Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Daaaaang....time flies!!

•I need to blog more. I keep trying to blog about the wedding, but then I find myself doing something a little more important.

•I'm trying to blog, in bed, in the dark, without my contacts on. I don't know how long this post will be....

•I went out with some of the ladies from work to On The Border, for a happy hour farewell. I'm not gonna lie, I like happy hour! Who doesn't like 1/2 price appetizers?! When we were placing our drink orders, everyone ordered something with alcohol in it. I was the last to order so everyone heard me ask for a strawberry lemonade. A couple ladies laughed and didn't think I was serious. One even looked disgusted that I wasn't drinking. I told them I don't drink, to which two of them laughed and said, "Give it one year and you will be!" She was b!tchy anyways so I could care less about what she thought. I laughed to myself and thought, "Honey, give it 33 years and I still haven't! So take that!!" Some people.... 

•I'm stoked it's a 3.5 day weekend, at the end of this week!!! Hellooooo sleep! Nah, probably the beach!

•It's funny how certain scents can bring you back to a certain place and time. I bought an air freshener, this weekend, that reminds me of my parents' home. It reminds me of a really good time in our lives, a time when we felt like all we had were each other. It made me miss my parents today.

•I find myself thinking of my family a lot, lately. I miss seeing them every day.  I'm always so glad that they're a phone call or at least a 30 min drive away.

•Every day, I learn something new about myself, my husband or how to be a better partner. 

•I need to start attending my new {family} ward. I'm nervous.  It's a whole new ball game...no more Singles Wards. No more quiet Sacrament Meetings--I think that part makes me cry a lil inside.  It'll feel weird not being in the same (dating, schooling, etc.) boat as those in my ward.  It'll be most difficult not having any one to sit by.  I've always had a family member or close friend.  I just wish I had a friend in my new ward. Well technically I do, but he's married now and I think his wife's not cool with the idea of him having a female friend.  I kinda miss having a calling (service position at church).  Anyways, who knows who I could meet. I just wish I wasn't so awkwardly shy. 

•It's past midnight now. I should get some sleep.  I'm excited about lunch tomorrow! I finally made this chicken sandwich filling that tastes so scrumptiously delicious!!!! It has broccoli, grapes, onion flakes, mayo & dried cranberries!!  I also made a bacon, egg & cheese tossed salad! Oh yeaaaah!!

•One day closer to the weekend! YESSSS!!

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