Sunday, March 13, 2016

Life, in rewind. {this past week}

I finished our nephews & nieces frame. I love it! I love seeing these kids that we love so much!

I went to Hobby Lobby today, as my "do something fun on your half day (of work)" I love the light blue frame for our wedding party photo. It'll be a nice pop of color amongst the dark frames on the wall. I'm still debating if I like the "Family Rules". I feel like there are so many rules! We'll see where we're at with that, in a week.

I'm so glad Levi said to go with the light blue. It's perfect and brings out the touches of light blue in the photo. I love this photo with all our loved ones.

I brought Jonah to work with me on Friday. He was a hit! I seriously love this bag! $2 at a thrift store = AWESOMENESS!!

I seriously love having a Food Saver!! I also love being able to seal all my Mason jars oh so easily!!

This was the BEST fortune I've EVER received!! I seriously want to frame it!

I made this meme from a funny quote I found. So funny & so true!

Levi had a special photo project in which he asked me to model for him. At the end, I thought I'd snap a few photos of myself as I waited in the car for him. I wanted to surprise him when he later went thru all the pics to make selections. This was his favorite:

This was the sweet little experience I had this week:

We were at Mission Trails working on Levi's photo project. I very much enjoy Big Rock Park! 

But I enjoy this man, a million times more.

My new kitchen! I love the new shelves & kitchen table and chairs!! Our kitchen is so much more organized and bigger now. I love all the space!

This is Levi fixing my mistake. I can't stand assembling things. Reading instructions to build things make me a lil anxious & frustrated. Him, not so much.

Adios old round table & chairs.

I feel like this has been such a fast week. So much has changed in our little flat. Work has seriously flown by and soon enough I'll be starting my new position. I'm nervous, exited, anxious & sad all wrapped! Well tonight we "spring forward " for the time change and it's 1:51am and in 9 minutes it'll be 3:00am. I'm wide awake and church starts at 9:00am. Yikes!! Good night!!

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