Thursday, February 25, 2010

Car Analogy: Revisted

This morning I was thinking of my Car Analogy blog. I am completely done with my "Kia" and I thoroughly enjoy my "Honda". However, sometimes I get comfortable with my "Honda" and would like to try something a lil more fun, upbeat and racy. And then I started thinking of the car I've always wanted to Aston Martin DB9!

It's definitely something new and exciting, right!? Something different from the norm...which is fun to try out every so often. I mean, I'm still making payments on my for now, it's okay to try out other cars. However, after I own it permenantly, completely (in a year) I wouldn't feel the need to try anything else. (Stick with me on this....) Well, in short, I've been 'test driving' an Aston Martin DB9 (aka: "Lee")... and it's been F.U.N.!! I forgot what fun felt like. Comfortable and practical is what I was becoming use to. Sensible is good, but one has to live a little, sometimes! I would never ditch my 'Honda'-too much time and effort has gone into it....but we're not a permenant match-yet. So it's okay for me to 'test drive' the "Aston Martin". I have fun with the "Aston Martin" and sometimes I've gotta be careful. Sports cars are fun, but if not handled properly, it can be dangerous. So for now I'm out on a test run, be back soon "Honda"!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Love Letter

Dear Maui,

Will I be seeing you in April?

I truly hope so, I haven't seen you since Summer 2006.

You spoil me with your beautiful beaches and perfect weather.

And I miss you more than words can ever express!!!

Love Always, -Ehu

Monday, February 22, 2010

A lil Monday madness....

"Love is really nothing but a dream that keeps waking me...."

I just burnt my thumb on the steam from my lunch. It hurts A LOT!!!
I can't stand dealing with my own injuries. I become a BIG wuss, but I don't like showing that side of weakness to others....but at the same time it KILLS me to deal with my own injures!! After burning my thumb I wanted to call Morgan (he's a nurse). But I won't because he's at work....10 miles away. What could he really do for me over the phone?? My hand really hurts :( It's bad enough that I already have a cut on the same hand--what the heck!! But I'm happy I'll get to see Morgan this week :)

"....Don't say a word just come over and lie here with me,
'Cause I'm just about to set fire to everything I see
I want you so bad, I'll go back on the things I believed
There I just said it, I'm scared you'll forget about me."
-"Edge of Desire", John Mayer

Friday, February 19, 2010

Yo quiero!

Man, I've always wanted a tat! I know what the church says, I KNOW! But how is that any different than stretch marks and permenant suntans? A lot of people I've talked to, over the years, say that once you get one, you want more. That's also another reason why I've never gotten one because I know the other 2 I would want---a sun & the Hallmark gold crown.
DANG!! I really want these stars....and today's pay day....oh man!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Holly Holidays......

Chinese New Years/Valentine's Day weekend....

...starting Thursday night: All I've gotta say is that it was one of the best nights I've had for almost 2 years. HOT!!!!! Enough said....

Friday night: The ward Vday party was nice. I got to slow dance with my Dad and I loved it. I looked FABULOUS in my pretty yellow dress. The evening didn't end the way I would have wanted, thank goodness for BFF's :)

Saturday: My Young Women won one of their Volleyball games. I'm so proud of their progress. They're doing a fantastic job!! Afterwards I spent the afternoon with some good friends and their 4 kids. Oh I love them so much and have missed seeing them in my ward/church since they moved. Went shopping with my BFF that much fun!

Sunday: Two of my Tongan aunts came to visit my Dad and it was a very lovely visit. We sang a couple Tongan hymns that I love dearly. It was so wonderful. Morgan and I went to the Mormon Battalion Center with my BFF and her husband. For Valentine's Day Morgan gave me a gift card to California Pizza Kitchen, red velvet cake from CPK and also baked me a red velvet well as lots of chocolate! It was nice.

Monday: The BFF and I went shopping, out to CPK for lunch and just hung out talking. I love girl talk. It was terrific....and I bought size 18 pants!!!!! OH HELL YEAH!!! I'm so freakin' ecstatic!!! A couple months ago I was pushing size it's freakin' AWESOME that I'm fitting into all my post-mission clothes again!! I.LOVE.IT!!!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was my weekend! :) Oh I love Thursdays!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

♥ Loves ♥

♥ I love Thursdays ♥ I love my family & miss them ♥ I love working at the San Diego LDS Temple and the camaraderie amongst the sisters ♥ I love Chinese New Years ♥ I love 4th of July ♥ I love the color of crimson ♥ I love my missionary nephew and the good he's doing ♥ I love deep pink roses ♥ I love music and need it all the time ♥ I love my talents and thank Heavenly Father for them ♥ I love my job and most of my co-workers ♥ I love my best friends, they truly are the best ♥ I love Kihei, Maui ♥ I love cuddling & kissing ♥ I love my car, so fun to drive ♥ I love driving on long road trips ♥ I love The Pie Pizzeria ♥ I love Utah Hot Springs ♥ I love the Book of Mormon ♥ I love spending time with Morgan ♥ I love going to the beach with my family ♥ I love Tiare flowers ♥ I love my king size down comforter ♥ I love living in San Diego, the blessing of diversity has been tremendous ♥ I love playing in the rain ♥ I love my Dad's soft skin on his face ♥ I love my Mom's laugh ♥ I love sleeping in ♥ I love life ♥ I love Edward Weston's photography ♥ I love playing the piano and the fact that I taught myself ♥ I love Mana & La Quinta Estacion ♥ I love hoodie sweaters ♥ I love playing Volleyball ♥ I love the feel of sand between my toes (while at the beach) ♥ I love the smell of newborn babies ♥ I love colors, especially bright colors ♥ I love Bordentown, New Jersey & the memebers of the North Hanover ward ♥ I love Disneyland ♥ I love Cold Stone's mint ice cream w/ heath bar chips ♥ I love John Mayer's "Edge of Desire", it'll always remind me of Morgan ♥ I love bookstores ♥ I love singing next to my Mom in church ♥ I love hearing my Dad sing, especially in Tongan ♥ I love the name my brothers gave me (Ehulani Salote) ♥ I love the Old Point Loma Light House ♥ I love camping ♥ I love Lindor truffles ♥ I love Costco ♥ I love the sound of the ocean ♥ I love my birthdays ♥ I love sister in law and her family--great people ♥ I love playing Volleyball ♥ I love my childhood ♥ I love Disneyland ♥ I love gardening ♥ I love being outside ♥ I love reading with smooth jazz playing in the background, while it rains outside ♥ I love Mexican food ♥ I love watching my Padres play at Petco Park ♥ I love orange juice ♥ I love flying ♥ I love listening to smooth jazz music ♥ I love my relationship with my sister in law, she is truly a blessing to my life ♥ I love my curly hair that I use to despise as a child ♥ I love the Lord, Jesus Christ ♥ I love President Monson ♥ I love Elder F. Burton Howard's talk on Eternal Marriage (April 2003 G.C.) ♥ I love the San Diego & Laie LDS Temples ♥ I love the Mt. Timpanogas LDS Temple ♥ I love the smell of rain ♥ I love my Heavenly Father ♥ I love Love and most especially being in love... ♥

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lovely little weekends ♥

Where to start.....

On Saturday my Young Women's won their 2 Volleyball games!! I was so ecstatic for them!! After their game, my best friend Bugs had a baby shower for her sister. It was a very lovely afternoon. It was nice to spend time with the ladies. Enjoyable for sure! That evening I went out with Morgan. It was spectacular!!! Wet and very fun!!!

It was raining when we showed up to Miguel's. I jokingly told him that we should sit out on their patio. When the hostess offered us the option of the patio, we thought she was kidding. It was covered and had heat lamps so we figured it'd be okay. When our food arrived, the rain started to DUMP!! The water rolled off the patio roof and looked like a lil waterfall....It reminded Morgan of the Rainforest Cafe. I looked up from eating and said, "We're pretty lucky to be sitting far under this patio! We'll definitely stay dry". I no sooner said, 'dry' the patio roof started leaking on me and my plate!!!! I jumped up in shock and pushed my plate across the table, next to Morgan. We both were so shocked and seriously could have died of laughter!! I loved it! Afterwards we went to Golden Spoon and later walked around Borders Bookstore.

While we were strolling around Borders, John Mayer's new song, "Edge of Desire" was playing in the background. I don't even know how to truly describe what I was feeling. I started to think to myself that I definitely wanted something more with this man.
Sunday evening, we went to the Mormon Battalion Center again. All the movies and tours were in Spanish when we arrived. I told him we could go through (he speaks Spanish) and I would be fine. We ended up sitting in the lobby just talking for an hour and I was just fine with that. I love spending time with him, it's always so perfectly enjoyable. When we were done with the center, we went out to his car where he brought us some hot cocoa (thoughtful, right?!?) And we talked for another hour or two. I finally asked him the question that was pressing on my mind...and thus began the DTR talk.

It was good! Really good....(he even called me 'beautiful')

...and I got to see him Monday evening as we went shopping at an Asian market. So much fun! I'll be seeing him Friday night at the ward (church) Valentine's day party. I can't wait!!

Oh Morgan... I like you so!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Tender Mercy #6

Malachi 3: 8-10:
8. Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Where in have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings.
9. Ye are a cursed with a curse: for ye have robbed me, even this whole nation.
10. Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

For the last couple months, I haven't been exactly faithful in paying my tithing. It's not something I'm proud of or have ever done before. I've been raised by good parents who taught me by example, the lesson of paying tithing. I am eternally grateful for their example. I think I just overlooked paying tithing, saying to myself that I'll pay double next time. I never took care of it 'next time'. I started to feel the blessings slip away and I knew that I desperately needed those blessings....but I also needed the money. I never had to learn to pay tithing the 'hard way', til recently. I knew that paying tithing took faith, but maybe I always just paid it out of obligation. This past Sunday I finally paid one of my "next time" tithes. I was worried because I still had two other big bills to tend to, but I knew this is where I needed to exercise faith.

It paid off this morning....

Normally I never open my paycheck at work, but thought I'd open it up to see how little this paycheck would be (mandatory furlough days at work have cut into work hours---NOT fun). I was SHOCKED when I noticed that my paycheck was LARGER than normal!! Even though I had furlough hours docked from my paycheck, there was a surprise bonus!! (Crazy right?!) I talked to a supervisor about it because I was so confused! He explained the bonus and my heart swelled joy and gratitude. I couldn't hold back the tears as Malachi's words came to mind. My co-workers started to worry that I was crying for something sad or tragic. That couldn't be further from the truth. I reassured them that they were 'happy tears'.
My heart is full of love and gratitude to a gracious Heavenly Father who knew exactly what I needed--both trials and blessings. I think I now fully understand the lesson of tithing. It's one thing to study and witness it from others, but it truly is something spectacular to experience it for yourself. Thank you Heavenly Father.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hi Thursday, I love you!

Last night was soooooooooooooo wonderful!! I had such a great time with Morgan!! We walked around the ferry landing for a while (just like the picture-but it was night time) and talked A LOT. For some reason, I ALWAYS get extremely nervous right before I see him!! But once I'm with him for 5 seconds, I'm completely comfortable....I love that feeling. It was a verrrrrrrrry lovely evening. It was tremendously nice getting to know more about him and some of his thoughts about life. I can't wait to see him again......which will be Saturday evening. I'm so looking forward to next weekend!!
((Quick funny story... Last night while he was finishing up his meal, I ducked into the restroom to wash my hands. When I came back to the table, we finished our drinks and chit chatted for a few minutes. After which I asked him if the server had brought the check already. He nodded. I had promised him the last time we went out, that I'd pay the next time we ate out. I felt HORRIBLE!!! I didn't want him to think I went to the restroom because the check came. I thought I had enough time between him finishing up and before the check came!! We laughed about it and his "George Costanza" reference. I still felt terrible! I even pulled out my credit card from my pocket to show him!! Oh well.... I'll make it up to him on Saturday when we go to Miguel's!))

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"I enjoy long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners....."

Tonight Morgan and I are going walking down at the Coronado Ferry Landing. It's one of my FAVORITE places in San Diego. I love the ferry landing, it's so beautiful since it's on the bay and looks across to the San Diego skyline.
I don't know how or why I get nervous right before I see him. I mean, once I'm with him all those butterflies are nonexistent! I thorougly enjoy being with him. We have fun, and I like that a lot. After our walk, we'll probably go grab a bite to eat. I'm thinkin' Miguel's.... but we'll see.
Can I also say, I'm so stoked for Feb.14 this year. Normally, I wouldn't really care--but two holidays on one day!! I LOVE IT!! (Valentine's Day & Chinese New Years!!!) Chinese New Year's is one of my favorite holiday (I also love 4th of July). I can't wait.... I wonder what I'll be doing to celebrate the day!? Hmm, we'll see!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh Monday, dont' take it personally....

...but I really don't like you. UGH Mondays!!

*Well Friday was a lil choatic. Wasn't a typical work day, just VERY VERY QUIET. I was able to get all my work done with a quickness. Luckily, Mamacita and I were able to resolve our problem. It all started because another co-worker "thought" she heard something and told Mamacita that I was "talking crap". Yes, someone decided to 'react' instead of 'act' to that gossip, but I'm just glad everything's cleared up between Mamacita and I. I would NEVER do anything to ruin our great work relationship and wonderful friendship.

*My Young Women's Volleyball team did quite well. I'm very proud of them. For their first game, they played great together. I'm sure some of them were a lil nervous and forgot the basics, but all in all they should be very happy with the way the played. They won 1 set out of 3 and that's okay with me.......for now.

* I didn't go out with Morgan on Saturday (like we've been doing for the last month)....but we ended up going out on Sunday. We hit up the newly remodeled Mormon Battalion Center in Old Town San Diego. OH.MY.GOSH!! It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! I think it's a definite MUST SEE!!! I love it!! I can't wait to go again!! They've transformed it into a beautiful 'hacienda'!! It's so unreal!! It's hard to believe it's a church structure, I LOVE IT!!

* Sitting in class with Morgan made me miss going out with him on Saturday. So I was really glad when he asked me out to the Mormon Battalion center. I had such a lovely time with him. I always thoroughly enjoy going out with him. I'm so stoked that we're going out on Wednesday! We'll be walking around the Coronado Ferry Landing and then grabbing a bite to eat. I'm so happy I get to see him mid-week!!

*I'm in the mood for some BaƱuelos...ORALE!!
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