way to take care of my tire and get home.  Even though I would have found a friend to help me change my tire, he still came all the way to my work to help me out.  I'm grateful he came because after pulling everything out, I found out that my spare was a little flat. No bueno.  I wanted to try to change it myself, since my YSA bishop taught our Relief Society a couple years back.   Once Levi came, I broke the news to him that my spare was also flat and off we went to the gas station.  We came back and he changed it for me, then followed me home.  He was so calm and patient throughout it all, and especially as we drove 50 mph on the freeway.  

Every day I'm more grateful for him.  I always wanted to find a man that could do all the manly things that my Dad did.  For the last several years, I'd get so bummed/frustrated whenever I had a car problem.  Car problems are the bane of my existence.  Thankfully, I've had my sister but now that I live away from my family, I'm so truly grateful for this man of mine and his many, MANY talents.  My cup runneth o'er. <3 font="">

Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Random 7-11 Meeting!

Today, Levi and I went to 7-11 to grab some Slurpees.  As I was waiting for Levi to finish up getting his drink, a guy across the island said to me, "Hey, I think I know you.  Are you Tongan?"  I was alarmed & confused.  I mean, that was a REALLY good guess, because A LOT of people have never heard of Tonga/Tongan, or just assume I'm Hawaiian and Samoan.  So this guy was convinced that he knew me, and he asked me my last name, and he said that he knew my brother from the mission.  I asked if he went to Ohio or Honduras, and he said, no, that hey knew my brother from the missionary training center back in the early 90's.  It was so random.  He said that I looked really familiar, so I figured he must have meant my older brother since I've always thought we looked most alike. 

Seriously, I was pretty tripped out.  It was so random and the fact that he guess Tongan, really impressed me.  Sometimes, I feel so foreign and out of place when people have never heard of Tonga.  Anyways, back to that Slurpee, Blue Raspberry wasn't such a bad idea.....

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday, March 19.

Today was just a crazy/off day. 

Maybe it's because I almost got into a car accident, on the way to work.

Or because I've been a lil more stressed at work since that chick got canned.  

Whatever the reason, I just wanted to get home to Levi and eat the dinner he so kindly prepared.

When I got off of work, this is what faced me:

I was NOT looking forward to the drive home.  Especially when it should only take me 13 minutes to get there.  But when I finally arrived home 45 minutes later, this is what came in the mail for me:

I was WAY stoked to get mail! Good mail!  It was a package from my friend's wife, who sent me essential oil samples of Wild Orange & Lavender.  Seriously, so kind of her!  So here I am, with a dab of lavender behind my ears and on the bottom of my feet.  I already feel so relaxed and a little less stressed.  I couldn't be more grateful.  I think I better get to sleep and let this lavender oil really do its job.  G'nite!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Random + Character Reference + Life in March

*Tonight, one of my best friends asked me to write a character reference letter for their court appearance.  Of course this was easy to do, because I have nothing bad to say about this person.  It made me think of what would be said for me, if I was ever in need of such a reference letter.  I guess it's the same for what I hope is said in my obituary some day.... I hope it's filled with good and funny things. 

*My sister's birthday was this past Wednesday.  We chatted that day, but I wasn't able to call or visit her.  Perhaps I'll swing by tomorrow, since I'll be down in her neck o' woods for....

*My Dad's birthday is tomorrow...I guess technically today.  I can't believe how old he is.  Time flies by so quickly.  Sometimes I look at him and wish he were 50 years younger.  I often wonder what it would be like to have been friends with my parents, at my age.   Sometimes I miss his laugh and his funny jokes, especially his magic tricks.  I'm glad I get to see my Dad tomorrow.

*Work is going pretty well, at least I think so.   Sometimes it's very interesting reading through certain court documents, as I prepare case files.  So far, I like everyone I work with.  Everyone's so nice, welcoming and positive.  I would most certain enjoy working there for MANY years to come.  A chick was fired this last week, oh man, it made me remember when I was fired once.  Dude, once you're fired you NEVER want to relive that experience again.  I felt for her because it all happened in about 2 minutes!  I don't know what she did or didn't do, but damn it definitely lit a fire under my butt because for the rest of the afternoon I pumped out those case files like no one's business!

*Jackass 3D just came on tv (censored)....oh man, some of that junk makes me crack up!!  Duck Hunting--YES!!!

*Levi and I went to see 300: Rise of an Empire today.  Intense!! 

*Hermanita and I went to San Diego Home Cooking this past Thursday.  Oh man, SUPER FRIGGIN DELISH!! I was tellling Tat about it, and now we'll be going back on Tuesday with Brighty.  It's like a cross between Denny's and Marie Callender's.  Their buns are THE BEST!!*

*Ok, it's late and a big beautiful, luxurious bed is calling out for me! G'nite!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Square Life: February/March

Life, via Instagram...
Finally tried the greatness which is Smashburger.  Oh man, seriously dig that place! And those fries are too good!

Enjoyed Sunday Brunch at Bali Hai restaurant today.  What a perfectly gorgeous day!  Fantastic views and SCRUMPTIOUS food!! I was so stuffed, I didn't eat anything for the rest of the day.  Did I mention it was DELISH!??!

I think I'm part Otter.  Poor Levi, I think I need to have a barrier sometimes.

Birch Aquarium - Beautiful fishes and aquatic life! 

I definitely need to frame this post card.  I love it so much!

Spent an evening with Hermanita eating Carne Asada Fries @ Lolita's in Bonita.  Probably the BEST Mexican food EVER! Their Chimichangas are AMAAAAZING!

I got this fortune on my one month mark! I had to chuckle to myself! 

I'm grateful for all the jobs I had up until this one, to teach me the things that I use daily.  
Nicolosi's in El Cajon... it was good the first time, but it sure as hell can't beat Filippi's! 

I felt like I was about 6 years old, using this at work.  

Did a lil shoppin' at Sprout's...couldn't help but chuckle at this sign. 

Had the opportunity to attend a baptism at my old ward.  How I wish I could turn back time because I miss ALL of my dear friends from CVYSA. 

One life...make it a happy one.

I came across this postcard a couple weeks ago in North Park.  It was a super cute shop, and I just had to have this gem after reading it.  I feel like it's the best way to describe my life....right now.  I'm at a very happy place in life right now and I know it's just going to get better. 

Come what may and love it!

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Yesterday would have been my Tutu's (grandmother) birthday. She would have been 99 years young! :)  I think about her every day, mostly because I have this picture on my dresser to greet me:

It's been almost 11 years since she passed away.  I miss her voice, her scent and her leathery soft skin.  I look forward to the day I get to be in her presence again.  I miss her more than I can adequately express.  Since she and my Kuku lived in between Hawaii and Utah, I was use to long absences.  However, I know it will be a long time before I see her again, but just like my childhood, I know she still loves me and thinks about me...cause heaven knows I do the same each and every day.  
I love you, Tutu. Aloha mau no wau ia `oe.


Good Friday!

This morning, as I approached the elevators, one of the elevator doors opened up before I had to push the button.  I've noticed this every morning for the past week.  I love that! I like how the building attendants greet me in the morning and then call the elevators before I even reach them.  It made me smile as I rode up to the 9th floor.  Then I was greeted with a hearty "Mornin!" by Will, one of our front receptionists.  It made me happy, especially since it was Friday!
During my morning break, I went outside for some fresh air.  On the way back in, I waited for the elevators with another woman.  She mumbled something about being sorry about her squeaky wet shoes, from the rain outside.  We both walked into the same elevator, then I looked up and realized that it was an old co-worker.  It made me so happy to see a familiar face!  I really enjoyed working at that old job, so many great times with such fun people!
As much as I really enjoy my job, I just wish I had a familiar face or a good acquaintance there.  It gets a little lonely being the new girl.  Almost every day for the last 3.5 weeks, I'd eat my lunch outside and then call Levi.  At my last few jobs, I always knew a person or two beforehand, so I already had a friend to begin with.  For lunch, I went over to WhichWich and came across the new temp in the office.  As I left the office earlier, I wanted to ask if she was going to WhichWich again since I had seen her frequent the eatery for the last week.  When I picked up my lunch from the counter, I saw her and I stopped by her table.  I ended up joining her, we talked while we ate and had some good laughs.  Ahh....I was making a friend at work.  It was just nice to be able to get to know someone who was new to the office as well, someone I could relate to.  It was very pleasant. 
I loved the surprise that awaited me at home.  It was unlike any welcome home I ever had.  Oh how I love my Levi.  Plus an Italian dinner....mmm mmm lasagna!  I also got to talk to my nephew Bub tonight.  Man how I love that kid.  I just love my nephews so much because they're like younger brothers and good friends, wrapped up in one.  It was a good talk full of laughter.  I love laughing with that guy!  I miss him so much.  Oh how I wish I could have my nephews and niece all under one roof again.  
I'm so grateful for the big and small blessings of today.  I'm grateful for safety of traveling to and from work in the crazy rain today.  I'm so thankful for the job I have, it's just so great. I'm thankful for the good news my best friend received in regards to her unborn baby boy.  I wanted to cry with such happy grateful tears.  
Good Friday? Yes indeed!
A lil gem I spotted at the stoplight, on the way home tonight.  Not everyday I see my name on a license plate. 

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