Sunday, May 3, 2020

What. A. Day.!!!

We were going to treat ourselves to breakfast out (drive-thru, of course), this morning.  It was about 30 minutes before breakfast was going to end, so we rushed out to our truck.  As we approached our truck, we noticed an ambulance and fire truck wanting to get through the gate.  Since we forgot our masks inside, Levi ran back as I was courteous enough to hit the remote to let them in.  Just as they pulled in, they decided to park right behind our truck.  For about 30 minutes.

Adios breakfast trip.

I knew I had quite a lot of homework to get done today, so I jumped on it as early as possible. However, for the past day, our freezer hasn't been staying closed.  I know we have a lot of food in there, but I was growing more concerned since it started to seem like the food wasn't staying as frozen as one would hope.  For the next 3 hours, I was completely worried and checking on the freezer and fridge.  At one point it sounded like it just died; it was dead quiet.  The fridge didn't seem as cold anymore.  Levi called the property manager, left a voicemail.  I called the owner, and he said he'd reach out to the PM and have a repairman here on Monday.

Oh man, I was hustling hard trying to figure out what to do with our food.  I posted on our church Facebook group for my congregation and I couldn't be more grateful for those friends who reached out to help, my sister for offering my nephew's mini-fridge and my ol' friend who I go to with ALL my car questions (cars = fridges, right??)  answer my questions.  Thankfully, after Levi pulled the fridge out and dusted stuff on the back and plugged it back in, it started to work again and get cool.

Couple hours later, it's not super cold again. UGH. We cannot lose the food in there.  :( Guess we'll just hope and pray until Monday!  Oy vey!
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