Monday, June 6, 2016

Sunday: Setting Apart & Sitting Together.

Today was a very good day for us.
My sweetheart was ordained to the Priesthood. I was very fortunate to spend some time in Priesthood quorum today. I appreciate the good brethren who made me feel very welcomed. I'm not gonna lie, being the only soprano in a room full of bass and tenors, was a tiny bit intimidating but I think I sang a little bit louder with a lot more enthusiasm. I couldn't help it, it was one of my favorite hymns, Have I Done Any Good? Plus, I loved sitting next to him in Priesthood. It was nice seeing him in this element.
I appreciate the words of our good Bishop, during Levi's ordination. I am so grateful to have a home filled with the Priesthood, again. I think this will make my Dad happy, as well. The Bishop also mentioned having Family Home Evening, which makes me happy. I think this will start a good tradition for our family and our future children. 
After Levi's ordination, the Bishop asked if I was ever set apart for my Relief Society Secretary. Since I hadn't been, we pulled Levi in and we were able to be together for that. I'm glad because I was so happy to have him there with me. Two things that stood out was when the Bishop said, "You are admired by all" and then made reference to my organizational skills. I was taken back by the "admired" comment because I'm still getting to know the sisters (women) at church so how could that be? Maybe some admire different qualities about me? I don't know exactly but it made me happy because I know Heavenly Father knows me and that matters a lot to me.
I've been so blessed. I love having Levi with me. He's so good at church. Sometimes, a lot of times, I marvel at how he just "gets it"! Today's Sunday School lesson was on repentance and one of his answers on the purpose of repentance was so deep and eloquent it just made me wonder how I got so lucky to have someone who is just so dang good!
Since today is now our only day off together, I truly appreciate all the time I was able to spend with him. He's my very best friend and I love him with all my heart.

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Nathan and Sarah said...

It surprises me that you don't know how much people admire you. I have always admired so much about you. You always make people feel loved and accepted and you are freaking hilarious! Nathan and I are going to go the pie in the next few weeks. You need to come visit so we can all go together again!

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