Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bub's Bday, Tijuana Temple & Peej's Wedding!

Last Sunday, was my nephew Bub's 20th birthday!! 20!!! Where has 20 years gone?!?! I'm so truly grateful for my nephew Bub.  In the family, he's one of my best friends.  I just love hanging out with him, it's always such a good time!!  We laugh a lot and our sense of humor is quite similar.  He's always had a special place in my heart since he was born.  He wasn't able to come home, right away, from the hospital and that was the first time I experienced such sadness.  I just wanted this broad chested baby to come home with his family.  I remember crying and not understanding all that was happening.  He came home a day later and it's been such a blessing ever since.  He is truly his name! In English, it's translated to "Love Never Ending" and it couldn't be more true.  It's impossible to ever be mad at him, for long.  Even if such a thing happens, he knows how to crack a joke and suddenly you're the best of friends, again.  As someone who can hold a grudge, this frustrates me when I'm steaming mad at him, because it all disappears a minute later.
He's a gentle giant (6'3) and befriends all.  He will be a blessing to all those he'll come across while he serves his 2 year LDS mission in the Philippines (that begins in about a week & a half)  Too soon :(  I will miss him tremendously. I already do, since he's been living in Utah for the last year and a half. I miss him whenever I can't find my glasses in the morning.  I could always count on him to come find them for me, after I gave up stumbling around, blindly.  He puts up with my [occasionally lame] jokes, and lets me lightly scratch the side of his stomach past the point of annoyance.  He also doesn't get too mad when I call him, "Bubbie" and is always up for a game of "500"/Rummy with me.  My heart is so full of love for this wonderful nephew of mine.  HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY BUB!

This will be the Tijuana Mexico LDS temple!! 
As I've been typing this post, I've been watching the streaming of the groundbreaking.  I cannot even begin to describe the feelings in my heart.  Tears have been streaming down my face and clouding my eyes over and my t-shirt is wet from repeatedly wiping my face.  My heart is so full of love and gratitude that Heavenly Father has finally saw fit to bless the members in Tijuana, Mexico with their very own temple.  When I worked as an ordinance worker at the San Diego temple, the saints from Mexico would flood the temple on Saturday mornings.  They would come with joy in their hearts and a smile on their face.  Of course, most members are like that when they attend the temple, but I know the hardship of crossing the US/Mexico is not fun and it is NOT short.  Sometimes, you can easily be in line for 2+ hours!   Yet they come, faithful and happy!  I think of all those saints that don't have the proper documentation to cross over, how blessed they will be to go to the temple in their own city and country.  
Right now, I live about 30 minutes away from the San Diego temple.  After mapping out this new temple, I am 18 minutes away!!  I will definitely be attending the temple a lot more in Tijuana!  Of course, I'll have to brush up on my Spanish, but I'm thankful for translation devices the temple offers.  I'm also excited for the food that will be served in their cafeteria.  Temple food is DELICIOUS, so I can only imagine what MEXICAN TEMPLE FOOD will be like!! ORALE! :) 

My very dear friend, PajamaPants will be marrying his fiance.  I'm excited for my friend to start his new life with his partner.  PajamaPants means the world to me and I am elated that he wants me to be a part of his celebration of love.  I will be there to support my friend and his happiness. However, I will not be there alone.....   I asked Mr. Red to be my date and I'm friggin ECSTATIC!!! Oh yes baby, I am!! I told PajamaPants that I don't know who's more excited for his wedding, him or me.  Just kiddin'....  Anyways, I'm stoked because I just LOVE LOVE LOVE hanging out with Mr. Red and PajamaPants.  They both came to church, last year on my birthday, because I asked them to.  Anyways, I'm stoked because I'll get to see Mr. Red dressed up, and smelling OH SO DAMN DELICIOUS!! Oh I LOOOOOOOOOOVE his cologne!! It'll be a "brown wedding" so there will be GOOD FOOD and GREAT MUSIC for dancing!! Oh yeah baby, this will be an AMAAAAAAAAAAZING night!!  Oh yes indeed!!

My Mom's in Hawaii right now, for a family reunion and to visit her sister who's recently had two strokes.  I've stayed back to take care of my Dad.  Man, is it a humbling experience, especially after my last post.  It's hard for me to hold feelings of resentment and bitterness towards him as I serve him.  He's blind and a diabetic, so I've got to cook all of his meals and makes sure they're nutritionally good for him.  It's not a burden, because I love to cook for others.  This is a good blessing for me to learn to serve him.  I cook for my parents often, but it's a lil different since my Dad & I haven't been getting along lately.  He's been really grateful for everything I've done for him since my Mom left. I just hope it helps our relationship.

Ok, with that said, I've gotta get breakfast started....

What a wonderful day it's been so far! How often does one get to watch a temple groundbreaking?  Spectacular!  

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