Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Making a home: IKEA!

Last night, I was just thinking of how much I love our home. This past weekend we made a lovely lil trip to Ikea. 
I'm grateful my husband was so willing to put all of our goodies together. 
Me + screws + instructions = No bueno
There's just something about it that overwhelms me. Give me a recipe, I'd rather work with that.
Ikea can be such a fun place...
Guess we won't be buying that chaise lounge! No matter how hard we tried we could not squeeze on there! Hilarious, for sure! 
I just love love love how organized everything is!! I love our shoe shelf! I can't wait for our next Ikea purchases, next month! It feels more like a home now and I owe it to this book:

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