Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday is a special day....

Wow, I forgot how much I LOVE Saturdays!! I wanted to sleep in, but I woke up, as usual, at 6:45am and took a shower. However, it was soooooooooo nice to not be in my mad dash like every other morning. I woke up and watched "Twilight" and finished off the last few pages of "New Moon" (I'm so in love with Edward Cullen!). It's a beautiful day outside, a lil crisp but beautiful nonetheless. I don't know what I want to do today, but I'm seriously craving some pancakes with Butterscotch chips---MY FAVE!!
Yesterday was pretty trippy. I was a lil stressed in the morning because I was just so overwhelmed with the work ahead of me. I feel like I'm a half day behind in my work, plus with Mamacita's erratic just didn't fare well for me. I was furious and tears began to well up in my eyes. When I've hit my level of anger/frustration, it comes out through my eyes. I really wish I didn't have as many tear ducts as I do. I was trying not to show it because I didn't want Mamacita to relish in the fact that I was obviously stressed. While she was on lunch I received a somewhat unexpected phone call from a dear old friend. It was so good to talk to "Sway". It really made my morning worth it. It's funny what a phone call can do for you sometimes. I'm sincerely grateful for friends who know my heart and who are trustworthy enough to be close, intimate confidants.
When I got home from work, I texted several random friends with a "Which would you rather question" (I love those questions!!). I really wanted to send one to Mr.NY because things have been weird at work. So I texted him..."Which would you rather...your head be 2x too big or 2x too small for your body?". I didn't think I'd hear back from him......but I did, 3 hours later. A random text appeared on my phone saying, "Big head". I forgot the question I had even sent him, but remembered 2 minutes later when his next text came in saying, "Strike that, 2x smaller". I called Britty, I couldn't think of anything to respond with. He probably thinks I'm lame because the only thing remotely funny I could think of was, "Wow, I would definitely pay to see that". On what planet is that even funny? Or open for discussion?! Well hey, at least he responded, right? Aye Ehu....

Friday, January 30, 2009


I don't really have much to say. This week went by very quickly. THANK GOODNESS!! I'm happy I have tomorrow off from the Temple. I wanted to go to Disneyland, but my friends are broke. So now my Mom is elated as to what MY free day can do for her. I'm not in the mood to really start planning my first Saturday off since August. Finally, I have one WHOLE free Saturday off. There were other times when I did have a Saturday off, but when it's for two funerals and General Conference...I don't really think that counts. All I really want to do tomorrow is wake up, hang out in my pajamas and just chill. I'm probably being selfish, but man! I would just love to NOT wake up to an alarm clock for once.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My favorite quote for today:

"I've already been through today! Yesterday, I spent half the day thinking it was Wednesday. So now I've been through today, twice."
One of the drivers said that today at work. I couldn't help but chuckle to myself. Maybe it's because of the source or simply the frustration of thinking it's suppose to be a day ahead...and it's really not.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

"You can't marry Vanilla, Ehu"

While at church today, I was talking to the Lao sisters about a guy I like. I told them that I was worried his personality may be a lil on the 'dry' side. I definitely would not want that, considering I've already had that in my life before and that was B-O-R-I-N-G. They both told me that I wouldn't do well with that, considering my own personality. They recommended that I find someone who was also lively and upbeat. I totally agree with them. One of them said under their breath, "You can't marry Vanilla, Ehu". At first I thought she meant that I shouldn't marry a Caucasian guy...which bummed me out--I really LOVE blue eyes. After my short bus moment subsided, I agreed again.
I don't want "Vanilla". Vanilla's nice, but not when it's by itself. It goes well with warm Brownies, Apple Pie or Root Beer. Vanilla ice cream is dull and basically, boring. I told the Lao sisters that I need "Spumoni".
Spumoni is EXCITING! COLORFUL!! A lil nutty, with a kick of sweetness. Different and fascinating, due to all the various flavors, colors and textures. Every bite is a little varied from the one before. You can even eat it by itself and it'd be perfectly fine.
The more I describe Spumoni the more it sounds like it's too thrilling to eat with anything else. Why would you want to pair it up with something else? It'd be an overkill, wouldn't it? It would probably clash with Brownies, making it too sweet to handle. I doubt it'd do well coupled with Peach Cobbler. Too many flavors all at once! Maybe some even clashing! AHHH!!
So in the end, maybe I do need some Vanilla. Maybe he can be more like Neapolitan ice cream...Vanilla to cut the sweet craziness and keep me grounded, Strawberry to bring a lil color and passion and Chocolate because it can make a bad day better and a good day great!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hey everyone! Meet Randi......

Just thought I’d take a quick break from reading to do a lil bloggie schmoggie….

*The Temple was pretty good today…er, I mean it was “fantastic”. (My niece always worries when I say ’good’ instead of “fantastic”.) I’m glad she notices the difference, it makes me appreciate the opportunity to spend my day at the Temple. It'll be closed for the next two weeks...HELLO 2 FREE WEEKENDS!!

*I got to see Pythagoras & his blue watch today. I was too nervous to try to sit next to him…well, not exactly. I was afraid if I sat next to him, I would have tried to talk to him about “Lost”, which wouldn’t be entirely appropriate for the Temple….which would probably lead to him being annoyed with me again. Didn’t really want that reaction…so there I sat, on the oooooooother end of the pew.

*I went out to lunch with Eidde on Friday. Filippi’s, in the Little Italy district, has THE BEST Antipasto salad! OH my gosh, SUPER GOOD. So far, I’ve gotta say that I really liked the pizza there. I was hesitant to try it since I MISS my beloved Pie Pizzeria…which ironically, I happened to be wearing my Pie hoodie yesterday. Nothing even compares to the greatness of the Pie. I’m thinking I need a Utah roadtrip here soon. I need some Pie Pizzeria & Saratoga Hot Springs in my system, ASAP!
*Goin’ back to my lunch with Eidde….It was EXACTLY what I needed. I received some news the night before which weighed heavily on my mind Friday. It brought me to tears several times. I couldn’t have been more grateful to be out with my best friend, who knows me and knows my heart. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful, dear friends who know my heart and who love me so much.
*I get to give a talk in church tomorrow. I LOVE speaking assignments! I’ve been asked to speak on “Service”, which is my FAVORITE topic!! Luckily, I gave a lesson on it a couple months back…so I’m already done with my talk! :)

*Chinese New Year is on Monday. I’m so dang excited!! It’s one of my FAVORITE holidays!! (It’s right up there with 4th of July). I can’t wait to wear red, pass out red envelopes & oranges and eat Chinese food with chop-sticks!! I love Chinese New Years, it reminds me of my dear Tutu (grandmother). Yep, I’m actually Chinese...who would have thunk it?

Really?! How old am I?

Oh man!! All I've been able to do for the last 2 nights is read, "Twilight". I can't put it down! My gosh! I love this book!! I can't wait to start on the rest of the series tomorrow. I haven't seen the movie yet and I CAN'T wait!!! Edward Cullen is so freakin' hot!! All day, I've been ANXIOUSLY waiting to get home and finish off the book. Sorry to all my friends who've been sent to voicemail. I promise to return your calls and texts just as soon as I'm done reading "Twilight".

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lost & Found

Things I wish I could find:
1. My gym pass.
2. A mini-SUV with a moonroof that I can afford.
3. A Vera Bradley store in San Diego.
4. Libby Pennington & Jill Wangsgaard-Chandler, two dear friends from Massage school.
5. A potential boyfriend :).
6. My "Twilight" & "The Longest Trip Home" books.
7. My slate blue Eddie Bauer sweater that I haven't seen since Summer.
8. My other Teva that I lost 5 years ago that's still brand spankin' new.
9.$8K to pay off my student loan.
10.My gym pass.

Monday, January 19, 2009

In one of 'those' moods!


I'm in one of those funky moods tonight. I'm just annoyed by everything and quite possibly, anything!!

I'm annoyed because I can't find my DANG gym pass and here I am STILL paying freakin' $41.25 a month!!! ARE YOU KIDDIN ME?! Stupid 24 Hour Fitness! I'm mad because EVERYONE and their dog seems to be paying $20 a month with them!! GRR!!!

I can't look at my friend's girlfriend's picture because her eyebrows are about a millimeter thick. Who plucks them that thin??? Excuse me, Marlene Dietrich called-she wants her eyebrows back. GAH!! Why is this even bothering me?!

I'm annoyed because Saturday didn't work out, Mr.NY is acting weird and work has been crazy/busy. I didn't even get to see Pythagoras at the Temple. Wow, Saturday blew chunks!

I'm annoyed because I can't find my books, "The Longest Trip Home" or "Twilight" and I really wanted to read tonight.

Another chick from my ward is now engaged. Really, REALLY?? The dude JUST got divorced and now he's already getting remarried?? AAAAHHHHHH!!! I don't care about getting engaged, I just want to go on a dang date!! UGH!!

But I guess the reason why I'm so annoyed is because I've felt so dang bloated all day and man, sometimes it is NOT fun being a woman. So many crazy hormones swimming around in our bodies. Crazy, crazy, crazy....

Friday, January 16, 2009

My Friday Faves 5...wrapped up into 1!


Did that really happen??

((It's gonna be a loooooooooooong one. Sorry, I don't edit details so well))

This morning when I got to work I went over to talk to Mr.NY about the airplane miracle that happened yesterday in New York. We talked for a few minutes and then I returned back to my office. Gosh, I love his eyes!!

Then I had the idea to invite him to Mamacita's lil boy's birthday fiesta tomorrow. Her family cooks AMAZINGLY fantastic Mexican food. Plus, they're so warm and welcoming, you can't help but have a great time at their house. I figured he should experience that, ya know. All day, I kept looking over at his desk trying to spot a good time to catch him. CRAZY CRAZY FRIDAY!!!

It was going on 5:00pm and I started to give up hope. I asked Mamacita if she could just invite him, but she didn't do it. It was closing in on 5:30 and I needed to walk some documents over to the desk next to him. Luckily by then, the two "Ghetto girls" had clocked out and left. As I was placing the docs on their desks, I turned to Mr.NY and asked him his plans for the weekend. Surprisingly he turned to face me (usually he's too busy to turn away from his computer) and rattled off a whole list of things to do. My heart started to sink. Of course he wouldn't be able to go....with all of his ol' college buddies in town and his usual Friday/Saturday rituals, he'd never have time to go. He in turn asked me what I was doing this weekend. I told him I had some 'church stuff' going on. He didn't quite accept my 'church stuff' answer at face value and questioned it. So I asked if he was familiar with I-5 North in La Jolla and the "big white...."

He cut me off, "The Mormon Tabernacle?! You're Mormon?? What?!"

"...temple. Yep, I'm Mormon"

He was blown away! He was shocked and speechless. Thankfully, by his smile, he wasn't turned away by it. (THANK GOODNESS!!!) "I would have never guessed that you were Mormon!!" (That kinda shocked me. I'm not too sure what he envisioned a "Mormon" to look like?) So then I let him in on the reason of what really took me out to New Jersey. I think it was all hitting him like a ton of bricks, because when I told him that I was a 'Mormon Missionary' out in Jersey, he started rubbing his face. The poor guy looked tired, so this was probably a lot to take in all at once. So he wouldn't die from shock, I tried to get back to the point...I told him about Mamacita's party and that he should definitely check it out! I told him of the amazing food, how much fun it would be and if he needed a ride I could pick him up after the temple since it's on the way.

He was pretty stoked for it and totally wanted to check it out and asked me for my number. YES, YES HE DID!! I was beside myself!! Was Mr.NY really getting my digits?!?! So I gave it to him and he took it one step further, he called and left a voicemail so that I would definitely have his number. He told me to call him beforehand to remind him because he was afraid he would forget.

So that, ladies and gentlemen, was my Friday Fave 5 wrapped up into 1. Just when I was ready to throw in the towel, I stepped up and talked to him. I couldn't let that opportunity pass. I would forever kick myself if I did. Wow, I need to get a new outfit or something. I can't believe that in 24 hours I will be hangin' out with Mr.NY and eating some really good Mexican food.
Happy Friday to me!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

"You look tired."

That's not really flattering to hear, especially when you're not even tired.

Last night, my sister-in-law said that to me. I wasn't tired at all...but man, had she waited 24 hours to say that, she would have been right on the money. I feel like my eyes are super droopy. I'm glad I haven't really had to drive today. Luckily, due to the demand of my job, I don't have a free second during the day to be tired. I like that part of my job. Fortunately/Unfortunately, I've got Volleyball tonight. I hope I survive.

Yesterday I had something important that I needed help understanding. I couldn't quite ask Turtle and Mamacita, so I figured I'd ask Mr.NY. I'm grateful that he's very trustworthy and ALWAYS so willing to help me out. Plus, HELLO! Any chance I get to gaze into his blue/hazel eyes is GRRREAT!! *sigh* I totally like his skin complexion. His cheeks look and feel so soft. Wow.

But then again...I can't wait til Saturday. I love Temple days, Pythagoras is so cute!

Alrighty...gotta go eat dinner and then off to Volleyball.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday's Randomonium Symposium

*As I was walking out of the office today, I looked over at Mr.NY's desk and I THINK I may have seen my note up on his cubicle wall. I think. I'll have to check tomorrow.

*I got to talk to one of my best friends tonight. She's 4.5 months pregnant with her first baby. I couldn't be any happier for her. Tonight's phone call was like the cherry on a sundae! Awesome!

*I went to the Military/Navy Commissary tonight. I've always wanted to see what it was. I heard it was a grocery store, but to actually see it was neat! Most of my friend's Dads were in the Navy so the Commissary was brought up a lot, growing up. It was a lot cheaper than regular super markets. Got to see some Military personnel in their uniforms. I don't know what it is, but a man in a uniform is quite a lovely sight!

*Steph and I talked about how awkward it is when someone's shy. I know what that's like. I know that when I become extremely introverted or shy, I tend to be a lil awkward. It's not easy being shy. Sometimes I wish I wasn't too shy in new situations. It usually depends on who I'm with. If I'm with friends that are quiet, then I'll usually step up and break out of my shell. If I'm with friends that aren't in the least bit quiet or shy, then I'll usually step back a bit and be a little introverted. Odd, I know.

*The weather's been B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L lately!! My gosh, it feels like Summer's right around the corner. I can't wait til Summer!! Baseball season! I get to watch my boys, the Padres! The beach! BBQ's! 4th of July! I LOOOOOOVE SUMMER!

Monday, January 12, 2009

The infamous note.

My plan was kinda foiled!

I got to work A LOT earlier than expected.....

..and Mr.NY was late (a rarity!)

When he walked into the office this morning, I tried to hide in the corner of my office so he wouldn't be able to spot me. I had Mamacita keep an eye on him as he read my note. Next thing I knew, he was walking into my office. When I turned around, he looked relieved to see me at work. (He kinda had the Christmas face again...I like that face!). We talked for a minute or two and he was glad that everything was alright for me Saturday night and nothing scary happened. I later talked with hm for a bit, asking if it bugs him when people make comments to him about how much time he spends at work. The thing I like about Mr. NY is that he's nice even when he's telling you how he really feels. It's subtle, but it's there. It's not sarcastic, but you can tell in his tone of voice when he says certain things. I really like that. As for me, usually I'm just so sarcastic that there's no hiding how I feel--if you're fluent in Sarcasm, you'd get it really quick. That's not necessarily good. Oh well, things for me to work on.

I had lunch with one of my old best friends today. I don't get to see Eidde much these days, but I do treasure the times we get to hang out. We grew up together (along with our friend Liz) but he no longer lives near Liz and I. I had this weird feeling after lunch. It wasn't a good feeling, or maybe it's just lingering feelings from news I received about another friend last night. I hugged Eidde tight when lunch was over. I was afraid, for some reason, that we wouldn't be seeing each other for a long time. I hope this awful feeling passes.

Well to end on a lighter note...I'm looking forward to Valentine's Day. No, I don't have any plans (Gosh, I so totally wish!) but I've got a cute new outfit! Dang, it's on a Saturday too. I totally want to do something! Hmm...we'll see. Ok, g'nite!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

2 things.

1. Usually, when I post a blog and it happens to include someone from my life....I don't ever think they'll come across that blog entry.


I doubt that was the case from last night's blog. I think a certain guy may now know that I dig him. EEK! Great, just grrreat.... Oh well.

2. Man! I don't know what was up with me today at church. I really messed the hymns up today. I couldn't even play the organ well to save my life. WHAT THE HECK, EHU?! I messed the Sacrament hymn up pretty badly. I felt so awful! I started to tear up because I was embarrassed and felt terrible! So glad I wasn't wearing mascara today, that's for sure! The water works continued on during my Sunday school lesson as I shared Alma 18:32 with the class...
"And Ammon said: Yea, and he looketh down upon all the children of men; and he knows all the thoughts and intents of the heart; for by his hand were they all created from the beginning. "
I love that verse. It brings me to tears every time I share it. It reassures me that my Heavenly Father knows me, knows you and knows what we need and when we need it. It brings a sense of importance and purpose to my life. Well, my lesson was okay. Not one of my best, but it's definitely a lesson learned as to preparing better for teaching assignments.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

'Cause there's beauty in the breakdown.

The Temple went well, as usual. I'm learning the ordinances in Spanish now. I'm so excited. I went thru a session with my Temple crush, "Pythagoras". I like his hands. I like checking out a man's hands, eyes and nose. I like it when a man's hands look strong with veins kinda popping out. Does that make sense? Blue eyes always make me melt. There's something about noses that I like. I don't know how to really describe it but there's something mesmerizing about noses, sometimes. I'm odd, I know. Pythagoras has beautiful blue eyes and a really nice nose.

I went to work after the Temple, around 6pm. And who happened to be there...MR. NY!! :) WOW! What a surprise!! I TOTALLY wasn't expecting him there! Yes, I hoped for it last night, but I kinda forgot about it once I got to the office. My boss stuck around for about 15 minutes then took off. I talked with Mr. NY for just a bit...long enough to find out that he had been at the office since 11am, and usually only comes in one Saturday a month. I'm glad I picked today to come in. Wow, he's gorgeous. Well, he stuck around for another 45 minutes then came by my desk to tell me he was leaving and felt bad for leaving me by myself, at night, in the office. I tried to jokingly guilt trip him into staying longer because I didn't want to be in the WHOLE building by myself...and plus, it's him. He said his 'conscience weighed heavy' for leaving me alone, but would check in on Monday to see if I got home safely. Well, before I left the office, I left him a nice lil' note on his desk:
...Hey! Whatever it takes to talk to him :)

When I got home tonight, I dropped Pythagoras a line on Facebook...thanking him for helping me out with something at the Temple. He didn't exactly respond, but he did request my friendship. Well, at least he knows I exist now. ,

I'm tired and I still have to go over my Gospel Principle lesson.

To me, it's still LAAAAAATE Friday night.

Even though the clock says it's "1:52am".

I've gotta go put some hours in at the office tomorrow night. Work's been backed up and it's obvious when you take a look at my desk. I'll have the WHOOOOOOOOLE office, pretty much the whole building, to myself. I'm a lil nervous since I'll be all alone. AAAHHHHHHH!! Now if only Mr. NY happened to show up tomorrow night...then, that'd be FREAKIN' SWEET!! I think I'd be on Cloud #9 if he came into the office tomorrow. Heck, he's always there, so I wouldn't really nix that thought. Gosh, he's beautiful.

Has anyone watched, "Cities of the Underworld"? Seriously, good television!! It's on the History Channel...ok, before you skip over this because I mentioned "History", you've gotta check this out at least once. I'm not the biggest history buff, but it's insane! The places Don ends up is crazy! Plus you learn so much about different places around the world. (The Las Vegas episode was the best, so far!) "Cities of the Underworld" does for History, what "School House Rock" did for learning...takes it to a whole 'nother level.

2:06am. I think it's time to hit the sack. Oh, have I mentioned how it's practically Spring here in San Diego?? Apparently Wal*Mart doesn't sell gloves or scarves anymore. It was about high 60's today....while thru the weekend it'll be mid-high 70's. Wow! CRAZY! Tomorrow, my family wants to go to the beach. THE BEACH, IN JANUARY?! Who would have ever guessed???

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Note to self:

"When your slice of Banana bread (topped w/ Cream Cheese) is falling off the table, DO NOT try to catch it mid-air. It'll fumble off of your hand several times thus having bread crumbs (still topped with Cream Cheese) fly every where. And even if you do catch it, you'll most likely grasp on to it hard and smash it between your fingers. Or, in my case you won't catch it and it'll still fall flat on the ground...on the side topped with Cream Cheese"
So just let it fall straight to the ground. There will be less to clean up, believe it or not.

No Snooze Button for me....HA!

(....for tomorrow, at least--YAAAAAAAAY!!)

Tomorrow morning, I'm going to go get adjusted (Chiropractor) before work. I can't wait! I've had a kink in my neck and my whole right side has just been "off". I love having a Chiropractor as a friend :) .

I actually can't wait to get to work because I bought 2 Whoopee cushions to put underneath the pillow on Mamacita's office chair. OH MAN! I can't wait!!

Today was pretty uneventful. Work was okay. I was finally able to clear my desk and close out the last month of paper work. I don't think I've ever mentioned what my job really entails. I work for an attorney service, in the dispatch department over our couriers. Basically, I take the orders placed by law firms (via phone, fax, internet or email orders) and set it up for our dispatch to send our couriers/drivers out with. Orders can be to file documents at court, pick-ups or deliveries to ANYWHERE with just about anything and/or serving subpoenas. I also have to enter all the drivers logs into our system, giving up to date statuses on well as mailing out 'proofs of services' or 'conformed copies' from any filings that we do. It doesn't sound like a lot, but it definitely is. On a typical day, we can average about 50 internet orders [lately it's been about 150], 60-65 phone orders and about 25-30 drivers logs (with about 25 entries each!) .....all the while of answering the phone and giving info/statuses. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Why do I like this job again?!?! The day goes by so quickly. It amazes me how time just flies by!! I like my job because it's so fast paced! CRAZY!! Extremely different from doing massage therapy. Sometimes I miss doing massage therapy because it is such a relaxed and uplifting field. Oh well, it's nice to change it up every once in a while.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Just another manic Monday....

Tonight during Family Home Evening, we were talking about my nephew getting ready to turn in his (LDS/Mormon) mission papers. It's been about 5 years since I've returned home from my New Jersey Cherry Hill mission. Wow! 5 years! CRAZY!! I just can't believe my very own NEPHEW will be going out soon!! Is he really ready for it? Can he handle it? Well, of course he can. But I he really ready to face the world and everyone in it? I just can't believe it. At times he's been more than a nephew, he's been like a younger brother and sometimes even a son. I'm not ready for this...Wow, I can only imagine what I'll be like with my own kids. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! I know he'll be awesome and he'll totally rock it out in the mission field. He'll grow in so many ways, I can't wait to see the man he'll grow up to be.

Hmm, nothing else is really on my mind. I thought I had more...but I guess not. G'nite!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Time flies sometimes. It's already Sunday evening and time to go back to work already. It was a good weekend. Friday night I hung out with my niece and practiced the piano. Sometimes I look at her and it amazes me that she's getting so big and so tall. She'll be baptized in 2 months! Has 8 years really flown by that quickly?! WOW!
I went out with Adrian last night. Oh man, I had SOOOOO much fun!! I forget how much I actually love hangin' out with him til we're actually together. He's seriously so funny. He reminds me a lot of my older brother, Wayne. As for the "date/hang out" dilemma--I'd say it was right in the middle. I like Adrian, BUT...(I'm not heartless, I promise!) he's a lil too short for me. I still had a FUN time with him. We ate at California Pizza Kitchen (I'm convinced that the only good thing there is the Red Velvet Cake. The Thai Linguini w/ Chicken had more peanuts than chicken.) We went to watch "Seven Pounds"---GREAT movie. Pretty trippy, if you ask me. Afterwards we hung out and talked til almost 2am. And when I mean talk, that's EXACTLY what we's not code for something else. We both lost track of the time. I know that anytime I hang out with Adrian, my cheeks will hurt from so much laughing.
Church was good today. I bore my testimony. I feel like I've been humbled this weekend and I'm deeply grateful for it. I spent 8 hours at church Sunday nap today :( Well okay, that's about it.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Today is Friday.

Friday Fave 5!
-Tamales at Christmas time...with Champurrado! Muy delicioso!!
-My new coral-colored blush. (Wow, I'm actually wearing blush?! CRAZY!)
-Spending one on one time with my niece tonight and teaching her how to pronounce "Ge-og-ra-phy" and not "Geofrogry"
-The blessing of both of my parents being alive and well.
-And this song by Slash (yes, the one from Guns N Roses)

Let's's Friday and I'm glad the weekend's here. New Year's Eve was a BLAAAAAAAAST!!! I had so much fun!! I hung out with some ol' skool friends, friends from the mish and some fairly new ones...I loved it! Also, it was like being back in Utah...Mormon Boy Buffet--I was in heaven! New Years Eve is probably my new favorite holiday as well! :)
Other than that, work was okay today. I take that back, work was GREAT because my co-worker Mamacita brought me 6 homemade Tamales. YUMMY YUM YUM!! The ride home with her was interesting. She apologized for her brother who relentlessly tried to offer me alcohol on Christmas Eve. She told me that she understands where I come from when people try to push things against personal standards. I'm truly grateful to have friends that understand and respect my personal beliefs. That makes me happy to have them in my life. to bed I go. I've got the Temple tomorrow and I get to hang out with Adrian tomorrow evening. Oh by the way, when is it considered just "hanging out" compared to an actual "date"? I've never known the answer to this! Once a friend said that it's a date "when the guy opens all your doors and pays for everything". I guess that's one way of seeing it. Wouldn't it be your intentions? Tomorrow night we're going to CPK for Red Velvet cake and AMC to watch a movie. I think we're just hangin' out. We're friends. My friends call it a "date". Well whatever it is, I can't wait to have fun!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

'Hooked on Phonics' didn't work for me tonight.

I LOVE being a Temple worker. It's truly wonderful. I work the Saturday mid-day shift, which means I work from 11am til 5pm. I also work full time during the week. By the time Saturday rolls around it's just like part of the typical work week, so Sunday becomes my only day off.
Well, normally the Temple closes twice a year for routine maintenance, so I thought I'd check the church website just to make sure. It said: "Dec. 31 - Jan. 14" SWEET!! I'd FINALLY have a FREE WEEKEND!! Two in fact!! WWWHOOOOOO HOOOOOO!! What do I want to do?! Go to Disneyland with some friends? Sleep in?? Go out with Adrian earlier in the day instead of that evening? Hangout with some friends that are in town? Whatever I wanted to do on a Saturday, I could finally do! But hold up.... did I read that correctly? Did it say "Dec. 31" or "Monday, Dec.31"?? Then I started to think about it...Monday, December 31?? Why would it say that, when New Year's Eve was on a Wednesday? Well I was on Facebook and read a friend's status line which said, "...going to take wedding photos in the morning". Then it all started to make sense....Monday, Dec.31 was actually Dec.31, 2007!! She could only take wedding photos tomorrow because she's getting married at the temple this Saturday...which means, the Temple will be open...
...and I will be working.

Adios Saturday plans.
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