Sunday, July 31, 2011

Public Service Announcement: BYOC!

*BYOC means "Bring your OWN chair".

When a party invite says, "Bring something to sit on" or "Bring your own chair"--it would be wise if you did.  Because even though you think, "Oh I'll just sit here for a moment" or "There's enough blanket to share"--the owner might have other plans.  (Or maybe the owner doesn't wanna look like a douche bag by trying to be nice about TRYING to get their chair back.)

Such as: Using the chair they brought for themselves. 


Sharing the blanket with a significant other.  

Either way.... 
Bring YOUR OWN chair for YOUR OWN use!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Just like the underwear...

 ...I'd have a different Reef slipper for every "DAY" of the week!








Oh man, I'd be the happiest person alive if I could wear Reef slippers everyday.  Well... I already do :)

10 Day YOU Challenge: 4

(4) Marley & Me...or anything by John Grogan.  Love his writing style!
(3) Memoirs of a Geisha. I love Japan even more because of this book!
(2) Like Water for Chocolate. Makes me want to cook more often!
(1) One Hundred Years of Solitude--HATE HATE HATE this book.  


My nephew Bub is back in town for a bit til his missionary brother comes home from Fiji!!

My heart is so full to have 3 outta 4 of my sister's kids in town!!!


Bub's birthday and Simi will be home!!!  2 blessings in one!!!  

Tonight was the start of our Stake YSA Conference.  So far, so goooooood! 

I got my grades back from this semester. Oh man, I did pretty GREAT in my English class. I'm so ecstatic for it!! YAAAAAYYYY!!!!

Tomorrow I get to hang out with Bub & run some errands and then MORE Conference goodies!! Can't wait!!

This is shaping up to be a pretty awesome weekend!! 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thin is In!

I wanna spend a week in this house!
(It's [possibly] the world's thinnest house @ 4 feet wide and 28 inches at it's narrowest!)
Isn't it crazy, trippy & pretty cool?!?!  

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

10 Day YOU Challenge: 5

cinco: The Viking Cake from Extraordinary Desserts
4: Pepperoni & Sausage pizza from The Pie Pizzeria in SLC, UT
tre: My Peruvian Bean & Chicken soup--SO DELISH!!
2: Anything Mama McK makes... Oh I miss her so!
un: The cheese bread @ Mastoris Diner in Bordentown, NJ.

"No Bueno" Tuesday :(

I dropped my glasses in the shower this morning.  It's kinda fixable. I just need to find the super glue.  But for now I have to wear my contacts, which unfortunately were giving me problems yesterday.

UGH! + GRR!! = Tuesday for Ehu

Man...I'm HUNGRY!!!  I haven't eaten anything ALL. DAY.!!  LESS THAN A WEEK!!! I grow more excited with each passing day!!! I can't wait!! THEN... I can't wait til my missionary nephew comes home!! Man, I'm like ravaging hungry.  Ravaging...? Hmm, well I'm so hungry I could eat a horse! 

or is it 'cow'? Hell, I'm so hungry I could eat both!!

6 DAYS!!! 

AND 17 DAY!!! 


Monday, July 25, 2011

Good Monday to you too!

I feel cute today.  Like really REALLY cute....and that was before I even put on make-up.  I like moments like that :) I'm happy today.  Like "can't-stop-smiling" happy!  I love this song...
I guess I'm happy because...

*I'm wearing the earrings that Hermanita sent me from New Mexico

*August 1 is ONE WEEK AWAY!!! Yeah, I'm gonna have a friend again!!

*I got to chat with my missionary nephew last night!! AUGUST 12!! CANNOT WAIT!!!

* I trimmed & straightened my hair today! I FEEL cute! And LOVE IT!!

*I'm just happy about life.

I mean, I don't really have anything THAT great to grin about...but I'm alive and I'm happy.  Besides, I heard back about last week's job interview, I didn't get the job.  I almost let it ruin my day, but a friend once told me, "There are no bad DAYS, just bad MOMENTS.  Why let it spoil the WHOLE day?"

I get to see my friends tonight and do a lil missionary work.   I've got my health, my family, good friends and the beach. I think life is pretty darn good! :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

10 day YOU Challenge: Six

[6] Kihei, Hawaii - the most beautiful place I've ever been to!
(five) San Diego, California--the most perfect place to live!
[4] Bora Bora, Tahiti - I look forward to honeymooning there!!
(three) Aotearoa..or in other words, New Zealand! I NEED to take a vaction there!
[2] A certain friend's couch, cuddling & watching movies together ;)
(one) Box seats @ Petco [baseball] park!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Always a good reminder....

Jesus said love everyone;
Treat them kindly, too.
When your heart is filled with love,
Others will love you.

[Children's Primary hymn]

10 Day YOU Challenge: Seven

[seven] To live in Coronado, California. 

Honeymoon in Bora Bora, Tahiti. [six]

[five] To see the world & taste its foods!

Experience Motherhood. [four]

[three] Aston Martin Vanquish in silver. 

My father's vision restored. [two]

[one] Peace & happiness to return to my family.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The good with the bad....

After last night's 'blog vomit', I almost thought about deleting the post. But then I thought about it more and decided against it.  I don't sugarcoat stuff or try to make my life seem like it's 100% happy-go-lucky.  That's not honest and that's not life.  Life is a rollercoaster.  Sometimes there's up and other times there's lows, dips and occasional upside downs.  It's life.

In the midst of my 'blog vomit', a couple things were holding me together:

-My long, slate blue Eddie Bauer sweater:  It's like a warm hug.  It's wonderful like a robe, but in sweater form.

 "Days Go By [acoustic]" by Dirty Vegas. It was the perfect blend of a chill beach vibe.  LOVE IT!!

-And this picture of Christ...
I'm working on a project with a friend and she sent me back a version of this picture.  (I don't wanna share what we've got brewing, yet).  It humbled me.  I do love my calling and this awesome opportunity to serve.  It humbled me because I doubt that Christ ever lost His cool.  He gave it all, including His life.  I need to follow His example more fully.  It's hard, but I still have room to grow and He gives me hope.  In the midst last night's blog, a thought came to mind..."I need the Atonement right now.  I need that emotional relief that comes through the Atonement." I'm grateful for the dips, the lows and the upside downs, it brings me to my knees in humility asking for help from my Heavenly Father.  Relief will come.... sometimes in the form of a loved one but always in the form Christ and His Atonement.  


Today's Thursday was not what I had imagined....

Man... Sometimes, there are moments when you're completely overwhelmed and it comes up suddenly.  I mean, one minute you're having a GREAT day and then it hits you like a ton of bricks.  Maybe not a ton of bricks, but it just keeps hitting you.  Like an ache in the side.  With no downtime or time to decompress.  

This morning I had a job interview, which just fell into my lap, and it went GREAT!! Probably the best job interview I ever had. I mean, I prayed hard and beloved friends prayed as well & sent good vibes by my way.  I was ecstatic! Afterwards I went to lunch with my sister and we even had my day just got better.  

I came home and thought I'd work on my 'to do' list of emails, missing assignments & RS calling stuff.  Then I got text messages from a couple of my classmates.  One wanting me to post stuff on our Facebook page to notify the class members of what he wanted the class to bring tonight (he was leading the discussion).  Then another (called twice [sent to voicemail twice], then text) wanting to know what to bring to class.  And another (text, called & also sent to voicemail) probably wanting to get a ride to class or wanting to know what we were to do for class.   Yesterday, another classmate emailed me wanting to know what she should teach for her class (we have 2 classes on Thursday nights, in regards to BYU-I's Pathway).  Amidst the texts today, I was also getting texted from a mentor who was also reminding me of my grades & assignments.  I know it was being done out of love, but I just felt like I was getting hit from all directions.  

I can only carry so much.  I'm getting tired.  I just need room to breathe.  

So I decided not to go to class tonight.  I just couldn't handle it all anymore.  I'm tired of the millions of questions from my classmates.  

"What's due tonight?"  "Where can I find this assignment online?" "Do you know what the instructor wants us to do?"  "When is it due?"  "What's the font size & word count for the essay?"  "What should I teach?"  "Can I get a ride?"  "Is there anything due tomorrow?"  "How was the test?"   "Which folder can I find it in?"   "Do you know the answers to questions [so and so]?"  "Did you read the email from the instructor?"  "Did you do the readings?"  "What's the case study about?"  "Do you know if we have to post our threads tonight?"

I get tired of it.  I just wanna say, "LOOK FOR YOURSELF!!!!!".   Of course I know the answers to the questions above, but that was because I looked for myself! I spent two more minutes on it before I gave up like most others did.  I just didn't want to be bothered anymore. I couldn't handle it anymore.  I just wanted to turn my phone off and that's what I did.  

However, I ended up at Wal Mart with my sister because I wanted chocolate to somehow cheer up my spirit. Can I just say, NEVER GO TO WAL MART if you're having a bad moment.  It can just get worse!! UGH PEOPLE!!

So I had dinner.  Ate my chocolate.  And fell asleep.  It was nice.  VERY nice.  I'm still not in the best of moods.  I woke up and thought I'd pop my battery back in my phone.  Turned it on.  4 new emails and an inbox FULL of texts.......................*heavy sigh*.  "Where are you?" "Are you coming tonight?" "Why aren't you here in class?"  "Are you coming to volleyball?".  Only one was really welcomed, "How was your interview this morning?"  Thank you Nash. 

I took the battery back out.  Finished my chocolate.  And here I now sit.  I checked my Facebook for a few seconds--4 new emails & 13 notifications.  *deeeeeeeeeeeeep sigh*  I didn't check what the emails or notifications had to say. 

I've just been feeling so overwhelmed.  I had a bout with my Meniere's today.  I've been feeling it a lot more lately.  The stress level has been up lately.  With my Meniere's, I get fatigued more easily than others.  Whether stress is good or bad, it affects my Meniere's tremendously. (My doctor explained "good stress" as anticipation for a vacation--or in my case, the arrival home of dear ones). I'm thankful Nash had me over last night to visit teach me. It was a lovely dinner with her, her husband and their baby daughter that I adore.  It was nice to just breath and get away and not always be, "Ehu the student" or "Ehu the Relief Society president". I could just be, "Tia Ehu" and I was completely happy.

I don't know what to do.  Yes I pray, of course.  But man, I need some sort of relief.  I feel worn out.  But I can't because I've got a Relief Society activity on Saturday, then the stake YSA conference next weekend.  I just wish I had someone.  Someone to care for me.  Someone to lighten my load. I mean, I am so truly grateful for my sister.  She has been the biggest blessing in my life.  She's been my best friend, my confidante and sometimes my only family member.  I feel like I've been going at 100%, but it doesn't feel like enough.  I feel like I need to do more and be more.   I just don't know what to do.  I guess I wish I had a significant other because sometimes I just want to have someone to confide in.  Someone to hug me at the end of the day and say, "Thank you for all you do. I love you". My shoulders are only so big.  I'm trying to be a pillar of strength to all those around me, but I can only handle so much.   I feel like I have to up & running when I'm awake.   I have to be, "Ehu the only child who still gives a damn about church", "Ehu the good for nothing daughter that doesn't compare to her 2 cherished apostate brothers", "Ehu the cool & chill friend", "Ehu the fun Relief Society president", "Ehu the classmate that knows when everything is due", "Ehu who can listen to all problems under the sun", "Ehu the comedian", etc. 

I just wanna be Ehulani. 


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

10 Day YOU Challenge: Eight

ocho: I'll never fulfill my dreams/goals, like attending BYU-Hawaii.
siete: I'll never get married and/or have kids.
seis: I'll die a long/painful a plane crash.
cinco: I'll get in a bad car accident. 
cuatro: I won't get to see the world!
tres: [TMI] I'll never experience 'the love of my life' & an earth shattering orgasm. 
dos: I'll end up 'settling'.
uno: Roller coaster rides--NO thanks Six Flags!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Auntie Mame = Tia Ehu

When I was a kid, I remember watching Auntie Mame with my Mom.  It was an old movie about an eccentric aunt who took in her nephew, after her brother's unexpected death.   
For some reason, this movie always stuck with me. I guess I liked it because she was such a free spirit, and I was already an aunt at the time I watched this (I was 10).  I always wanted to grow up to be fun & exciting like Auntie Mame!  
I've loved being an aunt.  It's been such a pleasure.  But I guess I'm going through some withdraws because 2 of my nephews are adults [21 & 19 y/o] and the other two kids are growing up so quickly! So now I've started to "adopt" my friends' kids....
I LOVE my friends & cousins children, as if they're my own nephews & nieces.  Lately, I've been so fond of my friend Nash's lil girl.  Oh I love her to pieces!! I can't get enough of her! And I LOOOOOOVE the fact that Nash refers to me as, "Tia Ehu" ('Tia' is 'Aunt' in Spanish).  I have other friends who refer to me as 'Auntie Ehu' when they're speaking to their kids--I LOVE IT!! In Hawaii, it's a sign of respect & a term of endearment to refer to men & women as, "uncle" & "auntie".  I know that when I have children someday, my closest friends will be my children's "aunties" & "uncles".  I can't wait for the day... 

10 Day YOU Challenge: Nine

nine. Sunday afternoon naps! 
eight. The Viking cake from Extraordinary Desserts.
seven. Earrings!
six. Walking & talking with friends.
five. Smooth jazz music.
four. Kissing, cuddling & holding hands.
three. Kihei, Maui
two. Living in San Diego & only 5 minutes from the beach.
one. My nephews & nieces.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

10 Day YOU Challenge: Ten

one. I wish someone would throw me a surprise birthday party.
two. I've been missing my hair a lot more lately, but I also wanna shave it! Ugh, stupid "in between" stage.  
three. I wish I was married with kids already. And I envy my friends who are.
four. I really REALLY want a tattoo. 
five. I LOATHE my Family Proclamation class from BYUI Pathway.
six. I can't help but drive 80 mph on the freeway. 
seven. My first kiss didn't happen until I was 25.
eight. I'm so head over heals for Mr. Red...but I know it's pointless. He's my Mr. Perfect. Oh well...
nine. I wish I was more tender and feminine.
ten. I'm very sensitive and use sarcasm as a defense mechanism, sometimes. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Birthdays on Facebook.

I don't like being fake. 

But I feel fake when I wish someone a happy birthday on Facebook. 

Only because, I never knew when their birthday was until Facebook notified me.  

Fake birthday greetings. 

If it's a real friend, one in which I knew their actual birthday, then I would call them or send a card.

Am I the only one who feels this way?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Questions NOT to ask a missionary's family:

On the drive home with my sister tonight, we were going over some of the things we're CONSTANTLY asked as we look forward to my nephew's homecoming from his 2 year Mormon mission to Fiji.  Here are the questions and some of the responses I'd really REALLY like to reply with...

Do you miss him?
Are you kidding me?!?! OF COURSE!!! I missed him the second he left!! Have you ever missed someone? Take those feelings, multiply it by an infinity and then maybe you'll feel half of what I've felt for the last 2 years.
Are you excited for him to come home?
WHAT DO YOU THINK?? I've been excited since the very second he left!!  I was already looking forward to him coming home as he read his mission call! 
Didn't that go by fast?
NO!! NO IT DID NOT!!! While you barely noticed he was gone, I was counting every single day he's been gone and every single day til he's to return home.  STOP. ASKING. THIS.!! 
How is he doing?
Well, maybe if you wrote/emailed him, you would know as well. He sends home a weekly [group] email and his letters are posted on his Facebook.  Check there. 
What is he going to do when he gets home?
a. sleep
b. go to school
c. date & try to get married ASAP
d. all of the above because he's now an "RM" [returned missionary]
When is he coming home?
Two years since you last saw him.  August 12, 2011.
Is he happy where he's at?
He's in Fiji, in a beautiful south Pacific island.  Let's think this one over....
We miss him terribly, of course we do.  We love him so much and can't wait for him to come home.  It's been a very long 2 years and await his arrival with open arms and loving hearts.  In the same breath of excitement we're happy/sad that his brother will be leaving us shortly afterwards for his own 2 year mission as well.

Let the questions begin, again......

Saturday, July 9, 2011

To shave or not to shave......

I was looking through some Facebook photos and came across one from a friend's FB.  Then it made me start to REALLY miss my shaved head :( like A LOT!! 
I LOVED having a shaved head! It was fast and easy when getting ready because I didn't have long curly hair to do.   To be honest, I felt more feminine with a shaved/buzzed head! I think it was because I had to overcompensate with make-up & accessories.
I guess I'm just tired of long hair and LOVE the easiness of short hair!
Would I shave my head again?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Amen to that!

"Good or bad I know who I am...and I own it."


"If people can't handle the truth, it's really not my problem." 

(Totally LOVE these quotes....I feel like it's SO me!)

Sugar & Spice...and everything nice!

I use to dote on my three nephews.  I loved (still love) them so much.  They're more like younger brothers since I'm closer in age to them than my own older siblings.  I still rather hang out with them than most of my friends. Nothing against my friends, but we're just really close friends and have our inside jokes.  They say that they think of me as their older sister--I'm perfectly ok with that. I love them dearly and miss having all three of them under the same roof. 

I also have a niece.  

Due to the age difference, I think of her more as my niece.  I'm old enough to be her Mom, so we don't exactly have that older/younger sibling bond.  I always thought it would be SO different once she was born. I wasn't use to having a girl around.  I didn't know all that it would entail.  At first it was pink girly stuff.  Eh...not really my cup of tea since it was a good 11 years of just boy stuff.  However, I wanted her to be girly and very feminine, because I'm I helped feed into all that stuff.  

I still help feed into that stuff.  

And I'm glad I do. I like the little woman she's developing into.  She's so girly and learning to be feminine. I like the way she dresses up and does her hair just right.  I always help her be mindful of her nails and we paint them together.  She's sweet, kind and warm hearted.  She teaches me to become more of that each day because heaven knows I need all the help I can get.  I never thought I'd enjoy being an aunt for a niece.  My niece is awesome!! She knows so many different songs and artists!! I LOVE IT!! One minute she's looking for Guns & Roses on my iPod, next minute she's looking for Barbara Streisand or Bob Marley.  She's just such a cool kid!! I couldn't have asked for a COOLER kid niece than her!!  I actually enjoy hanging out with her.  A couple weeks ago I showed her how to fill up gas in my car and to fill the tires with air.  I like teaching & showing her new the Twilight Zone.  In turn, we like to watch Glee together and she shows me new music.   

I can't help but think that I've been spoiled with the coolest niece & awesome nephews!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gas = $3.59/gal.



One of my pet peeves is giving people a ride--ESPECIALLY when it's the SAME people asking EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!!


Ok, so this has always been my pet peeve, but has started to become of a nuisance these days.  I don't like the way it inconveniences my time & schedule.  I don't like them being on my schedule or vice versa.  I always allocate enough time for me to get ready and travel from my point of origin.  When someone asks for a ride, it throws off my schedule.    
If someone asks me for a ride after an event/activity/party, I feel bad if I want to stay and talk to my friends.  I feel like they're just waiting around on me.  I don't like answering to people--if I wanna stay and talk/hang out, then that's my choice.   
I have one friend in particular who asks for a ride at least once a week.  I would be more willing to give her a ride if I didn't ALWAYS have to wait 10-15 minutes for her to come out of her place.  I ALWAYS tell her that I'll text/call as I'm leaving my house, then text/call her when I'm a block away so she can meet me outside.  It doesn't matter cause I ALWAYS end up waiting at least 10 minutes for her to come out.  Sometimes I'm SO tempted to drive away.
At times I feel like leaving a church activity early just so I can get out of the incessant questioning of obtaining a ride. Or just not telling anyone if I'm going to an activity so I don't have to give anyone a ride.  It's bad when people I don't even know ask me for a ride.  WTH?!


Now I sound like a douche....     whatevers

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I LOVE 4th of July!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the 4th of July!!! Independence Day is my FAVORITE holiday!!!! Lots of my friends ask me why.  Several think that Christmas should be someone's favorite holiday.  It's not mine, in fact, I can't stand Christmas.  But that's a topic for another day.

Why I L♥VE Independence Day:
  • I LOVE America.  I love what it is and what it stands for. I am patriotic.  I vote. I support our troops.  I am grateful for the freedoms it has grated me. I truly love it here.
  • My family always spends it at the beach--all day.  We BBQ, surf, play in the water, play games, eat all day, sit out, relax, talk, watch fireworks and just enjoy each other's company.  
  • It doesn't require gifts.  It's summertime.  And still involves food.  AWESOME!!
  • F-I-R-E-W-O-R-K-S!!!!!!!  Need I say more?! I LOVE fireworks!!! I feel like a lil kid when I watch them.  I'm still in awe of them and just the magnitude of their display.  Sparklers are FUN too!
  • I MUST hear Ray Charles' version of "America the Beautiful".  The day doesn't feel complete until I hear this song. 
Those are my top reasons why I LOVE the 4th of July.  One year, I had to spend a good portion of the holiday in Tijuana, Mexico.  It was so trippy being in another country on Independence day.  However, there were still red, white & blue banners and decorations up.  I was kinda glad, but a lil sad because Mexico didn't have to do it--yet they did.  It made me happy.  Once I got back over the border, I was so thrilled to be an American, in America celebrating it's birthday! I LOVE AMERICA!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A LITTLE overwhelmed!!

I feel anxious and panicky right now!!  I NEED to just breathe.  But there's SO MUCH TO DO!!! 

  • I have homework that's due in an hour and a half. [I got 5 outta 6 assignments in. The 6th one is pending and submitted for instructor's approval. Good luck me.]
  • "Shepherding"/Visiting Teaching lists that I need to organize and finalize tonight.  [It's 1:06am, ugggghhhh....shoot me in my head.]
  • Organize the VT lists for the Quarterly reports that are due in a week up in SLC. [I'll do that right after I finalize the Shepherding list.]
  • Have faith in my secretary that she'll be able to complete the newsletter by tomorrow. [She came through and surprised me with such a fantastic newsletter!  She also got me the reports I need for my VT quarterly reports.  She's only been in the position for 2 weeks and she's ROCKIN'!! LOVE HER!!]
I know that's only 4 things. But it's a lot of work to complete, due to the attention to detail.  


plus, my Meniere's has been acting up lately :( 


Friday, July 1, 2011

Reading > Writing

I like reading.  
I always have. 
I think I attribute that to my Mom sending me to my room for quiet time and my 8th grade English teachers, Ms. Silva & Ms. House.  
Sometimes I just feel the need to read.
If I don't, I feel like I start to become dumb.  Like I'm letting my mind waste away.  I don't like that. 
About 3 months ago I started reading Les Miserables.  
It was a nice first page.  
I was trying to read it to impress a friend.  
If I still want to impress this friend then I've got a month to complete it.  
We'll see about that.  I'm a lil busy these days. 
However, I was staring at my bookshelf today and saw my favorite book.... Marley & Me.  
I LOVE LOVE LOVE John Grogan!! I never thought I was one of those people who read a specific author, but I've come to realize that I am! He only has 2 books, but I LOVE both of them. I LOVE his style of writing. He paints the most perfect picture that makes me feel like I'm right there with him, in all of his recollections.  Maybe it helps that he's also a journalist so he has learned to paint the most precise picture that gets his exact point across.  
I wish I could write more like John Grogan.
I will, soon enough.

*MY* Blog....

So I shared my blog link on a friend's FB page tonight. No big deal, right? Right! Well, I just wanted to give a word to the wise.... 

This is MY blog.  So it contains MY thoughts & MY feelings.  
I don't sugar coat it or try to put up a front--that's dishonest and too much work.  No thanks.  

This blog is my way of keeping in touch with my best friends who live out of state.  It has stuff from my life, from the big to the nitty gritty small stuff.  It's all here. 

Read it, if you want....but if you get offended, you can always stop reading.  

.....and by the way, anything I've blogged about a person, they already know what I've shared here.  
So even if you were to try to start gossip, it's too late, that person already knows. :)

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