Thursday, April 18, 2013

Completely. Over. It. !!!

Today, I've finally hit the point to which I HATE being called, "Ehu".  It was a family nickname of my complete first name, "Ehulani".  Throughout school, I was called, "Lani" because I didn't want to stick out, more than I already did as the one of the only two Polynesians in a predominantly Hispanic/Latino community.  My senior English teacher made it a point to call me, "Ehulani".  I wasn't too thrilled by it, but she said she couldn't pass up on such a beautiful name.  Then college rolled around and I no longer made such name requests...I introduced myself by my whole first name.
I've made it a point to ALWAYS introduce myself as, "Ehulani".  Sometimes, I'm annoyed when someone immediately asks if they can call me, "Lani" or "something else".  If that were the case, I'm pretty sure I would have introduced myself as "Lani" or "something else".  ANNOYING.
Today, while talking on the phone to my youngest nephew, I could hear his friend yell, "EHUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!", as he always does.  It got under my skin! I just couldn't stand it anymore!  I just couldn't stand the sound of my name like that. Or perhaps, it was his voice.  Quite honestly, it was both.
Seriously though, I'm tired of being called Ehu.  {I know that's part of the name of my blog, because before, I was only called Ehu by those who knew me well....just like this blog is a place where I could open up and share all that I wanted, like getting to know me on a deeper level.}
I LOVE my first name.  It's unique and I've never met another Ehulani, in my entire life! LOVE IT!!!  How many people can say they were named by their older brothers, and given a name that means, "red mist of heaven"?

I can only think of one.

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steph k said...



I tend to refer to you as Ehu, but I would totally call you Ehulani to your face if we ever hung out. It's like how Alexander does NOT like being called Alex.

Or, also, I've noticed that for ME, StephAnn is what my close friends and family get to call me. I actually prefer it over "Steph." Because growing up, my parents insisted that I never be called Steph. That was adopted when I went online. Some people I don't mind calling me Steph... BUT when I introduce myself to someone, if I want them in my life, I am StephAnn... if I don't care about them or don't plan on seeing them again, I say I'm Steph... because Steph is forgettable. The people that I see the most and that are the closest to my heart call me by my full name.

I know, it's weird... but names are so personal! And Ehulani IS so beautiful!

I'mma shut up now. ;)

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