Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy 12th Novee!!

This past Wednesday was my niece's 12th birthday! I can't believe she's already 12 now! I remember it, like yesterday when she was still in her Mama tummy tum tum.  Time surely flies!  

I just wanted to share my top 12 reasons of why this little girl is so special to me!

1. She is generous, kind and quick to share.
2. She always includes me in her immediate family.
3. She is sensitive and very tender hearted. 
4. She is a tough lil cookie! She can put up with her brothers' teasing. 
5. She makes friends very easily, and is a true and dedicated friend to all.

6. She is beautiful, but still enjoys getting a little dirty with the rough and tumble of childhood.
7. She gives sweet & sincere compliments that make a grey day better.
8. This girl likes to rock out, dances and sings along to Bob Marley, The Beatles & One Direction.
9. She has her own personal style and pulls it off with such flare! 
10. She knows the importance of a "ladies day!" and time to reconnect to female loved ones.
11. She loves her family VERY much and shows them.
12. She's excited to attend the temple now that she's turned 12. 

There's many more reasons of why I love my niece so much.  I hope to someday have a daughter as kind, beautiful and smart as my little Novee.  My life has been enriched by having her in my family and heart. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

V Sesh

I haven't been able to sleep well, for the last few nights.  My upstairs neighbors have been SO. EFFIN. EXTREMELY. LOUD. til the early morning hours.  Unfortunately I can hear EVERYTHING because they not only make noise inside their apartment, their foul mouthed loud fights drag outside to the back parking lot and everywhere in between [aka: all the surrounding windows of my apartment].  I almost called the cops twice because it's just a damn nuisance!!!  Plus I'm so tired of hearing those chicks have loud & VERY vigorous sex.  Last night/this morning, I heard them going at it 3 times!
I'm just in terrible mood, today.  I'm so dog tired.  My Meniere's is back with a vengeance and it's kickin' my ass--hardcore.   My hearing in my left ear is shot, unless I hold a part of my neck to make the "whooshing" noise subside.   All I want to do is sleep...some good, deep, uninterrupted SLEEP.

Damn, I seriously loathe my neighbors. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Parting Ways.

Dear Carmex,
I just wanted to tell you how much you've fulfilled my lip needs.  We've been through thick and thin, for the last 14 years.  You've been by my side, in my pocket, in my lil coin cubby in my car and always in my purse.  You've gone tracting on the streets of New Jersey, flown the friendly skies from coast to coast and the isles of the sea and biked many miles.  You've even kissed a few guys (none of which were a big fan of you---sorry!) Like I said, we've been through a lot. 
But I've come across something new, something that not only fulfills my lip needs but gives me more!  I've fallen in love with Eos lip balm.  
The fun ball shape is too cute to pass up.  Theres 8 different flavors and I just want to collect them all!  Beyond the appearance is the awesome flavors.  It's a nice subtle flavor.  It's not overbearing like Carmex can sometimes be.  The first time I used it, I couldn't wait to use it again!  Plus, my lips feel even softer than you ever helped me with.  
So thank you Carmex for all you've helped me with and sticking by my side for so long, but I think it's time we part ways.  I wish you the best.  But now I need to go use my lil Summer Fruit Eos! I can't wait!


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy {early} Birthday Ame!

Dear Ame!
I read your blog this morning, and thought I'd dedicate a blog to you.  
I just wanted to tell you, as well as the rest of the world {or at least those that read my blog}, how truly grateful I am for you.  You've been exactly the friend I needed to have at church, to help me feel more comfortable and at ease in a new ward, 18 months ago.  I've thanked Heavenly Father for placing you in my life.  Heaven knows I would have taken off a long time ago and attended a different ward, if I didn't have you to sit with.  
I remember the first time we really started talking.  It was at the 2011 Christmas party, when I showed up late and the only place to sit was at a table with you and Norma.  I surely appreciated your thoughtfulness of not speaking in Spanish, like the majority of the table, that night.  I remember how down you were with coming with me to the top of the Hyatt, since it was one of my goals, that month.  I thought, "Wow, I don't know this chick, but she's pretty cool if she's more than willing to come with!"  I knew then, that that would be the start of a cool friendship.  
I'm grateful for the times we've spent together...talking...sitting in church classes....organizing FHE stuff.....just those friendship type of activities that help bring two friends closer.  I enjoy our texts and emails about life, guys  & frustrations.  I value the trust you have in me.  Not many friends give me a key to their place.  Your empathy towards my family life has been tremendously meaningful.  I love you dearly, my dear kind friend.  I, for one, am especially grateful for your birthday...because my life has been enriched by your birth...your being and most especially, YOU!  Happy {early} birthday!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Flingin'!

*Today's the FIRST day of Spring! Oh yeah! I LOVE IT!!  

*I feel so "weather spoiled" living here in San Diego! One could have sworn that it was Spring since about December. 

*Tonight my friend Dixie flies into town.  I haven't seen him in over a year.  I've missed him living here in San Diego because he's such a chill friend.  We'll be going on a "midnight taco run" tonight with Hermanita....I can't wait!

*I'm really enjoying the office I work in.  Most especially since all the fountain drinks are free! HOLA AQUA FRESCAS!!! I love the ice chips too!!!

*I've had cramps pretty badly today.  Seriously, Aleeve has helped, but not entirely. Even my lower back hurts with it....arg! Speaking of "arg".... AntiBacterial gel splashed onto my eyelash/eye today.  I have no idea how it happened, but man, I had to squeeze my eye shut so it wouldn't seep in.  It made me chuckle a little, just cause that's never happened before.  

*Last weekend was absolutely WONDERFUL!!! Levi & I had a fun time using his new camera down at the Coronado Ferry Landing.  Saturday was my Dad's birthday and it was WAY fun playing Tripoly with Kalanster & Levi for the first time.  Levi ended up winning!  I have no idea how he ALWAYS wins!! Seriously, how did the competitive girl end up with the guy who wins almost everything?!?! Sunday was nice reconnecting with Ame and having a blast at ward potluck.  Everything about this past weekend was just all around GREAT!!

*I'm LOVING the Mexican food here at work.  Seriously, it's fantastic being able to have huevos con chorizo, arroz,frijoles y tortillas for breakfast! I LOVE IT!!! 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

YW Volleyball 2013

This is my lil Young Womens Volleyball team.
They won half of their games, this season. 
I couldn't be more prouder of them and their team work. 
I'll miss them and look forward to our season, next year.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

My 6am thought process, this morning.

"I can't believe I woke up this early WITHOUT an alarm clock."

2 seconds later...

"I can't believe I woke up THIS early, without an alarm clock."

It's funny what a matter of seconds can do for ya.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Book list....

So it just dawned on me that there are several books that I want/need to add to my bookshelf.

  • Collected Stories - Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • The Five Love Languages - Gary Chapman
  • I Didn't Plan to be a Witch - Linda Eyre
  • Leaves of Grass - Walt Whitman
  • To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My constant battle with Words with Friends.

I totally enjoy playing Words with Friends. However, I have a constant battle in my mind as to what are real words and which ones aren't....

<--- example="" font="" game="" situation="">
Ehu: "YORGE" is a word.
Rationalizing Ehu: Wait, maybe it isn't....
Words with Friends: Sorry, YORGE is not an acceptable word.
Rationalizing Ehu: DANGIT!! That would have been 18 points!
Ehu: How about "YERVE"? I'm sure "YERVE" is a word!  
Rationalizing Ehu: When would I have ever used the word "YERVE" in sentence?! That would be 22 points!! 
WwF: Sorry, "YERVE" is not an acceptable word.
Ehu: Ok, how about...."YOURE".
WwF: Sorry, "YOURE" is not an acceptable word.
Rationalizing Ehu: "How is that not a word?!?!? It is a word! Oh wait, I need an apostrophe" Damnit.
Ehu: Or, YOUGE?
WwF: Sorry, YOUGE is not an acceptable word.
Ehu: {Hits "Shuffle" several times, with the hopes of a 5 letter word, using the letters G and V, pops up} Ok, how about "YERGE". 
Rationalizing Ehu: I'm sure I've heard someone, at one point in my life use the word "YERGE" in, "Put the Yerges out!" Dang, I really wish I had an S as well, I'd score 20 points! Sweet!!
WwF: Sorry, YERGE is not an acceptable word.
Ehu: Daaaaaamnit!!!!!! That's Yorkie....UGH! Wrong word.  I wish I had a K now....oh the possibilities!
Rationalizing Ehu: What Y letter word even uses G & V in it?!?!?! That would be a whole lot of points!!!!
{Ten minutes pass...frustration & desperation set in}
Ehu: (plays YOUR).
WwF: Ehu played YOUR for 7 points.
Ehu: Dang....well at least U was worth 2 points, that's something.

This is the constant battle I have in my mind as I try to play words.  I wonder if anyone else goes through this when trying to score the most points.  It's fun....but sometimes a lil frustrating! Ok, I've gotta go, I have 12 games waiting for me.

Monday, March 4, 2013

6th Grade Camp!

My niece, Novee leaves for 6th grade camp today! I can't believe it! Where does the time go?!?! 
Yesterday, we went to church together and spent a good portion of the afternoon hanging out....taking photos.  She's so beautiful and tenderhearted.  She is a sweetheart and exudes with love and friendship for everyone. I can't believe that she'll be 12 at the end of this month and entering Young Womens. Wow!  Such a sweet little lady! I love her so much!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Five ♥

Happy 5 Levi!

{Five reasons why I love this man!}

1. He listens to all the crazy/random/sappy/clever things I say, and remembers ALL of it.

2. Whenever I get emotional {happy & sad tears}, he doesn't freak out, but is incredibly tender and sensitive.

3. He's physically stronger than me.  

4. He makes me feel extraordinarily special!!  

5. Because he loves me & shows it.  
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