Friday, September 27, 2013

Tonight, You Belong To Me....

Have you seen this?!?!
(several I have)

I just love the story behind it and their chemistry for their lil song.  They're just so cute!  
His lil girl, Adelaide, couldn't fall asleep due to holiday fireworks going off (in Austria).  To help soothe her, they started to sing some songs together. 
It just touches my heart so much because it makes me think of what Levi's going to be like, as a father.  I already enjoy the way he interacts with his young niece.  He's just so sweet and tender.  Then again, when isn't he sweet and tender?   I think Levi's going to be such a terrific father, someday.  He has the warmest, sweetest, and most caring heart I know!
I'm so dang lucky.  

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ooh Baby Love!

I am in LOVE!! 
My friend Nash gave birth to her baby boy today and he is adorable as can be!!!  Just looking at his pictures makes me long to hold him and rock him to sleep, just like I use to do with BabyChleo (his older sister)
There is something so beautiful and delightful in holding a newborn baby.  They're so small and innocent, and all you want to do is snuggle them in close to love and protect them.  I love the touch of their baby soft skin, and the smell of their infant deliciousness!!  
It's been so long since I've held a baby, in fact, I think the last baby I held was BabyChleo, about two years ago.  
In case some may be confused with thinking I want a baby, right now, you couldn't be farther from the truth. Yes, I love babies............but I also love sleep.  :)
For now, I have no problem loving and cuddling and rocking all of my friends babies to sleep...especially when I get the nickname, "Tia/Auntie Ehu". I LOVE being an Aunt! 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Sept 2013, Week 3.

Week in review....

*My niece Novee had a choir concert on Monday.  Oh man, I was so stoked for her.  I think her lil 7th grate girls choir did pretty well for their first performance.  There were 4 choirs, and 3 of them sang Disney songs.  I will admit that since our engagement, I get chocked up whenever I hear Disney songs.  It brings me back to that most perfect June 2 weekend. 

*My cousin (actually, my cousin's son who's my age) came from Australia with his lady love.  I haven't seen my cousin Timothy since for about 26 years.   



I couldn't have been more grateful for Facebook, in which it's brought me closer to far away cousins...and even cousins I've yet to meet in real life.  We had a great time at Filippi's Pizza, since he wanted to try the pizza place I always visit and rave about.  His girlfriend was sweet and way funny.  It was a very enjoyable evening!  

*My very dear sweet adopted Mom came into town a day after my birthday, and we were finally able to meet up on Wednesday.  

I'm so truly grateful for this woman! For my birthday, she gave me a cute apron (which I love because it makes me think of her, while in the kitchen) and a box full of FHE ideas for my future family!  Mama McK is so superb and phenomenal!! I love her dearly.  We enjoyed a nice dinner at Phil's BBQ, but then talked out front on their uncomfortable benches for a while.  She gave me some great motherly advice and wisdom.  She fills my heart and life with such love and I hope that I can be a Mom like her, someday.  As much as I love her, thoughts of my own Mom came to mind Wednesday night.  I've been so blessed with such great mother figures in my life!

*Thursday & Friday.... work and work and work.... although, today my nephew Kalanster spent the day in the office with my sister and I.  Dude, I so love this kid!! He is hilarious as hell!  I just crack up the whole time... but man, it makes me miss his brothers.  I miss having all those boys under one roof, but I'm grateful for the time I get to spend with my youngest nephew and my niece.  They're growing up so quickly.

*As for this weekend.... Levi's moving (a couple miles away from his current address).  I'm way excited for him!  Aaaaaand that's about it.  That's life in this 3rd week of September.  

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Today, I'm grumpy.

People are annoying today.  5 o'clock can't come soon enough!!  
I'm tired of people using my computer, swiping my pens and leaving their trash & drink at my desk!  So rude and annoying!  

I just want to crawl back into bed.  And when I say "crawl" I literally mean that.  Today's the worst day of my period and I'm not a happy camper.  Stupid cramps hurt, A LOT!!  I don't know which are worst, the cramps or the bloating!!! So effin over these damn cramps.  
The big boss comes today, so people are stressing like crazy.  The air is thick with tension and worry.  No bueno.

Other than that, I think I need a hug.
And some Sea Salt Caramel Gelato from Fresh and Easy.

But I think I would opt for a hug from this man....  

Man, I miss my sweetheart during the week!!  Friday will be here soon enough, Ehu...then you can have ALL the hugs you want! 

Patience grasshopper, patience.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Who cries over cake? This girl....

{typed on Sept.10}

This past weekend, I'm so grateful for my ever wonderful, perfectly extraordinary fiance!!  
He spoils me to no end and has already made my birthday AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!! We had a lovely dinner at Olive Garden, spent time together (which I crave!) and then he surprised me with my beloved Viking Cake from Extraordinary Desserts!!!!  
I cried.  
(Yeah yeah, who cries over cake?!?!)   I've been wanting it for the last 3 years, especially on my birthday and it's NEVER available.  When Levi surprised me by driving us over to the Balboa location, I didn't want to get my hopes up for the Viking.  I already started to think of the other desserts I would have to choose, instead.  As we walked up, he said that we could just walk in to pick it up. There was a long line, as usual... so I was confused and wasn't exactly sure what "it" was! Then it was confirmed, he ordered my Viking cake, a week before!!!!  
I was in shock!!!  
I started crying!! FINALLY after 3 years of disappointments, I was going to have the VIKING CAKE!!!!!  I cried because this is some damn good cake!

But most of all, I cried because I was so touched by the thought & effort that Levi put into remembering that this is my favorite cake. My constant disappointment was finally overshadowed by him ordering it a week in advance, ALL the trouble he had to go through to get my name on it (cause apparently they're not keen on that idea, and spelling out my name over the phone is NOT easy) and just how much it cost! All that combined, made me feel so tremendously special!! 
This man spoils me to no end!  As we drove home, I continued to tear up because I just couldn't believe how he planned this all out and surprised me!! I had no clue and I LOVE LOVE LOVE being surprised!!  All my birthday wishes of hoping to find someone to love and love me in return finally paid off..... he is definitely my wish come true! 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Dude, today's my birthday!!!

I just can't help but be grateful for all the birthday wishes coming my way.  

I feel so tremendously blessed to know so many great and wonderful and caring and funny people!!!  I've just had such a grateful heart lately, because I feel incredibly blessed, lucky & spoiled!!  

My heart has been wanting to burst at the seams for all the blessings and tender mercies I've noticed in my life.  I hope all my loved ones know how special they are to me, how much happiness and love they bring to my life and all the laughter I enjoy with them.  Most especially I hope my Heavenly Father hears the prayers of my heart, of all my gratitude for everything He's given me.

My cup runneth o'er. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

sept. 4

what a dang day!

*switched purses yesterday, after work..and forgot to switch back.  so all the stuff I need isn't in my 'work' purse.  

*"work purse" looks funny.... I feel like a hooker.

*my nephew moves to Utah today.  gonna miss him.  i miss those days of old, when all my nephews lived under the same roof.  

*i cannot stand sunburns.  my chest & shoulders are so uncomfortable!

*one week til my birthday. i'm glad mama mck's coming the next day.  something exciting to look forward to. :)

*when i was leaving my house this morning, i knew i should have checked my purse for my eye drops. it's been a rather emotional morning, so my eyes are dried out from tearing up...a lot.

*the mexican food at work today is muy delicioso! 

*overheard at work, "you forgot your eyes at the gas pump?" oh the hilarity! just the laugh i needed today.

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