Sunday, April 26, 2020

One week down, thirteen more to go!

So week 1 is done and over with.  
Did it go by faster than I expected? Not really.  
Were there a lot more assignments than I expected? Somewhat. 
Did I get tired of all the introductions I had to write and reply to? YES.
One the awesome perks of this past week was helping out my old Pathway missionaries, Elder & Sister Z.  They asked me and "Mrs. Reeves" to teach their new incoming students.  I was assigned the religion class; Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel.  Man, oh man, I was nervous!!! Then again, I'm always nervous. I was nervous because these were students who I had never met in my life, but also they were brand spanking new, which would probably mean that they weren't going to talk much.  The upside to this teaching opportunity was that a majority of these students were from Hawai'i!  It was pretty fun to observe Mrs. Reeves' class during the first hour and then I taught for the second hour.  
I'd like to say that the Spirit was strong.  Several students, men included, were crying and tearing up.  I hope they were able to learn something in the class.  At the very least, I hope they knew of my love of the Savior.  

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