Sunday, February 23, 2014


This morning when I woke up, Levi was still asleep. I really really REALLY wanted him to wake up, so we could start our day together. I really wanted to wake him up, but he's always so kind to let me sleep in as long as I want. Even if he doesn't stay in bed with me, he's so kind to keep the living room television down so it doesn't disturb me. Like I said, he is tremendously thoughtful and considerate.   This morning, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning, the anticipation of him waking up was just too much! I rubbed his back a few times, feeling a little guilty but also somewhat accomplished whenever he'd start to stir a little. When he finally awoke, I was just so excited, because life is much more thrilling and colorful when I have him by my side. 
However, Sunday nights are difficult. I feel like I have to let him go, for the I'm returning him back to work and school.  I feel like I have such a hold on him during the weekends, since we pretty much spend every minute together from Friday night till Monday morning....and I love every single second of our weekends! There's nothing else I'd rather be doing than spending my weekends with my sweetheart. 
Damn Mondays! Can't it be Friday already? Til next time....

Thursday, February 20, 2014

10 years.

Last week marked 10 years of being home from my mission!

T E N  Y E A R S!!

How has ten years passed so quickly?

Oh how I miss New Jersey.  I wish I could go back and see everything that I loved about it.... but it's not the same.  Some dear friends have passed on, and some moved away.  It just wouldn't be the same.  Oh how I miss those gorgeous Autumns!  Rich red, orange and yellow leaves!  My very favorite season!! Spring time was beautiful as well, as the lush greens would spring back from cold winter blues.  Man oh man, how I miss all of it.  Not to mention the foods.  Mastori's.... I can faintly remember the deliciousness of their cheese bread, as it melted in my mouth.  YUM!!

I wish I could turn back time and return to New Jersey. I would have appreciated my time more and tried to experience more of what New Jersey had to offer.  New Jersey, I miss you.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's at it's finest....

I was surprised with this lovely arrangement of Tulips, at work!! Oh how I love my sweetheart so!  (I just pulled the flowers out of its ProFlowers box, so they were VERY thirsty)  I loved the chocolates that came along with them, but the card was my favorite.  My sweetheart writes the most endearing and sweetest cards.  I felt so special receiving this sweet gift!  He's so thoughtful!

I loved the card I got for him.  It played "Wild Thing" when opened.

 We spent our Saturday cruising around San Diego taking photos.  We ventured to new places, in and around North Park & Golden Hills, which had a nice view of the SD skyline.  Enjoyed some sundaes at Mr. Frostie and checked out Crystal Pier for the first time (for me).  That pier worked my nerves.  Poor Levi's hand was a lil red after I held on to it so tight! It's nothing like IB...those dang wood planks shouldn't move so much! Eeek!

Levi made us reservations at Buca de Beppo...where it all started.  I loved being there with him.  I'm just glad I wasn't as nervous as that first date.  So many things came to mind, as I sat there across from him.  I thought about our first conversations.  I thought about how much I wanted to reach across the table and hold his hand.  I also thought about how cute he was to play footsies with me under the table, on our first date.  In all of my reminiscing, I couldn't help but think of how lucky I've been these last 16 months.  I wish I had known on that Sunday evening, that I was embarking on best adventure of love, happiness, humor and friendship!   My card really is true, happiness is found in loving and being loved in return...especially from my Levi.  I never dremt that I'd get this lucky to have the best Valentine in the world....oh how I love him with all of my heart!

I like seeing my Valentine's flowers in front of my Vday 2013 gift, my hope chest that Levi made.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Then Wake Up and Do Something More!

Last week, as I found myself driving home in the dark, the words of a beloved hymn came to mind....
Have I done any good in the world today?
Have I helped anyone in need?
Have I cheered up the sad and made someone feel glad?
If not, I have failed indeed.
Has anyone's burden been lighter today
Because I was willing to share?
Have the sick and the weary been helped on their way?
When they needed my help was I there?

Then wake up and do something more
Than dream of your mansion above.
Doing good is a pleasure, a joy beyond measure,
A blessing of duty and love.

 There are chances for work all around just now,
Opportunities right in our way.
Do not let them pass by, saying, "Sometime I'll try,"
But go and do something today.
'Tis noble of man to work and to give;
Love's labor has merit alone.
Only he who does something helps others to live.
To God each good work will be known.

I love this hymn.  It is so beautiful in the way of how we can and should do service.  Everything I've ever learned about service, my father taught me by example.  I will always be so grateful for his example. 
I got to thinking about my life and what I can do each day to serve.  Two things came to mind, if I can make someone laugh and serve someone, then I'm good.  Those are two things I plan on striving for, each day.  It may not seem like a lot, but it makes my day so much better.  
As my Dad said, "LDS stands for 'Let's Do Service or Let's Do Something!"  

Thanks Dad! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Tuesday Quickie....

*I enjoyed dinner with two old friends tonight.  It was lovely catching up with them and being friends in real life.  I LOVE seeing friends in real life, since we mostly communicate via Facebook & Instagram.

*I'm really enjoying work.  So far, nothing feels overwhelming, which is great!  When I interviewed with them, it sounded like it would be 100x more difficult, but I'm glad I'm understanding everything coming my way.  It was a great boost of confidence today, when my trainer said I'm doing awesome and picking it all up very quickly.  I'm so grateful for all the job experiences that have led me to this point in life. 

*I'll be seeing my parents tomorrow.  I feel like every time I see them, they age a year older.  Oh my parents, I wonder what it would have been like to be friends with them at my age right now.  Isn't that something to think about.

*I'm excited for Valentine's Day/Weekend!!  I think I'm even more stoked to have Monday off so I can sleep in.  Seriously, I've been dragging myself out of bed every morning.  I don't know why I'm so exhausted?! Perhaps it's because I have to be at work an hour earlier than my last job and I have to leave an hour before I start (work is 12 miles away, but traffic is terrible!)  Anyways, back to Monday... Happy Sleep Day, to me!

*I just realized that tomorrow marks the 10 year anniversary of returning home from my mission.  Seriously, 10 years??!? Ten years since this picture!!  Wow.... I was so young, on so many levels. I'm so grateful for the life experiences that I've had since then.

*Now that I feel old, I should get to sleep.... It's already hard in the morning, no use making it any harder!  Good night, world!

oh yeaaah....


There is something to be said about being kissed hard and deep.  The type of kiss that just takes your breath away, especially if it's unexpected.  Man....those are great kisses!

Please excuse me, I've got Valentine's on my mind...

Sunday, February 9, 2014

I just might like working here...

Man, when Friday rolled around, I was DEFINITELY ready for the weekend!  I was ever so grateful that it was Friday.
So far, I like working here.  My trainer is terrific and my cubicle neighbor is always ready to help.  I like the rest of my cubicle mates/co-workers, they're all so nice and funny!  That totally makes the work day better!  If the morning traffic wasn't such an ordeal I would have nothing to gripe about.  Seriously, I enjoy working here, so far.  I'm stoked to see what lies ahead!
I've never worked in a cubicle before.  I've had desks in offices, but I'm new to the cubicle life.  I like it, it's different.  My cubicle is the first one, right on the corner, so anyone who walks into our side of the office automatically comes across mine first.  It's a drab sight.  I look at my cubby mates and their's are all decorated and lively, sadly mine and Matt's (my neighbor) are boring.  He's the only guy in our 7 member team, so it's kind of ok that his is on the minimalist side.  Tomorrow's my 4th day there, so that too is okay.  However, anytime I walk back to my cubicle, it's just a sad sight.  It's like it's obvious that I'm the new girl.  Luckily, on my first day, I brought along a tropical calender and bright pink picture frame of me & Levi.  This weekend, I made it a goal to get some more items.  We bought some plants for my desk, and magnetic picture frames I could hang on my top storage cabinet.  I made some marble/bubble magnets:
which I can't wait to place around my cubicle!  Aren't they just so unique and cool?! Love them and totally loved making them!  I bought a Chuck Norris desk calender, with lil ChuckNorris'ism for every day!  Can't wait!  I also bought a bottle of lotion, so I don't dry out from the office AC and antibac gel.  I feel like I would work better if my office space was more "Me"--warm, funny, lively and a lil unique.  I even started a Pinterest board....yes, I'm a nerd.  I can't wait to get to work tomorrow!!  Can't wait to see the cubicle come alive!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dude, I survived!

Man, today was a VERY busy day!
First off, the traffic is pretty horrendous, especially since I have to drive by the local university. Ay caramba! 
I think I'm going to leave an hour before work, tomorrow.  Luckily, we have a parking garage so parking isn't a nightmare.  
I was with my trainer all day, learning the ins and outs of my job.  Luckily, I'm surrounded by nice people so I'll feel comfortable asking for help.  I like that everyone enjoys working there, that really helps make me feel more at ease with learning this new job.  I met 95% of everyone on our floor (there's 2.5 floors that belong to our firm), it was a bit overwhelming.  Today, I think I've come to realize, that with a name like mine, I do not have the luxury of being shy.  Out of all the people I met today, I think I can remember about 30% of their names.  I don't think I've gone into what it's like meeting people for the first time, with a name like mine.  I'll go more into that, tomorrow.  
My trainer said that I did really well, for my first day.  I like hearing that!  My cubicle neighbor said that on his first day, he went straight home and fell asleep until the next morning.  When I heard that at 10am this morning, I thought it was a bit much.  As 5pm rolled around, it sounded like the best idea ever!  So far, I like  my job and I don't feel overwhelmed, but we'll see what tomorrow brings.  
I wish I had a picture of my cubicle, but it's a lil boring right now since I'm barely movin' into the space.   For now, here's a picture of the break room.  I love love love how there's fresh fruit available for the taking, that's really terrific!  I like how well-stocked this break room is, especially since there's an ice machine and drinking water! Juuuuust perfect!  All in all, I think I'm going to definitely like working here.   I just feel so incredibly lucky that I landed this job!!  I definitely have counted my lucky stars and thanked my Heavenly Father.  My cup runneth o'er!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Dude, I start my new job tomorrow. I'm nervous.  I feel like I'm not quite prepared.  I have my messenger bag I need to pack with my new notebook & post-its, along with my pencil bag of writing utensils....yeah yeah, I'm a geek who loves stationary!  I feel like I should set my clothes out and get everything ready.  
I'm a lil nervous because I'm not exactly sure where to park and where exactly I should go once I get to the office...or who I need to talk with.  Dude.... now I'm really nervous. EEK!
The last couple jobs I had, I knew someone there, but now it's a whole new playing field.  New faces, new office, new area...just new all around.  Man... I just hope I hit the ground running, understand everything that's thrown my way and get along with everyone I work with. 
In the meantime, I'm trying to hype myself up with this little tune....

All of Me!

This is my new favorite song! I just found it on VH1 today and I'm in love with it!
But I actually like the original version he did with his wife....
...but the violin is a very nice touch.
Anyways, enjoy! Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 3, 2014

A new adventure on the horizon!

The day after tomorrow, I start my new job! I'm way stoked!  Two weeks ago, my General Manager said that the CEO wanted him to make some cuts, and sadly, I was one of them.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with them, but knew that it wouldn't go on forever.  Luckily, the next morning I found a job posting on Craigslist (I have such good luck finding the greatest "finds" on there!) sent in my cover letter, along with my resume and heard from them that very afternoon!  I was surprised!! I had an interview that next afternoon, and was told I would maybe hear back from them by next Wednesday.  As I was out shopping with Levi, Monday afternoon, my phone rang and they were asking me back for a second interview!  The next day I showed up and met with the department head......oh man, I was way nervous!!  That was a Tuesday, and I was told that my background check would take about 3-5 days.  However, I received a copy of my background check the next afternoon, so I figured I'd probably hear back from them by Friday....or at least I was hoping to!  Friday came and still nothing.....the next day was Eidde's wedding and I wanted to be able to enjoy the weekend!  I was a lil worried and even expressed my hopelessness to Levi.  As I was cleaning out my closet at my parents', my phone rang and it was the HR from the law firm.  She didn't sound too cheery, so I thought I didn't get it....til I suddenly heard, "We would like to extend the offer of the position...." and I was in like Flynn!  I was so stoked!!  I just had to call Levi to share the good news!  I'm way stoked!  Work will be about 12 minutes away and I even got offered the higher pay!  I'm way stoked to have luxury of medical, vision, & dental benefits again, as well as 401K and PTO/Sick time, after one month!  With all the great things this job has to offer, I'm a lil nervous cause I'm definitely going to need to hit the ground running!  EEEKKK!!! But I can do it! I've got this!
I'm just so happy with all that this job will bring.  I'm so grateful for this awesome blessing!  I'm grateful to a Heavenly Father who is ALWAYS aware of my needs, wants & desires and blesses me accordingly.  I can't help but get choked up in the thought of the specific blessings I receive.  My heart is ever so grateful. ♥

"When you say you love me, know I love you more..."

This past Saturday, I had the sincere pleasure and beautiful opportunity to see my friend Eidde & his love Joe, get married.   The air was thick with elation, love and affection for this sweet couple. 
Watching Joe with his Mother, made me think of how sweet and tender he treats Eidde.
The smile on Eidde's Mom's face sums up the feelings of all those in attendance. 
Such beautiful vows were shared!
Some of my best (growing up) memories happened with these 3 people!
With the handsome grooms!

Wedding Photo Booth = A total must have!!
It was such a beautiful celebration of love.  I couldn't be any happier for my friend Eidde.  Joe is so sweet and kind, and I am ecstatic that my dear friend is on cloud #9!  They are so sweet together.  Just being surrounded by so much love and happiness made me think so much about weddings and marriages.  Listening to Eidde & Joe's vows to each other made me even more thankful for my special man...

I'm so glad that my better half always looks good for the camera!
I cannot wait to marry this man of mine.  He means the whole galaxy to me.  He makes everything 1,000,000 times better, brighter, funnier and lovelier.  I can't wait til we exchange vows and dance our first dance together.  So many great things to come...
Especially for my dear friend Eidde & Joe. I wish them the very best life has to offer and a lifetime of love & happiness!

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