Thursday, June 23, 2016


Work has been overwhelming lately. Seriously, I've been in overdrive this week trying to learn my partner's desk before she leaves for vacation. I'm not gonna lie, I'm mentally exhausted by the time I get home. Everything looks similar and my notes don't quite help at times. Honestly, I hope next week goes my like a blink of an eye. I'm just so mentally done and I've still got two more days of training. Seriously, I'm so spent I just want to scream. I miss just working my desk and processing court judgements.

Not to mention that both Levi and I were asked last Sunday to give a talk, this Sunday. Honestly, I'm not too pleased about that. He was asked first while I was still in my Relief Society class. I probably would have bargained to speak at a near future date. We've been asked to speak on the Priesthood; something he just received two weeks ago. I feel like it's just a bit early to be giving a talk so soon.  But wait, there's more....
And I keep forgetting that Relief Society was asked to host the ward's first Linger Longer. My RS President asked the presidency to make a main dish that can feed a whole family. Hello crock pot meal...

I keep thinking, when will I have the time to accomplish all of this?? Oh yeah, and we've gotta do laundry too, aside from me working overtime this Saturday to prepare me for next week. Have I mentioned that Levi now works on Saturdays? I'm learning to adjust to it because I miss him terribly as I'm alone most of the day. Our adventure day has dwindled down to grocery shopping, dinner & sleep. Bummer.
I'm just venting. I just need to learn to decompress...or yell loudly into a pillow. Sorry I'm in a sour mood, my plate's a little to full at the moment. I just remembered another thing, I need to figure out my parents' insurance before we start to move them this next month. 

(But I'd bring Levi, for sure! He's cute, such a good driver and we like the same road trip snacks.)

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