Sunday, December 7, 2014

Silent Night.

Tonight, I am in love.
I love my husband more than ever before. I adore him for all he does for me and the many ways he shows his love for me. I'll never know how I got so dang lucky!
I love and miss my family. I'm thankful I got to share a good dinner with my parents and spent time catching up with my sister, nephew and niece. I look forward to seeing them again, next weekend.
I love my dear sweet friends that I don't get to see often....such as Mama & Papa McK who gave us the beautiful handmade wall hanging.
I love my home, my safe shelter from the worries of the world and the stresses of life.
I love my Savior, whose birth we celebrate at this time of year. He is my perfect friend, who has been through it all. I am thankful for His example and hope I can be a better person this next week.

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