Monday, June 29, 2009


I use to pride myself on making and keeping friends. But I've come to terms that sometimes it's okay to let go of certain friends. Sometimes you don't have a reason or purpose to be friends anymore, no common ground. It happens in relationships, why can't it also happen in a friendship? People change and some move on. I think it's okay to bow out of a friendship if there's nothing there anymore, especially if you've put effort into trying to be friends.
Maybe I sound like a flake? Or that I'm being too brutally honest. I doubt I'm the first person to have ever felt this way. I dislike being fake. I loathe exchanging fake pleasantries and having to seem like I care--when in reality I truly don't.
A few of you may wonder if this is about you, I reassure you that it's not. But I think when a couple breaks up it's OVER. If the relationship didn't work out, why try for a friendship? So to Jacob this is the last thing I have to say to you:

Sunday, June 28, 2009

You have no idea....

I CANNOT wait til the 4th of July!!! It is seriously my favorite holiday! (yes, even more than Christmas!). I love it! I love everything about it, especially for it's historical meaning. We're so blessed to live in a great country. Every year, I HAVE to hear "America the Beautiful" sung by Ray Charles--that completes my 4th of July.

The 4th of July, to me, means hanging out with my family and close loved ones at the beach ALL day [which beach? I'm not sure this year], BBQ'in DELICIOUS food, surfing/bodyboarding, playing games, singing along to the ukelele, watching fireworks and my personal favorite--getting a tan!'s about spending quality time with one another.

Aside from the religious meaning of Christmas, the reasons why I think 4th of July is WAAAAAY better than Christmas are:

1. No stress about gift giving!!

2. You can't go broke. If you do, I'm not too sure HOW you could.

3. It's a warm summer day, spent outside and you end up with a tan.

4. Still has fantastic food--in which the men get to prepare most of it, unlike Christmas when a woman's slaving away in the kitchen.


I can't wait!! Plus it's a 3 day weekend!! HELLO--AWESOME all around!! I can't wait to see out of town family too!! AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! I hope this week flies by!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Combo #5, please.

*Friday Fave Five*
-"Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day": LOVED IT!! Such a cute lil movie!! I especially LOVED the song Amy Adams sings--"If I Didn't Care". I just love the music from that time period. And I love the ending! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!

-Azuki Sushi Lounge: Went there for lunch today, with some of the girls from work. Oh man, I LOVED the ambience there. We ate outside on the patio. Such PERFECT weather!! The food was delicious and the house dressing is magnificent!! I love their sushi!!
-Bath & Body Work's Tropical Passionfruit lotion: OH MY HEAVENS!! SO SUPER YUMMY!! I love it!! It makes me feel so girly when I use it!! It's just sweet enough to use all the time. I love it! I would love it more if it wasn't out of season. Dang Bath & Body works.
-Baby Evelyn: My best friend's new baby girl. She is TOO CUTE for words. She makes me want to have baby girls now. Not like I have any babies's just that I've always just wanted boys. But seeing her wrapped up in cute lil pink blankets make me want to have a lil girly girl. I'm just so ecstatic for my friend. She is a wonderful woman and will make a TERRIFIC Mom!!
-Perfect Crunchy Ice--Like the ice at the temple. Oh my gosh, I LOVE crunching ice!!! Oh man, I wish I had some right now!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mi dia favorito--Jueves!

I love Thursdays. There's always something good that happens. We had a lunch meeting and had my favorite San Diego (just thought I'd clarify that---cause I love me some Pie Pizzeria) pizza--Filippi's. YUMMY YUM YUM! And I put in a special request for caffeine free soda. I am now a fan of:
I haven't had Dr. Pepper, or any caffeinated soda, for the last year. I'm pretty tapped out on Sprite and Lemonade. I'm SO glad to have finally found a caffeine free soda that I actually enjoy.
At work, I play my iPod all day--which is pretty much like a radio since I have so many different genres of music. Today I found a song I absolutely LOVE! "Stick with Me Baby" by Allison Krauss. I love the words and the way it's so calming. Just the type of song you'd want to cuddle to. Or at least I'd want to. Maybe that's on my mind since I'm here at work and have been chatting with Mr.NY. Gosh, he's GOOOORGEOUS! Work would be so dreadful if I didn't have something (someone) to look forward to.
I heard from my best friend (via Facebook) this morning. That was fantastic. I'm so happy for her and her new bundle of joy. Such an ADORABLE baby girl. I couldn't be any happier for her new lil family.
My nephew Simi comes home tomorrow from Arizona. I'm stoked because the scriptures and all his mission books that I ordered came in yesterday. I can't wait to surprise him with it!!

Today's a good day, as always....

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday. Oh Monday.

-So I've been in the Billing dept. for the last 2 days...and will be there tomorrow as well. I actually really like it because it's SOOOOOOOO QUIET!!! I LOVE IT!! NO STRESS at all---FANTASTIC!! And it's just calm and quiet. Have I mentioned that it's quiet. The phones NEVER ring there. VERY UN-like Dispatch where the phone's ringing off the hook, stuff needing to be done in the very second it reaches the office. I really LOVE Billing. However, I miss my friends in the Dispatch/Process department. Eh, I'm not too sure about Billing. I feel so indecisive.

-Note to self: Figure out a way NOT to be so nervous while talking to Mr.NY. I still get so nervous whenever I talk to him. Whether it's for 1 minute or 1 hour....AAAAAHHHH!! NERVOUS I tell ya.

-I'm tired. I went to bed at 4am this morning. Dummy me thought I should watch "The Dark Knight" even though we have it recorded on DVR. Duh Ehu!!

-For my 20+10 birthday next year, I'm planning on going to New Zealand. I HAVE to have something to look forward to. Plus, after last Thursday's run in with that Kiwi, I NEED to find me a Kiwi down in NZ. I'm really stoked!! I can't wait!! Here's an example of the Kiwi I want to find: (hot, athletic and has a sweet NZ accent)

Friday, June 19, 2009


Friday 5 Faves....

1.My brother "Wayhallan" came to visit from Arizona. It was cool just gettin' to kick it with him....he even came to play softball with my company.

2. The Billing department at work. SO SUPER QUIET!!! I LOVE IT!!

3. Going to the temple last night with my parents & 2 dear friends to celebrate my Kuku's (Grandfather) birthday. It was also the 7th anniversary of going thru the temple for the first time. It was a wonderful evening and I'm so glad for the blessing of attending the temple with dear loved ones.

4. Came across a guy last night, at the temple, who was visiting from New Zealand. OH MY HECK!! I forgot how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Maori accent!!! I want to go there!! I want to marry a man with a Maori or New York accent. OH I LOVE IT SO!!!

5. Sleep.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The chick QUIT!!

She just up and left!! Just grabbed her purse and left without any type of warning. Then I was asked to come back to my beloved Dispatch department.
We later heard back from her, via the company's vice president. She told him that co-workers were rude to her, racist towards her, made racist jokes around her and to just send her paycheck in the mail.
However, I started to acclimate myself to the Billing department. It's SO MUCH quieter there. The phone NEVER rings. Stress free! No one cusses a million times in one minute. Heck, no one even talks. I really started to like it there!!! The work is easy. As long as you can read and type, you're fine.
Luckily, I'll finish training in Billing while still working in Dispatch. The future is still uncertain, but I'm just glad to be back!

Waking up at 11pm from a Sunday nap is not a good idea.

I ditched church. To go to church.
Lemme explain....
I didn't feel like going to my ward/congregation. I didn't feel like playing the organ. I didn't feel like giving my Sunday school lesson. I didn't feel like driving allllllllll the way to church (10 minutes east). I just wasn't feeling it. I'm a lil tapped out as far as callings go. Playing and teaching every Sunday makes church more like work, than worship. So I sat in my car for 10 minutes debating life.
I chose to drive 10 minutes west instead. I attended my family's ward. It was nice. I was able to see three dear old friends. That was a tremendous blessing. Then I left early.
To go to McDonalds.
I know, 2 strikes---fast food AND on a Sunday. (Ironic, since my Sunday school lesson was on "The Sabbath Day"). I've had a lingering cold, and when you're achy, tired and it's HOT outside, the last thing you want to do is go home and cook. NO THANKS. It was going on 2pm and the only "food" I'd consumed for the day was a piece of gum I swallowed. I was in the mood for Chicken nuggets. So that's what I had. I sat at park, enjoyed the weekend weather that I NEVER get to see and ate my brunch.
I'm just feeling stretched. I'm still extremely pissed about my department transfer. Especially since the dumb chick thinks she's being transferred because I don't get my job. Oh, if she ONLY knew.... PISSED I tell ya! I love my co-workers. It's like a dysFUNctional family.
I'm tired of my whole weekends ALWAYS being church related. I just want a weekend off. I want to sleep in, go to the beach with my family and see my friends. I want to go to church, sing the hymns in Sacrament meeting and attend class--not teach the lesson.
As we enter 'wedding season', I'm tired of hearing about everyone and their dog getting engaged or married. Freakin' shoot me in my head. UGH! I hate being single. I'm not going to sugar coat it or pretend that I'm not. Being in a relgion that reflects HEAVILY on marriage & families is hard when you don't have one of your own. Looking at my upcoming 29th birthday makes me think, "When am I going to have kids?". I don't want to be old and have history repeat itself. My parents had me when they were 41 & 44. It's hard having a big generational gap between us. I sometimes feel like they don't "get me". Thank goodness for an older brother and sister-in-law who've been like another set of parents to me. Am I being tested right now? Probably so. Are there blessings around the corner? Who knows...

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I felt like I was trying on my first training bra today.
I went to Sephora tonight wanting to buy some Bare Minerals make up. My friend uses it and is pretty happy with it. I told the sales rep. at Sephora that I don't wear make up every day....well, that I hardly wear it all. Maybe some mascara to church or a night out. I'll probably add a lil blush and colored lip gloss if it's something worthwhile. So basically, I'm an extreme minimalist when it comes to make up. When I said this to the sales rep. she thought it was so "cute" that I was coming in to buy my first make up. Seriously, I don't wear the stuff. I never wanted it to get messed up by my nephews while we played around. I didn't want it to just sweat off or rub off on my clothes. I figured my complexion was nice enough to pass on the stuff.....but time is starting to show. NOT GOOD =( The sales rep. called over her fellow co-workers and told them I was buying my first make up. They all had the "Awwww" face....while they were actually making the sound. [freakin' spare me] She asked some questions and led me over to a different brand of make which she started to give me a make over. In the end, it does look good and doesn't feel too heavy. I don't know if I could do this every day (it's gonna take some getting use to). I don't want to suddenly appear at work with make up, that'd be weird. We'll see.
Thinking about my experience in Sephora tonight with all the sales reps made me feel like I was trying on my first training bra. They were all so excited for me to be trying on make up for the first time. They all had techniques and recommendations that they were giddy to share with me....while I just stood there, not wanting THAT much attention on me. And in the end, they were all excited to see the end result and the enhancement was for me.
Yep, just like trying on a training bra for the first time--awkward, uncomfortable and wishing people wouldn't stare at you.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Taking one for the team"

Tomorrow I've got to clean out my desk at work. I'm not looking forward to it at all. I'm bummed. I'm angry about this change. I can see the blessing in changing departments [more experience] but I hate it. I truly do. I didn't want this change at all. I'm not getting any sort of pay raise or incentive for "taking one for the team". And that's another thing....I'm seriously tired of the saying, "Taking one for the team". Because honestly, it should really be "Taking one in the A--", cause that's what it really is. Let's just be real here.
This new girl at work doesn't understand her job in the Billing dept. and is now taking over/"training" in my Dispatch position. She wasn't able to perform her job tasks, so they thought they'd give her something a "little less complicated". I keep hearing over and over, "If she doesn't get it, then she's out!" Ok, so let's say she does get it but I don't (over in Billing). What the heck will happen to me? Am I gone?? I just don't get it. I feel like I'm being kicked out from my job that I love just because someone doesn't know how to spell and doesn't understand what to do. I was told that she's had customer service experience working with the local cable company. Ok that's nice, but I've got a year experience with this company, I know the clients and the routine of my department. I truly feel like I'm the one getting the short end of the stick. But hey, it's okay, right? Cause I'm "taking one for the team".

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I'll be in Utah on August 10 - 13. My family and I will be taking my oldest nephew to the MTC. I know one afternoon/evening will be dedicated to introducing my family to the GREATNESS of The Pie Pizzeria. So anyone who wants to see me will have to meet me then....which means, I hope to see EVERYONE I love in Utah, at the Pie.

The End.


I love becoming better friends with Mr.NY. Seriously GORGEOUS and HOT...and just all around nice. I'll be kickin' it with him on Friday.
I've come down with the dreaded cold everyone at the office seems to have gotten.
I'll be transferred to a new department at work. Horrible, because I won't be working closely with Mamacita and Turtle anymore. Mamacita has been my work confidante and good friend. Turtle has helped me out in more ways than one. I'm terribly sad over this. The ONLY good thing is that I'll be sitting at Mr.NY's old desk--which puts me a lil closer to him at work. Not GREAT, but hopefully just not out of the main office. (Out of sight, out of mind)

Monday, June 8, 2009

A perfect rainy day.

Last Saturday, it was starting to rain and Norah Jones came on the radio. I started to wish I was home, under my down comforter, watching the rain fall while listening to some Norah Jones playing in the background. That would have been a perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon. There's just something about listening to jazz music when it starts to rain. It's like a perfect combination. I can't wait til it rains again...I'll have my blanket and Norah Jones playlist ready.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Truly blessed!

I thought my day was going to be terrible when I pulled up, late to work and my boss came outside to meet me. I was waiting for him to explode on me or start interogating me as to why I was late this morning. All he asked me was how long my parking was good for, since I parked in the free/meterless 2 hour parking. I answered his question and quickly went in the office. I pulled out my lunch bag and realized it was really COLD! I then realized why, all the gravy for my mashed potatoes had spilt ALL. OVER. MY. LUNCH. BAG and over all the contents of my lunch bag. I was so bummed and mad! I knew I should have listened to my Mom when she recommended that I just pour the gravy in the same container as the mashed potatoes. I didn't listen. UGH.

As the morning progressed on, we continued to keep an eye out for a meter maid (The time doesn't "officially" start on the free 2 hour parking until you've been 'chalked') and an open non-meter spot. One finally opened up and I tried to move my car. TRIED, being the operative word. My car started but the car WOULD NOT shift out of park. I was getting mad and trying desperately to shift it. It would NOT budge out of park!!! The car was hot and I knew that in a few seconds someone would be pulling right into the spot!!! I did EVERYTHING imaginable to shift. NO LUCK!!! I had a couple co-workers look at my car and nothing helped. It was soon approaching the 3rd hour of "free parking" and no meter maid was in sight. VERY UNUSUAL!! I tried my car several more times til it was time to call the dealer, deal with my warranty and a mechanic. My car was parked in the "free parking" for 5 hours and no meter maids came by. When I pulled up to work I was going to park at a meter til I found an open spot. How TRULY grateful am I that I found the parking I did and that ABSOLUTELY NO meter maids came by. I couldn't believe it! Luckily I was also blessed to work with such caring and helpful friends. They helped me deal with my car dealer and the mechanics. One thing I LOATHE more than runny eggs and "The Christmas Story" movie is dealing with cars. My brain automatically shuts off to it. I really REALLY dislike having to deal with cars. Mamacita skipped her lunch so she could watch my desk as I repeatedly went back and forth between my desk and car. Turtle dealt with my car and my mechanic. "Lucille" yelled at my dealer so he could finally understand that I couldn't just "bring in my car with my warranty so their mechanic can look at it". A couple drivers drove me to and from the mechanic. I just feel so blessed to work amongst these wonderful people. Blessed that not a single meter maid drove by. Blessed that my car finally shifted after offering a heartfelt prayer. And blessed to have my car back.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I'm not too sure how, when or why my love for Thursdays started. Maybe it started back in elementary school due to the "Minimum Day Thursdays". And Thursdays usually meant pizza for lunch. Maybe it's because I was born on a Thursday. Or maybe because it's Friday eve---or weekend eve eve? As of late, just 2 shorts weeks ago I was out with Mr.NY....staring into his beautiful blue eyes and listening to his sweet New York accented voice. Sometimes, I think it's my lucky day. However, I know one thing's for sure, I want to be married in the San Diego LDS Temple on a Thursday evening. "Why?" you may ask....I think it's a more intimate setting and day. Not much of a 'hustle & bustle' kind of day like Friday or Saturday. Plus, how many people do you know get married on a Thursday night? I like that aspect too.

Anyways, I love Thursdays. It means that it's just one more day til the weekend and somtimes it still means pizza for lunch.

Oh Thursday, I love you so!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

47 years and running!!

Tonight I had the wonderful opportunity to go out with my parents. It's not often that I get to spend one on one time with them. It was a treat to be out celebrating their 47th wedding anniversary. I loved the way my Mom gave my Dad a card expressing her love and devotion to him. It made him tear up a bit. It was hard for me to not to do the same (Since my Father's now blind, I had to read the card to him). It was a lovely time out and I'm so glad my parents invited me along. I love my parents. They've done SO MUCH for me. I'm tremendously blessed that 47 years ago they chose to be married in the Laie, Hawaii LDS Temple, enabling our family to be together forever. What a magnificent example that has always been for me.
Thank you Mom and Dad.

My dear 'Buckies'

I wish people wouldn't freak out when they hear that I like to go to Starbucks. Yes Starbucks makes coffee, but they also make other non-coffee beverages. I really hate when people ASSume that one automatically drinks coffee if they frequent a Starbucks. NOT TRUE. Everytime I go, I get the same thing... A Double Chocolate Chip CREAM Frappuccino [pretty much a glorified Chocolate shake]. ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NO COFFEE in my drink. I also like their pastries and the ambience is relaxing and kick back.....just my style. So for those of you who question my motives of hanging out at a coffee house, you obviously do not know me and should not be so quick to judge.

Monday, June 1, 2009

A Kwik-E Mart Special....

-Pythagoras came to my ward today. Odd. And FUNNY watching him follow my friend A-Rod around like a puppy.

-I've got two major wedding receptions to go to this Friday & Saturday. I can't wait. They're both 'brown' that means GOOD FOOD & GREAT MUSIC FOR DANCING!! I can't wait!!
-New guy in the ward: Indie's a cutie!! He's no Mr.NY but he's definitely something worthy to look at every Sunday. I call him Indie since he went to Indiana University. He plays the french horn for the Navy.....and yes, I'd like to find out how strong his lip muscles are ;)

-Had an awesome family filled weekend. I loved it!! Went to watch "Night at the Museum" with my nephews & niece. Honestly, it was okay. Kinda felt dragged on, but it was good.
-I want this for Christmas:

The "I love you" ring from Tiffany's :)

Good night...I'll be going to see my ol' friend Gym in the morning. My crazy lil goal of going to the gym every day (excluding weekends) til my birthday.

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