Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Officially Mrs. B!

Yesterday, I finally changed my last name over to my married name. I was anticipating a long, dreadful process. Plus, sometimes, I have a hard time with change.  These two factors added up to taking 8.5 months to make this change. 
I started off with the local Social Security office, which was fast & easy. In and out in less than 10 minutes! Then I tried the DMV, FOUR TIMES!!! Oh man...never again am I going to the DMV without an appointment!!  After the SS offfice, I drove by and saw a long line out the door.  I decided to go by Target to get some allergy medicine and kill some time.  When I went back after Target, the line was ever longer.  I decided to go by Michael's & Joann's to check out their sales on scrapbooking items.  After that, I went back by the DMV and the line was gone! I walked in, got my number (G166) and sat for 30 minutes (they were barely on G120). I finally turned to the lady next to me and she said that she had been waiting for 2.5 hours! TWO AND A HALF HOURS!!! HECK NO!! I decided I'd go grab lunch and run home for a quick bit.  When I made it back to the DMV, they were on G169!! Oh man, I was so mad, frustrated and bummed!!! I knew I should have gone to the DMV the next day (today) as I had originally planned!  
Luckily, Levi said that it was a momentous occasion and we needed to celebrate.  His happiness made me happy that I finally made this change! Off we went to The Cheesecake Factory! It was our first time there and we were lucky to have gift cards to use! Even better!! :) It was a fun dinner!  It's always so nice to try something new w/ him! We love our adventures, big & small!

This morning, I was able to finish up the name change process. I got up early to get over to the DMV.  It only took an hour and a half.  Then headed over to finish off the rest of the name change stuff.  It's kinda trippy.  I'm not gonna lie, after I walked out of the SS office yesterday and saw it on paper, it hit me pretty hard.  I was excited, happy, sad, nervous, ecstatic, etc.  I was feeling all kinds of emotions.  Sharing the same last name as my husband, makes me feel more united with him.  Part of me feels like I'm leaving my family and an old life.  It's a lil tough to not share the same last name as my parents now, but that's what comes with growing up & moving forward in life.  I'll tell you one thing, man, I need to practice my new signature.  Now I'm officially a Mrs.! I mean, I have been since August, but now I'm really Mrs. B!  I have a wallet full of cards that can prove it too! Trippy!! But exciting, oh so exciting!! 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Tried & Failed....Miserably.

Please ask me where I've gone 4x today!?!?

The DMV.

Then you can ask me what didn't work out.

See above answer.


Tomorrow, I get to try it all over again.... 
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