Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Can I just say how crazy/excited I am for tomorrow night!!
 I've FINALLY decided on a menu!!
Appetizer: Prosciutto & Cantaloupe
A VERY delicious combination! Plus it'll remind him of his time in Italia!

 Dinner: Crab stuffed Salmon!!
I've been craving these for several weeks now.

Twice Baked Potatoes!

Sauteed Asparagus!

Now, if only I could figure out what to have for dessert.......
Maybe, Banana Ice Cream since it's his favorite?
However, I did think about:
My beloved Viking!!
We'll see.........

 Let's just hope Houston likes it...and likes me even more because of it! :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Wrong....but not entirely.

There is a wonderful feeling that can come with an apology, as both the receiver and the giver. 
I felt like I owed Houston an apology.  I apologized and was quickly forgiven for something that I didn't even need to apologize about.  I love it when men are so understanding when you're a lil crazy/emotional when Aunt Flo is here.  More so, I'm grateful that Houston is just willing to overlook my imperfections and still have such lovely feelings for me. 

Life is good.

And just when I thought I was off the hook.... I've still gotta think of something impressive to cook him on Wednesday.

Wish me luck!!

And leave me some ideas!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

♪ "Already lost a grip, best abandon ship..."

As I was driving home from my Young Women's Volleyball game, I had this feeling. It reminded me much like the feeling I had the day I was fired. I remember the way people were uncharacteristically quiet towards me.  It just wasn't the same.  At the end of the day, I found out why. 
I like to think I'm a literal person, I rather have someone just be upfront with me. I don't like to have to guess or sense things out.  Sometimes, I need a bright neon sign.  However, I'm glad I have my intuition and gut feelings about certain things, people and situations.  I should trust it more than I do. 
I wish I was wrong about the feelings I'm feeling today, but I highly doubt that I am. 

Thank you Ms. Perry, your song seems to speak wonders to my heart today.....

Question & Answer

Recently, I was asked,
"If you could have anything, right now, what would it be?"
The very first thing that came to mind wasn't appropriate to share, at the time.  Instead, I shared something less serious.....  but my original answer continued to stir in my heart and mind.  I wanted to share that first thought, I didn't like holding back.  I'd rather be open, I wanted to be open...

The first thing that came to mind was, 
"I would like to be in a relationship, with you."
That's not something you share with a man, too early on. It can scare them, if they're not ready for it.

We'll see if I ever share this answer.....
.....better yet, let's hope it happens, someday.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Feelin' lucky on a Thursday

Today's one of those days when I can't help but think,
"How did I get so lucky??"
My inbox has been bombarded by photo comments/"likes" notifications for my recent Facebook profile pic.  I like my new profile pic (which happens to be the same as my display pic here) and it just makes me feel even more special that others think sweet, kind things about me too.  How blessed am I to call those "others" my friends!
After dinner, I'm gonna cruise over to Houston's to spend some time with him.  Last night, we strolled a secluded part of the beach, hand in hand.  It was peacefully wonderful. I like him.  He likes me.  How did that happen? He likes spending time with me and as he puts it, "actively pursuing a special lady." My pessimistic self doesn't want to get my hopes up.  For now, I'm just enjoying it all.  
Sometimes, I don't see what others see in me.  I just feel ordinary, nothing that special.  Maybe there's certain things that I can do, that are a lil different than what others do.... but I didn't think that set me apart from the rest.  I'm just me.  Nothing special really... but today, I feel pretty dang special.

And I'm going to hold on to that feeling for a while.

Nervous....Excited......with one week to go!!

So I asked Houston out on a date, for February 29.  Somehow it turned into me cooking him dinner.  For the last couple of days I've been racking my mind as to what I should make!  I have NO idea!!  Seriously, everything and anything I can make, just doesn't seem to add up. I mean, it's not exactly a "romantic" type of meal.  My nephews were saying I should make one of my soups. But soup isn't exactly what I want to make him just yet. I make "meal" types of food...  not "dinner-for-two" entrees. PLUS! He wants to watch me cook.  Oh man, I'm even MORE nervous!  Besides the fact, that I'll be cooking in his kitchen.  AHHHHH!!!!  I'm happy, excited, nervous and scared!! I would be more comfortable making homemade frijoles (beans), rice and enchiladas. Grrr.......we'll see what happens.  In the end, I think we'll both have a very enjoyable night.  

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"GrumpyBear", party of one.

Houston: How is your morning?
Me: Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong
Houston: How come?
Me: Someone didn't sleep so well last night, nor did she eat breakfast. "GrumpyBear", party of one.  How are you today? Did you have fun last night?
Houston: Aww. Poor grumpy bear.
Me: Honey, I'm sorry, I was feeling grumpy and didn't want to say something mean.
Houston: Are you all better?
Me: Yes I ate lunch and took a nap.
If there's something I could change about myself, I wish I weren't such a witch when I'm dog tired.  It gets even worse when I'm hungry, as well.  I can tell when it's getting bad, the yawns start.  Followed next by the impatience.  The impatient level is usually my telltale sign that innocent bystanders should seek shelter immediately or move to higher ground.  My family can tell when I'm tired, usually from my eyes, but then my not-so-friendly demeanor starts to rear it's ugly head and it's too late.....
When I'm tired, I try to keep to myself.  I try to stay away from situations that put me in harms way of saying something I'll later regret or treating others unkindly.  I can't hide my feelings and thoughts so well, sometimes.  It's a blessing and a curse that I'm so open with my thoughts and feelings.  I'm grateful for family and friends who still love me, in spite of this.

Guess who gets to find out a lil more about this tonight.......

On my mind.......

*I've fallen in love with Vitamin String Quartet!!! Amazingly awesome!!

*I need ideas of what to make for my special dinner with Houston. Seriously, I know how to cook but nothing exquiste is coming to mind.  I'm so nervous!!

*I feel my "over analyzing" self starting to seep out.  I owe it to Houston and myself, not to overthink this.

*Man, I'm tired.

*I got to speak with my good old friend Mare. She's awesome in more ways than one.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Today, Tonight & Tomorrow

*Today, I...
...spent time with my two youngest nephews.
....was reminded again of how awesome my nephews are and blessed to have them more as younger brothers.
.....found the coolest pairs of Vans! {for the low price of $32 for BOTH! Score!}
*Tonight, I...
..got to see Houston for about 15 minutes and I enjoyed every single second of it.
...couldn't finish this day without hearing Houston's voice. As busy as he was writing up evals, we talked.  He makes me laugh and smile and anticipate the next time I'll see him (HOPEFULLY on Wednesday, which isn't soon enough!!).
....fell in love with this photo (a cell pic from my cousin):

*Tomorrow, I....
...get to have Volleyball practice with my Young Women. Oh I love those girls.
....have to start thinking of my big date with Houston on February 29. I'm SO excited! It has to be extra special because it is a leap year day.
......will be celebrating Jonah's birthday.
........grow giddy til I get to talk to Houston.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


That's how I basically feel.
Had a WONDERFUL evening with Houston.
Ate some DELICIOUS Sushi! Best I've ever had!
Watched, Safe House--decently good.
Spent another evening listening to Jack Johnson.

Who's happy as a Clam?

I am!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Farmers Market

Today was my second time going to a Farmers Market, but the first time going to the one in Imperial Beach.  Can I just say, I'm starting to LOVE IB like it's my second home. I've been spending A LOT more time down there and it's just wonderful!  It was delightful walking around with Houston and checkin' out the shops.  So cool!  I ate a Gyro (yes, again) and man, I think I was Greek in another life!  Houston bought me a Nutella Crepe, since he lost a bet we had this week. It was a very legit Crepe, because the man who made it was from France! DELICOUS! Walked around more and then bought more fruits to juice back at Houston's.  I'm pretty obsessed with fresh juice, as of late! Love it! Especially since I don't have to do it because Houston's so nice to do it for me! Spent the evening talking and listening to Jack Johnson on Pandora, again.  I can't wait til next Friday.....but until then, I get to see Houston several more times! Can't wait! :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Juiced carrots & Jack Johnson

Thursday, you love me!
Sigh.... Last night was splendidly spectacular!
Juiced my carrots & apples at Houston's.
YUMMY YUM YUM!!! I love fresh juice!!
Didn't get to go out to eat with Mr. Red. A lil bummed about that.
But my "Plan B" was SO. MUCH. BETTER.
Ended up going out to dinner with Houston. He was so nice to offer to step in and I'm grateful.
We walked down to my lil Greek restaurant and had a gyro. YUM!
Walked back to his place and hung out talking.
The sound of his aquarium and Jack Johnson filled the air.
Such a delightful way to spend an evening talking.
Relaxingly blissful.
Can't wait for tonight.
I need more fresh juice, Jack Johnson & Houston.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday, I can't wait to meet you!

I'm looking forward to today!

1. My nephew Bubba's in town!! Oh I've missed him so!
2. I get to see "Houston" again tonight!
3. I'll be "juicin' my carrots" at Houston's.  I'm stoked to have fresh juice!
4. Then I'll be going to dinner with Mr. Red. I enjoy spending time talking with him.
5. I'm stoked to be havin' my favorite Gyro from Beach Club Grille in IB--SO GOOOOD!!

Now, if only I didn't have to go to work...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


 i love to laugh  i love to smile i love my awesome nephews i love my sweet niece  i love having a roof over my head  i love my big warm bed  i love my dear sister  i love the blessing of music  i love my friends, near and far  i love knowing the purpose of this life  i love the hotel del coronado  i love living in san diego  i love all my talents i love my dad, more than he'll ever know i love being in love  i love to swoon i love mexican food i love my friends who read my blog i love my talented mom   i love my very best friends i love to cuddle i love to kiss i love neck massages and back rubs i love mr. red's cologne  i love to read  i love this song  i love straight hair i love linder truffles i love mindy gledhill [music] i love the coronado ferry landing i love valentine's day i love love i love chocolate i love the beach i love mama mck i love to sing i love to create i love my Heavenly Father for ALL that he's blessed me with

Monday, February 13, 2012

Craigslist + $100 = Happy Ehu!

Here's my new bike. I need a name for him.  It's a "him" because it's blue, but it is a Woman's Mountain Bike. I think I totally scored and can't wait to get out and about in San Diego!  I totally love Craigslist!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

December Goals.

For the month of December, I came up with 5 goals that I wanted to accomplish before 2012...basically, by the end of the month.

Watch Inception:
LOVED IT!!! I wish I watched it on the big screen!  I definitely want to watch it again!!

Eat Pho.
Seriously, good stuff!!! I've been back to eat it since and even tried making it! I LOVE it!! I took Mama McK there and she enjoyed it, as well.

Read another book.
Sad book! Wish I knew that before I started it :( No bueno.

Eat at Bronx Pizza.

Oh man, I definitely have to go back!! It was well worth the wait (for the last year! But it has NOTHING on my beloved Pie!)

Go to the top of the Hyatt hotel. (It's 40 floors up and has a beautiful view of SD...from what I hear):
I didn't complete this one. :(  Bummer, I know!  

Excuse me, your breath smells like "foot".

Feb. 8, 2008

Two weeks ago some friends and I went bowling. Due to the location (Navy base), a certain guy was invited so that we would have another vehicle to gain base access. A lil background on this guy: He's awkward. I'd say he pulls more on the 'sweet spirit' side…to be blunt--he's geeky. So we're all having a good time, some of us are trying to avoid Greg in order to have a good time. He's walking around the lanes eating a grilled cheese sandwich.
I tell a friend that it'd be funny to take a bite of one of his sandwiches. We grab a camera to document it. At church the following Sunday, Claudia and I are laughing about the sandwich incident. We then decide to talk to Greg about it to inquire if he knew who it was or not. We ask him, and then he says "Oh I knew it was Ehu. Let's just say I know how Hawaiian women like to eat." A couple minutes later he had the audacity to ask me to burn him a CD of Hawaiian music.
The nerve.
Last night at volleyball, I was wearing an "Aikau Family Reunion" shirt. Aikau is pronounced like "Eye-cow", it's my mother's side of the family. At the end of the night Greg's reading the back of my shirt and asks me how to pronounce "that". I respond by pronouncing Aikau/"Eye-cow" - to which he says "No you're not." I couldn't believe it. I just walked away. How do you even think about saying that back to someone??? I'd be more mad about it, but he's a dork.
How lucky he is that he's at church when he says these idiotic comments. The next time, I won't care where he's at because someone needs to tell him that he can't get away with being STUPID.


June 16, 2008:MySpace Blog Conversion

My Dad is a pretty amazing man. Mosese Lomu was born in 1936 in Vava'u, Tonga. He joined the LDS church in his late teens, just a couple of years before he went on an LDS Church Service mission. I've always admired the adventures of his mission. He traveled all around the south Pacific helping build chapels and various church buildings, even the Polynesian Cultural Center. He knows all of the Polynesian languages. While on his mission, he was the rugby team captain, in a movie with Elvis Presley ("Paradise-Hawaiian Style"), married my mother in the La'ie LDS temple, and had my oldest brother---quite a mission if you ask me.
My father has done a lot for our family and I. I appreciate the way he's taught my brothers, by example, of how to honor the Priesthood and be chivalrous towards women. It set the standard of what type of man I want as a husband someday. He's taught me so many things, by example. Growing up he wasn't really around, but for good reason. He worked a lot. He was the best crane operator/rigger in all of San Diego. He provided a comfortable life for our family. When he wasn't working, he always seemed to be busy moving someone in or out of our ward/congregation [he owned a truck & a blazer] or involved in some sort of service for someone. He once told me that LDS also meant "Let's Do Service". He's rarely said 'no' to anyone and has taught my brothers and I to do the same. During my senior year of high school he got me interested in watching the San Diego Padres. It's something I value to this day. Since he lost his sight about 10 years ago, I enjoy being able to talk about baseball with him & telling him who's on base. My father's taught me a lot. Of all the lessons he's taught me, of these 3 do I respect the most:
-The Gospel's been restored.
-Baseball is life.
-Chevys are better than Fords.
I love my Dad very much. Even though he and I are sometimes too 'tenacious' for our own good, I thank my Heavenly Father for every day I have him in my life.

In the Dispatch Dept.

I loved bloggin' on MySpace, til I discovered the wonders of Blogspot.  This will be part of my "Blog Conversion" Series, before I delete my MySpace. Yes, I still have it. No, I don't use it. 

(from Sept. 22, 2008, on my MySpace blog, the post was titled, "The Default Picture Blog.")

1.The stack of invoices that stack up each day(GRR Manny!)…that I can NEVER find any time to do them.
2. Tom's desk(I love his NY accent)…yep, I stare at the back of his head all day. The front is even better. 3.The list of extensions that are typed in size 2 font. 4. The desk that belongs to the ghetto chick who thinks my name is "HEY". 5. "Amylicioussss" 's desk.6. The "sign here/?" stickies.7. The temperamental printer that always tells me the cover is open, when it's not!8.Jeralyn, the woman who brings donuts every Friday and has a framed picture of George Clooney on her desk.9. The list of out of town charges for services. (Another list that's typed in size 2 font)10. The phone I answer about 30 times a days saying, "Dispatch, This is Ehulani"--only to spell & repeat my name 3 more times during each call.11. My iPod dock cord12. The trippy balloon pic that I ripped off of Jackie's old bday card that she left behind. 13. The post-it with important extension numbers I can never remember.14. The computer monitor I stare at for 8 hours a day, and that's also 4 inches too short.15. The owner of this desk.16.The username & password to AIMS.17. The desk calendar from Jake.18. My highlighters that have yet to be stolen from my desk.19. The "Notice of Eviction" letters I get to send out from Solomon, Grindle, Silverman & Spinella's law firm. 20. My yellow water bottle.21. Scrap paper/notes/reminders to print messenger & process forms (see 7). 22. The thick stack of call slips I'll go thru by noon. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome anyone?23. My mini vacation this weekend!! YAAAAAAAY PIFA!!24. My lil red pencil that I use to keep my place on the activity sheets….25. One of the MANY, MANY (about 20) Activity sheets I "get to" input each day…The BANE OF MY EXISTENCE!! 26. A couple of Knox File numbers (ie: my calendar/scrap paper)27. Edmund's cell number28. Liz's work number29. My mouse…another Carpel Tunnel Syndrome contributor.30. Knox's mouse pad.31. If only I could keep my phone on DND (do not disturb) all day! 32. The printer everyone uses, which means they practically stand over my desk and stare at me…annoying.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

This tastes a little like.....

I had the awesome opportunity to hang with my niece tonight, after dinner.  Before I took her home, we stopped by Wal*Mart to pick up some stuff.  We were both wanting a dessert, so we came across some Snickerdoodle cookies.  Of course, we had to buy them! We LOVE Snickerdoodle cookies!!  As I've taught Novee (and anyone else I've shopped with) never choose the first item on the shelf/rack {more about this concept, at the bottom of this post}, so I reached down and towards the back of the rack.  Score! Welcome to our tummies!
We quickly juggled the other items in our arms and proceeded towards the cash registers. Once we were back to the car, we broke open our drinks and cracked open our cookies! We took our first bites and let it sink in...
"Hmmm, these taste like peanut butter"
"Maybe it's just that one?"
(2 cookies later)
"Geez, these cookies aren't so good. Why don't they taste like Snickerdoodles, or at least Cinnamon?!"
"Maybe they're peanut butter Snickerdoodle cookies?"
"We should stick to just eating the Snickerdoodles from Fresh & Easy, those are the BEST!"
When I got home, I cracked open the box and ate one. These Snickerdoodles still tasted SO off!! How and why?!?! Maybe because we got them from Wal*Mart??  I don't know?!! 
Til I closed the box and pushed them aside:

 How did we miss this?!?!  Why didn't we turn on the light in the car to check the box!?  Ayeeeee, no wonder why they didn't taste like Snickerdoodle. 
Trust your senses people, they just might know what they're tasting......

**Concept: It all started with greeting cards--everyone grabs the first one, to read it.  If you look close, the card is usually bent in the corner and sometimes it's a lil dirty with fingerprints.  So after that, I always grab (at least) the 3rd one back. Why not just grab the last one? I figure, if it's damaged, the person who damaged it will quickly shove it to the back so no one notices it.  Maybe it's crazy to think like this, but it makes sense to me and I'm okay shopping like this.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I'm really lovin' this "Upcycled Scarf" stuff! ♥♥ Hung out with my niece tonight and she too had an extra orange shirt to spare (actually she had 2 to spare. Apparently we don't like to wear orange shirts in this family?)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Closing time...bikes...& scarves!

*I went out with a guy on Saturday. It was pleasantly fun.  We walked along the waterfront, but when it ended up too cold, we went to Starbucks......til the baronista started singing, "Closing time, you don't have to go home but you can't stay here" It reminded me of, "Friends with Benefits."  Anyways, back to this "Hangout" [not calling it a date], there was an innocent fun to it.  We talked on the beach, and then ended up back in his car.......playing Connect 4 and Air Hockey on his iPhone.  I felt like we were two teenagers, just hanging out.

*Finding a bike is HAAAARD!!! I really really really want a bike!! 

*One of my best friends "liked" a photo on Facebook, which was a pic of scarves. It inspired me.  And then I made 3 of them! (the 3rd wouldn't photograph well, unless I was wearing it. 
 I've been seeing these types of scarves around lately and been wanting to make them. I LOVE the orange one, since the material is a true jersey cotton. As for the striped scarf, the material is a lil funny, so it doesn't curl up well.  Oh well, I'll try again. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Want + Needs.

I WANT to buy a bike.  I kinda need to buy one since I don't really have any mode of transportation.  I mean, I DO have a car, but I HATE fixing car stuff...plus, I don't exactly have $2200 in my back pocket to fix my transmission. 

So I want to buy a bike and I'm learning there are A LOT of different bikes out there. 
It's like a whole new world, a foreign concept.  But I'm learning the pros/cons to several bikes.  It looks fun and it'll help get me from point A to point B. 
Someone NEEDS to start being MORE physically active.  Someone's gained WAY too much weight. 
A bike seems to be the solution to these two problems.

2 birds > 1 stone > Bike.

Besides, the weather has been GORGEOUS!! So I can't wait!!
However, I am a lil scared of being hit by a car :(

**I've been researching all of this bike stuff for the last two hours. Man alive, there's A LOT more to it!! I thought I could just roll on over to Wal Mart, pick out something sturdy & pretty and call it a day.  Yeaaaaaah, not so much!  Nor am I looking to spend $500 on all this bike stuff. I just want something to cruise to the beach and around town. 
However, occasionaly during the last couple months, I thought it'd be cool to use public transportation as an option. I'm getting tired of the CRAZY gas prices (today: $3.75/gal) and filling up ALL the time.  It was be A LOT cheaper to just ride the bus and trolley. 
Whatever you save in money, you usually make up for in time.  So even though I'll be saving A LOT of money from not buy gas all the time, it'll now take longer to get places.
So then I was starting to look at Vespa prices....
Man.... this is a very long, round about way of avoiding fixing my car.

Friday, February 3, 2012


I NEED a new name for this blog. 
I can't think of anything cool/cute/funny.
I named it "Oh Just Ehu" because that's what close family & friends call me [Ehu].
I think I need the universe to know that I don't want to be "just Ehu" anymore.
Makes it sound like I'm ok being JUST Ehu....as in, I only ever want to be just Ehu.
(*read: okay with being alone)
So I need help renaming my blog.
Heeeeeelp, please.
And, thank you.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


*Sometimes, life gets hard: I forget that.

*Heavenly Father knows me & loves me: I forget that, too. 

*Do angels exist: Yes, they are in the form of my family & friends.

*Being humbled: is something that came soon after my last post.

*When the going gets tough, the tough gets going: This needs to be me.

*Will life get easier: No, but I'll become stronger.

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