Wednesday, February 24, 2016

8 Days.

It's 10:21pm.... Not really in the mood for a structured blog, so we'll go with random points.

-I have only worked 8 full days, this month. EIGHT!! That's insane. Due to my aunt's passing, I had 3 days off bereavement, a holiday & 4 days of due to sickness.

-So I've been off for the last 4 business days/6 days total due to Pneumonia. FRIGGIN PNEUMONIA!! I never want this damn thing again! It totally wiped me out! My lungs/ribs have never hurt so bad because of such awful coughing fits. It's been bad. 

-I go back to work tomorrow. I've never had this much time off of work before. I wish I could say I did something productive, but I think working on my health was productive enough.

-I'm still coughing quite a bit, but at least my voice is not as hoarse as Friday morning.

-I have more on my mind, but I think I'm getting sleepy.

-Last night's dinner: Homemade soup & garlic cheese rolls.... All because nothing was on tv, but Food Network was popping!

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