Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Bigger Picture.

Stupid pity party. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed that I forget the big picture.
I won't be perfect at my partner's job, but I'll do my best.
My talk will be the best that I can share because it'll be from the heart.
I will look forward to meeting the ward members after church and enjoy a nice little snack. This will help Levi and I make more friends. 
Everything will be accomplished and it'll all be ok. 
Breathe, Ehu...just breathe.

1 comment:

Adriana said...

I am sure you will both do great. IF I was not teaching RS in my ward tomorrow I would so be at your ward. I want to give you both a big hug. Yes, I typed hug - and you are two individuals I am ok hugging. loe ya my sweet friend!!!!

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