Saturday, August 25, 2012

Like a good neighbor...

...State Farm is there.

I wish State Farm was my upstairs neighbor.

Several weeks ago, around 2am, I heard someone near my bedroom window loudly whispering, "Drea! Drea! Drea!" (my upstairs neighbor's name) This went on for a bit, then the friend started to tap her car horn.  I hit my blinds so I could let this person know that someone was annoyed by it.  Then it started back up again...

"DREA! (beep) DREAAAAA! (beep,beep) DREA!"

Was this chick serious?? Oh man, that started to piss me off.  Part of me wanted to go outside, but at the same time, it was dark & 2am, so I decided to just yell at her from my window.  She stopped, apologized, jumped in her car and then laid on her horn as she drove away.  
Oh man, I was pissed!!! 

*Question: Who the hell does that?!?!  
*Answer: The same person who did it this morning at 6am.  

I woke up hearing, "Drea! Shawn!" I recognized that voice.  I waited and then heard it again.  I immediately texted my sister saying that I wanted to go out there and give her a piece of my mind.  So I did.  She was in her car texting and I walked up and said, "What the hell are you thinking??!  Do you not realize that people are asleep???  Seriously annoying! Walk the hell up there and get your friend!"  [Yeah, I was pretty pissed because I woke up 2 hours earlier than necessary! AND it's just downright rude!]
She wasn't really looking at me, which kinda got me more mad, continued texting and said, "Yeah, I'm sorry.  The front door is chained and I can't get in.  And last time I was sick."
"I don't friggin' care!!!  Just stop already!! So damn rude!! I'll be telling the manager!!" (which I can, because it's my sister.)
I started to walk back into my place, but decided to go upstairs and wake up Drea.  If I'm awake, I sure as hell am gonna wake Drea up now!  I knocked hard on her door several times.  I didn't hear any type of movement.  I didn't want to wake up the neighbor across from her and everyone else because I know I don't enjoy being woken up so early, on a Saturday morning.  Before knocking for the last time, I loudly said, "HEY!! YOUR FRIEND'S TRYING TO GET A HOLD OF YOU AND WAKING EVERYONE ELSE UP!!!"
I went back to my place to TRY to fall back asleep, but I was too riled up!!  I needed this neighbor to know exactly how I felt.  So as the song says, "I'm gonna sit right down and write me a letter"...and address it to Drea:

When I got home from Softball, I marched right up there and taped it to her door.  Yeah, let's hope she gets the hint!  I did want to add a postscript that said, "P.S. Your loud & extremely vigorous sex at 3am is also very disturbing!", but I'll save that for the next note that I'm sure I'll have to leave soon enough.  

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