Tuesday, June 30, 2015

#ManCrushMonday: My Dad.

This makes my heart swell tonight

That's my Dad with the paddle. I sure do love him. Have I ever mentioned that he was in a movie with Elvis Presley? (Paradise, Hawaiian Style)

My Dad is the coolest! Just tonight I called him because I wanted him to translate something that was in Polynesian. Now when I say "Polynesian" it's because I wasn't sure if it was Tongan, Samoan or Fijian....all of which he knows, and more!

My Dad, there's no one quite like him. He's fearless, blunt and serves with all his heart. I'm lucky to be his daughter. 

Monday, June 15, 2015


I love the fact that he's willing to take goofy photos with me. (The top left photo is my fave.)
I'm grateful that he let's me take tons of photos of him ALL the time.  I'm in love with his face, I can't help it.
Always and forever, my man crush he'll be.
This very lucky lady.

Monday, June 8, 2015

"We'll Ascend Together"

Earlier this evening, I came across a very nice talk/speech given by Linda K. Burton, who is the Relief Society General President. It's titled, We'll Ascend Together. There were some really great points to ponder.
This made me think of how I can be a better spouse, partner and friend to my husband.
I also go learned the definition of "help meet". I always wondered, but just assumed it just meant, "most compatible" 
It makes me think of how perfect a match I think my husband is to me. In certain areas in which I am weak, I marvel at his strength and vice versa. I am always so glad when I can help him out and I thank my lucky stars that he has strengths & talents that enrich my life.
I am grateful for the wise counsel given by Elder Holland and Elder Bednar:

I hope this week I can be a better person, a better spouse and a better friend. I also hope to be more Christ-like and full of Charity. I'm thankful I have Heaven & my dear sweetheart cheering me on.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Laughter, the best medicine.

Tonight, I laughed harder than I ever have in my entire life! And it's all because of this man...
I honestly felt like my face was going to explode! I had never heard myself laugh like that! It was more than belly aching, it was "I-will-pee-my-pants-and-my-face-might-freeze-this-way" type of laughter!
One of the many things I enjoy doing with him is laughing. Whenever I make him laugh, I always feel like I've won the jackpot. 
Then again, being married to him is winning the jackpot, day after day. 
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