Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Lunch Letter to Mr. Red.

Dear Mr. Red,
Thank you for suggesting we have lunch together.  I always love hanging out with you, with or without food involved.  I'm glad you know me so well...and forgive me for my shortcomings.  I'm glad you also believe me when I say that I REALLY tried hard to be on time. I'm also glad you also expect me to be late, but seriously, I left my place at 11:15am expecting to get there on time!!  Coronado's about 15 minutes away, so yes, I might have been a minute or two late.  I REALLY wasn't expecting a huge car accident on the freeway, especially when I KNEW I should have just driven up the strand to Coronado.  I figured I'd get away with driving 80mph on the freeway vs. 70mph on the strand.  Either way, I think the Universe has it out for me.....apparently, I'm NEVER suppose to be on time to ANYTHING we do together.  Thank you for ALWAYS forgiving me and loving me all the same.
After I parked 2.5 blocks away, I tried to hustle over, but not show up as a hot sweaty mess.  When I got to our table and saw the 3 other chairs in the sun, you melted my heart when you offered me the seat in the shade. At first, I was seriously bummed that I was gonna have to sit in the sun for the next hour.  Sitting in the noon sun, unless I'm at the beach, is never really my idea of fun. So yes, MAJOR BROWNIE POINTS for you, for totally offering up your cool shady seat to me without even blinking an eye.
I was a lil overwhelmed with all the choices of Burger Lounge. Well, there weren't that many choices, but I was a lil flustered.  Oh, you know me.  I still don't know why you paid for my meal.  I mean, I'm totally grateful, but I was ready to pay for my burger and lemonade. But I'm always so thankful for your generosity, on all levels.
I always enjoy our conversations, especially when it's accompanied with your laugh.  Oh your laugh makes my heart swell.  It just makes me smile and laugh even more.  I'm so thankful you never get mad or offended by the things I say, and even more thankful you "consider the source".
The burgers at Burger Lounge were pretty good, but I think I like our other spot in IB, Big Kahuna's.  Although, your Vanilla Shake was delicious!
Sometimes, you amaze me by the things you pick up on.  But then again, it's you and you're pretty awesome like that.  I'm so glad you're fluent in "Ehu".  I never really have to explain stuff to you and you always seem to know why I do and say the things I do.  If I could find a husband like that, my life would be pretty easy breezy.   Anyways, talking with you is one of my most favorite things to do with you.  I learn stuff from you and have a greater desire to learn more about everything.  I won't say that I'll read the Odyssey anytime soon, since I'm still trying to finish Les Miserables from last year. I just might end up watching the movies for both books. 
Well my friend, thanks as always for being friends with me in real life.  I enjoy spending time with you, more than you know....well actually, you do know, because it's you.  Can I also say how thankful I am that you're such a gentleman.  I appreciate your offer of walking me to my car, even though you were already running late getting back to base.  And lastly, thanks for taking a picture with me.  I like documenting happy times in my life, and come next April, I will cherish all the moments we've spent together. Being friends in real life, with you, makes me the happiest.   

Love always,

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