Thursday, March 17, 2016

How I Felt About The First Day.

I just might like working here, that is for sure!
Please excuse my full happy face, my boss took our department to Starbucks for breakfast.

And in case you were wondering what the second day looked like...
Corned beef & cabbage on rate from DZ Akins! Celebrated St. Patrick's Day & a paralegal's birthday. I'm totally ok with that!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Tomorrow's going to be a big day!
I start my new position!
So many people I've worked with have asked me if I'm excited.
Honestly, I'm not one of those people that LOVE change. 
I'm a creature of comfort. 
I get a lil hesitant to jump into new adventures without some sort of safety net of familiarity.  I'm glad I've got Chuy down there since he transferred to that department a year ago.  At least I'll feel like I have a friend, who actually knows how to pronounce my name.
Yep, I'll have a whole day of correcting people on how to say my name. fun.

I don't know...I'm nervous.  I'm going to miss my team and all things familiar.

Here's to moving up in the world!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Daylight Savings Monday: Training & Discussions.

Today flew by so quickly.  
At the end of today, I started to clear out more of my cube to take down to my new cube.  I'll take my last box on my way out tomorrow night.  I'll probably set up my desk so it's ready come Wednesday when I start in my new position.  
As I was cleaning stuff up, I started to clear my computer of files and folders I no longer needed.  As I did so, I came across templates and email examples my trainee will probably need in time.  I have no idea how many emails I sent to her labeled, "SAVE FOR LATER: (name of template/example)".  I was just thinking of how I just wanted to be set up for future training with the tools she would need.  I know I wouldn't be there to train her later, but I wanted her to be prepared.  I didn't want her to be blindsided later.  I wished I could be there for all of her training with future projects, projects that I am familiar with.  I suddenly had this maternal type of feeling that I didn't want her to fail and my time of training was soon coming to an end, tomorrow.
It made me wonder if that's how parents feel as their children grow up and soon leave the nest.  Do they wonder, "Have I done my best?", "Will they remember everything I taught them?", "Will they do what is most important?",  "I hope they know they can always ask for help." It almost made me sad to think I won't be there to help my trainee with all of her future questions.  I now have to trust my team mates to take care of her.  Dude, sometimes, I don't know how parents do it.  I mean, it makes me think back to when my nephew, Simi left for his mission. I know she'll be fine and in due time will learn everything she needs to, to fulfill the position.  She'll be in good hands. 
I will surely miss my team.  We've been together for the past year and I'll miss QuiQua, my one colleague that I've worked next to for the last two years.  We've been together since week one.  It'll be so different in my new department.  New faces & new names to remember.  I don't want to get too sentimental, it'll make tomorrow hard.
Last night, we had the missionaries over for dinner.  It was so nice.  They're our first real guests at our place (dinner wise).  It was nice feeling their spirit.  We went over the first discussion.  I'm not gonna lie, I got emotional while they were sharing the Joseph Smith experience of the first vision.  It just brought back so many times I was able to share that experience with those we taught out in the mission field.  It made me think of my sweet companion, Sister Cobb.  I loved my mission and all that I was able to experience. I love and miss a lot of my companions, I'd say, all but one really.  I think I do a pretty good job at keeping in touch with them.  I love them.  
I'm grateful for the challenge of reading the Book of Mormon again, with Levi.  When I don't read the Book of Mormon as often as I should, I forgot all the great stories and experiences that took place.  The elders asked me last night what I liked about the Book of Mormon, and I told them that I liked all the experiences that happened therein.  I said I liked Alma the Younger who wasn't perfect and even tried to lead people astray, but he repented and came back to be a powerful missionary.  I like that the Book of Mormon tells of Alma the Younger's conversion.  I love all the stories of Captain Moroni.  He's the best.  I can't wait to dive back into the Book of Mormon and read all these great stories and most especially when Jesus came to the Americas and blessed all the children.  The best part of the Book of Mormon, is knowing that it is all true.  I'm ready to reaffirm my testimony of it's truthfulness.  

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Life, in rewind. {this past week}

I finished our nephews & nieces frame. I love it! I love seeing these kids that we love so much!

I went to Hobby Lobby today, as my "do something fun on your half day (of work)" I love the light blue frame for our wedding party photo. It'll be a nice pop of color amongst the dark frames on the wall. I'm still debating if I like the "Family Rules". I feel like there are so many rules! We'll see where we're at with that, in a week.

I'm so glad Levi said to go with the light blue. It's perfect and brings out the touches of light blue in the photo. I love this photo with all our loved ones.

I brought Jonah to work with me on Friday. He was a hit! I seriously love this bag! $2 at a thrift store = AWESOMENESS!!

I seriously love having a Food Saver!! I also love being able to seal all my Mason jars oh so easily!!

This was the BEST fortune I've EVER received!! I seriously want to frame it!

I made this meme from a funny quote I found. So funny & so true!

Levi had a special photo project in which he asked me to model for him. At the end, I thought I'd snap a few photos of myself as I waited in the car for him. I wanted to surprise him when he later went thru all the pics to make selections. This was his favorite:

This was the sweet little experience I had this week:

We were at Mission Trails working on Levi's photo project. I very much enjoy Big Rock Park! 

But I enjoy this man, a million times more.

My new kitchen! I love the new shelves & kitchen table and chairs!! Our kitchen is so much more organized and bigger now. I love all the space!

This is Levi fixing my mistake. I can't stand assembling things. Reading instructions to build things make me a lil anxious & frustrated. Him, not so much.

Adios old round table & chairs.

I feel like this has been such a fast week. So much has changed in our little flat. Work has seriously flown by and soon enough I'll be starting my new position. I'm nervous, exited, anxious & sad all wrapped! Well tonight we "spring forward " for the time change and it's 1:51am and in 9 minutes it'll be 3:00am. I'm wide awake and church starts at 9:00am. Yikes!! Good night!!

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