Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mahalo Mom!

This past weekend was Mothers Day.  It's also the weekend I became more appreciative of all the sewing lessons my Mom gave me, growing up.  I whipped out 3 skirts in under 5 hours and I was pretty dang proud of myself.  While I stayed up from 1am to 6am, early Saturday morning, my Mom would pop her head in just to see how I was doing.  {Little did she know that I had HeMan & SheRa to keep my company! Who knew they still showed that on TV?!?!}  She really liked some of the little touches I had added to some of the skirts.  
On Sunday, at the last minute, I decided to attend my family ward with my parents.  There is nothing I love more than being able to sit next to my Mom at church and singing the hymns alongside of her.  I really enjoy her alto voice, which happens to blend well with my soprano voice.  Usually, by the second verse of the hymn, we switch it up because I want to try singing alto with her, but then she jumps to soprano.  Sometimes I wish she'd just sing alto along with me, but perhaps she leaves me to do it all my own because she thinks I can handle it without her help. It's still such a blessing to sing with her at church.  I love it and cherish those moments.
I know my Mom and I haven't had the best relationship, these last few years, but I couldn't be more grateful for the gift of music and the talent of sewing that she's abundantly blessed my life with.  

Thank you Mom.

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