Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Can I just say...we just got back from the very BEST weekend EVER!!!  Being able to spend 96 straight hours with my sweetheart was AWESOME!! He's my very best friend and we always have the very best of times with each other.  I LOVE making him laugh.  I fall more and more in love with him, with each passing day.

We were lucky to have the opportunity to meet up with Levi's sister & bro-in-law who came in from the mid-west to celebrate her birthday and wedding anniversary.  Since they were coming all that way, their Dad and wife planned to go out to Vegas to meet with them. We figured it would be a very good time to meet up with all of them.  Unfortunately, Levi's other sister who lives here in town, couldn't make it out. Since it would be my first time meeting this particular sister, it was great we could make this trip. 

Honestly, it felt like the honeymoon we didn't really have.  We lived it up!  We did what ever we wanted and whenever we wanted.  All that mattered was us.  I LOVED LOVED LOVED THAT!! We didn't really have any kind of schedule and flew by the seat of our pants.  We spent some time by the pool and it was WOOOONDERFUL!!! Sun w/ my sweetheart was perfection!!! Each and every moment with him was just so delightful.  I've come to realize that marriage to this spectacular man is like a slumber party with your best friend that will never end and just gets better and better. This vacation couldn't have come at a more perfect time.  Simply stupendous!!!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Short Dreams.

Sometimes, I daydream about having a bald head again.
This was me back in November 2010, just one week apart. Shaving my head was probably the most craziest things I've ever done before. But you know what, I LOVED it! I felt so unbelievably beautiful. I loved having to wear mascara, blush and jewelry a little bit more. I felt more feminine because I couldn't hide behind my hair.
I LOVED not having to do anything to my hair, other than just rubbing my head with a towel after showering. Oh the wonderful ease of it! Plus, I didn't have to worry about hair clogging the shower. How nice is that? 
Maybe someday, soon enough,  I'll have short hair again.
 Or even have it shaved again....
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