Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Health Hiccup.

Since yesterday, I've been laid up in bed, not really enjoying being a woman.  
Sometimes, I DO NOT enjoy being a's just downright painful, amongst other things.
This wasn't exactly the week I had in mind. 

Tomorrow I'm suppose to go to a Padres v. Mariners game with my sister.  I'm HOPING that the medicine kicks in SOON, so I can go enjoy a really good baseball game!  Man, I looooooove watching baseball in Petco Park! Plus, my sister and I are planning on enjoying some Phil's BBQ at Petco since they now serve up local restaurants. 

Then Friday, the most AWESOMEST weekend with Levi begins!!!  I cannot wait!!!  Seriously, I think once this health hiccup subsides, I can really truly look forward to this AMAAAAAAAZING weekend that starts tomorrow.  

Until then, I just need to relax a bit and not stress anymore.... thank goodness for little modern medical miracles.

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