Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just can’t help but laugh sometimes….

Today was A LOT better at work! I was actually able to understand & enjoy it a lil more. Thank Heaven!

Yesterday Amy and I found out that Tom (who looks like the guy from National Treasure) is from New York. Well today when I walked into the office, he looked up from his desk at me so I thought I’d be witty and say , “How YOU doin’?” [ya I even did the NY accent]. He just stared at me and then said “uh, fine.” Yeah, that’s not exactly how I thought it’d go over…shoulda kept that one in my head.

Before lunch Sandra gave me a small package of (2) cookies. I was still trying to get some stuff typed in before eating them. All of a sudden, the seat to my chair broke forward (does that make sense?). Thankfully only Sandra and Jackie were around to witness it. I started crackin’ some jokes like, “Maybe I shouldn’t eat the cookies after all. I knew I should have went to the gym this week! I feel like Gwyneth Paltrow from ‘Shallow Hal’!” to lighten the atmosphere. They reassured me that something worse has happened in the office. Apparently our co-worker RJ was eatin’ a bowl of cereal one morning when the back of his chair unexpectedly gave out and then the bottom of his chair crumbled to the ground. RJ was so startled that he knocked his bowl over and it got all over him and his desk. Yep, I wasn’t feelin’ too bad after that story.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

4:49am what time my body decided to wake up. Not cool. Not when I could have slept at LEAST another hour :(

Today was A LOT better than yesterday. THANK HEAVEN!! I was able to understand what I'm to be doing, it's just the doing that's a lil's been a while since I've done '10 key'. After lunch, during my last 3 hours at work I was able to shadow Amy who does something completely different than what I'm to be doing...but all I've gotta say is that I was THOROUGLY enjoying working there for once. UGH! I'm so tired of training with Jackie. I can barely tolerate looking at her knowing that she's looking down on me. GRR!! Whatevers! Dang, I'm so tired and it's only 9:25pm!!

However, every cloud has it's silver lining...and I found it today :) All I've gotta say is that I have a new found love for New York ;)

Monday, July 28, 2008

the nitty gritty.

Wow...what a day!
It wasn't that bad, but MAN! Did my head want to explode by the time 5pm rolled around! And I thought remembering everyone's name was the hard part---NOT EVEN CLOSE!!

The Good:
THANK HEAVENS this greeted me when I got home!! I LOOOOOOOOOVE mint ice cream!!
Ok, so the other good parts of the day: Work is TOTALLY casual (And boy do I mean that in SO many different ways!) Everyone's pretty friendly. I love the fact that it's downtown (until it's time to drive) so there's always something interesting or pretty to take in.

The Bad:
It's 8:30-5:30 which means I won't be able to carpool w/ my two friends :( and everyone else (except for a few) starts at 8am [aka: all the parking is I basically have to bust an NYC (walk several blocks)]

The UGLY!!!:
"F"Bombs are dropping EVERY OTHER SECOND!! UGH!!! I HATE HATE HATE THE "F" WORD!! And then one of my supervisors thought it'd be funny to continually use the Lord's name in vain until everyone laughed along with him. Lemme see, what else did I hear today...
-2 seconds after I met a pregnant co-worker, she proceeded to tell her friend and I how difficult it is to have sex while pregnant.
-Another co-worker told me about her disappointing trip to Vegas because she and her husband weren't able to hit the Strip---yeah, I thought she meant the Vegas Strip, no she meant strip clubs.
-My trainer and the prego co-worker went to McDonalds for lunch. While there, a homeless woman wanted ALL of the ingredients to her hamburger INDIVIDUALLY wrapped. After my trainer finally obtained her food and proceeded to walk away she bumped into a hairy male transvestite in a short ruffle skirt, with a hairy abdomen, wearing a sports bra with "chi-chi's".
-"Oh yeah, everyone drinks here on Friday. So don't be surprised to see everyone pulling out their alcohol. Everyone cusses and drinks here."..."Oh that's M_____, once you get to know him he'll be really 'huggy' with you too and give you massages"..."I use to not cuss, but after I started working here I just started saying 'Sh**' & 'F**k' all the time. Everyone cusses after a while."
Wow...what the heck did I get myself into??? Man, I REALLY ENJOYED & THOROUGHLY MISS yesterday.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The [real] Lake House??

Last night I was tinkerin’ around on LDSLinkUp when I came across a random guy who also happened to be online. I checked out his photos and the background in his last pic looked strangely familiar. I emailed him and asked if he had ever lived in Orem,Utah. He said, “I actually live in orem right now...why do you ask?”. I told him that his last pic happened to look like my ol’ neighborhood in Orem and wondered if it was off of ### South street. He responded with, “LOL...did you live on “H” drive? cuz that is where the pic is from…” In shock, I told him that me and two roommates lived at ### “H” Drive. He didn’t think I’d believe his astonishment and then wanted me to guess what number his house was, but it didn’t matter once he mentioned CrazyAmy/Landlady and the HIDEOUS wallpaper in the house!! WOW!! So we ended up on IM and I greeted him with, “Well hello neighbor!” and he replied, “What do you mean! We’re practically roomies!” CRAAAAZY!!

Anyone up for watchin' "The Lake House"?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Pioneer Day!

Wow, I can't believe it's been 6 years since I entered the MTC!! 6 years!! Time flies so quickily!!

I was bored today.

The interview was about 5 minutes long and I only had to answer one question, which wasn't anything big. So I'll hear back them and could be starting as early as next week...which is funny because I've got a job training session w/ the school district on Monday. Hmm...we'll see about that. But I LOVE the area it's in--2 blocks from Balboa Park. I'm so stoked!! And I get Volleyball tonight too!! What a great day!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Snippets & Tidbits...

1. Tomorrow I'm interviewing with an Attorney's office in downtown San Diego. I pretty much have the job but I've still gotta go thru the routine of a sit down interview. I think I'm actually more nervous of trying to find the place than the actual interview itself. The downside to the job is that it's 15 miles north (most of my jobs have always been w/in 5 miles of my house.) The upside is it's something totally different, strictly M-F/8-5 w/ bene's. We'll see....

2. My FAVORITE twin girls surprised me with a visit today!! I love Addi & Tessa! They're my friends' 2 year old twins. I love these girls so much!! They're so adorable and they're growing up SOOOOOOOOO FAST!! I can't believe it!! They were just born yesterday! Well anyway, I watch them from time to time but more recently I've been watching their baby sister who's super cute as well!! I've told their parents to call me anytime to watch them...and they do, which is totally cool with me. So today they brought over some chocolate oatmeal cookies for me. They were pretty good, even if they didn't bring me cookies I would have been perfectly fine with just their visit alone. I love those lil girls!


HOT: Keith Bryce

TALENTED: Kelli Martin


4. I get to play Volleyball tomorrow night! YAAAAAAY!! I'm so happy. For some reason, I've been lookin' forward to it all week! I just hope more girls go and actually play this time. I dislike it when it's just me and 11 guys on the court...testosterone tends to run a lil ramped. I can hang and take the hits, but it's always more fun when not so much testosterone is on the court.

5. I'm not even sure how this escalated...but Ash and I have been "commenting" back and forth about the New Kids on the Block. Oh man, I still think that Jon Knight is such a babe!! Maybe I shouldn't even mention that as I currently type this, I'm listening to "I'll be lovin' you"....oh dear.

Oh Jonathan Knight.... and to think I actually had this poster. Wow, this is crazy and a lil pathetic...but he's still so freakin' cute!! At least Ash and I aren't playing M.A.S.H. ...yet :)

O My Soul Hungered...

“…For my soul delighteth in the scriptures, and my heart pondereth them, and writeth them for the learning and the profit of my children.”
“Behold, my soul delighteth in the things of the Lord; and my heart pondereth continually upon the things which I have seen and heard.” 2Nephi 4:15-16 [The Book of Mormon]

These two verses really made an impression on me today. I can’t wait til I’m at the level of thoroughly delighting in the scriptures (especially the Isaiah parts) and pondering the things of God continually. I wonder if that’s what it’s like being an Apostle? Not like I’m technically aspiring to become one, but it must be so magnificent being at such a tremendous spiritual level.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


She requested my 'friendship'...I was curious if we knew each other because she looked like a girl from my mission. The part that was "too creepy" was when she called me (a female & total stranger) "sweetie".


Me: "Hi, my name is Ehulani and I like 80's Music"

80's Music Anonymous: "Hi Ehulani!"

Dude, I dont know what happened!? Yesterday, like every other day in my life, I woke up not liking 80's music....and then last night happened!! While we were preparing 'breakfast' for dinner (always my fave!!) someone switched the channel over to "Classic 80's"...and then I fell in love.
I NEVER wanted to like 80's music because it was always so cheesy to me, the fashion was ridiculous, too much big hair goin' on and my older brothers & sister-in-law loved the stuff (It was "grown up" music). As the songs played on, I realized that song after song I liked each one more than the one before. After dinner, I decided to look some of them up on and now I introduce you to my new found love, 80's music. I don't know if I should be stoked that I like yet another genre of music or embarrassed that I've given in to the big hair, bad fashion and cheesy ballads.
Maybe I'm embarrassingly stoked? We'll see...but for now, I'll be rockin' out to my playlist.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Babies & Motherhood

Yesterday as I was doing laundry, I came across a pink onesie that my niece wore as a baby but now uses on her teddy bears. After I buttoned all the buttons, I held it up and looked it over. It was so cute and made me recollect the days when she was younger as well as look forward to the day I have my own kids.
Today I got word that in the last two days I’ve had 2 friends give birth to two baby boys. I’m so excited for both of them! Then I started to long even more for my own babies someday. I love babies! They smell oh so yummy!! I love to hold them close and sing sweet, soft lullabies to them while they gaze at your face in wonderment. They’re so precious. Thinking back to when all my nephews and nieces were babies, all I wanted to do was hold them and take in their sweet aroma. I loved feeding and burping them, and the occasional times of when they’d fall asleep on my shoulder. They grow up so fast! It’s ironic though in a way now looking back, the days seemed to pass by like weeks and the years have all marched on like mere hours.
Last month, after my nephew’s high school
graduation I was talking to a client about “motherhood“. I told her I just wanted to cry the whole time--I couldn’t’ believe that my once chubby cheeked nephew had grown into this handsome, intelligent and talented young man. How do Mom’s do it? How do they not want to just hold their babies tight and wish that they’d stay small forever? I look at my niece and think that she’s growing an inch taller every day! As for my other two nephews, they’re growing taller and fuller, filling out their teenage physiques. They’re taller than me now :( I can’t wait to be a Mom someday. I think it’s one of the most beautiful and trying callings in life.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A QuickieQuik!

Can I just say, I really like this photo that I shot the other day at Starbucks.

I haven't had the internet for the last 3 days. I felt so out of touch with everyone and everything!! AHHH craziness!

I "get to" have a root canal tomorrow. :( :( :(

Good night & Good luck.

Monday, July 14, 2008


I’m really stoked about my new calling as a Gospel Essentials teacher!! I’m so excited!! It was exactly the type of calling I wanted. When my Bishop and I talked a couple weeks ago, the topic of callings came up. I told him that I didn’t mind having another one. He asked me if I had a preference. I told him that I trusted whatever he felt was right for me. So we both agreed to pray for the right calling. This is so truly awesome!!

I have a lot on my mind, but yet, not really. Well, okay, I do. Tonight at the ward’s FHE, Aileen asked me, as part of her lesson, if there were any types of problems or dilemmas in my life. Of course the first one that came to mind was “When the heck am I going to get married?!” but I didn’t feel comfortable throwing that out there….so I responded with “What to declare as my major in order to finish college”. So that’s not my biggest concern, but a concern nonetheless. I would love to finish school. The dilemma I keep running into is “If I finish my BFA degree w/ photography, what am I REALLY going to do with it?”. I have such a hard time deciding what I want to do in life. I love to work with my hands and create, but they’re not necessarily passing out degrees for that. I love to sew, bake, cook, do floral arrangements, paint, create art, play music (violin/piano/ukelele), shoot/print photography, plant/garden, scrapbook…just anything involving color and creativity, I’m all over it!! I know how important a degree is, but I don’t want to waste time towards a degree that I won’t use. No, I don’t want to become an art teacher either. UGH! I just don’t know! I just feel like time’s slipping away and I need to produce something for society. Does that even make sense?? Probably not. I just feel inferior to the social norm of having a bachelors or masters degree. Plus, all of my life I’ve had 3 dreams--Attend BYU-Hawaii, serve an LDS mission and marry in an LDS temple. So far, at the ripe ol’ age of 27 I’m 1 for 3...not so good. I still want to go to BYU-H but am I too old to now? I feel like time’s marching on faster than I’d like. And with that said…back to my original dilemma...
I look around at my friends and most of them are married with kids AND they’re even younger than I am!! What the heck!? I feel like I’m getting old and I’ll never have my own kids. It’s almost depressing to think about this, no wonder I try not to. I don’t want to have kids after the age of 35. I want to be able to enjoy my kids, ya know? My parents had me when they were 41 and 44 years old. The huge age difference takes a toll a lot of the time. I’m so glad I have my brother and sister in law as “parents” that I can talk to at times. I want to be able to play and roll around on the grass with my kids. My parents weren’t really able to do that a lot. I just wonder what the heck did I sign up for in heaven, before this life. What did I agree to? I know I’ve helped raise my nephews and niece, but I hope that isn’t the extent of me being a ‘parent’. I think I would be majorly upset. I want to be an expectant mother and feel life grow within me. I think that’s a tremendous blessing as a woman. Maybe not in the moment when the baby’s kicking non-stop, but as a whole, it’s a beautiful miracle. Part of me wants to cry, the other part wants to just scream. I don’t know what to do. I miss my old job that I quit two years ago. That will always be my biggest regret. I had a fantastic job with the Church’s welfare system. I loved it. I loved always being able to be positive influence on all those who passed through...being a friend to the timid, downtrodden and hopeless. It had a GREAT pay and benefits with an awesome work schedule. Although it wasn’t what I went to school for, it was a terrific job that fell into my lap. I unfortunately kicked it to the curb because I couldn’t get along with someone who was dishonest and disrespectful. I wish I had been stronger to stand up to her…but that’s not who I am, I dislike shady characters. I wish I could just turn back the last 10 years and stuck to my goal of finishing up my AA, going on a mission, transferring to BYU-H and who knows maybe getting married in the Laie Temple. But reality’s knocking--I have to make the best with what’s been dealt to me. It’s scary sometimes, but ’ya gotta do whatcha gotta do’.
Dang, I hate this quarter life crisis.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

"You're great!"

I'm currently listenin' to some church music, an ol' cd from my mission. It was a cd that my mission president played at several zone conferences and the morning he drove us to the Philly airport. I got to thinkin' about Pres.Daw right now. I miss him. I truly loved and enjoyed him as my mission president. He's such a great man. I loved the fact that he was just about my height, so it was always easy to talk with him. I always LOVED having 'President interviews', in fact that was my favorite part of the whole transfer! If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have ended up with such a great companion and awesome friend. He's a wonderful man that I loved just like my own father. I can't wait to see P.Daw again...

Friday, July 11, 2008

To my brother Dave....

Today is my brother, Dave’s birthday!! I thought I’d do a birthday dedication to him. I know that I’ve been blessed with such a terrific brother. I didn’t fully grasp this growing up, but I’ve truly come to realize that since.
I think my brother Dave is awesome!! The thing I love the most about him is that he’s incredibly charismatic. People always take an instant liking to him. He makes a friend and a lasting impression everywhere he goes--even in other countries. I’ve come to witness this EVERY SINGLE TIME we go out in public together. Without fail, we ALWAYS come across some ol’ friend of his. I’m not kidding!! EVERYTIME!! It use to bug me before since I’d stand around for about 10 minutes as they chatted, and then they’d say good bye to me as “Dave’s Sister”. It doesn’t bug me anymore, but it stands as a testament of his fun and friendly personality.
I think my brother is an ‘all around great guy’. Many should be jealous to not have him as an older brother (several friends have even mentioned that they wish they had him as their older brother). Sometimes I wish I could be more like him . I often wonder if we're really related. We're so polar opposite at times--nothing seems to ever bother him, whereas I fret over every little thing. Dave's 'quality' and I'm 'quantity'--actually, he's both-Mr. Perfectionist! He's the life of the party and I'm shy and sarcastic. I grit my teeth with new experiences and he welcomes them with a big hearty smile. He’s so fearless. He’ll try or do anything and always be stoked about it the whole time!

He knows his role as a man, husband, father, son, brother, cousin and friend. He’s the one I always go to whenever I have some sort of car problem. Whenever I turn to him with a problem, he does everything he can to find a solution. I know I can count on him in the bleakest of moments. Since our father lost his eyesight about 10 years ago, Dave’s stepped in every time our father couldn’t. I always feel safe with him, I know my safety is never at risk.
When the time comes for me to pick a potential spouse, I know that I’ll want him to be just like my brother….someone who knows how to laugh and enjoy life, book & street smart, physically & spiritually strong, supports his family everyway possible, lives and testifies of the Gospel by his actions, loves and values his wife, makes time for his children, respects his parents, majorly chivalrous, gets along with EVERYONE and surfs
(might not seem like a big deal, but trust me it means a lot in many ways).
So to my brother I say this; Thanks for everything you’ve done and continue to do for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better oldest brother than you. Happy Birthday Dave.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


It’s 10:33am. I could go back to bed, again. I’m so unbelievably tired. I HAVE TO stick to the strict schedule of my antibiotics or else it’s one step forward, five steps back. 7am/1pm/7pm/1am. Easy right? Sure, I guess. I usually don’t wake up earlier than 8am. I may be awake at 1am, but the downside to taking these pills is that I have to take it with “plenty of water”. I don’t know what “plenty” should be? 8oz? 32oz? Til the pill goes down? I'm not sure--so out of fear I drink 3 glasses of water. If and when I do fall asleep, I’ll just have to get up at least twice before waking up at 7am. Which is what happened last night with an additional wake up at 6am due to the neighbor’s dang dogs. I’m so ttttttiiiiirrrrrrreeeeeeeeeedddddddd!!!
Speakin’ of ‘neighbor’s dang dogs’, he brought over his newest puppy yesterday. OH MY GOODNESS!! SO DANG CUTE!! I can’t blame this one for barking, he’s too tiny. But isn’t he so adorable!!!
I can't wait to get "Dude"

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Other than my jaw going back to normal, I found my birthday present!!

(Thanks Shake!!)
Isn't it so pretty???? And it's RED, my fave!! HELLO--BEAUTIFUL!! It's been a long summer since what's his face broke my camera. I'm so happy I found this replacement. AHHHH!! I'm so stoked!! And it's so pretty!! YAAAAAAY BABY!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


MY BLOG IS FIXED!!!!!!!!! I'M SO RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY!!!! I LOVE BLOGGER HELP!! I'm so glad I took StephAnn's advice of investigating my problem a lil bit longer before giving up!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Practice makes perfect.

When I was kid, I always wanted to be a ventriloquist. I had seen it at school once and was amazed by such talent. I practiced not moving my lips when I spoke to anyone, well, mostly myself in the mirror. I became pretty good at it too for a couple years…till one day I was to give a speech at school. The director was always frustrated with me because I didn’t move my lips like she had instructed me to. In the end, I didn’t get to give my speech. That’s what happens when you have lofty goals of becoming a ventriloquist.

Today, I’m grateful for all the years I practiced. I can’t really open my mouth due to my swollen jaw. Stupid molar tooth!!

Now if only I had a dummy to sit on my lap, I could really go into business.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Well, since I'm here...

I haven't blogged lately because I REALLY REALLY HATE the way my blog is showin' up (without the right column). That really bugs me!! GRRRR!!!! I almost feel like starting up a new one cause it's so discouraging to look at.

Today I woke up with a horendous toothache. The whole right side of my mouth was throbbing!! I thought I might have been grinding or clenching my teeth or something thru the night, but oh the joys of a toothache. Stupid chicken last night!!

I'm pretty excited for the 4th of July. I would have been EXTREMELY EXCITED....but this toothache is really putting a damper on the situation AND (upcoming TMI warning!!--------) Aunt Flo is in town this week :( lots of crappy cramps and ickyness goin' on. DANGIT!! The 4th of July is my FAVORITE holiday...I guess just not this year.

On the upside of friend Tina told me about a position openin' up at her work that she wants me to fill. It's a front office position with an attorney's office. It sounds like a really great position, the pay is nice, awesome benefits....BUT it's 15 miles away (SD's average gas price: $4.40). I'm not crazy about the commute or dealing with traffic. All of the jobs I've ever had in my life were no farther than 2 miles away. Yes, I know, I've been very spoiled in that aspect. I'm just a little nervous. The part that makes me nervous is I'd also be the "middleman" between the office and the servers and apparently it gets a lil stressful at times. Other than that, it sounds like a cool job and it's in Downtown San Diego, oh well, we'll see....
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