Friday, May 30, 2014

Work Dreams.

This week, I've had 3 dreams about work.  Not really something I'm excited to admit.  I mean, really, who has dreams about work?!? 
About an hour ago, Levi woke me up because I was talking in my sleep about SODA's (Statement of Deposit Accounts) and move-out statements! So so soooooooo odd! I mean, it's a little funny that I was in his face asking if he had a SODA... poor guy was probably confused why I was asking about a drink and move-out statement.
Speaking about work....
I think this is how I felt with the load of work we had dropped on us today. 
And then we got an email from one of the lawyers that we have so much work backed up that we're sitting on 1,200 files totaling about $4.2 million dollars!
We had a team meeting on Wednesday and we were told that we had about 500 UD (unlawful detainer) files waiting to be opened.  I was shocked.  Then when I received the email today about 1,200 files waiting to be opened and waiting on supporting docs, my shoulders felt a little heavier.  There's only 6 of us on the team that actually open files each day, so to say we feel overwhelmed is a huge understatement.  The pressure is definitely on! That is for damn sure! However, I'm so thankful for my team, because we get along so well and work great together! Love it!
But besides that, I continue to love this firm that I work for! Seriously, so awesome!!!  Chuy told me that after my 6 month mark, I qualify for "half days".  When the collectors make their goals each month, we get a [paid] half day off for the next month!  I mean, how cool is that?! 
Have I mentioned how much I love this firm?!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Too Funny Thursday!

What a funny, crazy day!
Today, I was told that I would have my 90 day review at noon.  The last two times, I had a few days notice and the anticipation would build up.  I liked having the short notice so that I wouldn't get so nervous.  Surprisingly the review went better than I could have ever imagined.  Seriously, some of the nicest things I've ever heard concerning my job performance.  I can't hide the fact that I thoroughly enjoy my job and those I work with.  It's such an awesome office!
About a half hour after my review, my client team (there's 7 of us) received an email with Unlawful Detainer files that we had to open.  Although the email was addressed to all 7 of us, it was basically 20 files each for Tina, Chuy & myself.  My cubicle is in the far corner, with Tina on one side and Chuy right next to me.  When I received the email, I quietly wailed, "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo"...but then I realized that CC started laughing (she sits on the other side of Chuy---two cubes away from me) as well as Brie, one of my supervisors I just had my review with.  I seriously didn't think that anyone other than Tina would have heard that! Everyone on the client team started laughing! Luckily, a manager had just emailed us saying that he was leaving early for the day so I jokingly exclaimed, "I was just bummed that he was leaving early! Such a bummer! Oh by the way, what's this? An email from Brie?! I better look into this!"  and everyone laughed even more.  Seriously, so dang funny! My face was so bright red because I was so embarrassed I had no idea that everyone heard my little Tourette moment. I went over to Tina's cube and she was still dying from laughter.  Ugh....embarrassing, but oh so funny!
I also forgot how to transfer a call to one of our attorneys.  Just as embarrassing.... Doesn't help when his office is about 10 feet from my cube. 
Lunch with Mamacita & Tina was also full of laughter.  We were talking about bugs & animals we're not too fond of and our reaction to them.  An hour of hilarity!!  Working with Mamacita & Tina is great! I'm so thankful to have friends, not just acquaintances, at work.
After work, Tina and I were waiting for the elevator to head to the garage.  One of the five elevators is a little faulty.  Apparently, it stops in between floors and for one co-worker, the elevator stopped along with the AC & lights.  That just happened to be the elevator to pick up Tina and I, this evening.  I'm not gonna lie, I get a little nervous whenever that particular elevator opens up.  Tina and I got in and hit the button for the garage.  As we descended, it suddenly stopped at the 3rd floor and lingered.  The doors didn't open, it just lingered.  I started to get nervous and thought, "Oh no, the lights and AC are gonna give out any second!" Next thing I know, the elevator started moving and we started to go up!  The doors opened on the 7th floor and a woman got in.  I wanted to get out and wait for another elevator, but it was too late.  We started going down again and the elevator stopped on the 3rd floor and the doors opened up this time.  No one got in, but I jumped out! There's was no way I was going to ride this faulty elevator again!  Tina and I waited for an elevator to come and wouldn't you know it... the faulty one came back up, sans 7th floor woman!  I totally thought she was going to be in it but I guess she got to the garage floor, so that gave me some hope that this dang elevator wasn't so faulty after all.  We got in and it slooooooowly descended to the garage floor.  Stupid elevator....ugh!  We got out and started laughing more! Oh what a day!
What a funny day of laughter! Man, I loved it!  Guess you had to be there....

Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Happy Place.

Some might think this post is crazy, but I just wanted to post about our bed. This is my most favorite spot in the entire world.  I love this bed so much!! It is big, beautiful and extremely comfortable.  Every morning, it's so difficult leaving this lusciousness of comfort.  Seriously, it's VERY difficult.  It just sucks me in and keeps me trapped there!  Even if I lie down for a second, minutes fly by so easily. 
Another reason why I love this spot so much is because of who I share it with.  The bed always feels a little bit bigger when he's not there, with me.  Sometimes I come home from work, before he's home, and throw myself on this bed to just relax.  I love sprawling out on it, but I'd much rather share it with my sweetheart.
All in all, this is probably the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on, in my entire life.  I love it so much!  Jokingly, I told Levi, "I think I love this bed more than some of my friends."  It's not the friends, it's just this bed is so perfect.
So so SO perfect! 


Friday, May 23, 2014

Tear jerker.

With my period coming up, why oh WHY would I watch a video like this?!?!
I can't even see straight now and my face is wet!
Ugh....I felt like I was crying as if I had a soldier coming home or something!!

This makes me ever so grateful for the service that these men and women give for our country and for the freedoms we enjoy.  I'm also grateful to those families who go without their loved ones for the sake of our freedoms.  To those families, my heart goes out to them.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Happy Birthday SimiSimSim!

Today, this kid turns 24! Seriously, TWENTY FOUR!! First off, I was just 24 and he was a kid!! How in the world is this lil guy:

now this man of twenty-four years?!
Time has flown by way too quickly! I don't remember much of his birth day, except that I remember going to the hospital to go visit him the next day (later that day?) to go see him.  I remember I was in 4th grade and was tripped out that I had a nephew! I was an aunt! I always felt like he was more of my younger brother, than my actual nephew.  However, I'm grateful that he's always respected me as an aunt, but treated me like an older sister. 
This year, I am touched by his birthday request.  He requested, via Facebook, that we all go out and do a random act of service for someone.  Seriously, that made me so proud of him! That touched my heart so deeply. 
I love my nephew Sim.  He's got a very good heart.  He truly does.  I know that he is always one I can count on to say something uplifting and to see the good amongst the muck of life.  My wish for him on his special day, is that he finds peace in all areas of his life.  He deserves it...and much, much more.
Happy birthday SimiSimSim! I love you!

Monday, May 19, 2014


It's 12:39am, Monday morning.
I should be asleep, considering I need to be at work in 7.75 hours.
My stomach has been weird today.  Not too sure what I ate, especially since Levi & I eat the same things on the weekend and he's feeling fine.  I, on the other hand, am not feeling fine.
Today, I was sitting on our bedroom floor sorting stuff, when I suddenly got some cramping in my stomach.  I thought it was menstral cramps, since my period starts this week. Within a few seconds, it turned from cramps to a really bad stomach ache.  I leaned on my basket because it was just too much all at once.  Then the bad stomach ache felt like I suddenly needed to throw up. 
I HAAAAAAAAAATE throwing up.  Everything about it just disgusts me!!
So I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet.  I kept an eye on the trash can cause I felt like my head might be in it, in the next few seconds.  I'd rather throw up in the trash can than hover over a toilet bowl (which is the entire reason why I'll NEVER drink in my life--I just imagine myself hungover, with my head in a toilet. GROSS!)
Anyways, I ended up showering and just lying down on our bed.  I've gotta say, our bed is the most comfortable place in the entire universe. It sucks us in EVERY time we lie down.  Sometimes, it's so hard to get out of bed in the mornings because it's just so damn cozy & relaxing.  It is so easy to spend 75% of our weekends in this bed. I LOVE this bed too much!
So I figured out what it could be.  Yesterday, as in Saturday, we picked up a Quinoa salad and I ended up having two servings of it.  So delicious...but apparently, pretty potent to my system.  I forgot that I was packed with A LOT of fiber and my body isn't use to that much fiber all at once.  I also forgot to up my water intake due to all this fiber! Ugh.. I just hope it goes away before work....or else it's gonna be a really, REALLY long Monday.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Yesterday was Mother's Day and I was fortunate enough to spend it with some of my favorite people...
I know the last photo isn't the very best of my Mom, but I like it.  I'm glad I was able to get a photo with her, even though she just popped in the last shot without knowing we were doing IncrediBooth photos. 
I've thought a lot about my relationship with my Mom.  The last few years, our relationship has been rocky.  We haven't seen eye to eye on certain topics, but I know deep down inside that she loves me.  I've often gotten frustrated with her because I thought she wasn't the kind of Mom I wanted.  Heaven knows, she's probably thought the same thing about me, as a daughter.  I can only hope that she knows that I've tried to be the very best daughter I knew how to be, because I'm pretty sure that she's tried to be the very best Mom that she knew how to be, for me. 
At the heart of it all, I'm grateful for all that she has ever taught me.  Sometimes, I miss seeing her every day, but not a day goes by when she doesn't cross my mind, because of something she taught me.  Thanks Mom.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bye Baby Basil.

A week and a half ago, I planted my $1 Target Sweet Basil.  I was pretty stoked since I had seen my niece have some success with her little Basil & Cilantro plants.  This past weekend, I saw that I had quite a few sprouts.  YAAAAAY!! My closest thing to a garden and I couldn't be any happier!

Sometimes, I'd put it on the windowsill so my Sweet Basil plant would get full sun during the day.  Most times, I'd leave it on the kitchen table so it'd still get some light and I could enjoy looking at it while eating dinner. 
This morning, before leaving for work, I decided to move it back to the windowsill.  As I was looking at it, I was already imagining what it'd taste like. It was almost to the windowsill, when the bottom totally slipped out from the cover and fell.  It hit the floor before I even realized that it fell out.  Seriously, I was so soooooooo bummed! I know it's not a big deal to some, but I loved watching it grow.  I think I just miss having my own garden.  I miss being able to have fresh veggies that I grew myself.  I got to work and quickly emailed Levi to tell him what happened.  I'm thankful he's so sweet and tender with me.  It makes me look forward to what he'll be like with our children, someday. 
Sad day.... even sadder when you have to come home and see the poor baby Basil sprouts still on the floor.  :(  Bummer.  Guess I'll be going back to Target soon. Sigh...

Sunday, May 4, 2014

May the 4th be with you!

I always love having dates with my sweetheart.  Luckily, I can buy discounted movie tickets at my work, so we went to see Spidey 2.  I enjoyed the movie, especially since Levi is such a fan.  I won't give any spoilers, but I could have REALLY enjoyed the movie, except for one part. :(

We enjoyed some Panda Express right before the movie.  I'm a fan of fortune cookies, as cheesy as they sound.  However, sometimes, I think they can be pretty spot on.  See above.

On Friday, I got some AWESOME news!! There was an opening in another department for my firm, so I kicked it to my ol' coworker & good friend, Mamacita.  I submitted her resume to HR, and she came in for an interview a few days later.  Long story short, they were obviously impressed with her so she'll be starting in about a week.  Dude, I'm so so soooooooo stoked! I wish she was in my department, but I'm just so happy that we'll be working together again! Plus, it's such a terrific firm and I feel spoiled to work there.  I wanted her to enjoy these same spoils that I thoroughly enjoy!!  I can't wait!!  I think she'll definitely get along with Tina, so it'll be great to have two friends to work with!

Speaking of work, I'm way stoked to get to work tomorrow. I've got some packages that were delivered over the weekend, so I feel like it's Christmas all over again!  Ok, I'm off to bed now.  G'nite.
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