Saturday, June 1, 2013

Butterfly Knots

Yesterday morning, I had some pretty big butterfly knots. I wasn't exactly sure why, I think it was because I had to pack and I still needed to do some laundry.  Plus, my strength is only about 70% back and my lil health "hiccup" is still a slight issue, unfortunately. 
I think at the core of it all, was the fact that I'm going to be spending the next 72 hours with Levi.  Meaning.....he's going to be the first person to see me awake in the morning.  All those stories I heard from friends waking up an hour before their spouse/partner to get ready & pretty, then jumped back into bed TOTALLY makes sense now.  I'm not hideous or anything, but that's when your guard's down and I think we can all think of how we really look like, in the morning.....I'm sure it's pretty close to my shake face photo:
Plus, I talk/mumble in my sleep...and often dream about falling off a curb, which jerks me awake.  Yep.......I guess after 8 months of being with Levi, it's about time he sees this side of me.  Shikies....

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