Friday, October 31, 2014


Halloween Eve!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Great Pumpkin!

Can I just say how much I am loving my pumpkin?!! Seriously, it is way too awesome!! It's for our competition at work. I'm not gonna lie, I really hope I win!!! I'm that giddy about it!!! Good luck to me!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Three Blessings I'm Grateful For Today...

1. My 20 minute phone call to my best friend MamaStephy! So grateful she had the time to pick up and shoot the breeze.  (someday I'll meet her 3kids) I think I laughed more in those 20 minutes than I did all day. I love & miss her so!

2. Enjoyed a scrumptious SmashBurger with my old childhood best friend Eidde! I feel like a kid again anytime we get together. I love it! Time surely flies by!! 25 years...WOW!!

3. My sweetheart that I'm blessed and lucky to start and end each day with. Coming home after work to find the whole kitchen clean & all the dishes washed. I love this man more than my heart can ever express. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Banana Boo Bread!

Sometimes I feel like my heart is going to burst at the seams.
I just love this man more than words can ever express or that my heart can never convey. I know you can barely see him because I cut him out so I wouldn't embarrass him too much.
I love that he made me homemade lasagna yesterday, while I decorated our home for Halloween. 
There's so much I want to say about Halloween, this month and how special it is to me. 
But for now I will post about the yummy deliciousness I have going on in my oven.
I love this simple banana bread recipe that I came across on  I've been baking this for the last year for my sweetheart and I'm always so glad that he likes it. I don't claim to be a baker in any way, shape or form,  so the fact that he likes it always makes my heart skip a beat.
And I also like this photo, too. I just want to remember how happy we are and the fun we always have together. He's my best friend. There's nothing I can really hide from him. I'm so lucky that I get to start and then my day with him by my side. I couldn't be any happier right now. Well, maybe I could....once the banana bread comes out of the oven. :)

Saturday, October 18, 2014


The Hubs and I have become pretty big fans of the Food Network TV show, Chopped.  I love the show because I love to cook and I love the competition of such talent! (Same reason I enjoy Project Runway!) I would love to have the skill base of those talented chefs! I'm not gonna lie, I would LOOOOOVE the chance to attend culinary art school! I think it would be an amazing opportunity! Plus, I'd be able to cut an onion in a blink of an eye. :)
On my list of things to build my Chopped kitchen, I want these little beauties: 
RAMEKINS!!! It would be the perfect size for Levi & I! I would LOVE to make mini Stratas, pot pies and little bread puddings (sans Raisins, of course). We've got an array of larger baking sheets & pans, but these would be perfect for 2! 
Bed, Bath & Beyond, I think I'll be seeing you soon....there's some ramekins calling my name!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Tonight, I came across this beautiful art piece. I just love it!! I want to own this piece, someday. (But for now, it's sold out) 
I think it captures the radiant beauty and divinity of Motherhood. In my heart of hearts, I look forward to the day I become a Mother. I can't wait til I hold my infant child sent straight from Heaven.  The more I fall deeper in love with my sweetheart, it makes me anticipate the next chapter in life. I'm so curious as to what our babies will look like. As much as I am NOT looking forward to middle of the night feedings, I am looking forward to the stillness that comes with a slumbering baby held close to my heart.  I can't wait to rock them gently and sing them to sleep. I'm anxious and nervous to experience that overwhelming love that comes upon holding them for the first time. I just can't wait! Someday, soon enough...

Monday, October 13, 2014

Happiness on a Monday!

Today, I felt uber cute (even though stupid cramps were kicking my trash). My  hair felt full and long! At least five women in the office complimented my hair asking what I did differently to it. If only they knew that it was actually day old hair! Ha! I think my hair always looks better the next day. 
I think I was feeling great because of the wonderful weekend I spent with my sweetheart. It was just so great to spend our down time relaxing and truly enjoying each other's company. I LOVED that!  
We were lucky to spend our Saturday evening at my ward (church congregation) annual luau! The Kalua pig was fantastic!! Plus I LOVED our outfits!!
I seriously loooooved my mu'umu'u!!  I felt so beautiful! I plan on buying another one or two more! 
Anyways, I had a spectacular weekend with my sweetheart! I always love spending every minute of my weekend with him. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Quiet Life.

It's 8:23am on a Saturday. I'm trying not to wake Levi so I'm trying to think of things I can do as I anticipate him waking up. So I shall blog, on my phone...
You have no idea the trouble and money I went thru to get this ^ here!!! Ugh!!! But it's here and just in time for tonight's Ward luau!!! I'm stoked!!

After I got my pedi, Thursday night, I found my photo on Yelp....thanks to whoever Mary's DIL is. It would have been nice had she asked us before taking the photo if we'd be cool with it on Yelp! Besides you can barely even see Mary! Ugh, a lil annoying cause I looked a lil too relaxed (as I should be when getting a pedi!!)

Moving along...
I want to be Tofu for Halloween (at work!) I think it'd be funny! It'd seem odd to some, which would make it even funnier to me!!

This picture cracks me up, especially since I know it can be bothersome to those four groups of geeks! 

This is what we had last Sunday for dinner. It was suppose to be for the Chargers game, but we were sick, so it didn't quite work out. I will say that food/snacks make football a lot more fun!!

I had to work last Saturday.  My coworker Chuy was very late! We were all supposed to arrive at 7am. He showed up at 8:30, his usual M-F start time. This was the harassment group photo he received, courtesy of moi!

We finally received our marriage certificate!!! Makes me happy! Next step: name change! That makes me happy & nervous. For 33 years I've had the same name and I've grown accustomed to it. I think in a way, it makes me feel like I'm not my Dad's lil girl anymore since I won't have his last name any longer.  However, man am I grateful I'll have something easy in my name! Luckily Levi has a very easy last name so that might help when I'm giving out my work email address ALL. THE. TIME.!!! Anyways, it'll be nice to feel united with my husband and share the same last name. 

This is the Tijuana, Mexico LDS temple. I couldn't be more stoked for its completion. I can't wait to go see it and go thru the open house with Levi & my family. I'm so glad my sister speaks EspaƱol! It'll be so awesome!!

I love fortune cookie fortunes! Mine was the top one! {obviously ;)}

I've be on a fan of Eric Weddle, from the SD Chargers! It helps that he's a great player, LDS and seems like an upright guy!

Ok, I think it's time to start my Mac salad for the luau tonight! I'm so excited! Can't wait now if only Levi would wake up, that would make this morning even more spectacular! But he deserves to sleep! Full time work and FT school is quite a feat! He's such a hard worker! One of his many traits that I love and admire. 
Oh how I love this man so truly! My cup runneth o'er! <3

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Happy Feet!

This is my little happiness on a Thursday evening! Oh how I love pedicures!! So fun & relaxing!! Excuse me now, I've got a massage chair calling my name!

Happy Thursday!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Still sick.

I hate getting sick.  I think it's just gross & obnoxious.  I feel bad for Levi because I kept moving all over my side of the bed as I was trying to make myself sleepy by cruisin' the internet.  My nose kept running and I didn't want to stuff my nose full of tissue and try to breathe through my mouth.  It was just not pretty.  It's much different being sick after your married, like you don't want to get your spouse sick but unfortunately it happens sometimes....a lot of times.  Plus, you can't just do those weird/gross things you do when you're sick & single.  Like one thing I do is stuff tissue in my nose because my nose starts to hurt after rubbing and blowing it so many times.   The things you can get away with, when you're sick and sleep alone.  However, the beautiful part about being sick and married is that you have someone who wants to make you as comfortable as possible.
Last night, I couldn't have been more grateful to have Levi warm up dinner for me.  The little things matter so much more when you're sick.  I had a splitting headache and was feeling nauseous. It made me think what the heck it would be like to have morning sickness someday. Man oh man, not really looking forward to that. Yikes.  So in the meanwhile, I've gotta kick this cold so I can go to work tomorrow. DayQuil....c'mon, work your magic!


Dear woman in the motorized shopping cart,
When I turned around and saw you with a cart full of items, behind us, I thought I'd offer you help because you made me think of my mom.  You made me think of what a struggle it might be for her to get up from the cart and have to lug all her groceries up on the cashier's conveyor belt.  I know you saw my husband next to me, but you probably didn't see the exchange I had with him before I offered to help you out.  I pulled out my ATM card, told him my pin number so he could pay for my items.  He was helping me out so I could help you out.
When I asked if I could help you, you didn't need to point out that only women offer to help, not men. (Plus, you didn't need to point at him as you said that!)  From the stories you shared about men never offering to help you, even though you've taught all your sons to be perfect gentlemen, you don't need to generalize all men as being scum bags.  You mentioned that you taught your sons to always be helpful, to open doors for women and treat women with respect.  Unfortunately, you didn't hear me when I pointed to my husband and said that he's just like that!  He's a perfect gentleman and holds all my doors and is helpful in so many ways.  I know you didn't hear that because you continued your rant.
Thankfully your daughter showed up to help you because I started to rethink my offer.  Please don't ASSume that all men are the same because you've had a bad run in with one or a few.  They are not all the same. And don't you ever point and assume that my husband is like the men that you so despise. You don't know him.  He is generous to the point that he would buy all your groceries and put them all in your car....or if needs be, he'd give you a ride home and carry the groceries to your door!  And if I should ever come across you again, I just might think twice about helping you when you don't seem grateful for the help in front of you and all you want to do is rant and complain.  You need to learn to have a more grateful heart, no matter where or who it comes from.


Sunday, October 5, 2014


This weekend was suppose to be our grand anniversary weekend.  Friday marked two years ago when Levi asked me to be his girlfriend. It's been a wonderful two years...but I'll divulge more into that later.  As for now, Levi and I are sick.  We've caught a little cold bug.  No bueno.  So we've been laying low.  We just got home from grabbing breakfast and doing grocery shopping for the week.  Now he's in the bedroom and I'm laying here on the couch...with my ol' friends.....

I couldn't be happier to find Gilmore Girls now on Netflix, especially since I think my Mom has now highjacked my whole set. Gilmore Girls have always been a go-to comfort for me.  I feel like they're old friends.  I just love it so much.  So excuse me, I have some old friends I need to catch up with.  Hello, Stars Hallow, oh how I've missed you!
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