Sunday, April 26, 2020

Happy Birthday Mom!

April 25: Today's my Mom's birthday.  I'm glad I got to talk to her today.  I'm always glad when I can share with her details of a project I'm working on.  She got my pictures of the granny squares I crocheted!  I know I'll never have my Mom's talent of crocheting, but at least it's not completely lost on me.
I miss her.  I wish I could visit her more often, or that she lived a little closer to the west coast.  I know she doesn't have many more birthdays ahead of her, I truly wish she did, but her health isn't the greatest.  As selfish as this sounds, I hope she makes it past my birthday.  I don't want to lost both parents by the time I turn 40. 
I was thinking of my Mom today.  You know, she talks a lot... not necessarily a bad thing, but it's a good thing for her because I don't feel like she comes across many strangers.  At least,  they're not strangers after my Mom's talked with them for a while.  She makes friends easily, she talks to everyone.  I don't think I'm much like her, in that regard, but maybe my husband would say otherwise.  She's very social and I know at this time in the world, it's hard for her not to be social with everyone she's coming across these days. 
A friend checked in on me and wanted to know how I felt about my Mom, her health and her near future.  I told this friend that I've gotten everything I could have ever wanted from my parents.  I know they love me.  I've learned all that I could have, I think.  I know a good amount of my Mom's recipes and if all else fails, as my Mom's always says, "Just make any kine!"
I know I shouldn't be eulogizing her already, I'm just aware that there's not a whole lot of birthdays left on her horizon, as much as I would wish.  Sometimes, I think it's so unfair that I was born so late in life for my parents; they had me in their mid-40's.  I would have loved to have known them at a younger age. 
I'm thankful for all my Mom has taught me, both in word and deed.  I can only hope that I'm the daughter she would have envisioned, the person she hoped that I would have become.  I also hope that she knows how much I love her, after all the grief, all the smartass comments, and grey hairs I gave her.
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