Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday, I'm in love!

*Today is Friday and I'm ready for the weekend.

*Life is good and there's really no complaints except for the adulting part of it. Dang laundry.

*I'm thankful I don't work tomorrow. I love the idea of catching up with work but man, it'll be nice to sleep in. 

* Levi is over the moon about his new job that he started this week. I love how happy he is when he gets home and all his exciting stories he shares from his day. I'm so happy he's happy. 

* I'm enjoying my newish calling as Relief Society Secretary. It's different not being in charge but that's way cool with me. I'm getting to know more of the sisters which I love. They're so kind and sweet. I taught Relief Society about 3 weeks ago and I was nervous and excited to do so! 
Good times!

I'll blog more later... Life is good!

1 comment:

Adriana said...

That is so awesome!!!! You would be an amazing teacher. I am teaching TFOT and have done three lessons so far. It is weird for me but I am learning a lot more than I am teaching I am sure. Levi has a new job ? That is awesome!!!

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