Thursday, May 9, 2013


This week, I've been trying to invite more PEACE into my life.
Sometimes, I think we allow ourselves to get caught up with so much distraction, disruption and disillusionment from what LIFE has to offer.

There is beauty in the world; bask in it. 
There is anger in the world; refrain from it.
There is joy in the world; partake in it.
There is bitterness in the world; depart from it
There is forgiveness in the world; share it.

The upside to having Meniere's Disease is knowing that I have to avoid stress.  That is one thing I am truly grateful for, with this syndrome.   [Of course that means I can't get too excited about my upcoming Disney parks trip {because I'm uber ecstatic!}.]  However,  it just means that I can't get worked up about every little thing that comes my way.  A wise friend once told me that I need to be "less invested" & to "let it go" sometimes.  He was 100% right!  I forget that sometime, but I'm so grateful when I remember!!

I just want to have a more peaceful life.  I don't want bad relationships--both family and friends.  I want to wish more people well, in their lives.  I want to forgive faster and love more.   I can't judge others and wish them harm, then expect Heavenly Father to forgive me for my own trespasses.  I can only live the best life possible and hope that others are doing the same.  

Jesus said love everyone.
Treat them kindly, too.
When your heart is filled with love,
Others will love you.
-Childrens Songbook, LDS

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